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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,833
Here is my problem. A rod spinning about it's cg of angular speed omega. So there is no linear momentum, I believe...
Mar4-11 02:45 PM
2 2,806
Can you tell me how to find CG. point. thank you.
Nov21-09 08:48 AM
8 2,805
Let’s take an ordinary household thermometer and expose it to the air. The molecules of the air impact on the surface...
Feb5-11 03:43 AM
Ken G
21 2,805
My textbook says the an object undergoing undamped, under-driven harmonic motion...
Jul25-04 05:22 PM
5 2,804
The problem was to give the charge distribution of a uniformly charged disk of radius R centered at the origin and...
Apr16-10 01:43 AM
3 2,803
¿ What is heat, really, is the energy that in summatory of energies can´be written in function of temperature? It...
Jun12-13 02:21 PM
28 2,803
Hello, I have found a nice popularisation text on general relativity. It ends with a puzzle that I like very much....
Mar28-09 10:33 PM
8 2,802
As Gokul43281 correctly pointed out to me, the dot product of two vectors is a scalar. I looked up this page to...
Sep8-06 06:07 PM
14 2,802
I don't get how this ever came to be a law, since it seems so obviously false. Entropy in a closed system can only...
Jun22-11 02:02 AM
32 2,802
Hello, I am confused as to what happens when a capacitor is charged by a battery, disconnected, and then connected...
Mar13-13 12:07 AM
14 2,802
Hello friends, I recently, was reading all about the accelerating charges and radiation, but somehow the classical...
Sep7-12 03:21 AM
26 2,801
Lets assume that vacuum empty cylinder has a spinning top. Rotational speed at circumference is V. Cylinder axis is...
Nov8-07 06:00 PM
7 2,799
i have a problem to determine the repeating variable in Buckingham pi theorem. how to determine which variable i...
Dec13-09 08:16 PM
0 2,799
I can't find the THEORETICAL definition of "strain optic coefficient" online. I googled and wiki'd enough. Can someone...
Jan12-12 10:29 AM
4 2,799
A damped oscillator is described by the equation m(x'') + b(x') + kx = 0, where the damping force is given by F =...
Nov29-11 03:43 PM
5 2,798
Could I please have help with something: If I generated hydrogen via electrolysis from water, sent it high up a long...
Jun11-13 05:46 PM
43 2,798
Ok, first I'll mention that I'm completely new to these forms (first post) and all that jazz. Anyway, on to the...
Jan15-07 09:26 PM
7 2,796
how could one evaluate a numerical value for the entropy change of a non-perfect gas? Also,which system has more...
May18-04 09:44 AM
8 2,795
There's a machine that uses a type of plastic material (reinforced Teflon) as a wear ring. The plastic rides on a...
Jan13-06 06:58 AM
4 2,795
I have a feeling someone is gonna be like "Duhhh" on this one. But I got to thinking. I recall reading somewhere...
Jul4-07 10:02 AM
11 2,795
Hello, I would like to know if Pascal really made the experiment of the barrel. I have looked for in his...
Nov5-07 10:38 AM
2 2,795
Hello! If I know the deflection (w) of a beam subjected to a point load in the middle, can I calculate the stress...
Mar15-09 02:26 AM
5 2,795
Hi, couldn't think of a better title, but it turns out to be rather fitting for what I'm about to describe, I...
Mar6-10 03:58 AM
Frame Dragger
6 2,795
Hi guys, I need to model a ball rolling on an incline plane, and i would like to be able to calculate acceleration...
Mar25-11 04:26 PM
Doc Al
21 2,795 I want to calculate the area that occurs in a curve of acceleration due to...
Sep8-09 11:44 AM
25 2,794
Why don't we simply take t as x? why is it t��? Where �� is the time constant. If you're looking at a question...
May4-09 01:39 AM
15 2,794
When a light wave enters a medium the electric field value of the wave is smaller in the medium. With the incident...
Jan23-11 12:46 AM
2 2,794
can anyone give me an example of isolated closed system?,bcoz for me there is nothing called closed system,all we can...
Jun21-11 11:02 AM
17 2,793
I am haveing trouble solving a problem that should be fiarly easy. I beleive that i have all the components of the...
Nov8-04 11:34 AM
0 2,792
I understand the definition of an electric field as a property of space surrounding a charge, but what exactly is this...
Jan5-10 11:05 PM
25 2,792
Consider many same particles are moving randomly in a constant pressure and constant temperature box. The average...
Jan8-09 04:08 PM
2 2,791
The pressure in a pressurized water tank is measured by a multi-fluid manometer. The gage pressure of air in the tank...
Aug24-11 11:06 PM
0 2,791
Hello, I have a question about the following statement: "It is well known that warm air in a cooler environment...
Jul7-07 07:16 PM
1 2,790
um, first of all, why was my post locked? all i wanted was to know how to patent my idea.if adding this post is in...
Nov2-07 10:14 AM
3 2,790
There is a problem in biomechanics that relates to a human runner’s gait (1) and how much power they consume. At each...
Nov21-07 08:08 PM
0 2,790
like centre of mass can there be a concept of centre of charge . To apply newtons laws of motion one can assume a...
Feb28-06 08:42 PM
4 2,789
if you open an icebox's door which is in a somewhat large,isolated space,the temperature of the space will become high...
Aug16-07 02:14 PM
21 2,789
This is apparently a well known topic, but I did not know it before today. Let us consider the Ampère law for the...
Mar17-09 04:15 AM
5 2,789
I have a problem consisting in solving for potential in 2 dim polar coordinates where I am asked to use circular...
Nov4-11 11:31 AM
Andy Resnick
7 2,789
Is there a unit to measure the compressability of a gas? What gases are the hardest to compress? The easiest? Any...
Jun16-06 10:06 PM
7 2,788

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