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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,212
I've been trying to figure this out for long now but unfortunally, I'm not able to prove that ∇E = 0 in an Ohmic, 2d...
Apr30-13 06:46 AM
0 500
The equation for the change in momentum for total absorption of electromagnetic radiation is ΔU/c and that for total...
Apr21-13 01:07 AM
2 439
Why change of magnetic flux with the time through a coil induces current in it? Please tell me that what happen to...
May29-14 05:01 AM
5 298
I'd like some help to understand how to calculate "lost work" for irreversible heat transfer across a finite...
Aug10-14 02:56 AM
12 415
To every scalar field s(x,y) there corresponds a 'constant' vector field x = A s(x,y) and y = B s(x,y), where A,B are...
May14-14 01:16 PM
6 233
Hello there, I was not sure if this belonged in the Classical Physics forum or the General Physics forum, so my...
Apr15-12 11:11 AM
Ken G
2 1,043
Hello PF. I thought this would be a good place to ask around for information pertaining to "where we are at" in...
May26-12 03:05 PM
2 1,030
I want to build a metal wood stove that has much higher thermal conductivity than steel. I want to find a metal/alloy...
Jan11-09 11:06 PM
0 1,558
Does anyone know how either Lienard or Wiechert justified the (1-v/c) factor that appears in their potential formula...
Sep16-09 03:05 PM
3 990
I'm confused with this topic. However, I think I know a bit. There's something to do with the temperature and it...
Nov28-12 01:14 AM
19 3,131
I have (conceptual) questions about this question posted before: ...
Feb11-12 02:16 PM
1 1,362
Hello, just been reading a little bit about the basics of moving coil meter and one thing is bugging me. First if...
Mar28-13 04:25 AM
0 1,038
Hello everyone, In order to define the eulerian rate deformation tensor, one should first express...
Jun23-14 04:29 AM
4 326
I am taking a statictical mechanics course, and one thing bothers me. I am not sure when we should use the normal...
Dec3-04 03:22 AM
1 2,522
Does anyone have any tips on how to properly determine the degrees of freedom in simple mechanical systems? I've done...
Apr22-11 01:22 PM
0 1,480
Does anyone knows how to explain (both physics and mathematics) why there's no magnetic mono-pole?
Mar30-09 02:15 PM
8 998
In the chapter on radiation (Chapter 11), Griffiths notes that an electric monopole does not radiate, but also that a...
Dec15-07 06:14 AM
Shooting Star
1 1,182
Hello all, I'd like to calculate the inductance of a straight current carrying wire per unit length of wire. The...
Jan14-11 03:59 AM
10 4,956
I'm only interested in the 2d representation of this, as I will be applying whatever I learn to a physics engine ...
Jun28-11 02:07 AM
0 810
Why Do I Use U For Constant Volume and H For Constant Pressure? Also, which can be calculated H, Q, U, W?
Oct30-11 10:27 AM
I like Serena
3 3,360
Hi all, I've read the last capters of Arnold's "mathematical methods of classic mechanics" (so I know the basic facts...
Oct14-09 06:05 PM
0 988
I'm looking for a good example for a freshman mechanics class to demonstrate how one can integrate the equations of...
Apr1-11 10:49 AM
10 2,982
>> can anyone tel y friction is independant of surface area/length ...... thx an regards, arun
Feb27-07 11:31 AM
5 4,482 ...
Mar5-14 11:57 AM
3 304
wrong form sorry.
Oct6-09 09:14 PM
0 753
Is there a theoretical maximum entorpy? I just read on Wikipedia that there are certain conditions in which the...
Jul15-04 05:02 AM
4 1,230
Dear all, Me and my friends are arguing how many significant figures does 0.0 and 0.0000 have? Me and my other...
Sep26-12 06:38 AM
14 3,478
How far do you need to separate two opposite 1C charges inorder for the potential difference to be 1v?
Feb17-10 02:33 AM
1 779
1) If we charge a stacked capacitor like the one in the picture and then remove the leads (red and blue) what will be...
Sep22-11 04:53 PM
Philip Wood
3 970
1-this is what is written in my book: E= Ir+E' where E' is the back emf, r and E' are constants P(mechanical)=E'*I...
Mar30-11 09:46 AM
3 659
I am having a problem understanding the mathematical reasoning of finding the description of image in convex mirror......
Aug22-12 03:50 AM
10 2,101
(ok i not sure where this topic goes so ill take a guess its here) ok, I hear that nothing is 100% efficienct. some...
Feb26-07 02:18 PM
8 5,205
Is there ANY way for ANY type of energy to be transformed from one form to another with no losses, a perfect 100%...
Sep11-10 03:44 PM
Bob S
11 4,991 A 100g weight resting on a scale took a ride in a lift. From the...
Jul24-12 09:27 AM
8 1,108
Does anyone know the significance of 1233 degrees Kelvin?
Nov13-07 04:18 PM
1 1,049
Imagine you have a regular 13 sided polygon with charges distributed on every corner of the polygon. What would a...
Sep8-12 09:32 AM
5 1,273
I used the formula here: The values came from an...
Jan6-09 11:15 PM
18 6,618
I was just reading my book when it said that the fact that newtons rings were always dark in the center where the lens...
Jan4-10 03:05 PM
8 4,647
anyone have the solutions to the 1995 free response for physics C ap test? I have most of it done, but i just want to...
Mar10-09 05:25 PM
1 8,792
Hi All, Can someone please point me towards an introductory text of internal resonances (like the 1:1 and 1:2) they...
Sep27-10 06:45 AM
0 605

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