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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,208
I have always plugged numbers into the following forumula: KE = 1/2m*v^2 and it works perfectly. :biggrin: I...
Feb20-10 03:44 PM
26 99,566
Why does hot air rise? What I'm really getting at is why should the speed of kinetic motion of the individual atoms...
Mar12-14 03:56 PM
66 88,283
For a disk in the x-y plane that is rotating about the z-axis which travels through its center of mass, how does the...
Nov22-04 04:25 PM
Doc Al
3 77,903
Hi, i have a simple question.. What exactly are conservative and non - conservative forces? and why are some...
Oct26-10 07:19 AM
8 67,327
if the normal force defined as the force that acts on an object when it touches the surface perpendicularly, wouldn't...
Dec12-10 10:55 AM
16 64,551
ok this has been kind of annoying to me cuz i cant find a good way of calculating this... is there a way to calculate...
May4-09 08:39 PM
24 63,428
Hello, Does anyone can tell me how to derivate the forumla for the acceleration due to gravity, i mean how to find...
Aug15-04 05:07 PM
73 61,938
I decided to try and learn what entropy is today and I swear to god I've been sitting here for 4 hours and I still...
Nov28-10 08:18 PM
38 61,831
Torque is when a couple is formed...and for a moment, a couple needs not be there right?
Feb20-11 12:38 PM
34 52,533
Hey, this is my first time on the forum and I have to do a project about bungee jumping. I need to talk about...
Jul14-11 11:24 PM
Ammar SH
35 50,491
How do i find using integrals, I of a rectangular plate with sides a and b with respect to side b? I know i have to...
Dec21-08 04:51 PM
20 49,192
What is voltage? So many words, so many explanations are just hollow echoes off the walls of "authoritative sources" ...
Aug11-09 03:30 PM
48 47,120
Will someone help solidy this concept of Work 'On' a system and Work 'Done' by a system. If I lift an object from...
Nov2-05 02:52 PM
4 46,225
i know that B = μH, where B is the magnetic flux density, H is magnetic field density and μ is the permeability of the...
Aug10-12 09:57 AM
18 45,026
what is modulus of rigidity and shear modulus? What do they define?
Jul23-10 10:45 AM
7 44,360
Three weeks ago I have constructed this apparent paradox inside the Newtonian world. ...
Mar2-07 12:31 PM
514 42,091
Hi, I am new to this forum, and I just wanna say hi and I am glad that I am here. Now, I have one animation. Isn't...
Sep20-07 04:22 PM
27 41,935
How does the induction cooker work?why aluminium pot does not work? ...
Nov29-08 06:19 PM
11 39,431
So I just watched Walter Lewin's lecture titled "complete breakdown of intuition". If you google it you can find it...
Apr8-11 11:20 AM
347 38,942
I'm just confused... I know that magnetic fields can do work only on pure magnetic dipoles like a bar magnet. Based...
Aug31-12 07:17 AM
407 38,925
I have a very simple conceptual physics problem that I am looking to solve, and unfortunately I've been out of school...
Jun7-09 09:24 PM
Bob S
39 37,063
I came across this Wikipedia article about Reactive Centrifugal Force. It seems to be saying that this is not the...
Sep28-11 12:35 PM
403 36,805
I was wondering, how would you prove Gauss's law (either mathematically or intuitively)? I mean, I know that sometimes...
Jun30-12 09:26 AM
30 36,548
in the vibration theory of a spring mass system the text says that the mass is acted upon by three forces 1)spring...
Apr24-09 05:46 AM
Doc Al
14 36,436
current has a direction and magnitude, intuitively it should be a vector but my physics textbook describes it as a...
Nov16-06 11:47 PM
2 36,285
Glass is a solid? It is made up of molecules which is similar to what many other solids are made of? Then why is it...
Jul31-11 07:14 AM
13 36,130
I am currently working on a project that cools water moving through a chilled aluminum block. I am not familiar with...
Jan4-14 12:26 AM
9 35,984
Hi, I've just gone through a derivation and would like some confirmation that my reasoning is correct: Say the...
May28-08 09:19 PM
4 35,920
Can anyone point me to an online resource which gives details - and applications - as to when one should model an...
May4-06 08:18 PM
Claude Bile
5 35,360
A metal is not a good dielectric. A vacuum is a decent dielectric. There are much better dielectrics than a vacuum. A...
Sep8-09 04:06 AM
11 35,053
All the math based texts just simply derive or state curl(U)=0 but what does this physically mean? Does it mean...
Feb11-05 05:14 PM
5 34,646
Take a look at this little web-progarm...
May23-08 07:32 PM
Shooting Star
5 34,597
hi, I'm having trouble understanding what the difference is between the B and H fields. What my understanding is, if...
Sep13-13 11:21 AM
rebel rider
107 33,970
Hello, I am currently studying electrostatics and for the moment we are taking as axioms the facts that there are...
Jul23-07 12:15 AM
11 33,181
The last time I dealt with any physics was 6 years ago in college, so forgive my apparent ignorance: The Situation....
Jun18-07 12:44 PM
2 32,794
Hello, I am writing to ask about the specifics behind the concept that recurve bows have an arrow velocity advantage...
Jun29-11 04:23 PM
9 32,444
Hey guys, I'm kinda simulate vehicle dynamics. I got gear ratios, torque and RPM values. I find how to calculate...
Oct26-10 09:17 AM
32 32,162
what is an inertial frame of reference ? Simple ?
Sep14-07 04:59 PM
47 31,679
Hello, Here is my question: Just imagine the sun would stop shining, without exploding. It would just totally...
Sep5-08 10:06 AM
8 31,469
If the motion of an electron creats a magnetic field around it then why is an electron beam in a cathode ray tube...
Dec11-11 01:43 PM
Philip Wood
7 30,994

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