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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,693
if you had two point charges of charge +q each, where would the electric potential vanishes, other than at infinite? ...
Nov19-04 07:05 PM
2 1,003
It's widely known that the electromagnetic wave equation admits of time-advanced as well as time-retarded solutions,...
Mar29-08 09:32 PM
0 520
Please explain.
Jan20-10 10:34 PM
2 1,070
Is this something I just have to accept? How can there be no loss of energy/heat when I've always been taught...
Feb10-10 12:16 AM
5 969
I am giving a presentation on helium 3 for a future energy source and i am looking for a way to describe (and compare)...
May28-05 07:18 PM
Meir Achuz
3 1,837
What would prevent this from being feasible 910nm-382nm-=528nm?????
Apr23-11 08:12 AM
3 2,807
Does current density being constant in time and the charge density NOT being constant in time imply that the charge...
Mar13-09 08:26 AM
1 2,859
i failed science at school and often want answers to q's thank God for pf! i want a nice easy way to work out how...
Dec11-12 05:08 AM
22 3,731
This is the way I understand inelastic collisions. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. In an inelastic...
Jan24-11 11:23 PM
14 13,766
This question was presented as one of those "think about it" questions in my physics class. Its not worth any points,...
Apr30-08 12:44 AM
18 2,598
I am doing a lab for my optics class. My group has chosen to set up a simple dark field imaging device using a HeNe...
Mar11-09 07:47 AM
Andy Resnick
1 771
I'm having a brain freeze and have a hard time understanding why the area of the ring is 2*pi*a*da. Can someone...
Jan5-10 07:17 PM
4 1,409
My first message with P.P. Please be understanding. We are manually breaking a large concrete slab and I would be...
Jun26-10 08:41 PM
7 3,213
I have a text that claims that the intensity of the electric field between two parallel plates is independent of the...
Nov21-11 10:08 AM
7 1,558
Can an electron's mass and its magnetic moment be measured in the same experiment?
Apr5-08 03:57 PM
David George
2 1,067
Dear all When I first learned about forces and motion I was taught F=ma in terms of apply a force to a mass and the...
Mar18-08 06:43 AM
50 5,564
I need dipole moment of anisotropic dielectric sphere The dielectric tensor is given in cartesian matrix I try to...
Apr24-12 08:37 PM
0 787
Hi all I am wondering as this diagram shows. Which way is the electromagnetic field(s) moving? ...
May30-11 11:46 PM
1 514
Hi all, I am having a hard time understanding the following scenario (I'm quoting from page 305 of the "Electricity &...
Feb23-08 07:24 PM
5 10,382
I´m having serious problems with free gibbs energy equation. My main problem is that i dont know the meaning of TΔS...
Mar25-13 05:07 AM
1 420
I have doubts of how can I put my frame of reference in a simple harmonic motion vertical spring. Normally the books...
Jan2-14 08:09 PM
Simon Bridge
1 240
Is the direction of tension always tangent to the rope or thing for which it is acting? For example, lets say that...
May24-12 01:36 AM
8 2,895
I am really confused as to how to determine the direction of friction acting on a rolling object. Could someone help...
May29-12 11:49 AM
Ken G
13 2,642
For calculating I of a uniform solid sphere, why can't we use thin spherical shells? When I try to use spherical...
Jun10-12 08:27 PM
1 831
Okay here goes, I've read different things online about charging a capacitor so I just want to clear this up once and...
Apr6-10 01:12 PM
12 1,582
I do not understand the concept. Let the centrifugal forces on the two objects are F1 and F2. The rod will not rotate...
Jun19-13 04:24 AM
3 434
Suppose you have a hollow cube with a volume of 504c3. The inside of the cube has a psi of 94 and is just air. Now...
Sep4-13 11:27 PM
3 425
I have a quick question on Newton's third law. When a 100kg astronaut in space is holding a 100 kg rock and then...
Mar10-13 09:46 PM
4 773
Good Morning Can anyone help me understand why, apparently the physical length of a monopole end feed wire for a...
Sep14-10 12:09 AM
18 4,935
The adiabatic heat gradient is determined as \gamma = \frac{g}{c_{p}} where \gamma is the rate that temperature...
Jan24-11 07:20 PM
5 1,743
Hello everyone, So i've stumped uppon some problems during my project. It is not my homework or anything, so I...
Apr4-13 11:07 AM
3 600
I know that when I apply a Force on the center of gravity of a body, I generate a linear motion and no rotation around...
Apr12-07 08:22 AM
Doc Al
7 3,699
Who can provide a physical understanding to this solution to the 3D periodic Navier-Stokes equation:...
Dec2-13 06:07 PM
2 516
Hello all, I know this is a slightly unusual post but I'm trying to help my wife, Anna, bake the perfect cake. ...
Jan24-13 12:24 AM
15 1,268
So, my intuition tells me that as a material heats up, the atoms start jiggling around more and more. That makes the...
Jul25-11 01:16 PM
4 3,908
I want to create a floating boat ramp for my dogs. The dogs weigh 50 and 75 lbs each. I have seen commercial ramps...
Aug18-07 11:25 AM
5 4,032
Hello. I'm looking for a lens that can collimate (or focus far away >500mm ) a light coming out from a LED. ...
Jan4-13 01:53 PM
3 764
Consider the flexible string under tension T passing through a fixed wiggly tube at speed v. At any point, the...
Feb1-09 01:53 AM
0 1,443 Your views welcome. David
Feb16-09 01:00 AM
3 1,140
I am having some problems understanding rotational motion in three dimensions. If a torque is applied to a rigid body...
Sep8-13 10:09 AM
6 487

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