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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,018
Hi Guys, I've attached 2 pages from the book of landau "The Classical Theory of fields", I have a question about...
May30-08 07:13 AM
2 1,422
I was wondering how to do the math for a bullet hitting some body armor. Would you just divide the original force...
May26-08 01:23 PM
2 1,361
Hello to all, I want to analyze and make model of the water mixing process as shown in file in attacment....
May1-08 01:30 PM
2 4,779
Does anyone know of any software I could use to look at thermal dispersion in silica? It is to basically see how far I...
May1-08 05:39 AM
2 1,019
Why a cellphone rings inside microwave oven? Does the microwave oven don't block cellphone radiation?
Apr30-08 12:01 PM
2 10,144
Hi! This is my first post here. I'm currently studying analytical/classical mechanics and have some problems...
May1-08 04:17 PM
2 1,743
Guys, I don't quite understand the concept of magnetic dipole moment as a vector. Suppose we have a magnet (like...
May2-08 01:21 PM
2 3,826
Consider a capacitor which is just like a plate capacitor, but instead of the upper electrode being a plate it is a...
May7-08 07:12 AM
2 3,198
Poynting Vector is by definition: S = 1/u(E x B), where S points in the direction of the EM wave's motion. In...
May7-08 04:59 PM
2 1,619
After following the thread "ideal conductor vs superconductor" a while, I am wondering about something that must have...
May10-08 09:42 PM
2 2,514
OK if we have a circuit with a battery of emf e and internal resistance r and external resistance R. We are given that...
May12-08 02:04 AM
2 1,205
If we were to inhale some Helium and speak, our vocal frequency will get higher producing high pitch and often comical...
May14-08 06:51 AM
2 1,388
Okay, I just took a test where there was a loop with a bar and a resistor in a magnetic field going into the screen as...
May15-08 10:16 PM
2 1,727
Inspired by this story. Would running before you spit increase the distance your spit travels? I figure, most of...
May17-08 03:38 PM
2 1,235
My text reads for Potential Due to a Collection Charges: 1/(4πє) ∑ q/r Lets say you want to calculate the...
May16-08 02:16 PM
2 1,133
If we have a metal wire and a magnetic field "inside" it, when the flux of the magnetic field changes, then the wire...
May17-08 11:21 AM
2 1,385
I've read some litterature about the electric potential (V, volts), but I feel like I still miss an actual explanation...
May17-08 06:27 AM
Doc Al
2 1,063
My thinking must be faulty somewhere, but I can't work out whats gonig on... The equation Tds = du + pdv and ...
May26-08 04:48 PM
2 1,576
Hello everyone, new guy here. I'd like some other minds on an on-going debate i have with quite a few people....
May21-08 06:28 AM
2 4,765
Many wiki articles contained horrible mistakes for many years until just a few days ago when I started to edit them....
May20-08 08:40 PM
Count Iblis
2 1,806
I am trying to derive the formula for E.m.f across the ends of a rod rotating in a magnetic field when the field is...
May29-08 02:43 PM
2 3,813
Flux = Int B dA Why isn't this written as a double integral when we antidifferentiate over an areal?
May24-08 06:38 AM
Doc Al
2 1,936
Hi there. I got two questions for you: 1- How can I calculate the force of attraction in Newton of two bar magnets...
Jun10-08 07:56 AM
2 7,661
Well hello there! :D I'm doing a project on graphical simulation of a bullet hitting a glass plate, and I have some...
May30-08 07:40 PM
2 1,206
To create a solenoid, conductive wire is coiled with n # of turns per unit length. To create a real solenoid can each...
Jun2-08 07:42 AM
2 2,735
First of all, sorry for my poor english I am studying classical mechanics and have a problem with angular momentum. I...
Jun3-08 09:37 AM
2 910
Unfortunately, magnetic fields are by their nature invisible, but scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory...
Jun3-08 11:37 PM
2 1,551
I've seen two references to magnetic charge density as something that Dirac said would explain charge quantization. ...
Jun6-08 08:55 AM
2 1,673
Hi, When you have interference in thin films, why does the film has to be thin? Why doesn't it work with "thick"...
Jun4-08 07:45 AM
2 3,235
Would a harmonic of the Larmor frequency have any effect on proton precession?
Jun5-08 12:29 PM
2 1,560
I have a question about the Poynting vector: (page 44/51) ...
Jun9-08 03:41 AM
2 3,952
Hi all. I was thinking of something: Bound charges in an insulator arise because of the polarisation, so even...
Jun11-08 10:57 AM
2 2,589
Hi, I was thinking about the graviton ride at amusement parks - the one that sort of simulates the feeling of gravity...
Jun12-08 02:51 PM
2 1,850
Say I have the following simple situation || || ||---/\/\/\---m1---/\/\/\----m2...
Jun12-08 01:33 PM
2 1,831
Hi I've working on a computer program where I need to calculate some electric fields. I am referring to a thesis...
Jun12-08 03:54 PM
2 6,532
ok so i've got the three components of the inertia tensor (A,A,C) and ive derived expression for, using matrices, the...
Jun13-08 12:29 PM
2 2,115
I have a Q re angular momentum (L) that's causing some heated discussion. A bullet is fired off center toward a...
Jun14-08 12:22 PM
2 1,367
Hi all, This is frustrating. I've searched all over the net for how one can generate high freqency, maybe a few...
Jun19-08 04:57 AM
2 1,208
What are the general boundary conditions for nonviscous, incompressible fluid flow? I am trying to find the velocity...
Jun16-08 01:33 PM
2 2,093
Audio headphones, especially portable ones, need to be sealed against the ear at low frequencies to reproduce bass. ...
Jun18-08 11:39 PM
Loren Booda
2 1,416

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