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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,902
This is NOT hw...just a semantics inquiry. Say you have a car moving at a constant velocity. Is the engine doing...
Sep3-06 02:43 PM
5 2,761
So if I leave my steel strung guitar overnight in my cold basement, it goes out of tune on the sharp side. Now if I...
Dec27-10 12:33 PM
5 2,761 I am...
Oct11-12 03:23 PM
23 2,761
Hello, I have a question about the following statement: "It is well known that warm air in a cooler environment...
Jul7-07 07:16 PM
1 2,760
Hello! If I know the deflection (w) of a beam subjected to a point load in the middle, can I calculate the stress...
Mar15-09 02:26 AM
5 2,760
While reading through the Feynman Lectures on Physics (volume 1, number 28) I have come across the formula for the...
Jan4-10 04:04 PM
2 2,760
Is there a unit to measure the compressability of a gas? What gases are the hardest to compress? The easiest? Any...
Jun16-06 10:06 PM
7 2,759
In the steady state heat conduction through a solid rod the theoretical derivation tells that heat in-heat...
Apr5-07 02:40 AM
1 2,759
I understand the definition of an electric field as a property of space surrounding a charge, but what exactly is this...
Jan5-10 11:05 PM
25 2,759
Hello All, Im having a doubt. Generally, the electromagnetic radiation/photons are created when electrons...
Nov13-11 04:24 PM
29 2,759
I've never known this but the equation only seems to contain a conduction term so I assume it can only apply to...
Jul21-11 05:49 PM
27 2,758
I have been reading Classical Mechanics by goldstein for over 2 months. I have encountered the concept of Virtual...
Oct4-11 04:06 PM
3 2,757
Why don't we simply take t as x? why is it t��? Where �� is the time constant. If you're looking at a question...
May4-09 01:39 AM
15 2,757
Hi, I am working on simulating the change in temperature over time for the ground, given different material types. ...
Oct26-10 04:20 PM
2 2,757
hello i just joined this forum and it looks to be very very useful, particularly on the tests that i am about...
Jun16-07 02:27 PM
6 2,756
I have a feeling someone is gonna be like "Duhhh" on this one. But I got to thinking. I recall reading somewhere...
Jul4-07 10:02 AM
11 2,756
Sorry to start yet another thread on the basics of magnetism, but I'm missing something... Glancing through an...
Sep27-11 12:43 PM
6 2,756
im basing my assumption that it is no, because light is energy acting as aparticle and because it creates no mass it...
Jun9-04 08:47 AM
Chi Meson
20 2,755
like centre of mass can there be a concept of centre of charge . To apply newtons laws of motion one can assume a...
Feb28-06 08:42 PM
4 2,755
Hi there, I'm working on some experiments regarding to gases. I want to know what'd happen to gas which is uneder...
Apr1-08 04:16 PM
9 2,755
Hey all, I know that it is forbidden to post homework questions here, this is a question off a past exam, so I'm...
Nov11-09 10:12 AM
2 2,755
How can you prove that the electric field is conservative? I've learnt about stuff like line integrals but I'm not...
Jan14-10 11:09 AM
3 2,755
Hello, Consider the following two situations. There is a train of mass M, going at V=10 m/s with respect to the...
Apr18-11 04:12 PM
5 2,755
Can two magnets produce a magnetic field strong than the simple vector sum of their individual fields when near each...
Jun4-08 01:37 AM
1 2,754
I got a thought on this strange hypothetical question. We differentiate between matter and anti matter based on...
Jan23-09 07:13 AM
2 2,754
Hi guys, I need to model a ball rolling on an incline plane, and i would like to be able to calculate acceleration...
Mar25-11 04:26 PM
Doc Al
21 2,754
When a light wave enters a medium the electric field value of the wave is smaller in the medium. With the incident...
Jan23-11 12:46 AM
2 2,753
In general, a good absorbers of radiation are also good emitters. In commonsense, something that is should be a poor...
Oct14-09 11:58 PM
3 2,752
Just wondering if the Betz limit is applicable to hydro turbines or if there is some analogous limit for hydro...
Oct20-09 10:14 PM
3 2,751
Hi, new to the forum here I have this bike-engine here and I am thinking whether it would be possible to mount it...
Jan22-10 09:11 AM
0 2,750
Basic premise: a pure tone sine wave can be modeled with a pendulum and the rate of amplitude decay can be manipulated...
Jan12-11 06:02 PM
1 2,750
this has been something that has been bothering me for a long time: say that you are holding a big box in your...
Apr13-07 10:44 PM
6 2,749
This question was presented as one of those "think about it" questions in my physics class. Its not worth any points,...
Apr30-08 12:44 AM
18 2,748
What is the relationship (a mathematical one) between the density and the refractive index of a medium?
Oct25-11 08:36 AM
1 2,748
That's my question..although in more general cases L=T-V H=T+V however there're several important...
Oct5-06 12:35 PM
1 2,747
I can't find the THEORETICAL definition of "strain optic coefficient" online. I googled and wiki'd enough. Can someone...
Jan12-12 10:29 AM
4 2,747
here is the problem: prove that the vector of the magnetic force cannot be parallel to the plane that contains the...
Oct13-04 12:03 PM
3 2,746
If I rember correctly, the sky seems more blue, when you look through a pair of sunglasses with orange glass. Why is...
Apr19-07 01:38 PM
4 2,746
I'm setting up an experiment where I have a circular cathode releasing electrons to an outer circular anode. The tube...
Jan10-10 03:46 PM
Bob S
6 2,746
Why doesn't an irreversible adiabatic process follow the equation, PV^(gamma)=constant?
Aug12-05 03:22 AM
3 2,745

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