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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,870
the solution for current I, for series LCR circuit is I = (E/Z)sin(wt+\phi) Where Z = \sqrt{R^2 + (X_{L}-X_{C})^{2}}...
Jul24-09 05:30 PM
Bob S
3 6,227
Hello everybody... In my school textbook, I have the following explanation to Damped SHM: \hline Soving the...
Sep10-04 07:01 AM
9 1,826
I am attempting to derive the equation for dampened harmonic motion from the differential equation: m\frac{d^2...
Apr13-09 04:25 PM
10 2,671
When a forced oscillation is damped, it is true that the frequency at which resonance occurs decreases right? so does...
Oct7-09 08:04 AM
6 25,379
Hi I'm looking for a place were I can find the damping coefficient for water. Maybe someone has/can find/knows a...
Aug7-09 02:55 PM
5 14,233
Hi, I am working on a problem with a free hanging mass attached to a spring and damper in parallel. I believe my...
Jan14-09 11:01 AM
2 5,641
A 2.20 kg mass oscillates on a spring of force constant 250.0 N/m with a period of 0.615 s. Find the damping constant...
Feb2-10 04:55 PM
0 1,251
A 0.300 kg mass moving the end of a spring with force constant 2.50 N/m is acted on by a damping force F=-bv. If the...
Feb2-10 05:13 PM
0 766
The position equation for a oscillator undergoing critical damping is given by x(t) = Ate^(-γt) + Be^(-γt) where...
May30-14 10:18 AM
1 177
Hi, my question is about determining the damping ratio for the upper spring-damper part of the system given in the...
Dec1-09 12:11 PM
1 2,785
I have a transfer function for system. 23.23*s + 1.421 ------------------------------------- = tf s^2 + 25.88*s +...
Jul10-10 10:02 AM
2 2,863
Typically photon attenuation is determined by the equation I = I_0 \cdot e^{ - (\mu \cdot z)}. The variable mu is...
Sep8-05 03:57 PM
5 1,092
I've got data that's force (g) against time for an SDOF system (with a bit of noise). The main thing I'm interested in...
Nov8-11 07:14 AM
1 1,286
Hello All, I have some basic damping related questions that I am hoping you all can shed some light on or suggest...
Nov6-12 03:44 AM
5 908
Unfortunately, magnetic fields are by their nature invisible, but scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory...
Jun3-08 11:37 PM
2 1,558
Today I was outside to get some grass for my rabbit. I took some yellow dandelions too, but as I entered the elevator...
Apr13-08 06:39 AM
3 1,579
hi, recently i notice that there is a dark border around all the streetlight at night. what is this phenomenon...
Feb11-14 05:55 AM
Simon Bridge
2 206
I am doing a lab for my optics class. My group has chosen to set up a simple dark field imaging device using a HeNe...
Mar11-09 07:47 AM
Andy Resnick
1 831
I was working on some dark field filters and I was wondering if you could substitute the black spot in the centre of a...
Apr7-09 06:28 PM
Andy Resnick
3 939
Hi, I've been doing Fraunhofer diffraction and I have been getting dark spots in the middle if my patterns, not...
May6-11 08:37 PM
3 821
Hi Everyone, I am trying to calculate the exit velocity of a dart which is propelled by compressed air. Please see...
May23-12 06:38 AM
1 934
does dB increases when voltage increases?can sum1 state or declare a formula or proof?
Feb25-10 12:53 PM
Bob S
1 2,000
DC doesn't cause electromagnetism? That is what our teacher says. Can anyone explain why it doesn't? As far I remember...
Nov11-09 02:59 PM
11 1,347
To increase a DC generator's turning effect, we increase the number of turns of the coil. How does this increase the...
Sep29-12 04:51 PM
Philip Wood
1 1,344
Hi, I have a question related to the DC motor that i hope you geniuses can help me with. By Fleming's Left hand...
Sep23-12 12:58 PM
6 878
Another intersting point on home electronics raised was - why does every device you purchase have it's own...
May13-05 03:40 PM
39 3,421
hello , DC (I guess AC too) power supplies have 3 terminals: plus, ground, minus. If I set the voltage to 30...
Sep28-08 12:03 AM
3 9,121
Hello, can someone please help me out here, i want to step up the voltage of a 1.5V battery to 300V, i know that to do...
Dec12-07 03:53 PM
1 1,789
de broglie wavelenth of a perticle approaches zero faster than 1/v as its speed approaches the speed of can...
Oct8-09 02:02 PM
0 597
In order to understand about De-Broglie's explanation on Bohr's second postulate,concept of standing waves should be...
Apr18-13 07:23 AM
Philip Wood
2 1,044
My textbook says that dE-TdS+PdV<0 for all irreversible processes. However, for reversible processes, the author says...
Jul12-12 10:54 AM
21 1,283
Are elemental particles subject to entropy? Are there dead electrons "no spin".
Dec7-11 03:18 PM
6 1,277
The no-slip boundary value constraint for Navier-Stokes solutions was explained in my fluid dynamics class as a...
Apr30-12 09:33 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,045
Hi, I've been trying to figure out a formula which describes the relation between the area, load and negative psig...
Jul20-07 12:29 PM
2 1,454
Firstly, I'd like to announce that this is not a homework question, it is an example of a problem I thought up to...
Apr10-09 04:24 PM
3 2,043
My question is what causes death wobble? Let me explain more... The vehicle I've experienced this on is a Jeep with...
Aug22-09 04:03 AM
19 16,127
Helloooo. I'm debating a creationist and he consistently is bringing up the laws of thermodynamics to try and 'prove'...
Jan4-06 08:03 AM
Doc Al
17 2,954
Just a question: I do know it is possible to have a debye layer in a electrolyte. But is it posible to have a Debye...
Jul15-06 12:24 AM
2 4,888
Hello, I am new here. I was reading Wangsness electromagnetic fields and he delves into a short discussion about...
Aug15-14 07:14 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 259
Hello, Here's my challenge: I want a physics model for how one would go about in order to decay the moon's orbit....
Dec2-13 09:45 AM
10 1,185

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