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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,870
Not knowing enough math to be able to understand the equations I nevertheless wonder how c is able to magically...
Sep19-11 08:53 AM
8 1,741
I have recently heard a rumor that a hollow pipe is less likely to bend under stress than a solid rod of similar...
Aug5-11 04:07 AM
8 26,993
I started another post about this but I made things needlessly complicated by talking about non-ideal gasses. My...
Oct3-11 10:20 AM
8 4,009
Dear fellows since a long I have been puzzled by the cricket ball swing and reverse swing phenomenon. For fast bowlers...
Aug1-11 08:57 AM
8 11,449
Really can't figure this out by dividing x and y. The only way i can do it is with equations that use quadratics and I...
Oct2-11 12:01 AM
8 2,270
how does a cyclotron work?what can it be used to make? can it be made as a school project?
Aug6-11 03:15 AM
8 1,830
Energy density of supercap is equal to square of it`s voltage. Is it possible to join together advantages of...
Sep30-11 01:07 PM
8 4,470
We have many harmonics in a string Why when we play a...
Sep19-11 01:14 AM
8 1,834
Two of the assumptions in Brenoulli's Theorem say 1. The fluid should be non-viscous 2. The velocity of fluid...
Oct7-11 10:21 AM
8 2,516
Hi, I've been thinking about the shape of the voltage waveform induced by a magnet falling through a coil. I know...
Sep24-11 01:04 PM
Philip Wood
8 3,051
Hi, guys! I've managed to implement a decent enough rigid body simulator for my 2D game using my sketchy high-school...
Sep22-11 04:42 PM
8 2,492
OK, if there was a boat with a magnet held in front of it by some sort of arch/crane attached to the boat would the...
Jun17-11 01:46 PM
8 5,187
Hello. I have two string-bob pendulums of identical length and mass suspended on a loosely hanging rope. I set one...
Jun26-11 07:36 PM
8 2,030
Hi everyone, I have a question. Let's say we have a right circular polarized wave (created by a lamba/4 plate which...
Aug29-11 09:00 AM
8 2,164
Example: A conducting sphere X that has an initial charge of +2.0 10–8 C and an identical conducting sphere Y that...
Jun27-11 08:00 AM
8 1,927
A Changing Magnetic Field Produces Electricity. Suppose we build a huge coil in space and place a strong magnet in...
Jun28-11 12:19 AM
8 2,367
Assuming that the sun is absolute black body, what portion of radiation coming from the sun, hits the earth? I know...
Jul2-11 11:49 PM
8 1,628 I know that if I could apply force F to meet in a single...
Jul5-11 01:05 PM
8 1,738
If i built a vessel shaped as a water molecule and made it neutrally buoyant with a counter sink (for stability and...
Jul9-11 04:28 AM
8 1,026
For electrostatic fields gauss law depends on three factors viz inverse square nature ,central character and principle...
Jul12-11 07:39 AM
8 2,422
Mentor comments: This thread was split from an OLD thread that was inadvertently resurrected from the dead. The...
Jul13-11 10:44 PM
8 2,125
Hello! I'm taking Thermodynamics I in the Fall, and I was wondering what topics are typically covered in the first...
Jul15-11 03:28 PM
8 4,683
In geometrical optics we consider that an image is formed at the point where two rays meet. But meeting of two rays...
Jul25-11 06:39 AM
8 1,927
Curious your thoughts about the use of a Stirling engine to power a space station, auxiliary power for space ships...
Aug4-11 12:21 AM
8 2,240
hi i am currently looking for a derivation of the differential cross section, that is not an abuse of mathematics,...
Jul26-11 12:54 PM
8 3,368
How can random electron currents in the earth's core create a ordered magnetic field? What makes a current in the...
Aug1-11 08:09 AM
8 1,956
Hi Suppose a particle is bouncing on a surface with a viscous damping coefficient... Question 1: The frictional...
Aug5-11 11:06 AM
8 2,157
The definition of Δ (difference,drop of) Electrostatic Potential Energy (D E-PE) says it 'is the work done on a...
Aug13-11 08:00 AM
8 1,799
I am trying to understand birefringence effect. I have read many different sources online, but what I do not...
Aug16-11 09:34 AM
8 1,976
I am trying to build the instrument according to this link...
Aug27-11 10:14 AM
8 2,883
Hi all. Trying to find electric field of a disk with a charge density of D and a radius R (let us assume it has a...
Aug18-11 06:24 PM
8 3,304
------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT There are various forms of...
Aug23-11 07:38 AM
8 2,049
Ok, so I sort of have an idea of what kinetic energy is but I'm still kind of confused. I'm confused mainly because of...
Sep2-11 09:07 PM
8 3,169
Hi, I once read (but simply now cannot find the site again!), that if you magnetize a magnet through steel, you can...
Aug31-11 08:22 AM
8 1,862
here's a question for you on inertia "consider a hypothetical situation consisting of two charges +Q and +q,only the...
Sep4-11 12:45 PM
Ken G
8 1,341
It has been said that magnets attract and repel by involving the use of electric fields. If so, how does the shape...
Sep4-11 09:01 AM
sweet springs
8 1,579
If a magnetised neodymium ball has a definite north and south point, could you slice the ball in two, and weld 2...
Sep8-11 12:02 PM
8 1,790
I'm an astronomy teacher on a very tight budget. Before I really get into the meat of astronomical information, I...
Sep8-11 06:10 PM
Andy Resnick
8 3,683
Can there be a 100% rigid object i.e., an object that cannot be compresses any bit? I believe that's not possible. The...
Sep16-11 02:03 AM
8 1,904
Hi, I'm finished studying ondulatory and I have maany questions I still don't understand. I would be thankful if...
Sep18-11 07:20 AM
Philip Wood
8 1,256

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