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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,003
So today my brother and I were playing with a mini solar cell that I just got, watching the voltage change with a...
Sep8-12 10:46 PM
8 1,108
Hi guys, sorry because I am quite confused. If a person runs a quartermile circular race track for 8 laps for 25.0...
Sep10-12 06:40 PM
8 1,103
I tried looking it up, but I just don't get it. Something about intensity going to infinite(?) What exactly was the...
Aug7-12 04:53 PM
8 2,521 Suppose I have a slidewire generator as in the image above. ...
Jul15-12 05:23 AM
8 4,100
In electrodynamics,the density of energy and momentum of electromagnetic field is expressed by the intensity of...
May25-12 10:47 AM
8 1,428
the potential difference between b and a is defined as follows: V(b) - V(a) = -∫E \bulletdl the integral is...
May27-12 06:59 AM
8 1,232
Hi All, First off, thanks to all the old hands at physicsforums, you guys are truly an amazing resource. I was...
Jun8-12 08:24 AM
Jano L.
8 2,212
Hey guys! I'm really stuck and would be grateful for any help. I'm a postgraduate researcher, though not a...
Jun5-12 01:53 PM
8 5,887
In Carnot cycle we assume that heat addition takes place at constant temperature(temperature of system and source...
Jun6-12 11:25 AM
8 1,199
Hello everyone. I indeed like to understand the things I am learning, and for the love of me, I cannot understand...
Jun7-12 07:40 AM
8 1,682
I have my introductory physics students determine the index of refraction of various solids using fairly conventional...
Jun8-12 12:15 PM
Vanadium 50
8 1,231
Hi there, I have recently downloaded this document on magnetic generators. I would just like to confirm a most...
Jun12-12 02:31 AM
8 1,572
Speed of sound at a specific temperature is independent of Pressure as Pressure varies directly with density. So...
Jun28-12 04:27 PM
Philip Wood
8 5,119
So im kind of a newb to Physics, I am currently studying magnetic field and I had a question to ask about this topic:...
Jul12-12 03:50 AM
Simon Bridge
8 1,259
We all know that Newton's laws of motion are only valid in an inertial frame of reference. Our earth is a rotating...
Jul7-12 11:57 PM
8 1,336
Hi I'm wondering what properties affect the propagation of electromagnetic signals. I am interested why an...
Jul10-12 12:39 AM
8 886
Noob, apologies to all. What is magnetic force? I can calculate it, and know that it is perpendicular to the motion...
Jul12-12 10:35 AM
8 1,297
Consider the following theoretical cycle. There should be a flaw somewhere, but I could not find it yet and will...
Jul19-12 01:37 PM
8 931 A 100g weight resting on a scale took a ride in a lift. From the...
Jul24-12 09:27 AM
8 1,074
Hi everyone. I have the following question: on passivated copper sheets used under high electric fields I found...
Aug1-12 01:09 AM
8 975
I have difficulties in finding the true black carbons in a diamond from an image. Since diamond has a high...
Aug9-12 11:02 AM
8 1,384
Does anyone know the exact value of the highest frequency generated by man ? The waveform and amplitude doesn't...
Aug1-12 08:19 PM
8 1,464
When we talk about Snell's law, and total internal reflection in particular, we usually will draw diagrams as if light...
Aug3-12 02:19 PM
8 1,088
I'm reading my course book on ELectromagnetism and it is talking about a wave moving in the y-z plane but with...
Aug8-12 07:19 AM
8 1,319
Hello everybody. I have to admit that I feel quite troubled since long time, actually since I read the solution of...
Aug8-12 09:42 AM
8 979
3 masses 120 degrees away from each other each one of 46g is spinning at 600RPM 58mm away from the center and are...
Aug11-12 03:12 AM
8 1,213
I was given an oven that comprises of several cylinders that fit inside one another. The innermost cylinder is a...
Aug21-12 05:23 AM
8 1,482
For the same material, same rectangular shape and the same length, The wider one or the narrow one will switch their...
Aug18-12 04:24 AM
8 1,031
So I have learned that all batteries have an internal resistance which will limit the current that it can output, so...
Sep29-12 02:42 AM
8 1,980
I'm a high school physics teacher and I need a way to demonstrate net force = zero when something is moving at a...
Oct21-12 01:53 PM
8 1,521
I've got a flywheel spinning at 850RPM. It weighs 112,34g and has a radius of 38mm. I want to calculate the Kinetic...
Oct6-12 03:41 PM
8 1,486
Using taylor series expansion to prove gravitational potential energy equation, GMm/r=mgh at distances close to the...
Oct10-12 01:16 PM
8 3,230
The function for simple harmonic oscillation is: Acos(ωT)+\phi Why is there an angle phi added to the function...
Oct12-12 10:09 PM
8 2,173
Is there any known method to convert straight into electrical energy? without all that 'steam' part? xD
Oct15-12 08:10 PM
8 950
Why can't we fill the balloon with the lightest substance available, i.e. vacuum?
Oct17-12 01:25 AM
8 825
Hi, thank you for reading this topic. This is something that really bothers me...First of all let me say that I...
Oct18-12 04:09 PM
8 3,546
Hi, Newton's 2nd Law can study the motion of the objects in the case of zero net force: F = ma if F = 0 then...
Oct22-12 04:59 PM
8 1,346
Hello everyone, I was wondering how could you determine the period of the motion of two or more coupled oscillators....
Nov12-12 02:09 PM
8 1,419
Hello to the Forum. I just started doing some very light weight lifting and decided to do a rough calculation of...
Nov13-12 01:58 PM
8 1,987
I am unsure how bathroom scales work. Does your weight compress or depress the spring? Do scales measure the upward...
Nov13-12 08:56 PM
8 1,148

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