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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,176
I'm a little confused about the analysis of TM and TE modes. As per definition, TE modes have only H (magnetic...
Apr23-12 08:53 PM
Bob S
15 10,541
Hello, For a reversible heat engine between temperatures T_1 and T_2, the ratio of heat going in and out the engine...
Sep23-10 06:48 AM
116 10,538
I'm trying to write a small rigid-body physics program. I already have the linear forces part done, using Euler's...
Jul27-07 11:03 AM
1 10,531
work done in an reversible process is easy to find we have the function of P internal bt when it comes to irreversible...
Nov1-08 06:52 PM
Count Iblis
3 10,526
HI guys. im facing a problem that is quite interesting but quite complicated to explain. so would like to ask some...
Jun20-08 02:29 PM
6 10,522
I am reading an electrodynamics book to grasp the concept of bound and free charge, esp in conductor and dielectric. I...
Nov21-08 10:46 PM
5 10,522
1. Is it possible to increase voltage without increasing wattage? 2. If 1. is yes, then is it more common that when...
Jan26-05 07:06 AM
6 10,508
I seems very simple, and I'm sure I understood it before, but for some reason I suddenly started to get confused with...
Sep22-08 04:07 PM
53 10,498
Why is the SI unit for acceleration \frac{m}{s^2}(meters per second squared) when it is actually \frac{m}{\frac{s}{s}}...
May15-08 08:30 PM
3 10,483
Are there any applications for the lissajous figures? I haven't seen any applications for them besides the ABC logo so...
Sep21-07 11:17 PM
4 10,471
Difficult to put the topics on the right place... Is there any spring (or any physical method) that could have...
Oct2-03 03:53 PM
3 10,460
I understand that using F = qv x B and the fact that positive currents generate counter clockwise magnetic fields, it...
Dec12-10 02:21 PM
7 10,454
Hi all, Will like to check if my below thoughts are right: 1) For a totally reversible process, it has to be...
Feb26-10 02:05 AM
2 10,422
This question came some time back in Stony Brooks exam. I have the solution also. But i am having some conceptual...
Mar31-08 03:02 PM
2 10,386
what makes the particles move from a high concentration to a lower concentration?
May30-04 03:58 PM
7 10,384
In the movie Speed a speeding bus is shown jumping a long gap in the elevated freeway. The Mythbusters test the...
Dec17-09 11:32 PM
56 10,359
Hi all, I was asked today by a friend a simple question but couldn't answer so I'm asking you. Let's assume we...
Jul15-09 06:04 AM
4 10,358
Hi, I didn't post this question in the Homework section as it is not home work and does not seem to fit with the...
Feb20-09 10:04 PM
5 10,348
I have been trying to find the explaination why the wavelength of a wave is the limit of the resolution of an image...
Dec13-07 05:42 PM
Claude Bile
1 10,337
pi = 3.14159... angular frequency = 2(pi)f theta = 2(pi)f t t = theta / 2(pi)f For theta = 0, t = 0 For...
Oct20-04 07:47 PM
7 10,334
In grade school I remember the physics experiment of the cup of water turned upside down on a card, and kept the water...
Aug29-05 05:06 PM
9 10,334
I've looked this up extensively on the web but nothing seems to answer this question satisfactorily. For example,...
Apr22-07 07:44 AM
10 10,331
A ball being thrown, ignoring drag or wind, has an initial height, initial velocity, and experiences the acceleration...
Jan13-12 09:42 AM
19 10,316
On an automotive forum, a member made a statement that compressed air won't hold as much moisture as ambient pressure...
Feb6-04 11:31 PM
4 10,314
Hey all... I'm trying to write a technical report and one part involves calculating the rate of flow of water...
Mar1-07 09:58 PM
2 10,314
Hi, I've seen a very very small drop of mercury in a little corner of a laboratory table and it likely dates from a...
Mar28-09 03:15 PM
5 10,310
Hello. I know that entropy equals the Boltzmann's constant times the natural log of the multiplicity but I do not...
May19-09 02:30 AM
4 10,304
If water and vegetable oil are added to a bowl, they do not mix. If gasoline and vegetable oil are added in another...
Dec27-06 08:39 PM
32 10,279
Hi, Does anyone know an equation/approximation/model or other to estimate the capacitance between two coplanar...
Jun22-10 05:53 PM
7 10,278
I was just wondering how these amazing engineering feats support the loads on their wings? Specifically the larger...
Jun24-08 01:37 AM
9 10,269
Why a cellphone rings inside microwave oven? Does the microwave oven don't block cellphone radiation?
Apr30-08 12:01 PM
2 10,224
A 5 kg block and block X are attached to a rope which passes over a pulley. A 30 N force is applied horizontally to...
Oct19-03 11:49 PM
1 10,213
Everyone here should be familiar with the office toy known as Newton's Cradle where a ball collides with a group of...
Jan13-10 10:11 PM
8 10,203
Recently I was going through the derivation of wave equation I want to discuss it to get my concepts fully clear by...
Dec1-10 02:58 PM
10 10,200
Hi, Was doing some testing for work, but a lot of my physics are gone! Hope someone can help... Here goes: A...
Sep23-09 12:46 AM
12 10,198
A friend and I are having a debate on this and I just need to know yes or no, and why?
Oct20-10 07:18 PM
15 10,150
If a top is spinning in the horizontal x,y planes in a counter-clockwise motion, the vector of its angular velocity...
Jan5-04 08:00 AM
6 10,148
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What is energy?. ability to do work. what is work ? work = force x...
Jul11-07 08:45 AM
Doc Al
88 10,143
In space if a space craft in the absence of a gravitational field stopped using whatever propulsion system it was...
Jun19-10 11:51 AM
10 10,118
I am new here and have always loved the history of science as much as the science itself. I have been intrigued by...
May6-10 09:11 AM
James A. Putnam
113 10,115

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