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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,714
So i've been studying optics on my own for about 2 months now and I am having a lot of trouble understanding what...
May18-11 07:13 PM
8 23,098
I'm seeking some clarification on a topic found in Jackson 'Classical Electrodynamics' Chapter 5. This deals with the...
Mar22-11 05:38 AM
8 17,126
This is a question about the text of Hailiday/Resnick/Walker 8th ed. p217 - 219. It's not a homework problem, but...
Apr25-11 01:23 PM
Doc Al
8 6,797
What? W = \frac{\epsilon_{0}}{2} \int E^2 d \tau = \frac{\epsilon_{0}}{2 \left( 4 \pi \epsilon_{0} \right)^{2}}...
Feb4-11 03:02 PM
8 1,890
What's the most persuasive argument for using the potential phi and A as independent deegres of freedom in the...
Feb5-11 11:05 AM
8 1,647
I am hoping to find how to determine the heat available from focused and concentrated sunlight. I am not confident in...
Feb20-11 06:57 AM
8 1,885
sorry if the title is not clear, if you have a better idea i'll change it. say i drop a 10kg book to the floor....
Feb8-11 08:48 PM
8 974
If the law of conservation of mass states, in a closed system mass is never lost, how is it, when matter is...
Feb16-11 01:20 PM
8 1,412
why are good conductors of heat good conductors of electricity as well?
Feb24-11 08:17 AM
8 1,334
in the case of a spherical conductor the charges reside on the surface...the electric field is perpendicular to this...
Feb24-11 01:44 PM
8 2,686
I have problem understanding why the surface integral disappear when taking the volume to very large in this equation:...
Mar1-11 03:31 AM
8 1,564
What i mean to say is that, i understand the concept of "change of distance", "change of time" and other changes and...
Mar7-11 08:53 PM
8 2,321
Hi there, physics lovers. I'm studying field theory. So far, so well. I got it with the lagrangian density. I...
Mar9-11 07:30 AM
MManuel Abad
8 1,465
See the figure- The block A...
Mar9-11 11:53 AM
8 3,651
Why is it that simple balances always come to rest in a horizontal position when equal weights are placed on both...
Mar17-11 03:14 PM
8 1,625
For example, you have an electrical circuit, which consists of a battery of 6V, a zero ohm resistor and a light bulb...
Mar25-11 06:42 PM
8 1,251
Would anyone be able to explain how to calculate and use bending moments? I have been studying cantilevers and Euler's...
Mar27-11 10:21 AM
8 2,999
So I got this question on a physics quiz: "You have have two masses, M1 and M2, weighing 1.00 kg and 2.00 kg...
Mar27-11 08:11 PM
8 1,164
I believe that it is the case that if I were on Pluto, say the sun would appear much smaller, the area of the disc I'd...
Mar30-11 11:20 AM
8 2,200
in the movie i was watching that is set in space, some of the characters get frozen while exposed to the vacuum of...
Mar30-11 09:52 PM
8 2,919
Hi there, If a proton passes through a loop of wire, it induces a tiny current in the wire. Will the proton lose...
Apr6-11 01:18 AM
8 1,369
I was looking at a situation where a fridge in the back of a truck is just about to tip back due to the truck's...
Apr11-11 12:15 PM
8 1,323
can a body moving in a straight line be in rotational motion as well?
Apr14-11 03:30 PM
8 2,013
When we are considering the how much optical power a component/pin detector can withstand, are we more concerned about...
Apr15-11 05:39 PM
Dr Lots-o'watts
8 3,757
Dear list, Imagine a table of upper surface area S sitting in an open field, with nothing on it. We know that S is...
Apr22-11 12:44 PM
8 1,633
Suppose I put an (uncharged) hollow conducting sphere with inner radius a and outer radius b in an external electric...
Apr21-11 08:05 AM
8 2,642
Can matrix representations of any higher order Clifford Alebras be found ?
Apr26-11 09:14 PM
8 1,214
if i have a current carrying straight long wire, I = I0sin(wt) why is gauss law ∇.E = 0? i thought only for...
Apr21-11 11:35 AM
8 1,427
What is it that exactly causes an attraction between two masses?
Apr24-11 06:23 PM
8 1,081
Hi everyone, I'm working on a presentation for a physics class, and I've run into some difficulty. Our group is...
Apr24-11 11:49 PM
8 1,613
This is highly theoertical and I came up with it taking a standerized test. So with out further adoo, What would...
Apr27-11 07:55 PM
Rage Crank
8 1,399
Hi guys, I know the 2nd moment of area about the z axis is defined as the integral of y^2dA, where y is the...
Apr30-11 07:45 PM
8 2,703
Hello, Can anybody explain to me how does this: dQ=-X*dS*grad(T)*dt t being time and T being TD temperature....
May4-11 09:24 AM
8 2,018
If you place a charge +q at the exact center of a conducting sphere, will it stay there or move to the surface?
May13-11 03:11 PM
8 1,559
i need to know how many degrees do i need to be able to find the kinetic energy of the molecule ?? and may i have a...
May17-11 06:32 AM
elabed haidar
8 5,118
Setting gravitational potential energy's zero at infinity distance, is it safe to say that the limit as r approaches...
May17-11 07:37 PM
8 1,555
centrifugal pumps and blowers work on the same principal then why centrifugal pumps are needed to be primed but...
May18-11 05:36 AM
8 1,295
So I was thinking about the conservation of momentum. If you throw a handball at a wall, the wall will provide an...
May18-11 05:41 AM
8 4,122
I am pretty much curious to know what actually an electron is? How it is? What is CHARGE? Why there are two types of...
May23-11 02:43 PM
8 1,736
Q) A closed chamber containing working refrigerator is pefectly insulated and d door of refrigerator is opened, wat ll...
May23-11 02:15 PM
8 1,584

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