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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,839
This is an actual real-life problem. There is a machine that winds film at my work. I need to determine the torque...
Aug12-07 05:30 PM
0 2,578
I recently noticed that when a cup of tea was stirred, the floating leaves collect at center of cup rather than outer...
Oct15-11 01:12 AM
22 2,578
Suppose that two photons are the same and propagation in opposite direction in vacuum, the energy of this system of...
Oct1-07 07:54 PM
Claude Bile
7 2,577
We can know about distant stars temperature,its elements etc by observing its spectra... But that star has a velocity...
Oct25-12 03:54 PM
10 2,577
recenty i read the rocket equation, derivation of, however i think i have a slight confusion with signs suppost...
Nov27-10 01:02 AM
8 2,576
F=μmg. How was μ calculated? Obviously experiments were needed. So, done the experiments, what's the exact...
Mar16-11 09:47 PM
37 2,576
hi i am looking for an equation that gives me the potential energy of 2 quadrupole moments and their mutual...
Jun17-11 12:10 AM
4 2,576
Hi, I am wondering if anyone here has heard of or can explain this variation of the right hand rule: Most websites i...
Oct23-10 09:11 AM
2 2,575
Does anyone know where I can find Feynman's derivation of the Universal Law of Gravitation?
Sep9-05 02:01 AM
Andrew Mason
4 2,574
My professor brought this up in class the other day, but has yet to elaborate on it and i can't stop thinking about...
Mar28-08 01:28 AM
6 2,574
Hi, Could someone explain the elementray concept and calculations behind a fringing field sensor. As shown: ...
Jul15-06 03:24 PM
11 2,572
I'm a bit confused with this topic we're supposed to be writing a paper on: "Thermodynamical Irreversibility VS...
Nov22-03 02:36 PM
1 2,571
I hope this comes under the classic physics roof. Do any of you play the game and would like to offer your opinions...
Feb15-04 08:37 PM
3 2,571
Is it possible for the k-vector to be a function of space (in the context of EM waves)? What would it imply if this...
Apr29-07 06:13 PM
8 2,570
I'm a PhD student (not in physics) working on a research problem where I need to use the Lagrangian/Hamiltonian...
Dec23-08 07:44 PM
4 2,570
Hello I am a graduate student and it is my first year in physics. Our instructor showed vector product with Levi...
Oct31-10 05:54 PM
1 2,570
what kind of sources of light generate sinusodially varying electric field that is solutions of the form ...
Nov1-07 06:50 PM
Claude Bile
7 2,569
Assume there is a boat of length 4 m weighing 40 kg. One man of weight 50 kg is at one end (A) and the other of weight...
Jul29-11 12:34 PM
31 2,568
Hello, I have read over many textbooks and websites (including posts on this forum) relating to the concept of tension...
Mar12-07 07:04 PM
10 2,567
Hi, I'm not sure this falls under the homework category, but I posted this here because I think this is more of an...
Aug22-09 11:14 AM
5 2,567
I can't find the THEORETICAL definition of "strain optic coefficient" online. I googled and wiki'd enough. Can someone...
Jan12-12 10:29 AM
4 2,567
Can someone explain this please. From what I understand momentum is often the more fundamental as it is spatially...
Feb4-12 12:18 PM
12 2,567
why p type semiconductor is electrically neutral and what is the concept of drift current?
Dec27-12 03:24 AM
11 2,567
Before I get yelled at for cross-posting, it was advised that I post this query here, as opposed to the celestial...
Oct3-04 05:56 PM
9 2,566
Ok guys everyone knows teh solid Pressure = P / S but i have a question.. I though about an object that falls from...
Apr4-05 07:10 PM
Andrew Mason
4 2,566
Hellow, I came upon this problem when working out the power developed in the cylinder of a double-acting steal engine....
Jun16-08 04:15 AM
0 2,566
Epsilon0, the electric constant, and Mu0, the magnetic constant, were introduced in Coulomb's Constant and Ampere's...
Dec25-09 08:47 PM
16 2,566
Your standard first-post-pleading-for-help here :) This doesn't make sense: Say you've got a setup like in...
Sep19-04 07:05 PM
2 2,565
Hi, When exactly does the phase change of \pi occur when a EM wave reflects from a surface? I notice that it...
Oct3-08 01:05 PM
Doc Al
1 2,565
I wanted to ask which would provide the largest total BTU cooling regular ice from water or dry ice to reach a...
Mar26-09 04:14 PM
1 2,564
I know the mathematical and geometrical reason, but does there exist a physical interpretation behind this? Thanks...
Nov11-11 11:58 AM
8 2,564
I'm probably going to make a fool of myself for asking this, but that's what the anonymity of the internet is for...
Jun20-12 07:06 AM
4 2,563
I bumped into this physicis problem about 2 weeks ago and it is much harder than you might think: A ball is dropped...
Jan19-06 02:07 PM
1 2,562
Suppose we have box with a volume V which is divided down its middle. So the box is split in two sides with equal...
Dec6-07 03:08 AM
8 2,562
I was thinking the other day about how conservation of momentum works in terms of a closed system consisting of a...
May13-09 08:08 PM
7 2,559
Hello everyone I came across a few (relatively standard) problem in elementary classical mechanics... A mass A...
Jan20-05 05:03 AM
3 2,558
I am having trouble understanding this. For example, say I have this: I know the...
Aug26-10 09:07 AM
1 2,558
hi, in the case of elastic collision of two balls in constant speeds, if we took the origin in the center of of one...
Feb10-06 06:51 PM
Doc Al
9 2,557
I just thought of something, imagine this scenario: You have an empty bottle of sode\water(whatever) and you hold...
Feb9-07 03:52 PM
11 2,557
I have a small steel cylinder centered inside a larger steel cylinder. The remaining space is filled with 60% silica...
Jun24-10 06:22 PM
0 2,557

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