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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,952
Hi, I conducted an experiment with the Michelson Inteferometer to obeserve white light fringes but I cannot explain...
Apr3-07 04:19 AM
8 8,759
What I want to do is maintain a gas at very high pressure and temperature for propulsion purposes. The problem is...
Aug27-06 01:49 AM
Andrew Mason
8 2,007
Consider a particle (a ball or electron or whatever you like) that moves in a perfect circle with constant angular and...
Aug24-06 05:13 PM
8 2,376
If for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, then how come net forces exist? Surely when a force is...
Sep17-06 10:52 PM
8 1,518
Is the formula only applicable during quasi-static processes? In other words, is it only true for a gaz at equilibrium?
Oct3-06 10:10 PM
8 2,563
How do I determine the theoretical burst speed of a rotating disk, such as a flywheel? I went through my physics...
Nov4-06 03:00 PM
8 14,424
I recently did an experiment with the Crookes's Radiometer. The radiometer was first placed under a 100W 1600 lm...
Nov25-06 04:41 PM
8 7,489
I, beginner to Lagrangian mechanics, was reading Hand and Finch and got stuck with a was the development to...
Nov24-06 02:49 AM
8 2,590
What are the units of the electric field strength H? I know that H = NI/L for a solenoid and I'm wondering if there is...
Nov27-06 11:40 AM
8 5,892
do i have to be a grad student in order to understand lagrangian stuff? im in calculus 2 and i was wondering if...
Nov25-06 07:53 AM
8 1,225
Okay, so its stated that a body in motion stays uniformly in motion unless influenced by an external force. But what...
Dec11-06 04:27 PM
8 1,569
(ok i not sure where this topic goes so ill take a guess its here) ok, I hear that nothing is 100% efficienct. some...
Feb26-07 02:18 PM
8 5,108
When we say condition of a vector field F being conservative is curl F=0,does it mean that F=F(r)?.I know normally it...
Feb20-07 05:41 AM
8 4,178
If the earth was flat, and there were no such thing as gravity, and it, along with all the celestial bodies,...
Feb22-07 04:11 PM
8 1,342
Well,I think this is interesting.I invite people to think over it. consider a charged spherical shell.Throughout its...
Feb28-07 12:34 PM
Kolahal Bhattacharya
8 2,006
I'm a newbie, so please correct me if this is not a good post. Question: 1 The absolute speed of...
Apr13-07 12:36 PM
8 8,427
Does inertia apply to EVERYTHING in the universe? Even subatomic particles? Or is there a certain mass limit where...
Mar6-07 02:10 PM
8 3,261
Hi, Let L be an inductance, then you find the following formula in textbooks (high school level): U_ind = - L...
Mar8-07 07:20 AM
8 2,150
What does the subscript (\theta, \phi) mean on the laplace operator? i.e. {\nabla}^2 V_{(\theta, \phi)}
Apr10-07 03:25 PM
Meir Achuz
8 1,403
I tried to do a post here but it didn't take so I'm going to put something much shorter that asks the same thing. I...
Mar30-07 07:27 PM
8 1,388
Firstly, this is NOT a homework question although it may sound like it. My question pertains to this (I believe rather...
Apr17-07 05:53 PM
8 1,855
When we apply ampere's circuital law to finite length wire,we get the wrong answer.Why is that? The symmetry rule is...
Apr22-07 11:19 AM
8 5,901
What does mean a perfect elastic collision and a perfect inellastic collision? Do they really exist or it is just by...
Apr20-07 07:52 AM
8 2,638
Is it possible for the k-vector to be a function of space (in the context of EM waves)? What would it imply if this...
Apr29-07 06:13 PM
8 2,642
How much potential energy is stored in a tied shoelace?
Apr29-07 01:45 AM
8 1,214
Suppose, there's an inclined surface, and a sphere, with radius R, is rolling without slipping. The Lagrangian is L...
May16-07 04:11 PM
Doc Al
8 2,340
shouldn't an object that is being push away from earth with the same force accelerate as it goes up in elevation, also...
May23-07 06:15 AM
8 884
an object with mass m=0.1kg is thrown with an initial velocity v0=20m/s in a viscous matter that exercises a resistant...
May26-07 03:46 PM
Doc Al
8 1,279
It is a mechanics discussion regarding a problem of electrostatics. Couple of months ago I dealt with a...
Jun2-07 10:09 PM
8 1,146
There is a u-tube which its diameter on the left hand side is smaller than the right hand side. It is filled with...
Jun15-07 12:49 PM
Doc Al
8 4,575
Can anybody please explain these theories, and what they do so differently than Newton's mechanics? I cant really get...
Jun20-07 02:28 PM
8 2,975
Greets all, i'm attempting to build a small physics engine that manages linear and angular forces. Please bear with me...
Jun27-07 04:25 PM
8 1,351
Say I have two bodies, idealized as points with mass, in Galilean spacetime A^4. When thinking about the 2-body...
Jul17-07 04:14 PM
8 1,451
I have a basic question regarding black body cooling. Suppose a person at sea level on a clear night, were to use a...
Jul20-07 08:33 PM
8 2,410
Suppose we have a gas of randomly oriented (and in random motion) electric dipoles. Obviously the dipoles do not...
Sep4-07 07:57 AM
8 1,945
Does anyone know where I can find information related to the physics of straightening a bow from its curved state to a...
Sep17-07 10:39 AM
8 3,267
Hello all, I have recently taken up the study of electromagnetism because I found that I lacked severely in this...
Sep26-07 12:04 AM
Maxwell's Beard
8 1,241
say for example there is a pulse through a string .then what exactly is wave speed or for that matter in case of...
Sep27-07 10:01 AM
8 8,386
this was one question i've always thought upon right from the time i have learnt abt forces and velocity .. a bus...
Oct1-07 04:38 AM
8 1,328
If I have a charged insulating hula-hoop with the property that every point on the ring has exactly the same charge...
Oct2-07 01:00 AM
8 5,919

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