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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,708
If we are given B, how can we find A? I can fine the magnitude of A by: \int_{s'} \vec B \cdot d\vec{s'} = ...
Oct20-11 03:33 AM
24 9,730
Say we have a simple circuit with just a battery and two capacitors. Why must the voltage of each capacitor in series...
Feb16-09 10:02 PM
3 9,718
work done in an reversible process is easy to find we have the function of P internal bt when it comes to irreversible...
Nov1-08 06:52 PM
Count Iblis
3 9,717
Hello. I'm having troubles solving the enthalpy for an ideal gas. From the equation H=U+PV, i could find H...
May15-10 08:41 AM
2 9,694
Hi, Does anyone know an equation/approximation/model or other to estimate the capacitance between two coplanar...
Jun22-10 05:53 PM
7 9,682
On an automotive forum, a member made a statement that compressed air won't hold as much moisture as ambient pressure...
Feb6-04 11:31 PM
4 9,680
There's a simple explanation that wasn't covered in the last thread about this. Start off with an ideal...
Nov6-07 11:49 PM
3 9,670
A ball being thrown, ignoring drag or wind, has an initial height, initial velocity, and experiences the acceleration...
Jan13-12 09:42 AM
19 9,669
In a Time article about global warming they say warm water expands, but water expands when it's frozen - is it both...
Jan29-07 02:02 AM
10 9,665
Hello, Something on my mind today... As you keep differentiating functions that are sometimes used to represent...
Dec13-11 06:04 PM
Nikarasu M
9 9,662
i saw the 'proof' of the wave equation for a sound wave in a medium assuming the wave equation for a dissplacement...
Nov17-07 09:49 PM
0 9,640
What are you able to derive or integrate from a voltage vs. time graph? Like if I have a battery and a resistor and...
Oct21-09 03:15 AM
4 9,624
I seems very simple, and I'm sure I understood it before, but for some reason I suddenly started to get confused with...
Sep22-08 04:07 PM
53 9,618
Hello, For a reversible heat engine between temperatures T_1 and T_2, the ratio of heat going in and out the engine...
Sep23-10 06:48 AM
116 9,604
HI guys. im facing a problem that is quite interesting but quite complicated to explain. so would like to ask some...
Jun20-08 02:29 PM
6 9,597
any good website suggested on coupled pendulum? I have to do an investigation and I'm going to investigate simple...
Nov17-03 03:33 PM
7 9,576
If water and vegetable oil are added to a bowl, they do not mix. If gasoline and vegetable oil are added in another...
Dec27-06 08:39 PM
32 9,542
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What is energy?. ability to do work. what is work ? work = force x...
Jul11-07 08:45 AM
Doc Al
88 9,514
I have found a website which claims that rubber bands obey a force law F=-kT(x-\frac{1}{x^2}) x=\frac{L}{L_0} ...
Oct26-04 02:50 PM
6 9,504
I am new here and have always loved the history of science as much as the science itself. I have been intrigued by...
May6-10 09:11 AM
James A. Putnam
113 9,502
When you have a cube made of any matter plastic, iron ,wood it is made of millions of atoms. But those atoms are held...
Mar11-11 10:10 AM
A. Neumaier
19 9,500
Hello, I have a quick question that I imagine anyone who has studied physics or math at a university can answer...
Jan13-12 06:46 AM
Claude Bile
48 9,479
Hi, I didn't post this question in the Homework section as it is not home work and does not seem to fit with the...
Feb20-09 10:04 PM
5 9,476
Hi, has anybody worked with heat pumps? I'm recently confused about how the heat pump compressor operates. Does it...
Jan21-11 01:22 AM
5 9,473
From experiment, it's easy to see that if we balance an industrial sized broom with one finger at it's center of...
Jan4-07 06:14 PM
7 9,470
Permanent magnets are advertised as having some scalar strength, say, 1.5 Teslas, depending on the composition of the...
Mar18-09 08:34 AM
5 9,446
I have recently taken an interest in the idea that all pendulums of the same length are isochronous, and am currently...
May24-07 09:30 PM
3 9,443
F=ma How do we define m and F? If their definition both come from this equation, then the equation doesn't really...
Oct19-09 12:29 AM
31 9,421
This question came some time back in Stony Brooks exam. I have the solution also. But i am having some conceptual...
Mar31-08 03:02 PM
2 9,420
Hi! I really want to make a difference in my school's science fair on january.. Usually, the interactive projects are...
Oct10-04 07:05 PM
Claude Bile
2 9,418
Mass on a string undergoing uniform circular motion by hand: I was taught that the centripetal force F = mV^2/R is...
Feb5-10 01:27 AM
7 9,414
In space if a space craft in the absence of a gravitational field stopped using whatever propulsion system it was...
Jun19-10 11:51 AM
10 9,411
I have just returned from a holiday in turkey, and the resort we stayed at had a water slide that ran into the pool....
Apr9-12 02:39 PM
19 9,407
Is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a substance linear or not? For instance, would it take the...
Jan10-04 02:38 AM
13 9,382
Hi I have a hard time understanding what the curl really means in Maxwell's equations, for example in a steady-state...
Mar6-06 05:41 AM
10 9,380
I've attached a diagram of a bar magnet being plunged into a solenoid. I'd like someone to explain the direction of...
Jan23-12 08:08 AM
7 9,378
Hi, From knowing that the 3D harmonic oscillator has 3 degrees of freedom, how do you conclude that the average total...
Sep29-09 07:43 AM
15 9,374
Could someone explain me in detail the differences between an inertial reference frame and a non-inertial reference...
Jan16-05 07:32 AM
3 9,373
Hi! Great website I just wished I had discovered it earlier. :smile: Here is my simple question and I would...
Dec23-09 05:38 AM
6 9,370
While I understand the use of the Lagrangian in Hamilton's principle, I have the gut feeling that there is more to it...
Sep29-04 10:12 AM
43 9,351

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