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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,961
The Benouilli effect, used by aeroplanes, race cars and of course blowing pieces of paper. OK, In the case of an...
Oct27-03 12:25 AM
40 8,138
Hello Everyone! I am a new member in this forum.:cool: What we learn at school regarding dielectrics is: When...
Jul7-07 07:43 AM
Mr Virtual
40 4,772
That was discussed before but the thread died inconclusively. Anybody knows of necessary or sufficient conditions...
Jul16-07 02:25 PM
40 4,087
The result was surprising. Their "explanation" was nonsense. What is the reason that the boat is able to move...
Jul13-11 11:34 AM
40 22,366
My textbook says that Electrostatic potential is the work done on a unit charge to bring it from infinity to a point...
Aug9-11 10:45 AM
40 5,194
My son and I were playing in the park and accidently came across an interesting physical force. We threw a marble on...
May25-12 06:08 PM
40 5,446
The initial presentation of Newton’s Laws of Motion (NLM) to students often proceeds as follow: 1. The 3 laws are...
Feb10-12 09:35 AM
40 4,093
Hi, I'm 15 and I want to build a particle accelerator (probably in my backyard). I don't know much about physics yet,...
Oct18-12 02:10 PM
40 4,451
This is polarization density. Can somebody...
Mar6-13 05:31 PM
40 2,216
Hello! I've read thousand of explanations about how q and q-dot are considered independent in the Lagrangian treatment...
Sep5-13 06:55 AM
40 3,406
I'm trying to understand why a superdeformed nucleus may be represented as bulging perpendicular to the axis of...
Mar27-14 11:05 PM
40 1,315
Are the questions a) why does an accelerating charge radiate and b) why does an uniformly accelarating...
Apr18-10 09:16 PM
39 11,145
Another intersting point on home electronics raised was - why does every device you purchase have it's own...
May13-05 03:40 PM
39 3,394
if one recalls the old classical physics terms namely repose angle, i've got a problem for them. as it(repose angle)...
Aug24-05 10:49 PM
39 2,607
I was watching "Casino Royale" with my friends yesterday, and there was a part where a commercial plane was about to...
May26-11 12:13 AM
39 7,878
can static friction do work?
Dec10-07 02:12 PM
39 4,898
Hello, im new to the these forums. I recently read the article in the Wikipedia about this force (Abraham-Lorentz)...
Mar9-09 06:44 PM
39 4,309
let me first donate a(A,B) is the acceleration of A relative to B Observer 2 and a subject A with mass m are falling...
Nov19-11 12:46 AM
39 4,178
I have a very simple conceptual physics problem that I am looking to solve, and unfortunately I've been out of school...
Jun7-09 09:24 PM
Bob S
39 36,049
The wikipedia article I quote below is confusing me. I followed the links to Frank Lambert's website, where he claims...
Jul1-13 02:26 PM
39 7,674
Suppose you have a dissipative system where \dot{q}=p/m \dot{p}=-\gamma p -k\sin(q) So there isn't a...
Mar9-11 05:19 AM
39 3,295
A friend of mine says they can tell which 2 notes are being played together on a piano keyboard. How can this be if...
Jun27-11 12:06 AM
39 4,274
In Landau's Mechanics it states "If all co-ordinates and velocities are simultaneously specified, it is know from...
Jun15-13 06:45 AM
39 2,133
This post specifically queries the absorption, by matter, of (thermal) radiation which has been emitted from a source...
Jan26-14 01:19 PM
Arfur Bryant
39 989
I was wondering how to build a particle accelerator at home. If it is possible, please tell me how. Thank You -ATCG
Nov1-13 05:35 PM
Vanadium 50
38 22,137
According to source i read, in classical theory it its believed that charged particles radiate when the accelarate -...
Oct7-09 09:27 PM
38 7,285
I have a question about a classical physics problem. The original problem appeared as a homework problem in a physics...
Nov22-08 02:24 AM
38 12,026
Basically, what I mean to say is that lets say I am playing ping pong...I put a lot of sidespin on the ball.(from back...
Oct24-10 10:32 PM
Roy Dale
38 7,859
I decided to try and learn what entropy is today and I swear to god I've been sitting here for 4 hours and I still...
Nov28-10 08:18 PM
38 61,575
Electricity (the flow of current) is said to travel at near the speed of light (75-90%), but I read that electrons...
Oct2-09 12:54 PM
38 12,700
Hi friends Let me talk in context of cars wheels..... See!, tractive force is what ground offers us depending upon...
Nov7-09 01:29 AM
R Power
38 12,510
I’ve seen this problem phrased several ways and posted several times – a couple of times by me. But I have not seen an...
Jan15-11 02:57 PM
38 3,894
This might be math problem, but I only see it in EM books. \nabla X (\vec A X \vec B) \;=\; (\vec B \cdot...
Apr5-11 10:43 AM
38 5,474
How does one find the electrical resistance of a homogenous sphere of uniform density? By connecting two wires...
Feb26-13 02:19 AM
38 4,698
In case of a transmission line consisting of two wires in parallel (aka Balanced line) the characteristic impedance Z0...
Aug17-13 04:43 AM
38 1,586
Hello, I have recently joined with hope that I can find a straight forward answer to a question that has bugged me for...
Sep1-13 08:21 AM
38 2,045
What happens to a circuit over a resistor that causes measured voltage to drop? If voltage is related to a charge...
Dec21-13 06:54 AM
38 1,498
When two equal masses collide without having any rotational velocity before the collision, and they do attain some...
Jun5-09 10:18 AM
37 2,857
Read this. Electric flux is a measure of the number of electric field lines passing through an area. To calculate...
Jul29-09 08:27 PM
37 3,142
Hi, Suppose the police car moves faster than sound's speed and runs away from the person on the street. Will the...
Jan17-14 01:25 PM
37 1,517

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