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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,724
Hi I'm a first year Physics Undergrad and I never quite got satisfied with the answer to this question: "Why...
Oct26-13 02:20 AM
13 903
I have to present an investigation on a topic that is related to healing and cooling. In class we're studying kinetic...
Oct18-12 05:17 PM
3 672
I'm not very knowledgable of physics as my main focus is computer technology. However, I purchased a Magnetix set...
Jun6-09 03:38 PM
4 1,660
So I'm really interested in the field of wave optics, and luckily for my undergraduate program, we get to do a...
Jan15-11 09:02 AM
Andy Resnick
6 1,015
I'd purchased a mosquito bat recently. These things are very handy for swatting mosquitoes in the rainy season. A...
Dec17-09 03:01 AM
11 1,901
Some of you may have heard this before, but its one of those classic problem that I love debating, so please weigh in...
Apr4-09 03:05 PM
14 2,250
A conductive plate with no initial charge is put between two identical positevily charged plates. Is it possible that...
Feb2-11 08:40 AM
3 1,017
Okay, so I've recently been reading through C. Pozrikdis' Introduction to Theoretical and Computational Fluid...
Jun15-12 07:43 AM
J Hill
0 587
I have two different scenarios for heat transfer I need some help with understanding. 1.) Given two different...
Oct14-11 01:49 PM
4 1,306
What happens if two waves polarised in the x and y direction , say, interfere? Will the interference pattern be of...
Feb23-08 07:34 AM
7 4,051
How in microscope there is a phenomena of differaction, and in case of telescope there is interference of light...
Jun30-13 05:27 PM
3 419
Suppose that we have two light sources emitting monochromatic light with the same wavelength and amplitude, but...
Sep21-13 12:09 PM
Claude Bile
7 624
Hello! I am a 17 year old boy from Italy. I have a question about interference between non-sinusoidal waves,...
Jul30-05 10:06 AM
8 2,593
OK, so check out the first formula (the one for intensity) in the following pdf: ...
Nov11-13 03:46 PM
2 392
I have a question. If you have two light beams of different frequencies, would you observe interference fringes?
Dec22-11 02:51 PM
8 2,051
Hi, When you have interference in thin films, why does the film has to be thin? Why doesn't it work with "thick"...
Jun4-08 07:45 AM
2 3,078
hi, Our teacher told us, that interference occurs, if two waves are said to be coherent. but doesn't it have...
Mar1-11 09:07 PM
Andy Resnick
3 738
Hi There is lots of text, but it is actually just a presentation of facts and thoughts to explain where I am in all...
Apr27-12 12:46 AM
1 774
I haven't been able to find any literature that answers this question in a pleasing way. Also, all sources on the...
Jun7-12 09:46 PM
2 745
I got an SMS educating people how to find out the presence of a hidden cam in a trial room of a textile showroom or...
Jul6-11 01:55 PM
6 5,806
Can someone please help explain an experiment which I am struggling to understand. You have a speaker without any of...
Jan22-14 06:27 AM
4 185
Hello. I need some sort of explanation. I was unsuccessfully trying to find information on the web and derivation by...
Jul10-12 12:37 AM
0 679
If I use a narrow slit (e.g. two fingers) to view a distant streetlight, I can see an interference pattern parallel to...
May27-08 08:54 AM
Andy Resnick
18 2,811
Why does the distance from a light source to the two slits make a difference in the interference pattern? Thanks, ...
Jul13-10 03:11 PM
16 2,743
When you shine light on a mirror perpendicularly. Does the reflected beam then not interfere with the incoming one?...
Feb9-14 04:39 PM
2 148
Interference Question: I'm trying to understand interference, I get the basic concept, that when two EM waves are...
Jan29-12 03:37 AM
6 1,592
if i have two in coherent waves then will interference and diffraction be noticeable? if yes then to what extent and...
Jul22-11 03:15 AM
7 1,876
Hello all, I am working on a science project based upon paper, and I have chosen the affect of friction between two...
May21-13 11:38 AM
15 796
I'm looking for good intermediate level statistical mech. and E/M books. Any suggestions?
Jun5-04 01:29 AM
5 2,219
Hi I have a question about Coupled map lattice. In coupled map, there are two different ways of coupling. 1. Internal...
Aug16-10 01:49 AM
0 669
How do I tell if a torque on a system is internal or external before conserving angular momentum? I know that if a...
Apr11-14 12:23 AM
0 142
Hello I am a layman who is seriously trying to grasp the concepts and principles of physics to understand the...
Nov24-08 10:26 AM
1 1,573
Hi guys, I am hoping some one can help me out here and after some forumlas and very basic ones at that on internal...
Jun16-09 04:16 PM
1 745
Hi, I am going to teach a class of year 9 students on the topic "Thermal Properties of Matter" and the concept of...
Mar26-09 05:53 PM
Cantab Morgan
8 1,385
Hello all, I have following questions dangling in my mind, with a positive attitude of seeking help i want put them...
Jan2-12 11:02 PM
15 2,667
As a practical matter, the internal energy of a system is treated as a state function of a the system and is concerned...
Feb18-11 03:48 PM
Andrew Mason
7 1,649
hi all, i have a confusion about the internal energy change and work done in a isobaric system.... suppose i want to...
Jul17-12 08:09 AM
Andrew Mason
3 922
For ideal gas , can I assume Cv dT = nkT (3/2) , thank you
Dec29-12 03:41 AM
2 853
I've got a few issues with the topic of thermodynamic expansion, ΔU, etc. With ΔU=q+w, this w is to mean work done...
Jan13-14 06:37 AM
23 933
Hello all, So the total internal energy of a gas as far as I've been told is 3/2(NKT) but it can also be written as...
Sep11-13 08:38 PM
2 479

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