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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,896
Couple questions for you guys. 1. How does a single electric potential affect the atoms within a conductor. For...
May12-08 12:24 AM
1 940
I have a question about waveguides: Say your input is an electromagnetic field of a certain time frequency, energy...
Sep5-08 08:35 AM
0 940
Hello, I'm working on calculating a torque value for an engineering project at a new internship I started. ...
Jun6-12 01:55 PM
2 940
Atoms and molecules like to be in their ground state, that is its most probabilistic for them to be in the ground...
Dec7-09 10:39 AM
4 939
Suppose I have N ideal particles in an enclosure, be it a ball or a cube or some other form. The particles shall...
Oct29-10 03:24 PM
5 939
Hello. New here. Maybe someone can help answer a question that I was having a disagreement with someone over. I...
Jan24-11 04:05 PM
0 939
So, am I understanding this correctly? The movement of electrons is the fundamental interaction of all that we...
Sep13-11 03:16 AM
3 939
Hi the problem i am dealing with is that we want to heat samples up with a laser in our lab. For estimating the...
Jan23-12 12:36 AM
0 939
I think we can't have a negative displacement. Is that right? Acceleration: the change in displacement / change in...
Mar2-12 06:17 AM
Doc Al
4 939
I have a question that involves two electric dipoles that are situated at the origin and are perpendicular to each...
May19-12 12:11 PM
0 939
My science teacher gave me this formula for resistance in parallel circuit....
Apr7-05 03:20 PM
2 938
Hi, why is the action defined as the integral of the Lagrangian over time? i don't see the meaning of integral on...
Jan25-09 01:11 AM
3 938
so that the Kelvin's theorem applies?
Dec25-09 09:00 PM
0 938
This recent thread: leads me to the following thought...
Apr12-10 02:31 AM
5 938
Hi, I have been reading up on the Shell theorem and am wondering if it gets to the same outcome for an oblate...
Jul14-10 06:09 PM
0 938
Ok first let me say compared to most of you I'm an Idiot... lol... I understand the basic laws of physics and drag...
Jan15-11 01:35 PM
4 938
since, B=curl(A), curl(E)= -\partialB/\partialt 1)curl(E)=- \partial/\partialt(curl(A)) 2)curl(...
Dec3-11 12:20 PM
0 938
When we open a bottle of soda or champagne, a white cloud raises briefly. Based on thermodynamics, why does it happen?
Apr1-12 07:05 AM
2 938
Is there any way to deduce pascal law from newton's laws? Another question: in a hydraulic press, with the smaller...
Jun20-12 03:18 PM
2 938
(Heads-up: these might be QM questions) Two questions: 1.) What is it that gives rise to the fact that...
Jul14-14 09:16 PM
5 938
A Man dragged a 51 Kg bag at a 45 degree angle with a force of 400 N. The bag moved along hte pavement with a constant...
Nov2-04 05:16 PM
0 937
i had a beach ball and i deflated it as much as i could. theni tried to open it after i closed the opening. i couldnt....
May23-05 07:00 AM
2 937
Is it possible for a closed system in thermal equilibrium possess two regions with different pressures supposing such...
Feb7-09 11:22 AM
3 937
I'd like to know what formula to use in order to find the following : Imagine a uniform magnetic field. I am moving...
Dec15-09 08:59 PM
6 937
I'm a little confused on the temperature of a gas. If gas is heated when compressed, and cools when it expands, what...
Sep28-10 07:28 AM
Andy Resnick
5 937
I've been pondering this question a while regarding how water freezes. Assuming the temperature above a lake is 0...
Oct10-10 04:04 PM
4 937
I found a website which claimed that 3500 feet of 35mm film was shooting at a maximum speed of 10600000 frames per...
May3-12 09:49 AM
3 937
I was just curious, sorry if it is already asked, I was going through a book on photonics and came across the...
Oct1-12 09:07 AM
Andy Resnick
2 937
Hi! I've been solving problems that apply Bernoulli's equations in *reasonable* situations. One comes from Serway's...
Feb17-13 03:10 AM
5 937
hi all, me and my friend were arguing today. We read that a cricket ball requires 11 km/s to leave the atmosphere. Now...
May4-13 11:07 AM
Pseudo Epsilon
16 937
So I posted a question regarding nip and torque and I'm starting to realize that I need to know more about the...
Aug21-13 10:37 PM
1 937
As it is known to all,the atmospheric electric field does exists.In fact,near the ground its strength is about...
Aug3-08 12:33 PM
1 936
Greetings, i have the following question: a sphere with the polarization density of P vector (constant) and...
Nov3-08 03:16 PM
0 936
Hello, My first post! Thank you for any replies! When looking at U values for windows (= 1/R) they are 99% of...
Jul23-09 05:19 PM
2 936
The classic explanation I remember from school days regarding potential energy went along the lines "If you carry a...
Sep3-09 11:19 AM
6 936
Hello, I am currently working on a lab in which we are studying the behaviour of chain of metal bars attached...
Nov23-09 01:20 PM
3 936
hey guys, this may be a little naive but, I can someone explain to me the physical aspect of the Hamiltonian? In...
Mar7-10 10:14 AM
0 936
Hi guys. I am working on making a haptic device for a baseball simulator. Now the problem is that I want to replace...
Mar30-10 05:14 PM
2 936
I have spent lot of time trying to understand scattering from Goldstein but in vain. The general equation of an orbit...
Sep13-11 06:39 AM
0 936
A trivial question. I know that current is the amount of charge passing per unit time across a area. And Potential...
Oct29-13 12:31 PM
Philip Wood
10 936

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