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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,358
I feel like I am just plugging into equations when I solve physics problems and I dont know how to be creative in my...
Nov11-08 06:36 AM
8 2,869
I have a question about the 3D stress distribution. I need to know the shear stress components on a arbitrary plane in...
Sep1-08 05:23 AM
8 12,030
I found how to make a perpetual motion machine! (just joking, keep reading! :tongue2:) We just saw what they are in...
Oct23-08 03:51 AM
8 2,368
Hello, Here is my question: Just imagine the sun would stop shining, without exploding. It would just totally...
Sep5-08 10:06 AM
8 30,679
Hi, John Baez has written an interesting article on a subject I was looking for the answer to (...
Sep17-08 04:36 AM
8 8,468
Why do we apply law of conservation of linear momentum on a body that explodes in air when an external force,...
Jul14-08 08:35 AM
8 2,459
How may one stop the flow of free electrons in a direct current unshielded wire? Obvious answers like turn off the...
Sep30-08 04:12 PM
8 2,314
I hope someone can help with this - its been driving me mad for a while now! You will have noticed the shape coffee...
Jul25-08 01:12 PM
8 1,563
i have this doubt in teh famous brachistrone problem The Problem we have to find teh path y(x) connecting two fixed...
Aug10-08 06:31 AM
8 5,365
I am currently working on a bimetallic thermometer using alumium and brass. The coefficient of linear and...
Oct5-08 10:16 PM
8 7,230
If you go down a mineshaft, gravity reduces because the pull of gravity is due only to matter between r=0 and the...
Sep17-08 11:23 PM
8 1,319
The relation between the angles for which the minima occurs for a Fraunhofer diffraction(parallel rays, large...
Sep9-08 07:15 AM
Antenna Guy
8 1,854
1. Why delta PE=-W? In gravitation’s case, If we look at it numerically, PE= mg (b-a), W=F (b-a), then they are the...
Oct1-08 04:57 PM
8 1,373
Hello. Let me begin by stating that I have no formal physics/science training, and am not here to wear a tin foil hat,...
Sep25-08 05:47 PM
8 1,092
Hey, I just wanted to clear up some confusion I've been having regarded which is which of these. If I have the...
Oct4-08 06:54 PM
Antenna Guy
8 16,597
Can anyone explain to me why does a figure which can't move from a plain has three degrees of freedom?
Oct14-08 04:56 AM
8 4,625
Hello. I've come up with an idea that I need to check: There is a wheel, filled up with air, inmersed on a tank...
Oct18-08 10:52 AM
8 1,949
hello Forum, why is the voltage on a capacitor not instantaneously following the change in the current (which...
Oct23-08 01:32 PM
8 1,497
Okay, so i understand that circular acceleration and force point to the middle of the circle. Now lets say a roller...
Oct25-08 05:05 PM
Doc Al
8 1,520
Hi this is my first time posting on this forum. I have an question about Lagragian points. I was trying to find L2...
Nov3-08 05:17 AM
8 1,702
If a string around a pulley is pulled without slipping, im wondering if there is any frictional force acting on the...
Nov15-08 07:36 AM
8 2,398
I have been trying to think of some way to concentrate an electric field, locally on a given electrode. It is possible...
Nov14-08 07:59 PM
Antenna Guy
8 1,431
Basic question - How does an rubber ink filler work? (I don't want answers like - there is a vacuum created thus ink...
Nov21-08 02:04 PM
8 1,600
We all know you create E&M waves by spinning a dipole. Wether it's an AC current in an antena to produce radio waves,...
Nov23-08 08:19 PM
Antenna Guy
8 1,104
On a standard pulley, on one end of the rope hangs a mass equal to a person's weight. That person is climbing up on...
Nov23-08 07:34 PM
Doc Al
8 2,049
Why doesnt electric current flow in a circuit when a capacitor is fully charged? I mean there is still the battery...
Nov29-08 03:30 AM
8 1,358
In most physics books, they pass over drag problems because of their difficulty. However, I had to do one for a...
Dec4-08 02:01 AM
8 2,012
People often explain this by saying that dark colours are good absorbers of radiation (compared to white). But in...
Dec7-08 10:16 AM
8 2,872
Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how to model a rolling ball in the x y plane. I've started with the basic...
Dec7-08 08:15 AM
8 2,476
Hi All, This point was raised by a professor friend of mine, in an examination for entering MsC on science...
Dec18-08 02:54 PM
8 930
Suppose I have an engine of some kind that, for the purposes of simplification, creates a constant force regardless of...
Dec19-08 02:51 PM
8 1,944
Why don't ice cubes spontaneously form in a cup of water? Someone was explaining to me that for ice cubes to...
Jan29-09 12:37 AM
8 2,352
Is this derivation correct? I managed to derive v = r \omega and (I think) a = \omega^2 r. I did a^2 =...
Mar4-09 09:12 PM
8 11,136
Hi, I've wondered if there is a possibility to create a Faraday's cage with a metallic Slinky instead of using a...
Jan23-09 05:13 PM
8 1,922
Hi...I would very much appreciate thermo help. I am using software that requires enthalpy data to be in units of...
Jan29-09 04:41 PM
8 3,567
The Wikipedia says “On 17 November 1947 John Bardeen and Walter Brattain observed that when electrical contacts were...
Feb16-09 05:49 AM
8 1,681
Hi, I am a new PE member. I am not a physicist but would appreciate any and all assistance offered. I am...
Feb14-09 09:24 AM
8 4,239
Here's a question I've been thinking about for a long time. I can't figure out the answer. How do you calculate the...
Feb14-09 07:46 PM
8 1,199
Hi, Hopefully I'm posting in the right section of the forum. I want to find out how the velocity-time graph (or any...
Feb17-09 07:05 PM
8 4,308 According to my text book, the magnetic field of a toroid,...
Mar6-09 05:05 PM
8 4,879

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