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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,035
Hi, I have a question related to the DC motor that i hope you geniuses can help me with. By Fleming's Left hand...
Sep23-12 12:58 PM
6 860
Another intersting point on home electronics raised was - why does every device you purchase have it's own...
May13-05 03:40 PM
39 3,395
hello , DC (I guess AC too) power supplies have 3 terminals: plus, ground, minus. If I set the voltage to 30...
Sep28-08 12:03 AM
3 8,966
Hello, can someone please help me out here, i want to step up the voltage of a 1.5V battery to 300V, i know that to do...
Dec12-07 03:53 PM
1 1,776
de broglie wavelenth of a perticle approaches zero faster than 1/v as its speed approaches the speed of can...
Oct8-09 02:02 PM
0 588
In order to understand about De-Broglie's explanation on Bohr's second postulate,concept of standing waves should be...
Apr18-13 07:23 AM
Philip Wood
2 996
My textbook says that dE-TdS+PdV<0 for all irreversible processes. However, for reversible processes, the author says...
Jul12-12 10:54 AM
21 1,257
Are elemental particles subject to entropy? Are there dead electrons "no spin".
Dec7-11 03:18 PM
6 1,238
The no-slip boundary value constraint for Navier-Stokes solutions was explained in my fluid dynamics class as a...
Apr30-12 09:33 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,024
Hi, I've been trying to figure out a formula which describes the relation between the area, load and negative psig...
Jul20-07 12:29 PM
2 1,428
Firstly, I'd like to announce that this is not a homework question, it is an example of a problem I thought up to...
Apr10-09 04:24 PM
3 2,013
My question is what causes death wobble? Let me explain more... The vehicle I've experienced this on is a Jeep with...
Aug22-09 04:03 AM
19 15,705
Helloooo. I'm debating a creationist and he consistently is bringing up the laws of thermodynamics to try and 'prove'...
Jan4-06 08:03 AM
Doc Al
17 2,920
Just a question: I do know it is possible to have a debye layer in a electrolyte. But is it posible to have a Debye...
Jul15-06 12:24 AM
2 4,861
Hello, I am new here. I was reading Wangsness electromagnetic fields and he delves into a short discussion about...
Jul31-14 01:59 PM
0 93
Hello, Here's my challenge: I want a physics model for how one would go about in order to decay the moon's orbit....
Dec2-13 09:45 AM
10 1,154
Ok, so I was doing this problem, *NOT* a homework problem, where I was solving for the force (and eventually, the...
Jun13-10 06:05 PM
2 2,560
Hi there, sorry for asking a question as my first post instead of contributing to the community however I have a...
Jun8-13 04:21 PM
4 1,349
I posted a question as thus : A train moving at 100 km/hr uniformly decelerates at a rate of 10 km/hr each hr. How...
May5-07 09:13 AM
7 1,629
A basis for any 3-dimensional vector space must have 3 vectors in it. So the acceleration of any object in ℝ^{3}...
May2-13 02:54 PM
6 736
This is a short conceptual question. If I place a heat sink in a sealed container, and than raise the ambient...
Sep6-10 06:18 PM
Dr Lots-o'watts
4 653
Greetings everyone: I am trying to create a software for estimating temperature for a liquid in a group of tanks...
Apr8-11 03:54 AM
0 489
In thermodynamics heat reservoir has a lot deegres of freedom. Can you tell me some examples of that deegres. Thx
Mar19-12 11:35 PM
Andrew Mason
3 762
I was fascinated by the Wired article describing such an elegant engineering solution for remote data collection deep...
Feb28-07 10:48 AM
4 1,509
See here: And: ...
Mar14-09 06:18 PM
4 1,057
Living in the city, it seems that some jerk tries to merge right into my car on a daily basis during rush hour (i.e....
Jul14-11 04:59 AM
5 1,854
Hallo everyone, in electrostatic we have a linear realation between E D and P, i do understand that P is related...
May19-10 10:54 AM
Jano L.
15 1,642
This may seem obvious, but please define these for me, in as much details as possible. What does it mean to: ...
Dec24-11 12:45 PM
16 3,222
Hi I'm trying to define a Newtonian lagrangian in an rotating reference frame (with no potential) Something to...
Oct22-09 12:55 AM
4 4,679
So I read somewhere that if we know u(s,v) i.e. internal energy as a function of entropy and specific volume, we can...
Dec9-13 01:43 PM
Jano L.
7 660
"Induction is a process of increment of charge such that the charge induced equals to the charge difference between...
May8-09 03:58 AM
5 1,731
I am designing an eddy current brake system for use in roller coaster design. I have the flux density required to...
Mar23-11 04:21 PM
2 1,866
Electric field around a charge or system of charges is defined as the force experienced per unit charge. Won't the...
May31-13 05:20 AM
Pushpam Singh
3 581
A block of mass m is resting on a frictionless surface and a push is given to it along the surface. Now because of...
Aug18-05 07:34 AM
2 2,298
Hello. I have attached a file containing a detailed question regarding the definition of the electric current. I'll...
Apr22-11 12:47 PM
2 802
Okay so I feel this is a bit of a weak first post in a forum but I haven't yet found a place for comment that wouldn't...
Nov25-09 06:10 PM
3 1,144
We all know that the definition for work is W = ∫F.ds Why can't it be W = ∫s.dF?
Jun8-11 02:23 AM
9 2,841
I've been told (since high school I think) that "view angle" in a 2-dimensional plane is approximately (distance to...
Jul29-13 08:03 AM
Andy Resnick
6 1,321
Hello, I have found the following definition in wikipedia: A fluid is defined as a substance that continually...
Nov30-08 01:25 PM
2 785
0k i know net force on a body is defined as mass times acceleration of the body w.r.t inertial frame, but how do we...
May12-13 02:45 AM
8 580

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