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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,968
I have seen a reversible process defined as one in which the system and surroundings are restored to their initial...
Mar30-11 08:06 AM
Andrew Mason
9 1,671
In several text books I've read that treat classical thermodynamics, there is a theorem due to Carnot that is commonly...
Sep5-10 10:13 AM
0 881
In another thread, DH and I have been discussing the definition of an ideal gas. DH, who appears to be a physicist,...
Sep15-13 07:30 PM
6 778
Does anyone know how to derive the following: \nabla x \vec{V} = -k...
Jul8-09 02:39 PM
0 578
This is a very sound stupid question, but I'll go ahead anyway. Current is defined as the displacement of charge...
Apr20-13 03:34 AM
4 629
I am a bit confused about the definition of elastic collision. What i have studied is, elastic collision is one in...
Jan8-11 05:51 AM
19 6,857
I'm confused by the definition of electric current. It is commonly defined as the time rate of change of charge...
Apr14-10 01:23 AM
4 2,190
Hi, I'm having some difficulty understanding the definition of an electric field. When we define the electric...
Feb29-08 12:40 AM
9 2,497
I recently realized that I have never really seen a rigorous definition of the electric polarization field in matter...
Oct17-07 10:46 AM
Meir Achuz
2 14,241
Hello, I just read on "Integrated electronics" by Millman the following definition: "The potential V (volts) of...
Jul4-10 09:23 AM
4 3,163
Everyone knows that the potential difference between two points 1 and 2 is given by \int_{1}^{2}{\vec{E}}\cdot...
Dec16-10 11:44 PM
7 4,150
What is the definition of entropy of a thermodynamic irreversible process? In the case of reversible process from...
Oct2-13 09:26 AM
5 1,072
F=\frac{q1q2}{4\pi\epsilon_{0}} If epsilon 0 was defined as the proportionality constant for this equation, why was...
Jun29-10 02:56 AM
AJ Bentley
3 7,097
The total work is the same in all adiabatic processes between any two equilibrium states having the same kinetic and...
Nov19-12 02:15 AM
22 1,907
We have been working with Gibbs factors and the grand partition function in my thermodyamics class. There is an...
Mar10-06 02:30 AM
0 2,335
Okay, I'm confused and need someone smarter than me to explain something to me about Kinetic Energy. In studying...
May6-10 07:17 PM
9 2,496
I'm learning classical mechanics right now, and I have a question about the "initial definition" of the Lagrange...
Mar12-04 12:54 PM
10 17,742
When one finds the torque on a rectangular current loop one finds that it's equal to \vec m \times \vec B where...
Oct6-11 08:32 AM
center o bass
4 1,285
What is the physical meaning of each term in the parallel-axis theorem? I=I com +Mh^2
Nov12-11 09:49 PM
3 2,295
Why is change in potential energy is defined as PE1 - PE0 = -W I mean I could see it for example for gravity if...
Nov30-12 09:11 PM
4 1,071
I understand the definition of resonance as the ability of sound to cause another medium to vibrate thereby amplifying...
Jan29-04 04:06 PM
0 1,023
I have come up with the following definition of static electricity , which I hope is acceptable to all , if not I...
Jan11-04 07:06 PM
12 6,337
The Lagrangian finite strain tensor is defined as: E_{i,j}=\frac{1}{2}\left(\frac{\partial x_k}{\partial...
Sep3-10 04:01 AM
0 4,188
I understand that the definition of the number of dimensions of a vector space, but somehow that doesn't really help...
Sep20-05 03:44 PM
9 2,598
Hi guys, I'm going through Reif's book on statistical mechanics and have a question on the parameter omega, the number...
Aug26-09 11:30 AM
2 5,296
Hello In Zemansky's book there is this definition of thermal equilibrium: "Thermal equilibrium exists when there...
Nov3-10 04:55 AM
8 5,145
I understand the definition to be the amount of work done in moving a charge from one point to another divided by the...
Jul18-12 04:38 PM
17 2,985
In physics, we use the concept of mass, and we use a unit of mass. It would appear that we must first define the...
Jul27-10 09:58 AM
1 812
i want to understand physics as follows 1)Physics is the study of nature 2)mechanics is the study of response of...
Aug3-06 11:17 PM
0 2,192
In classical mechanics, if we consider the motion of a particle of mass m, then ...
Nov20-11 09:40 PM
15 2,253
Hi Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this as it is probably more of an engineering question. I'm trying...
Mar3-09 10:04 AM
7 1,636
Hello! I want to know the deflection at certain points in a solid body with different cross sectional areas. A...
Jan16-09 06:45 PM
3 3,557
So I am trying to figure out how I can calculate the deflection and ultimate bending moment capacity of a hollow tube...
Jul2-12 06:41 AM
2 843
Hi: In mechanics of materials. I learned that the deflection of a beam can be characterized by its elastic curve...
Jul10-13 06:18 PM
6 818
If two cantilever beams are fixed at Left Hand Side (LHS) and joined to eachother by means of a prop at RHS, how do i...
Mar11-05 06:08 AM
0 10,627
How to calculate the deflection in ring, fixed at center, with a radial point force acting at some point(let say at...
Aug18-11 08:51 PM
4 2,776
I'm having trouble understanding what a deformable system is? Please give me a detailed example with your...
Dec9-10 06:14 PM
1 2,467
This is a bit technical and I'm not exactly sure how to formulate my problem, but I'll try my best. I've been reading...
Dec15-09 12:35 PM
0 787
I want to calculate the deformation of a plate of a material upon being struck by a mass moving along the plate's...
Oct4-11 09:25 PM
0 1,095
I've been working on a ballistics model for quite some time now, and I am getting close to finishing some parts of it,...
May7-09 04:12 AM
0 570

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