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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,900
Hi, so I have a question where it asks me to find the distance between t = 0 and t = 60 for the equation v = 1/6(t(60...
Sep7-12 10:58 AM
2 536
Why the electric field is in fact curved in that configuration? I'm just a little bit confused because normally if the...
Sep9-12 05:12 AM
2 860
So I'm pretty sure the following paragraph is all true. Do the citizens of PhysicsForums agree? Please confirm and/or...
Sep12-12 03:40 AM
2 2,181
In this document, how do I get 3.2 on page 12? I assume it is the Euler-Lagrange equation given in 3.1 just rewritten....
Sep3-12 08:41 AM
2 826
We all know that M.I of a Uniform rigid rod about an axis perpendicular to it's length and passing through it's center...
Sep5-12 02:43 PM
2 1,284
If I have a wide beam, parallel to the x axis, with its COM at the origin, then I want it to curve about the y axis,...
Sep5-12 03:28 AM
2 845
If I am trying to minimize triboelectric charging. What two substances when rubbed together would produce minimal...
Aug30-12 05:37 PM
2 991
I understand the ideal gas law equation and the use of the gamma and it's relationships. But what happens when a...
Sep19-12 08:01 AM
2 738
How can wave optics explain total internal reflection?
Aug24-12 10:52 AM
Claude Bile
2 1,004
the charge(say positive) in figure induces negative charge on the disc and positive on sphere, the net force on charge...
Aug22-12 04:12 AM
2 577
Hi everyone, I have a very simple and classic question here. Suppose I have a 10cm,0.01kg ruler (uniform density)...
Aug24-12 06:00 AM
2 963
When i think of electromagnetic waves i think of a fast moving sphere of expanding or contracting fields,either...
Aug24-12 05:09 PM
2 688
Textbooks on statistical mechanics usually discuss ergodicity only by words, without presenting any quantitative...
Aug24-12 04:21 AM
2 529
Hi, In a demonstration that was shown in class, two paper cups were dropped from different heights. The first was...
Aug24-12 12:44 AM
2 717
Hi, As I understand, the distance covered by an object in free fall is described as d = \frac{1}{2}gt2 or d = 5t2...
Aug24-12 03:08 AM
2 933
I have been out of school a long time, so please go easy on me. If the answer is an equation with symbols or letters,...
Aug27-12 09:28 AM
2 1,005
I need a review of solenoid equations, such as equations for bar solenoids, toroidal solenoids, and toroidal solenoids...
Aug30-12 11:09 AM
Prince Rilian
2 972
Hi all! I'm trying to study the Poincare group and I have one problem. I'm reading a book: Gross D. Lectures on...
Aug28-12 12:43 AM
2 929
Say an object is dropped out of a plane at height h above the ground and flying at a constant speed v0... Ignoring...
Aug28-12 09:10 AM
2 705
Suppose I have two charged particles with charge densities ρ1(r,t) and ρ2 (r,t) with corresponding velocity fields...
Sep10-12 09:34 AM
Ken G
2 829
Hi, I'm Chaitanya, 4th year undergraduate student in biomedical engg. I have an idea of making a mobile phone...
Aug27-12 01:04 PM
2 643
Suppose you push a stick by a distance of s like on the picture. It will start to rotate as you along. My question is:...
Aug27-12 02:37 PM
2 638
I want to calculate the force generated (as a result of expanding air) from pressure created by heating air up to a...
Sep16-12 06:38 AM
2 1,589
I was looking through a Taylor's Classical Mechanics chapter and I have a question about the derivation. So...
Sep12-12 01:48 PM
2 871
I have seen a lot of different formulas about the forces acting on a wheel. So now I don't know what to use. So, I...
Sep14-12 06:15 AM
2 891
Hi Guys, I have been asked to find out at what point a measurement device go out of calibration when dropped and...
Sep14-12 01:48 PM
2 1,596
I believe I might have a fundamental misconception about work. Please correct me where my reasoning is wrong so I can...
Sep15-12 07:13 AM
Andrew Mason
2 840
Hi, Got a problem with the following derivation: Coming from the Helmholtz equation one gets: ...
Sep17-12 04:26 AM
2 1,342
Hello, I am studying wave mechanics and I managed to derive the linear wave equation with a string. Now I don't...
Sep16-12 02:07 PM
2 536
Situation: A uniform cylinder (Mass M, Radius R) is rotating down a slope of incline θ and distance s, there are...
Sep16-12 08:44 PM
Simon Bridge
2 828
Can someone please explain in a detailed manner about skin effect in electromagnetism, particularly wanted to know why...
Sep20-12 03:10 AM
2 758
Reading about solar panels i came across a peculiar description - "When the panel is short circuited, there is current...
Sep19-12 06:08 PM
2 2,010
hello guys, i need your help to clear my concept on total internal reflection ....when incident ray angle is...
Sep19-12 06:37 AM
2 1,035
Temperature conversion: 273 + degree Celsius = Kelvin Actually why is that 273? How does one come up with this?...
Sep19-12 08:10 AM
Ken G
2 764
I was wondering if someone could explain how the laws of thermodynamics apply to these so called hydrogen on demand...
Sep25-12 04:23 PM
2 751
I saw a baseball pitching machine that throws baseballs at 40-70mph with one wheel... All that wheel does is rotate...
Sep21-12 09:39 AM
2 829
Ok so I'm taking the SAT physics Test soon and i'm woefully unprepared! I've taken physics 2 times already, honors...
Sep26-12 11:04 AM
2 912
Hey guys, So today I was in my Physics lab and a small argument arose. We had a pre-test with a question that...
Sep24-12 12:50 PM
2 954
Beginning at 31:03 Dr. Susskind presents an intuitively very satisfying derivation of the Euler-La Grange equation(s)....
Sep27-12 02:50 AM
2 971
(r∇).(r∇)=r.∇(r∇) now in index notation it is written as, =xi∂jxi∂j-xi∂jxj∂i but when I tried to...
Sep28-12 01:03 AM
2 636

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