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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,737
Hello, I'm have just started on this subject, and I am confused with the following equation: since E(t) = kq(t) ...
Oct7-09 01:36 AM
2 607
I am currently studying surface tension. I came across a topic named "capillarity" where it is said that mercury falls...
Oct8-11 12:50 PM
2 889
Hello, For a reversible heat engine between temperatures T_1 and T_2, the ratio of heat going in and out the engine...
Sep23-10 06:48 AM
116 9,613
What is a contraption I can make at home somewhat easily to apply a constant force to a block? I am doing an...
Nov9-13 08:48 PM
6 390
Hello i know how to derive the components of acceleration in other coordinates like spherical start here :...
Jan1-12 09:16 PM
world line
4 1,098
Hi ! My name is Max and I'm a Mechanical Engineer. I'm working on Control Moment Gyroscope project, but because for...
May24-12 10:00 AM
1 1,998
When someone mentions exploatation of an electric (electrostatic) energy from clouds one would instantaneously imagine...
May13-08 12:58 AM
11 2,022
Hi. Suppose I have 2 cylindrical bodies of the same radius and length - one is a good thermal conductor, while the...
Oct15-13 08:28 AM
10 814
I have a question.... Suppose you have a thin and long rectangular piece of aluminum. You heat one end (pt A)....
Nov29-11 11:50 PM
3 1,320
For extended surface or fin, how do we find the convection coefficient ? Explain some general idea? thanks
May8-11 12:58 PM
1 637
Imagine Two cylinders One inside another with air in between them.There is a cutout made in the Outer cylinder.The...
Oct27-12 02:50 AM
0 566
hi, if i have a cylindrical rod of copper and i heat is at one end face while the other surface areas are open to...
Sep30-11 07:06 PM
2 4,430
I am working on a problem involving heat transfer from a horizontal pipe in air. I am having trouble with it and not...
Feb24-10 02:48 PM
0 4,217
Hello everyone, new guy here. I'd like some other minds on an on-going debate i have with quite a few people....
May21-08 06:28 AM
2 4,628
Hey, I was doing some revison for a test and i came across this question which I cant get my head around a...
Jan16-12 11:18 AM
5 1,194
Hi. I'm trying to make a simple model of a condensation based countercurrent heat exchanger where liquid water and...
Apr1-11 07:59 AM
Kelju Ivan
0 1,357
Just a couple of questions on conventional current that have been troubling me... Firstly, does conventional...
Nov17-04 09:56 PM
2 4,143
Alas, another one of my conceptual struggles in regards to current. In regards to a circuit in which a solid metal...
May8-09 11:54 AM
45 3,264
I have a complex mathematical model (about 2000 lines of code) which calculates heat exchanger performance. Using...
Nov13-08 07:04 PM
4 953
Why do all rays coming from far off distance from a source(may be planar)... converging at a point need to travel the...
Dec18-07 12:56 AM
4 1,022
If you want to calculate the electric field at a distance r from a line of infinite length and uniform charge density...
Nov27-04 12:50 PM
4 1,421
does anyone know how to build a convergent nozzle, i.e. the calculations equations etc?? please help. i wanna use it...
Jan15-13 01:20 AM
0 605
what happen if converging rays are made to pass to a convex lens? what happen if divergent rays are made ...
Oct7-11 11:30 AM
1 888
I hope this is the right place to ask this. It is an experiment question. I have a 785 nm laser and a 1550 nm laser...
Y 04:38 AM
4 134
What am I missing here? A person looks at a gem using a converging lens with a focal length of 15.0 cm. The lens...
Aug25-04 09:03 PM
2 7,641
I'm in the middle of studying for the MCAT, and just want to get all the concepts instead of memorizing how to solve...
Mar31-10 04:55 AM
Doc Al
1 1,477
Suppose a rod is rotating about its center of mass, for simplicity consider it to be its geometric center(uniform...
Feb8-13 10:36 AM
11 1,454
is it possible to convert internal energy into mechanical energy? is there some real life example which can explain...
Apr15-09 09:04 PM
2 701
So suppose we have two objects, both with positive charge Q Coulombs and X meters apart. And now suppose Object 1 has...
Dec2-11 07:11 PM
0 1,171
Suppose there was a mass, m1, traveling rightwards at v0. There is a second mass, m2, above the line of motion of m1,...
Dec7-12 05:17 PM
2 794
If we have capacitance of 1840 Farads/gram, how much Wh/kg (energy density) it will be? How it applies to...
Mar25-11 09:19 AM
2 2,609
Hello, I am trying to extract the 3 angles from a unit vector to position a part on a 5 axis milling machine: ...
Sep28-10 05:10 AM
Dan B
2 4,796
hi folks, in statistical mechanics one can see for example: \int exp(-\beta H(x,p)) dx dp = \int \Omega(E)...
Jan16-12 11:49 AM
0 1,087
How to convert density from mol/L to kg/m3?
Feb27-08 02:18 AM
3 29,676
Hello, Is there a formula to convert a certain radio frequency to temperature? Thanks.
Nov20-07 07:07 AM
3 6,273
If I have a vector for the angular momentum of a ball rolling along a plane in terms of the world and I wan't to...
Jan28-08 02:41 AM
0 6,065
Is there any known method to convert straight into electrical energy? without all that 'steam' part? xD
Oct15-12 08:10 PM
8 881
Problem: A nuclear generator produces energy used to accelerate a rocket. Given energy and mass, what is the...
Aug21-13 11:09 PM
2 485
I am wanting to accurately calculate the top speed of a car (using it's power, mass, drag, and friction). I started...
May30-08 06:20 PM
3 14,181
Hello, For a given vehicle, I want to use a given chart for engine torque vs. engine speed (or hp vs. engine speed)...
Apr3-10 04:13 PM
1 3,310

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