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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,973
Why are y and y' treated as independent variables, while they are not? Another slightly related question: if ' =...
May6-14 07:04 AM
2 190
I was reading the Roger Penrose book Emperor's New Mind and he was explaining the determinism in Newtonian mechanics. ...
May27-13 12:53 PM
3 516
This paper, written by a University of Pittsburgh professor, John Norton, describes a simple situation in which...
Jan24-11 01:39 PM
5 2,609
If a light travels from A to B and there's a plane of glass in between the two points, will the total time it takes to...
Aug4-11 01:08 PM
3 1,102
Could anyone please write the derivation (or forward me to the source of derivation) of the formula related these two...
May20-14 06:49 PM
3 245
Can someone explain in terms of electric fields how the index of refraction squared = the dielectric constant of the...
May9-08 05:26 AM
1 11,812
Hi, Is it possible that the medium of lesser density has larger index of refraction? If yes, please give me some...
Aug21-13 07:52 AM
Abhilash H N
1 414
Assume we have a plane of oscillating charges described by x=xoei(omega)t. The total field is given by E=-...
May12-10 03:27 AM
4 991
Is the index of refraction for LCP/RCP light any different from that for linearly polarized light?
Oct4-11 10:51 AM
2 1,716
I'm going through the Light & Optics chapter of Kaplan MCAT prep material & am having a hard time conceptually...
Apr24-12 08:32 AM
1 5,981
Hi everybody It's easy (and well known) to calculate the charge distribution of a condutor in the presence of a point...
Jun20-11 03:05 PM
3 1,097
In chapter 10 section 3 volume 2 of the Feynman lectures on physics, there is a passage that I can't force myself to...
Aug23-06 11:51 AM
Meir Achuz
1 5,697
one conducting plate is at origin of xy plane. and +q is at distance of d from y axis in the direction of z axis. then...
Sep9-09 08:54 AM
2 1,627
Say you had a rectangular piece of conductor perfectly balanced on a central pivot point. Around it, you put...
Nov28-12 11:04 PM
Simon Bridge
1 790
There's no electric field inside a conductor, a classic observation of electrostatics. Any field that "should" exist...
Jan2-11 12:07 PM
2 3,167
All I understand clearly that if a metal sphere is charged then the charges must reside on the surface because that...
Mar4-13 08:50 PM
Meir Achuz
3 740
There is one point im unclear upon in terms of indued charges. If a charge is induced by another charge, will the...
Aug29-11 09:14 AM
4 1,115
Can anyone point me to a good site that explains current induction, specifically when a coil is placed around an...
Jun24-10 03:40 PM
1 562
These are 2 straight wires parallel for 3 inches. Specifically a 6AWG and 12AWG separated approximately 2 inches. A...
Oct9-13 05:42 PM
10 786
Hi, Question: we have a magnetization M_x that varying as M_x(t)=M_x e^{-t}.Threre is a coil on the x axe. The...
Apr11-12 03:50 AM
26 2,094
I've just got confused about how the induced current in a metallic ring is calculated. Consider a metallic ring...
Dec14-12 06:00 PM
2 527
Hi there, When you have a loop of wire and you move a bar magnet through it, you induce a current in the wire. ...
Jan22-11 03:36 PM
1 1,018
Hi all, I am having a hard time understanding the following scenario (I'm quoting from page 305 of the "Electricity &...
Feb23-08 07:24 PM
5 10,792
Hi, I'm a bit confused by induced drag on an aerofoil and hoping somebody can clear it up for me. I understand...
Mar9-13 02:39 PM
3 620
Imagine a solenoid with n turns per length. Now, for an instant, in which everything looks static, the magnetic field...
May30-07 04:51 PM
Meir Achuz
7 2,699
If I have a B field in between two current carrying sheets and I approach this moving at a constant speed. And I have...
Apr29-11 03:48 PM
4 634
I am a high school student, so forgive me if my question appears stupid. Consider a uniform magnetic field normal...
Apr5-10 02:40 AM
42 5,238
Can electric field be induced at a point near a time varying uniform magnetic field? "Near" means not the in the place...
Dec20-12 09:35 AM
14 1,730
I've just seen induced electric field concepts. Could anyone provide a link, which explains it? I had some rather...
Sep24-09 04:19 PM
Bob S
1 2,090
suppose there is a region S through which the magnetic field changes with time then is the electric field induced...
Nov17-07 12:21 PM
7 1,586
Hi all, I am looking into induced electric fields by changing B fields inside layers of dielectric. For example, if...
Jul8-14 05:13 AM
10 1,194
induced Induced EMF ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
well iwas going through the standard example that is there is a uniform magnetic field in aregion going into the palne...
Aug27-07 07:09 PM
59 7,517
A circular loop of wire has a changing magnetic field running through it...however, the magnetic field is not touching...
May18-08 01:53 AM
25 3,620
Suppose now i have connected a solenoid with a dc power supply of 10V When i increase the voltage to 20V the magnetic...
Dec18-10 03:05 AM
0 572
I know the equation for emf: -dflux/dt= -dB/dt*A . In my case everything is constant accept the magnetic field and I...
Apr24-11 07:14 PM
28 2,430
Faraday's law says that an induced voltage across a conductor is directly proportional to the rate of change of...
Jan31-11 11:50 AM
2 3,887
ok, if i have a rectangular loop parallel to the screen and in a uniform constant magnetic field pointing...
Mar25-10 05:11 AM
7 1,780
Hello, While considering Faraday's Law of Induction, I tried to think of a situation which would expose some...
Jan22-12 03:26 PM
Philip Wood
8 1,971
Hi everyone, This question is bothering me for days and would hope to receive some help in this forum. This...
Jul28-11 08:30 AM
Philip Wood
21 5,938
I am having some trouble understanding why and how the emf changes when a bar magnet is dropped into a solenoid. As...
Sep26-12 05:06 AM
Philip Wood
5 1,443

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