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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,797
So for my textbook says that for the potential energy of two point charges to be zero (U=0), there must be an infinite...
Feb5-09 05:17 PM
0 959
I'm learning vectors. I read somewhere that if a vectors magnitude is constant, then its derivative is perpendicular....
Jan5-14 10:51 PM
Simon Bridge
11 959
Two spheres collide and assume that the collision is perfectly elastic. Also --only linear momentum. I have the...
Aug31-04 10:36 PM
2 958
Greetings I've been reading about these magnets such as these: ...
Nov11-08 10:14 AM
1 958
Considering: 1. Sir Arthur Eddington once said: "If someone points out to you that your pet theory of the...
Jan13-09 06:05 AM
0 958
Hope iposted this question in the right spot!!!!. If i launched something in space and then stopped its forward...
Apr2-10 12:37 PM
7 958
Hello all, I'm currently working on some magnetic shielding, and my supervisor wants me to try and find an...
Jun14-11 06:16 AM
5 958
I think we can't have a negative displacement. Is that right? Acceleration: the change in displacement / change in...
Mar2-12 06:17 AM
Doc Al
4 958
If we place an infinite conducting sheet in free space, and fix its potential to \varphi_0, how do we solve solve for...
Mar30-12 03:40 PM
1 958
Hi everyone, I have a very simple and classic question here. Suppose I have a 10cm,0.01kg ruler (uniform density)...
Aug24-12 06:00 AM
2 958
From what I have read so far, the vapor pressure of a liquid is temperature dependent while it is independent of the...
Oct30-12 08:24 AM
1 958
Hi! :) I'm trying to calculate the appropriate lenses to use for a project. I need to magnify a 50mm by 50mm...
Dec29-12 11:43 PM
1 958
I'm working on a project for myself in regards to atmospheric reentry. I've come across some equations that describe...
Apr9-14 08:41 PM
11 958
Hi, I just need to ventilate and see your opinions. Charge can be partitioned into groups of particles of one or...
Oct26-13 04:29 PM
11 958
I wasnt able to find anything on the internet, so maybe someone else can help. I need to know the coeifficient of...
Mar6-08 01:40 PM
3 957
Consider a wire, if I suddenly pass current on it. There would be an instant localized B field around the wire. Since...
Apr4-08 07:58 PM
4 957
Can anyone show me how to use impulse to solve any problem???
Dec12-08 07:23 AM
Doc Al
3 957
Can anybody help me that how to work out the direction of Lorentz Force? Should I work out from the formula? Thanks.
Sep15-10 12:34 AM
2 957
Hello I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone here can help me with a problem i'm having. I am...
Apr17-11 01:35 PM
2 957
Hello! I'm reading up on Hamiltonian mechanics and i stumbled on the fact that the curl of the vector potential can be...
Jan5-12 10:52 PM
1 957
Hey, i have a Thermo exam tomorrow, and i've been working through the textbook examples and problems, and i was...
Feb19-12 10:00 PM
1 957
I just read that Centrifugal Force is a false force. It does not exist. Inertia (which is not a force) is mistakenly...
Mar12-12 05:59 AM
2 957
hi im really confused about the exact heat transfer mechanism of the phenomenon i observed the situations simple:...
Mar21-12 03:00 PM
0 957
Hi, I have a quick question: Let's say I have a Lagrangian \mathcal{L} . From Hamilton's principle I find a...
May22-12 05:32 PM
3 957
What properties of an inductor change in a low temperature environment. Specifically in the -100 through -70 degrees...
Jul11-12 06:31 PM
1 957
I only know that a pure gas at same reduced temperature and reduced pressure will have same compressibility factor....
Nov13-12 11:23 PM
0 957
I am a hobbyist and I have designed a radial turbine device for use in a tidal stream. I have conducted a couple of...
Feb26-13 06:19 PM
Chuck 65
0 957
As charge moves around a circuit, their energy increases by each loop. However, I just heard somebody say the total...
May28-13 12:57 PM
11 957
Second law of thermodynamics states that heat does not flow spontaneously from cold to hot bodies. But a cool...
May14-13 10:58 AM
Andrew Mason
8 956
When we say heat released in a circuit is i^2 RT , who/what is the cause of this energy loss; is it the battery...
Jan19-09 04:16 PM
1 956
so that the Kelvin's theorem applies?
Dec25-09 09:00 PM
0 956
Suppose I have N ideal particles in an enclosure, be it a ball or a cube or some other form. The particles shall...
Oct29-10 03:24 PM
5 956
You have one slit which it is sent light through and in one point at a screen they measure the intensity with adding...
Nov24-10 07:58 AM
georg gill
0 956
I have an engineering problem that I have to solve. Imagine that we have two electron beams, one originates from a...
Jan18-11 06:37 PM
Vanadium 50
3 956
Let's suppose one wanted to move a wheeled, land-based vehicle. Generally, which would be more efficient, and why?...
Aug22-11 03:33 AM
2 956
I quote from Oliver Heaviside, "Electromagnetic Theory", 1893, p.15: It was discovered by mathematical reasoning...
Nov25-11 10:50 AM
1 956
Hi, all Would you guys recommend some books on the subject of nonlinear physics? And how is the recent progress...
Jan2-12 10:22 AM
Filip Larsen
6 956
For a horizontal spring mass system is the frictional force considered negative (-μmg)? i guess it will be negative;...
Apr22-12 12:16 PM
4 956
Hi, I'm very new here, 10min old, but the problem with my knowledge, or better, lack there of, at this time is very...
Dec2-12 04:27 AM
0 956
I know and fully understand the mathematical definition of it. But what's the physical explanation? Is it something...
May7-13 03:22 PM
Jano L.
6 956

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