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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,728
I think the title is self-explanatory. The first theorem states that gravitational forces (1/r potentials in general)...
Dec20-13 02:53 AM
8 1,493
Hello Forum, potential energy is a form of energy that something has in virtue of occupying a certain position in...
Nov8-13 02:39 AM
8 5,009
I am doing a simple steel ball drop test on glass to see if the glass passes the standards. We are dropping 1.18...
Mar25-14 09:54 PM
8 4,656
Suppose a cylinder is resting on a horizontal platform on plane x-y with its axis parallel to the y axis, and the...
Oct6-13 11:56 PM
8 523
I am currently trying to carry out the construction of the generalised Hamiltonian, constraints and constraint...
Oct7-13 01:22 PM
8 469
I'm curious how large(dimensions) and how heavy/massive a steam(or other gas) turbine needs to be to extract a given...
Oct12-13 12:04 PM
8 487
say you have spherical metal conductor with a cavity with a positive charge inside, the field inside the cavity isn't...
Oct28-13 03:14 AM
8 572
What is the criteria in choosing infinity as zero potential ? e.g. an infinite plate with uniform charge density. ...
Oct24-13 12:09 PM
rude man
8 465
Hello - first post to PF. I was making my iced coffee this morning as usual by pouring hot, freshly brewed coffee...
Oct21-13 11:26 PM
8 377
How can you tell the difference between kinetic energy and momentum? I know KE is a scalar and momentum is a vector...
Oct30-13 09:24 AM
8 623
Suppose I want to make a good acrylic lens, with very few bubbles. Could my eyes tell the difference between...
Oct31-13 03:57 PM
8 419
I'm trying to get my head around this scenario: The blocks are at rest,...
Nov9-13 06:49 PM
Simon Bridge
8 642
Hi, I am working on a problem where my goal is to predict the location of pedestrians with certain constraints. So I...
Nov15-13 01:37 PM
8 771
\frac{d\textbf {r}}{dt} = \textbf {ω} \frac{dθ}{dt} = ω \lvert\frac{d\textbf {r}}{dt}\rvert =...
Nov11-13 09:51 AM
8 462
Hello, Imagine I have an infinite wire with a DC current. Around it there two rings of ferro-magnetic material, not...
Nov20-13 08:20 PM
Jano L.
8 655
Was reading my old copy of Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman again; ran into the anecdote about the Feynman sprinkler....
Nov23-13 02:28 PM
8 741
Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section. My Dad keeps telling me that light takes the path of most time elapsed...
Nov22-13 11:42 AM
Vanadium 50
8 493
Hello. In my textbook by Jose Saletan called Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach the author talks about TQ,...
Nov29-13 06:18 PM
8 358
Why is the magnetic flux density uniform at the center of the circular loop ?
Jan2-14 01:51 AM
8 389
Hello, F=G m1.m2/r^2 whereas g=Gm/r^2 Now, I found reading that, the Mass of Earth, radius from the center r...
Dec23-13 11:28 PM
8 493 (the black numbers are just so i can make references throuhout this thread, they're...
Dec28-13 11:34 PM
Simon Bridge
8 430
Hi guys I'm having difficulty understanding why the boundary conditions lead to dX/dx = 0. Why must Bx = 0 at x = 0...
Jan1-14 03:24 PM
Meir Achuz
8 342
If I comb my hair with a rubber comb, the comb can be used to pick up small bits of paper on a desk. This says that...
Jan3-14 11:43 AM
Doc Al
8 415
Hi, I compute sum of energy in a cycle and I don't find 0, could you help me to find the error ? I started an...
Jan17-14 07:45 AM
8 340
I am curious how to tell how centripetal accel. changes with radius since there are two equations I can look at a =...
Jan20-14 12:39 PM
8 319
Are there any realistic scenarios for which center of mass is not almost exactly equivalent to the c.o.g., i.e. they...
Jan27-14 12:07 PM
8 357
Consider a conducting loop with resistance R and area A suspended by a non-conducting wire in a magnetic field ...
Feb5-14 05:08 AM
8 248
I have a disagreement with a Quantum mechanical scientist about a double slit experiment with polarizers, which gives...
Feb5-14 08:21 AM
8 242
My high school teacher told me that internal forces of a system do not change the Centre of Gravity of a system. I...
Mar14-14 09:01 AM
8 259
Does a body rotating about an axis also rotate about any other axis? Eg. Cars on a racetrack may be rotating about a...
Feb10-14 12:31 PM
8 283
The 2nd law of thermodynamics state that entropy increases with time and entropy is just a measure of how hard it is...
Feb17-14 05:36 PM
8 296
why should we use a convex lens to focus the rays at the point on the screen.why is at an angle instead of being...
Feb16-14 04:39 PM
Philip Wood
8 223
Hello everyone, I'm trying to find the exact velocities of three balls in the plane after they collide...
Mar7-14 11:26 AM
8 336
I would like to know if a a inductively coupled power transfer system also emits electromagnetiv waves. The system...
Mar13-14 11:20 AM
8 230
If a group of point charges as a whole, has positive potential energy, what does that mean? What will happen if the...
Mar22-14 03:03 PM
8 275
To calculate the detected frequency from the source frequency, we use this formula: { f }_{ D }=\frac { v\pm { v...
Mar22-14 06:26 PM
8 254
If A exerts some force on B then it experiences a force of same magnitude and in opposite direction. This didn't seem...
Mar25-14 03:04 AM
8 314
Sorry, but this will be a long post. This isn't homework, I'm reviewing physics after many years of neglect. ...
Apr7-14 06:00 AM
8 337
Consider a solenoid of length l, no. of turns N, n = N/l, area A, and negligible resistance. In its middle is placed...
Apr6-14 04:17 PM
rude man
8 222
Momentum of a body can be constant while it accelerates? I mean if velocity increases while mass decreases...
Apr5-14 01:36 AM
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