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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,683
Consider many same particles are moving randomly in a constant pressure and constant temperature box. The average...
Jan8-09 04:08 PM
2 2,785
There are two compartments, each has half volume of the total volume, separated by an insulating partition. The whole...
Jan5-09 09:19 PM
2 5,406
In my text of classical mechanics, it reads: for all relations f(q_1, q_2, \cdots; \dot{q}_1, \dot{q}_2, \cdots, t)...
Jan7-09 11:22 PM
2 3,113
Hi Folks, It seems there are some differing opinions in my office with respect to the following. If one is to...
Jan5-09 07:42 PM
2 4,733
New Member - I have to say - This site is amazing- Great find, Been reading for hours now and I have come to a...
Jan6-09 09:24 AM
2 1,140
something i cant grasp is why is it that when you lift one end of a log and the center of mass is raised a certain...
Jan7-09 06:03 AM
2 1,537
Hi I was wondering if I took two peices of copper and held them together then ran a current through the connection...
Jan7-09 01:08 PM
2 1,688
In thermodynamics, we always need to use exact differential relations to find the so called Maxwell relations. For a...
Jan13-09 10:47 AM
2 1,090
Please forgive my ignorance on what may be simple topics for most of you. I'm just trying to get my head conceptually...
Jan11-09 10:27 AM
2 1,136
I've often heard physicists say that the relative weakness of gravity is 'one of the greatest unsolved problems in...
Jan13-09 07:51 AM
Andy Resnick
2 2,884
How can one determine the amplitude, frequency and period of an amplitude? this is not homework, i was just curious,...
Jan13-09 03:02 AM
2 21,466
Hi all, there are a few questions regarding the incandescent light bulb, which I believe are rather elementary, but...
Jan13-09 12:13 PM
2 18,574
Hi, I am working on a problem with a free hanging mass attached to a spring and damper in parallel. I believe my...
Jan14-09 11:01 AM
2 5,622
Do sudden changes occur in thermodynamic systems? If so, when do they occur and why? More specifically: When a...
Jan27-09 08:53 PM
2 1,209
Hi, This is not homework but out of curiosity. On a diving board where are the points where stress is applied?...
Jan16-09 11:31 AM
2 1,954
Suppose we have lots of forces F1,F2,F3 etc acting at a point. Then pressure would be the magnitude of vector sum...
Jan17-09 12:54 PM
2 877
--- THREE MAGNETS (N-dipole-body problem) --- imagine 3 bar magnets sitting on a table randomly spaced. they are...
Jan18-09 03:08 AM
2 1,031
A common exposition of Hamiltonian mechanics (e.g., Goldstein's Classical Mechanics) is to start with the action ...
Jan18-09 08:05 PM
2 2,253 Please navigate to this link about electromagnetic waves. Scroll...
Jan21-09 06:28 AM
2 4,822
Consider a problem where a tank holds compressed natural gas, compressed to approx. 250 times atmospheric conditions....
Jan19-09 12:36 PM
2 7,286
I have a question about the Lagrange Multiplier method used to derive the Boltzmann distribution. I'm following the...
Jan20-09 07:38 AM
Peter Forbes
2 7,072
I want to calculate the temperature on the outside of a pipe which has a heated fluid flowing through it. If I know...
Jan23-09 06:14 PM
2 7,952
I got a thought on this strange hypothetical question. We differentiate between matter and anti matter based on...
Jan23-09 07:13 AM
2 2,799
I've "derived" the first Maxwell equation of the divergence of the E-field starting at the Coulomb force of a point...
Jan24-09 01:58 AM
2 4,406
The vector potential can be expressed in the following way: ∇^2 Ay-∂/∂y (∇∙A)=-μJy (Here only taking y...
Feb2-09 08:54 AM
2 2,539
EDIT -- I posted this here because I figured its more of a conceptual problem than a HW problem, but if people see...
Jan26-09 11:38 PM
2 1,064
Is E=0 in super conductor also? I read in the below site that static electric field goes some depth into super...
Jan28-09 09:46 AM
2 3,204
A system with one particle in one dimension x, momentum p, and hamiltonin H(x,p). Hamilton's principal function...
Jan29-09 10:11 AM
2 745
how do u calculate what one circle does when it collides with another circle at a specific point on a specific...
Jan31-09 06:44 PM
2 1,870
when two electro magnets are coiled the same and same direction of current are placed S to S so they repell... is the...
Feb1-09 11:12 AM
2 1,630
Revising my old university lectures, I have encountered the famous law of magnetic field around a closed loop: ...
Feb2-09 01:04 PM
2 1,440
I remember reading before that hydrogen gas is "transparent" to gamma rays. What does this mean? I know it has...
Feb4-09 12:21 PM
2 1,330
Hey I am confused about the direction of reaction force.. When a ball is on a vertical track at the bottom most of...
Feb6-09 05:10 AM
Doc Al
2 1,278
Hello, I would like to know if there are experimental tests of the Equivalence Principle in the realm of...
Feb6-09 07:09 AM
2 1,140
Till now...has anyone made such an arrangement that converts an applied force to 90+ degrees completely without use of...
Feb9-09 11:17 PM
2 1,100
I read about electrons and positrons free fall within a superconducting cylinder, in this book (p 105): ...
Feb6-09 08:27 AM
2 1,285
Suppose I prepare a liquid whose density is equal to the average density of my body. Hence when I am completely...
Feb12-09 07:40 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,066
Title says all, why clouds are up? have the air more density than water? Thanks!
Feb14-09 04:46 PM
2 1,740
Can anyone verify that I'm thinking about this situation correctly: among cyclists, there exists a thing called a...
Feb15-09 09:36 PM
2 1,012
Hello, In this problem: Two balls are...
Feb15-09 04:03 PM
2 1,358

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