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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,699
i want to know about the denisity of air and how does it exchange .... to use it in equation ....and the denisity of...
Feb22-09 12:58 PM
2 840
Could someone explain the connection between density, pressure, and temperature in relation to the ideal gas law to...
Jun18-11 06:02 PM
2 1,658
Question: Show that for a steady flow with div.u=0, the density is constant along streamlines. I just don't see...
Jan29-11 04:20 PM
10 2,429
Let pressure equation of sound wave be \Deltap=Pocos(\omegat-kx), then what will be the density equation of the...
Jan23-10 02:13 PM
2 1,104
Should be a simple question really can not understand why I am not able to get my head around it though. Assume an...
Jun1-09 10:16 AM
0 1,367
I would like to know if density is exactly the same everywhere in a disk full of water except at one part where there...
Oct30-13 04:30 AM
3 353
what do the non-diagonal components of a density matrix tell us about the mixed state we are in?
Apr17-10 08:25 AM
Andy Resnick
1 791
I came across a formula that gives radiant energy density as 4 * sigma * T^4 / c. I am trying to figure out how this...
Apr12-07 08:39 AM
1 1,833
How do I explain to my Engineer friends that a ball will actually travel further in humid conditions b/c humid air has...
Sep7-04 02:26 PM
9 18,589
I recently noticed that the density of an electron, assuming it is a particle, was e21 gm cm3. This is e7 x more than...
Jul11-10 09:18 AM
5 2,207
Hi assume J = I/A = equal in a circular segment of wire then after a while those electrons forces other...
May12-09 11:42 PM
7 1,703
I've spent hours trying to understand conceptually how to find the density of moist, hot air at high temperatures, eg...
Dec28-13 06:35 AM
11 398
we know that density of water is maximum at 3.98°C but when it is cooled below 0°C, will its density decrease by...
Mar3-13 08:27 AM
1 663
Would a big ball weighing 100kg with a diameter of 1 meter float in water? I guess my question is, no matter how...
Mar1-12 06:07 PM
4 835
The definition for density \rho\equiv \frac{m}{V} is troublesome because it involves this arbitrary Volume. ...
Dec14-10 06:30 PM
4 1,634
I'm interested in an equillibrium state between pure liquid (e.g. water) and its vapour preassure mixed with other...
Nov24-10 06:20 PM
1 931
Is there a relation between the deceleration experienced by a body in motion to the density of the medium? Stokes' law...
May14-13 11:35 PM
10 752
I need the dependence of the concentration of salt in water and refractive index of this solution but i dont know it...
Oct21-10 11:32 AM
0 1,085
My question relates to fiber optics, and probably also general optics. I have a broadband SLD source, which can be...
Jan22-09 12:06 PM
Andy Resnick
6 917
how do u account the depression of freezing point an o/w emulsion which has sorbitol to aid tablet formation by freeze...
Mar17-09 01:36 PM
0 1,274
Dear all, I have a question concerning Depth of Field –*I'm trying to find a depth of field calculation method that...
Jan6-12 09:03 AM
Andy Resnick
5 2,088
$${\rho}({\lambda}) d{\lambda}=E({\lambda})*f({E(\lambda}))*D({\lambda})d{\lambda}$$ $${\rho}({\lambda}) d{\lambda}$$...
Dec7-13 05:47 PM
2 371
One of the formulas I came across while doing problems with simple parallel plate capacitors was E = V/d, where E is...
May3-12 03:46 PM
3 10,311
hello smart people I came across a weird equation for entropy and do not know how it was derived. It looks like this...
Sep6-08 08:39 PM
Count Iblis
3 5,257
Hi, Anyone knows the derivation for Newton´s formula F = ma ? Any help is importante for me. Thanks
Sep21-11 02:48 AM
36 18,547
I am looking for a reference (derivation) for this exact formula given for "the magnetic field due to a dipole \mu...
Apr13-09 07:32 AM
1 2,862
Hello everyone, I really run into a problem here. The magnification equation for mirrors describes such a...
Jun12-12 01:11 AM
Simon Bridge
10 4,115
I was thinking about Newton's cooling law, which was originally derived empirically, and is often described as an...
Mar22-10 08:03 AM
2 1,712
Hi, Im getting started on analytical mechanics but need some help understanding some of the things that is said in my...
Aug30-12 01:10 PM
19 1,086
Does anyone know of a derivation or has a reference to the derivation of the 2D KdV equation (known as the KP equation...
Jun9-12 06:35 AM
4 1,055
Hello, does anyone know how to determine the PSF (point spread function) of an optical system? It would be ok also...
Nov2-12 02:48 PM
0 478
Two boxes are side by side on a floor with friction, from the left a Force acts on them. To be more concise about the...
Apr2-13 10:53 AM
1 478
Hey everyone, am new to this forum and i have a few questions some of you will hopefully be able to help me with. I...
Dec13-09 12:41 PM
1 1,105
Hi, I have some questions about the derivation of the Boltzmann distribution, for instance as in Mandl's "statistical...
Aug8-09 10:49 AM
6 1,370
Hi: How do you derive the Boltzmann equation? Thanks.
Dec6-10 10:04 PM
8 6,112
I have been reading about the derivation of Clausius' Inequality and there are a few things I do not understand. I...
Oct19-13 04:47 AM
0 423
Hi, Got a problem with the following derivation: Coming from the Helmholtz equation one gets: ...
Sep17-12 04:26 AM
2 1,182
I have stuck at a step during derivation. Here it is. D=bv mg-bv=ma a=g-\frac{bv}{m} \frac{dv}{dt}=g-\frac{bv}{m}...
Feb15-11 09:58 AM
2 1,675
Dear All, I need your help with a present problem - I am a student pilot, and want to see the derivation for the...
Feb11-08 08:11 AM
2 4,233
So, I'm reading Holm's Geometric Mechanics Part I, and in it he wants to derive the Eikonal equations from Fermat's...
Jan11-12 06:36 PM
2 1,828

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