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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,891
When considering electric field in a dielectric media,there are two forms of Gauss's law: \oint \vec{D}\cdot\vec{d...
Jul27-13 08:40 PM
Simon Bridge
13 687
sorry i didnt use latex..I tried...its annoying V=V(initial) + at....when you integrate both sides you get...
Sep16-04 06:55 PM
Doc Al
3 652
Hi, I hope it is a very simple mistake and easy to spot. Suppose you start at rest so initial velocity is 0 and you...
Sep25-11 08:37 PM
Ken G
7 1,738
Im wondering if somebody can show me how to derive the five equations used to solve these types of problems. Ive been...
Feb22-09 06:49 PM
2 1,717
Hi everyone, According to the equation Power = Force x Velocity or P = mav or a= P/mv, in order to keep say a...
Apr24-09 07:37 PM
22 5,012
Hi, I have another question on the center of mass this time. I read a problem in my university physics book by sears...
Aug17-04 09:36 PM
3 4,025
How do resistors of different resistances in series maintain constant current throughout a circuit? I mean is not the...
Sep3-10 12:15 PM
tasnim rahman
4 5,063
I do not know the exact electrochemical reactions which make a battery work, but I understand that the essential...
Apr29-12 08:30 AM
16 3,286
Dear All, Many thanks for reading this query. Actually, I am having problem in measuring the mode fields of Optical...
Nov11-11 08:47 AM
2 1,367
My book says that you can change the temperature of a substance at constant internal energy by changing only the...
Jul23-11 10:04 PM
9 3,034
I'm programming a simple physics engine that works with rockets in space. I haven't done any physics since highschool...
Nov29-10 11:33 AM
8 1,206
Momentum of a body can be constant while it accelerates? I mean if velocity increases while mass decreases...
Apr5-14 01:36 AM
8 380
I have little confusion, we know that if Lagrangian is from from variable \theta then conjugate momenta P_{\theta} is...
Jun20-11 09:59 AM
2 1,287
Hello all I encounter a difficulty solving most simple problem related to constant power and speed of particle the...
Mar30-05 02:09 AM
8 3,803
Can a thermodynamic system simultaneously exist under both constant volume and constant pressure at a particular...
Jun30-11 02:58 PM
4 1,810
It is said that in an isobaric expansion of a gas pressure remains constant throughout the expansion process. ...
Apr26-14 12:07 PM
14 586
hi ,this is my first post (and its not HW) i currently study dynamics of rigid bodies using (Hibbeler) and theres...
Dec11-10 05:39 PM
9 1,080
Assuming only air friction, do you think it is equally as energy efficient to reach a destination in a vehicle...
Apr23-11 11:45 AM
7 1,405
Hi there! I am working on a project that requires some idea of adiabatic processes. I know the basics of the said...
Jan6-13 01:21 AM
4 823
Hi, Does it make a difference if you use nitrogen gas or oxygen gas or hydrogen gas in the bulb ? Or they all give...
Oct24-13 03:24 PM
Philip Wood
2 480
Hello My story Till today, I had never imagined that the High Heat Value (HHV) of fuels or their Lower Heat Value...
Aug24-11 04:03 PM
0 1,601
In a question I tried to solved: "A house has well-insulated walls. It contains a volume of 100 m3 of air at 300 K....
Apr28-10 08:52 AM
5 2,385
why do most modern books claim the divergence of the E field is ρ/ε_{0} but in more classical books, and when you...
Aug1-12 03:01 AM
5 819
Hey All, I realise this is a slightly peculiar question - but does anyone know if there is any conserved quantities...
Oct14-10 08:26 AM
0 804
By definition total energy of a system= (internal energy U) + K.E + P.E and mechanical energy of a system= (flow...
Apr29-12 01:14 AM
0 512
if an electric charge pops into space it's electromagnetic field is constituted everywhere in space instantaneously...
Jan2-09 09:08 AM
Vanadium 50
7 873
Does any one know of a constitutive equation for a an orthotropic temperature-dependent material that has different...
Oct1-13 08:06 PM
0 365
I am trying to define the stress strain relationship for a viscoelastic material. For a Maxwell model, I have the...
Jan2-11 07:59 PM
1 4,653
I've read conflicting descriptions of the relationship between constraint forces and virtual displacements that I'd...
May4-12 12:49 AM
0 696
Hi! I tried to compute an ideal barbell-shaped object's dynamics, but my results were wrong. My Langrangian is: ...
Jun16-13 08:36 AM
2 553
In the textbook photonics 6 chapter 1 Example 1.1.1 saleh and Teich , I'm supposed to derive snell's law using...
Oct8-11 12:01 PM
0 966
could you please tell me how can the accelaration of masses m1 and m2 can be different. i am in a great
Oct9-11 05:42 PM
2 2,210
Can questions like the one given in the following pic be solved by taking the reference frame answhere in the middle...
Jul31-10 09:41 PM
2 2,026
Can gravitation be a constraint force?
Feb9-13 01:39 PM
1 589
the fundamental basis of the lagrangian formulation is the fact that the virtual displacement are perpendicular to the...
Sep17-08 01:27 PM
4 15,438
Suppose you are trying the solve the equation of motion of say a particle constrained to move on a surface...
Jul10-12 04:33 PM
1 915
when a particle is constraint to move on a circle, what are the constraint forces
Feb2-11 02:41 PM
12 1,393 he tells number of contraints (he write no of pairs ) is nC2 how is it, i...
Oct25-13 02:07 AM
7 706
the question is if we have the constraint: g(q,p)-C=0 for a real number C then we have that derivating this...
Jan18-07 06:31 AM
0 1,868
My question is about the constraints in Hamiltonian viewpoint. I mean, where the constraints are put into the...
Oct11-07 11:53 AM
2 2,363

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