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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,757
While I understand the use of the Lagrangian in Hamilton's principle, I have the gut feeling that there is more to it...
Sep29-04 10:12 AM
43 9,363
We are all familiar with the description of a wave as being the ripples on a pond with water being the displacement...
Jun27-12 10:51 AM
77 9,349
is it, cause velocity isn't.
Jan15-11 04:12 PM
60 9,345
I've found this video on the web: and id like to be able...
Sep12-09 05:31 AM
11 9,337
Hey can neone tell me why this is so? I have not got the ans in any book i read... Thnx 4 replying
Jun17-08 09:37 AM
Count Iblis
8 9,317
I was wondering if there was anyway for me to calculate pressure, velocity, momentum and more on a bottle rocket made...
Oct9-06 01:56 PM
2 9,274
We did an experiment of measuring AC mains frequency using sonometer. In the experiment an electromagnet was vibrating...
Jun26-10 11:46 AM
1 9,271
I'm having trouble understand this proof of Carnot's theorem, and I would appreciate it if someone could point out...
May15-13 10:10 AM
Swarnali Hait
4 9,260
Hello all. I am doing some research on the space shuttle for a class project, and I am having some problems with my...
Jul16-04 11:47 AM
9 9,240
I am having trouble going about proving the Lorentz invariance and non-Galilean invariance of Maxwell's equations. ...
Nov27-07 03:13 AM
4 9,233
I was just wondering if anyone has any idea on how I would go about working this out. I have performed the experiments...
Sep28-08 09:35 AM
5 9,231
If a cantilever beam is subject to forced vibration (from a shaker at fixed end), what will the effect be of placing a...
Mar3-05 09:24 AM
Doc Al
1 9,229
Evryone knows that the work done by a magnetic field is zero. Then how does a permanent magnet lift iron filings.
Aug6-04 10:13 AM
31 9,200
Hi All, I'm doing a study on effects of outside temperature on the energy efficiency of air-conditioning systems in...
Feb26-10 07:33 PM
5 9,197
I am looking for a formula to determine what speed an object will fall with a known height and weight. For example a...
Jun22-08 03:52 AM
5 9,187
Okay, and odd title, but let me continue. I recently read a 15+ page argument on another board about what would...
Feb26-10 05:51 AM
23 9,181
I understand that using F = qv x B and the fact that positive currents generate counter clockwise magnetic fields, it...
Dec12-10 02:21 PM
7 9,171
This is a simple enough question, but no one has been able to give me a satisfying explanation. Most people compare...
Oct12-12 05:51 AM
25 9,168
Hey everyone, I'm a bit confused with the meanings of f, g, and fg subscripts in the thermo steam tables (e.g. hf,...
Apr17-11 01:25 PM
2 9,127
Dear forum users Firstly, I wanted to post in the General Physics area, but it wouldn't let me create a new thread...
Apr12-09 05:45 PM
3 9,119
Is heat always the factor that determines the colour of a flame? Is there a way of approximating the variations in...
Aug20-04 05:01 PM
10 9,103
So here's a pretty straightforward question. Given a cylinder with some specific mass and radius rolling down an...
Feb23-07 10:59 AM
5 9,097
Trying to verify the general integral solution to Poisson's equation I reach the following contradiction, what am I...
Nov30-07 05:23 AM
10 9,092
Do photons in the form of visible light actually pass through ordinary window glass? I ask because window glass is...
Jun21-05 05:27 PM
Swampeast Mike
14 9,078
As water is pulled into an opening by gravity, it begins to spin. Why does it spin?
Apr21-08 01:34 AM
34 9,065
Recently I was going through the derivation of wave equation I want to discuss it to get my concepts fully clear by...
Dec1-10 02:58 PM
10 9,053
Okay, im new so if what im talking about makes no sense, be easy...i dont really know if it belongs in classical...
Mar26-09 11:20 PM
22 9,035
Does any one know the proof for newton's law of gravity, because i looked in a lot of books for this proof but i...
Jun15-05 05:32 AM
Juan R.
18 9,022
Dear all, i am a bit confused with a very simple equation connecting refractive index of water and its dielectric...
Nov12-09 03:16 AM
4 8,995
I know it's old already.. but this came up when I was lecturing my mom on the evil effects of urban myths and stuff.....
Feb8-08 03:04 PM
11 8,986
I was wondering how quickly a permanent magnet would loose its magnetism if it was constantly being used to do work,...
Mar8-09 07:20 PM
24 8,984
Hai, I have the following situation: I have a closed container with a certain gas at a certain...
Feb9-05 05:14 AM
9 8,981
can the net force on an object be zero yet the velocity not be zero? I say yes but under what conditions and must any...
Jun4-05 06:12 PM
12 8,970
correct me if wrong an accelerometer consists of a mass(proof mass). say the proof mass is x kg. The accelerometer...
Aug23-06 08:51 AM
2 8,956
Anyone ever gotten the physical interpretation of S (if it has a reasonable one?) ? ... I'm remembering something like...
Nov8-04 01:58 PM
0 8,931
I was just wondering how these amazing engineering feats support the loads on their wings? Specifically the larger...
Jun24-08 01:37 AM
9 8,918
(...) a torque τ applied perpendicular to the axis of rotation, and therefore perpendicular to L, results in a motion...
Mar1-06 03:32 PM
8 8,916
is proton volt = electron volt? if yes then why? even if proton is 1840 times massive then electron and eV Is work...
Apr7-04 05:41 PM
3 8,915
Why does the charge on a conductor accumulate at sharp points? I've read one or two explanations, but I don't follow...
May18-08 11:33 PM
Shooting Star
10 8,913
What are the equation(s) for circular waves such as pebble dropped in a pond.
Oct17-05 04:38 PM
8 8,912

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