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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,261
I read about experiments that modeled blackholes as a liquid passing through a lavel valve at supersonic speed, the...
Jul7-06 11:10 AM
Andrew Mason
1 2,270
Suppose you have a weight hanging from a rubber band and you heat up the rubber band, will the weight go up or down? ...
Nov24-06 08:45 AM
5 5,718
Lets say you have a plastic plate with little charged balls around the edge. in the middle there's a coil with a...
Dec20-06 01:02 PM
7 2,584
Here's something that i've been thinking about a while and haven't found a good answer to: Lets say that there're two...
Feb7-07 05:14 PM
Meir Achuz
9 2,495
Lets say that I know the inertia tensors for a few different 3D shapes and I want to connect them together into one...
Apr6-09 05:45 PM
2 2,723
Hi, I'm sorry and hope this forum allows people who don't study but are interested in physics to post their primitive...
Oct25-13 04:38 AM
5 633
I'm trying to solve a problem that came to me using a numerical method. I'm gonna put it here. Using the moment...
Dec29-09 08:58 AM
16 1,917
For a personal project, I am analysing the physics in the Source video game engine and comparing it with real life. ...
May3-10 10:58 AM
5 3,193
Hi, all: I need to do some study which involves the transformation of EM fields from the rest frame to the rotational...
Sep23-08 02:29 PM
0 2,566
Well we know guys that the Earth spins to the east. So i was thinking, if you launch projectiles (lets say golf balls)...
May8-09 09:48 AM
34 6,043
Can anyonewe suggest an extended essay project for me in physics. I am a grade 11 student in physics and want to do my...
Mar7-08 02:13 PM
Andy Resnick
2 7,037
Just a question about heating compressed air.. I know generally how hot air works.. You heat it and particles...
Jan2-09 04:56 PM
3 1,383
I have two somewhat related questions. First, why would we care about the Lagrangian L = T - V (or K - U)? I...
Jun27-12 07:26 PM
15 3,399
There was a heated argument at my workplace today on what could drive a golf ball farther, a baseball bat or a golf...
Dec5-04 10:59 AM
Physics is Phun
8 5,452
IF a phase touches another phase in a 3 phase AC supply it goes bang due to them being 120 degrees apart and therefore...
Aug28-10 10:55 AM
4 5,190
Hi, if you have the book: Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8E, Serway Jewett On page 675 (Chapter 23), Example...
Sep10-11 08:48 AM
sweet springs
2 1,159
I'm having a research topic regarding wave train problem, i read from the book stating that phase-shift could probably...
Aug30-09 01:02 PM
0 416
I'm seeking help in understanding Kirchoff-Helmholtz Integral. Actually what i am facing the problem here is, i...
Nov2-09 11:25 PM
0 898
Hi All - If I have a potential energy surface with two energy states, one higher than the other, where I can make the...
Apr16-09 07:45 AM
1 750
I am walking at 2 metre/sec and light, from a flashlight behind me, is moving at 1 m/s. So my eyeballs are catching...
Jun17-11 03:37 PM
6 1,126
In a rather popular (probably because of the progressively hypnotic music) viral video, often just called 'the bullet...
Nov9-11 07:49 AM
Ken G
13 1,883
This is a very quick question but in the equation e=1-Q_{C}/Q_{H} do we treat both Q's as positive even though...
Apr14-10 10:01 AM
5 1,353
Hello, I'm looking for some feedback on and an analysis of a spreadsheet calculator I've made. It looks at...
Mar4-12 10:08 AM
1 1,304
Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm trying to use mathematica to model a vortex. I think I...
Apr26-13 11:24 AM
Dante Tufano
0 505
I have a question about the e-m explanation of radiation pressure. As I understand it, when an e-m wave with low...
May23-10 09:16 AM
2 1,500
Hello, fellow Physicians! Wait, that's not right. . . Anyways, I've been teaching myself a little about resonance...
Mar5-13 01:57 AM
4 911
Hi all, I'm working with the heat capacities definition and I have got a confusion. I don't understand why we can...
Jan28-12 03:52 PM
5 1,669
Hello all, I'm confused with the center of mass concept. Regard the following problem, we have a spring with...
Feb5-12 12:37 PM
3 1,194
Hi, can anyone help me to understand why the pressure of a ideal solid is zero?. In my class we calculated this in...
Apr14-12 03:17 PM
0 747
Hi all, Can anyone explain me why the ratio Cp/Cv is infinite for a photon gas? Thank you in advance. Diego.
Jun4-12 12:12 PM
0 1,022
Hi all, what do you understand by a hard-point gas?, I mean in terms of its hamiltonian. Thanks in advance.
Aug18-13 05:10 PM
3 344
Hi guys, I would like to know if the answer given to this thread is correct ...
Sep15-13 10:45 AM
4 543
Hi guys, I've got a doubt concerning to the minimum mechanical work and the work-energy theorem. Consider the...
Nov27-13 03:06 PM
2 658
Hi guys, In a scientific paper, I have found the following sentence: "...given the fact that the system is...
Mar11-14 04:48 PM
3 272
uhm, can somebody help me about this subject? i find it very hard. i'm using foundations of statistical and thermal...
Sep12-07 09:59 AM
0 1,504
Hi . I am making a robot that is supposed to detect a red ball with a camera, and then know where the ball is . The...
Jul7-11 06:23 AM
4 3,123
Hi there, does any of you know a place where I can find the derivation of the hydrodynamic equations (navier stokes,...
Jun1-12 11:38 AM
Andy Resnick
2 924
When I was a kid listening to a transistor radio under my pillow late at night I used to wonder whether turning the...
Oct1-11 06:24 PM
2 1,000
The power generated from the aerogenerator is from the kinetic energy of the wind which pass throught it. So, after...
Aug29-04 10:30 AM
20 4,369
The situation is there is a ball attached to a string in a car, and the angle that the string makes is measured when...
Nov6-11 02:15 PM
2 2,084

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