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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,886
This is an interesting topic. Energy in different Frames of reference. Assume There is a body moving with a...
Apr24-09 02:14 PM
8 804
Does the amplitude of a wave changes when the source is moving? I am mainly interested in waves in a medium (e.g....
Apr7-12 05:17 AM
8 4,880
Hey all, I am using the Joukowski transform to calculate the electrostatic potential and streamlines around an...
Feb15-12 02:31 AM
8 2,082
I hope this is in the right sub forum, but my question is simple. What type of mindset is required to complete...
Feb18-12 10:44 PM
Ken G
8 1,715
So here is the scenario (see attachment) - I have a semicircle wire (radius R=15.9cm) which is made of insulator...
Feb19-12 04:06 AM
8 1,147
Since energy is changed to work done, and the distance will be constant, the only variable is the force. So 100N...
Feb19-12 02:58 AM
8 1,562
Hi! Why it is necessary to has angle in radians for SHM(Simple pendulum)?
Mar9-12 07:31 AM
8 891
Hello, I was wondering if someone knew if it was physically possible to have a 2x1 optical wave guide combiner...
Mar14-12 08:49 PM
8 1,427
Well, the reason I'm asking this is because we recently did a problem in my class where we were supposed to show some...
Mar20-12 01:43 PM
8 1,868
It is known that if a charged particle accelerates then it emits electromagnetic wave (energy). If so then this means...
Mar21-12 04:10 AM
8 1,467
When a bucket of water is at rest the water on the sides will rise for the following reason taken from my textbook: ...
Mar21-12 08:31 PM
8 1,122
Why isn't the influence of air pressure assimilated in Archimedes law? If an obect is more dense than the fluid, it...
Mar30-12 06:06 AM
8 1,900
If two masses, m and 2m, are separated by a distance r, what is the potential energy of mass m? What is the potential...
Mar27-12 07:15 PM
8 1,282
Hello experts! Higher the emf of the battery implies that the higher the drift speed of the electrons or increase...
Mar30-12 04:46 AM
8 1,266
If a permanent magnet is moved in a direction at right angles to the magnet field lines in the magnet, is an emf...
Mar30-12 04:40 PM
MS La Moreaux
8 1,016
Is there a way to get energy density from watts, with the resultant energy density not involving time, as watts do? ...
Mar31-12 03:05 AM
8 1,417
Hello, I have this problem with deriving the formule from de definition of potential energy Picture show a...
Apr12-12 03:16 PM
8 1,343
I have a pendulum swinging with frequency w in a frictionless environment and I apply a periodic harmonic driving...
Apr10-12 05:36 PM
Ken G
8 1,746
Ok i know what you are thinking, not this again, but i would have thought the same thing until an idea came to me when...
Apr6-12 01:34 PM
8 1,952
I'm having a little problem with my book as I was reading about fluid mechanics. The book seems to have skipped a bit...
Apr6-12 03:11 PM
8 1,256
an average one,not big or poney...
Apr17-12 12:26 PM
8 1,043
The definition of temperature is: 1/T = ∂S/∂U but mathematically this is a bit weird. Because S = klnW, where W...
Apr15-12 11:31 AM
Ken G
8 1,460
In the Lorenz gauge, the Maxwell equations reduce to four inhomogenous wave equations, with the charge density acting...
Apr14-12 01:05 PM
8 1,479
So lets say I have a wire of length l moving in a uniform magnetic field of constant velocity. Now the induced EMF...
Apr15-12 02:30 AM
8 2,880
Suppose a closed loop with constant current around the loop. The loop is in a uniform constant B field. The force is ...
Apr17-12 02:41 PM
8 852
I need a mathematical proof that should indicate the following: The direction of the electric field must be radial,...
Apr22-12 10:33 PM
8 1,055
Hi, I need to compute the inverse of the moment of inertia (MOI) tensor of a bunch of point particles in a simulation...
Apr19-12 05:11 PM
8 1,782
The essence of Gauss' law is that the total flux through a closed surface only depends on the charge inside the...
Apr23-12 08:16 AM
8 1,274
Hello. I need help with some thermo basics. I can't understand the concept of constant volume...
Apr29-12 11:44 PM
Andrew Mason
8 1,431
Good Morning I am new user on Forum and I'm sorry for all mistake. I am living in Poland and My English is on the...
May1-12 12:46 PM
8 728
If B~1/r2, then if we have a simple loop, B near the inner edge of the loop will be infinite (or close to it). Why...
May4-12 10:04 AM
8 885
How far will a 1300 nanometer wave travel in 100 nanoseconds? I know its simple but I can't remember how to do it...
May7-12 01:34 PM
Evil Bunny
8 977
How is electromagnetism different from gravity in that accelerated objects radiate EM waves when accelerated in an...
Jul12-14 05:39 PM
8 941
I know what is circulation by a mathematical point of view, but in the reality (in the physical world), what is...
Jun12-14 10:54 PM
8 528
How would be the 2nd Kirchhoff's law for this circuit here: ...
Jun9-14 08:25 AM
8 251
All the derivations of the Rayleigh-Jeans 'Law' I've seen assume that the electromagnetic radiation is enclosed in a...
Jun8-14 05:51 PM
Jano L.
8 265
The concept of a problem is that if rockets continue to jettison fuel, at some point they will get a very small...
Jun8-14 08:13 PM
8 285
Hey guys, I understand why the theorem describes the relationship between the lengths of the sides of a right...
Jun18-14 08:33 AM
8 428
Please, tell me really simply from the viewpoint of molecular physics... Why is liquid having a smaller density on...
Jun22-14 03:09 PM
8 316
So a cube submerged in water will experience pressure on all six sides, and the pressure on the bottom will be greater...
Jul7-14 06:51 AM
8 628

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