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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,540
i understand what a sine wave is, as well as the hertz. but im curious as to why all energy travels in a wave and not...
Dec26-09 09:35 AM
4 5,417
This is the material i read from textbook, and it doesnt make any sense to me!! can somebody plz help me out if they...
Sep25-07 06:37 PM
4 4,110
This is one of the Maxwell's Equations that I cant understand: \oint E.dl = -\int dB/dt .dS From what I...
Oct4-07 09:57 AM
4 2,287
So my professor has been kind of lazy lately. he goes through a lot of problems on the chalkboard half way till he...
Oct28-09 11:41 PM
2 739
HEllo All, I'm self studying Thermal physics with Zemansky & Dittman's book, "Heat and Thermodynamics"....
Dec30-13 06:13 AM
0 597
Hey. Suppose a mass is attached to two springs, one on each side, and they have different values for k. If you...
Sep29-11 05:36 PM
4 2,355
What exactly does "fixed volume" mean in thermodynamics, for a liquid? Does it mean that the container volume is...
Feb9-11 11:33 AM
1 3,959
So I have been trying to figure out some orientation data that I gather from a triaxial gyroscope, and figure out my...
Jul1-13 09:10 AM
9 664
I am currently redoing grade 11 physics and they have introduced the following formula, \Delta d = v_1\Delta t +...
Oct14-13 06:32 PM
6 788
I came up with this question a while ago, and my Physics teacher and I just can't get the math to work. Here it is:...
Jun7-10 11:08 AM
jack action
6 2,180
1) Does anyone have a general idea of how to experimentally validate or falsify the Third Law of Thermodynamics...
Aug16-12 03:40 PM
4 1,068
1) What is adiabatic availability? 2) How can the state of a system change without changing amounts of constituents...
Jan30-13 12:58 PM
4 982
There have been some discussions here as to what type of processes create entropy rather than just move it around. It...
Jan23-13 11:05 PM
22 2,644
I have been reading Lagrangian from Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor. I have adoubt in a derivation which...
Jan8-14 03:21 AM
2 363
If I make 2 wheels of identical size and weight, so that the only difference bewteen the 2 is that wheel A has most of...
Oct6-11 07:37 PM
6 1,612
I found this my mistake, it's amazing how for a very short period of time, Xray(and other lasers) can demagnetize a...
Dec18-13 02:27 PM
Simon Bridge
12 716
When calculating the work done to magnetize a ferromagnetic material, calculating the hysteresis loop is the right...
Dec17-13 03:18 PM
1 558
B = μ0nI Usually, the value of B is quite small... I'd like to boost the magnetic field B to a much larger and...
Feb5-14 09:02 PM
3 263
When a wire has current I in a magnetic field B, there is the Lorentz force is it considered a conservative force or...
May24-14 09:07 AM
30 751
When a wire is placed in a magnetic field and current flows in that wire work is done on the wire and be calculated: ...
Jun18-14 01:04 PM
20 682
I am currently working on a bimetallic thermometer using alumium and brass. The coefficient of linear and...
Oct5-08 10:16 PM
8 7,237
What would happen if say, there was a really long wire.. say 186,000 miles or so long. You apply a voltage on one...
Oct25-07 12:57 AM
6 2,895
So I was playing around with logarithmic & exponential amplifiers in my lab class. I was looking at the following...
Mar2-10 03:57 PM
0 2,456
Hi all, If we take the integral of tau (the resultant torque) times the angular displacement theta, with respect to...
Dec14-07 09:17 PM
Shooting Star
18 2,531
Hi all, I would like to know in which circunstances the third law applies just in the weak form. Thank you ...
Dec13-07 11:09 PM
Shooting Star
6 1,396
Hi All, I would like to know what makes a polarized capacitor to explode. Too much voltage? Tension in the wrong...
Mar19-08 06:22 AM
2 1,875
Hi All Does anybody know if there is some formalism according to which we can describe the coulobian repulsion (or...
Jul24-09 12:27 AM
11 1,169
Hi All, Is there a simple explanation for the fact that in power stations (where electric energy is created) the...
Apr27-09 02:25 PM
11 1,822
Hi All, I would like to know what is the main reason to build those metalic apparatus to receive the discharge of a...
May16-09 10:23 PM
6 1,391
Hi All, Thermodynamics forbids perpetual motion based in its second law, but how should one deal with an isolated H...
Sep11-09 02:15 PM
15 2,108
Hi All I would like to know why is it so difficult to calculate by integration the electric potential energy of an...
Oct2-09 03:34 PM
6 1,014
Hi All When mixing water and oil, one produces an immiscible system of two liquid phases. Some cosmetic products for...
Feb3-10 04:30 PM
1 1,805
Hi All, What is the working mechanism in photographic machines that allows for obtaining High voltages from two...
Feb13-10 07:52 PM
11 998
Hi All, I have been thinking of this lately and had no answer. Consider we have a metalic bar rotating around...
Feb21-10 10:21 AM
3 1,000
Hi All, The basis of Kirchhoff's second law is that an electric potential function is well defined, in such a way...
May30-10 04:37 AM
19 4,759
Hi All Does anybody know if there is a clock whose mechanism is based on the increase of the entropy of a given...
Dec25-10 07:48 PM
9 1,282
Hi All, Is there any way of explaining the attraction between North and South poles of two magnets without making...
Nov20-10 01:26 AM
12 1,754
Hi All, Consider a circuit with two loops like the figure bellow, where V1 and V2 have different positive values: ...
Nov12-10 06:45 PM
12 1,644
Hi All, In wave theory, we learn that Huygens' principle apply and that every point in a wave front acts like it...
Dec18-10 01:51 AM
3 2,165
Hi All, I would like to know how can one explain the assimmetry in Doppler effect. I will illustrate what I mean. ...
Dec3-10 04:42 AM
7 1,342

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