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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,704
So far I have found a kinetic-theory explanation of the Boyle's Law, Charle's Law, and Pressure-Temperature Law. For...
Sep4-12 11:24 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,434
Two concepts whose definitions are unclear to me: 1) Provide a fundamental operational definition for work done....
Mar29-11 02:43 AM
1 943
Gauss' shell theorem states that if given a spherical shell of charge such that the charge is uniformly distributed on...
May22-11 04:24 PM
1 1,149
Now that I am making progress, I am ready to ask more complex questions :approve: Please correct me where my...
Sep16-12 01:39 AM
5 935
I have for a while been trying to understand the setup of this equation in calculating the collision flux of a gas...
Sep14-12 06:21 PM
0 1,077
I believe I might have a fundamental misconception about work. Please correct me where my reasoning is wrong so I can...
Sep15-12 07:13 AM
Andrew Mason
2 742
I am having some trouble understanding the significance of negative work. If the work that I do on object X is W,...
Sep14-12 10:10 PM
3 707
I'm trying to consolidate my understanding of gas thermodynamics. If anywhere my reasoning is wrong, please correct...
Sep16-12 09:24 PM
Andrew Mason
6 1,392
Unfortunately I still have not completely grasped the idea of negative work. I appreciate all the help in...
Sep16-12 10:05 AM
4 579
Suppose in a piston in which there is a gas, the gas exerts pressure P on surroundings, whereas the surrounding exerts...
Sep19-12 08:26 AM
24 5,913
C_{V} = \frac{∂U}{∂T} This is the specific heat at constant volume so I assume it can only be used at constant...
Sep19-12 08:09 PM
5 1,372 Evidently the adiabatic curve is...
Sep29-12 06:29 AM
27 9,837
Heat is defined as "the transfer of energy owing to a temperature difference between two bodies". Consider a gas...
Sep30-12 07:44 PM
Simon Bridge
12 1,597
For a reversible process, I imagine it is correct to say that dS = \frac{dq}{T} where all quantities refer to...
Sep28-12 01:41 AM
1 1,021
According to my textbook, during an irreversible process, the entropy change of the surroundings is given by ...
Oct3-12 05:04 PM
9 2,097
I asked a question on this forum a few days ago about the entropy change of the surroundings, and am grateful for the...
Oct10-12 10:13 AM
Andrew Mason
49 2,952
The Gibbs energy is used to determine the spontaneity of a thermodynamic process under isobaric conditions. The...
Oct26-12 07:30 PM
3 738
The escape velocity of an object on the surface of the Earth is the minimum speed required for it to "break free" from...
Mar21-13 05:35 AM
5 671
Suppose that a mass M1 is moving with speed V1 and collides with mass M2 which is initially at rest. After the elastic...
Apr8-13 03:24 PM
5 969
A basis for any 3-dimensional vector space must have 3 vectors in it. So the acceleration of any object in ℝ^{3}...
May2-13 02:54 PM
6 637
I am undergoing a product development as part of my full time business. I have forgotten a lot of the Physics I learnt...
Dec4-05 07:35 PM
12 16,565
So this is the question... In the direct circuit diagram below (please see the attached file), Resistors 1 and 3...
Feb20-11 05:53 AM
5 1,485
Consider a freely rotating body. Let the axis of rotation be the z-axis. For simplicity assume all the mass of the...
Sep2-12 02:57 PM
1 1,365
Says Wikipedia: "The moment of inertia is a measure of an object's resistance to any change in its state of rotation"....
Sep2-12 09:46 AM
Simon Bridge
3 584
The photon is a electromagnetic wave and the electric as well as the magnetic part of the wave can be written as...
May20-07 09:08 PM
Claude Bile
10 1,686
Let a bicycle run straight on a plane past you from left to right with constant speed. As a representative point of...
May25-07 02:32 AM
6 2,237
Suppose I have N ideal particles in an enclosure, be it a ball or a cube or some other form. The particles shall...
Oct29-10 03:24 PM
5 865
I would like to see how a bunch of point particles evolve given equations describing their velocities and, possibly,...
Nov2-10 03:57 PM
0 662
I am reading the book of Neuenschwander about Noether's Theorem. He explains the Euler-Lagrange equations by starting...
Nov4-12 10:44 AM
1 606
Reading about the Lagrangian and conservation laws, I was wondering if, given the conservation law |\dot{x(t)}| =...
May21-12 12:25 AM
4 766
I can't figure out what is the motion of a charged particle at rest at origin in a constant uniform magnetic field...
Oct2-11 02:25 PM
3 1,409
Hi, I am stumped by how to expand/prove the following identity, \{L_i ,L_j\}=\epsilon_{ijk} L_k I am feeling...
Jun6-11 04:10 PM
3 992
Hi everyone, I am new to the physics forum. I have been trying to find out relationship between the heat loss by a...
Feb17-10 03:04 PM
0 3,764
when an AC passes through a capacitor,if the expression for alternating voltage is V=E×Sinωτ,the expression for...
Sep3-13 01:21 PM
15 722
gauss's theorem is also applicable to charge in motion.but how the surface integral has to be taken??
Sep18-13 07:23 AM
7 511
I have a question about the behavior of a charged particle being accelerated in an electric field. I know that it is...
Sep5-09 03:56 PM
4 2,429
I have a question regarding the similarity between the Biot-Savart law and the equation that gives the magnetic field...
Nov22-09 05:37 PM
0 470
I'm reading up on the equations for electromagnets, and in looking over the Wikipedia page on the subject I'm...
Jan26-10 05:04 AM
0 2,737
Hey, I'm sure you are all familiar with the experiment where you take a glass of water , put a some seal on it and...
Dec4-12 04:43 PM
1 537
Problem: A nuclear generator produces energy used to accelerate a rocket. Given energy and mass, what is the...
Aug21-13 11:09 PM
2 482

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