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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,753
I understand the definition to be the amount of work done in moving a charge from one point to another divided by the...
Jul18-12 04:38 PM
17 2,692
In physics, we use the concept of mass, and we use a unit of mass. It would appear that we must first define the...
Jul27-10 09:58 AM
1 759
i want to understand physics as follows 1)Physics is the study of nature 2)mechanics is the study of response of...
Aug3-06 11:17 PM
0 2,140
In classical mechanics, if we consider the motion of a particle of mass m, then ...
Nov20-11 09:40 PM
15 2,084
Hi Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this as it is probably more of an engineering question. I'm trying...
Mar3-09 10:04 AM
7 1,565
Hello! I want to know the deflection at certain points in a solid body with different cross sectional areas. A...
Jan16-09 06:45 PM
3 3,379
So I am trying to figure out how I can calculate the deflection and ultimate bending moment capacity of a hollow tube...
Jul2-12 06:41 AM
2 797
Hi: In mechanics of materials. I learned that the deflection of a beam can be characterized by its elastic curve...
Jul10-13 06:18 PM
6 668
If two cantilever beams are fixed at Left Hand Side (LHS) and joined to eachother by means of a prop at RHS, how do i...
Mar11-05 06:08 AM
0 10,423
How to calculate the deflection in ring, fixed at center, with a radial point force acting at some point(let say at...
Aug18-11 08:51 PM
4 2,612
I'm having trouble understanding what a deformable system is? Please give me a detailed example with your...
Dec9-10 06:14 PM
1 2,293
This is a bit technical and I'm not exactly sure how to formulate my problem, but I'll try my best. I've been reading...
Dec15-09 12:35 PM
0 771
I want to calculate the deformation of a plate of a material upon being struck by a mass moving along the plate's...
Oct4-11 09:25 PM
0 1,044
I've been working on a ballistics model for quite some time now, and I am getting close to finishing some parts of it,...
May7-09 04:12 AM
0 538
I have a component made of some sort of stamped steel which has a significant magnetic field (upto 2000mGa) which I...
May20-09 08:51 AM
4 870
Does anyone know how ships are degaussed exactly? I know that basically very thick electrically conducting cables are...
Aug11-08 01:27 AM
11 4,576
HELP! I am currently working on the derivation of the equations of motion for three coupled pendula, The mass and...
May15-09 04:31 PM
1 994
Hello everyone obviously smarter than I. There is an answer I seek, to a project that is willing to be done. I'm...
Aug18-13 08:54 AM
Vanadium 50
7 356
I would like to have at least a vague idea how coherent is light from an inexpensive 1 mW red semiconductor laser...
Jul26-12 08:15 AM
Andy Resnick
5 641
i wonder how we can describe the degree of diffraction of waves in a single slit in a mathematical formula , with the...
Feb29-12 12:43 PM
2 1,190
I have been trying to learn degree of freedom and constraints by myself. However the content of these materials are...
Jun25-10 03:41 PM
jack action
1 2,800
A particle has 3 degree of freedom (dof) , so we write 3N dof for N particles... But I have a fundamental doubt: 3...
Oct17-10 08:35 AM
1 670
i need to know how many degrees do i need to be able to find the kinetic energy of the molecule ?? and may i have a...
May17-11 06:32 AM
elabed haidar
8 4,435
Hello, how do i calculate the degree of freedom for a rigid body with 3 mass points? My guess will be 6 degrees of...
May22-11 12:16 PM
10 2,076
How to find the Degree of freedom (Mechanics) of system? Thank you so much.
Dec11-09 11:08 AM
IPhO' 2008
4 3,981
NOTE: This is not a homework problem. So don't move it. I was reading about degree of freedom and came to know that...
Jun26-10 02:04 AM
1 1,199
If I have two point mass moving on a track, we say that this system has 2 degrees of freedom, because we need two...
Aug15-10 09:23 AM
AJ Bentley
1 714
The number of degrees of freedom for a massless rod moving freely in space with a particle which is constrained to...
Nov22-07 06:22 AM
Doc Al
1 2,215
Can anyone explain to me why does a figure which can't move from a plain has three degrees of freedom?
Oct14-08 04:56 AM
8 4,414
In lecture 2 of his series on Classical Physics, Prof. Balakrishnan asks how many degrees of freedom there are in a...
Aug1-11 07:09 AM
22 2,956
What are the number of degrees of freedom of 1)a square sheet moving in XY plane 2)a triangular lamina moving...
Feb10-13 04:12 PM
6 590
A particle has 3 degrees of freedom, therefore N particles have 3N degrees of freedom. But a two particle whose...
Oct15-13 03:58 AM
4 304
How is for rigid body made up of n particle, the degree of freedom is 3n-nC2.i can understand that degree freedom of...
Oct23-13 11:27 PM
2 330
What will be the degrees of freedom of a ''Connected pair of compasses''?
Feb17-14 12:45 AM
6 225
Concerning the problem of a wire under tension. Listing the variables I so far have: length, thickness, tension,...
Oct10-07 11:18 AM
0 1,860
I'm not quite sure I get the idea of a degree of freedom for a system. First of all: Is there freedom in...
Jan11-12 03:58 PM
1 722
It seems to me that there should only be three degrees of freedom for each atom in a crystal, one for each direction...
Mar9-13 02:54 PM
5 573
I've been away from the forum for a while working on an interesting project developing an open source visualization...
Jan21-14 04:34 PM
5 196
Another way of stating it is the sum of the dot products of vectors B and vectors A = 0 Is this because the dot...
Jul30-09 06:52 PM
26 2,317
So given the common explanation here for Del dot B equals 0 to be "There are no magnetic monopoles.", since the title...
Jul29-09 01:25 AM
24 3,753

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