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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,224
A point source of energy often follows the inverse square rule. So if I move my projector back twice as far, the image...
Jun5-09 04:25 PM
5 973
Two balls hit eachother. One ball with a mass of 2m standing still relative to the earth. The other ball has a mass...
Apr11-04 04:53 AM
2 972
I would like to further understand rotational inertia. I understand that for a point mass, I = MR^2 and for a...
Apr26-05 12:29 PM
1 972
I am solving an advanced problem involving air resistance. I keep coming up with the wrong answer. My question is...
Jan3-09 06:14 PM
Vanadium 50
1 972
it may bit a fuzzy problem but still i have this confusion i.e suppose i have two sphere of same radius & all physical...
Oct17-09 07:32 PM
Vanadium 50
7 972
Hi, I'm not quite getting this. Say we lift a block of weight 10N through a vertical height of 1 metre. So the...
Mar25-10 05:02 AM
Doc Al
1 972
Hello I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone here can help me with a problem i'm having. I am...
Apr17-11 01:35 PM
2 972
I have spent lot of time trying to understand scattering from Goldstein but in vain. The general equation of an orbit...
Sep13-11 06:39 AM
0 972
Hi Say I am looking at an AOM working in the Bragg regime (i.e., only a single diffracted beam). It is easy to show...
Feb10-12 01:05 PM
3 972
I think we can't have a negative displacement. Is that right? Acceleration: the change in displacement / change in...
Mar2-12 06:17 AM
Doc Al
4 972
Hi, my friends. Today, I come up with a question suddenly. It is about Sound diffraction. why can we hear someone's...
Dec5-12 02:36 PM
7 972
1) If we charge a stacked capacitor like the one in the picture and then remove the leads (red and blue) what will be...
Sep22-11 04:53 PM
Philip Wood
3 971
Hey guys I know you're probably going to laugh at me for this question, but what is the name of the pendulum thing...
Apr22-06 09:04 PM
4 971
is it possible to make am em wave of length 5(lamda)....lamda=wavelength of em wave...
Jul2-11 06:29 AM
6 971
hello forum, a simple question about EM field and its sources. In a time-varying situation, maxwell equations...
Oct29-08 02:23 PM
0 971
Hi guys. I am working on making a haptic device for a baseball simulator. Now the problem is that I want to replace...
Mar30-10 05:14 PM
2 971
Okay, since the most fluids I've studied are from the Euler equation in the context of plasma physics I may be asking...
Nov3-10 01:04 AM
2 971
why dont magnetic monopoles exist??
May17-11 11:23 AM
3 971
My question concerns a wave traveling from a dense into a less dense medium. Is it possible that the amplitude of the...
Aug16-11 08:53 AM
2 971
A billiard ball is cued by striking it horizontally at a distance d=10mm above the center of the ball. The ball has...
Mar27-12 05:47 PM
2 971
When i apply torque on a body, it will rotate around whcih axis? I guess its the axis along centre of mass but i don't...
Apr27-12 08:43 AM
3 971
Hi, Consider a block of mass M connected to a spring of mass m and stiffness k horizontally on a frictionless...
Feb19-13 05:49 AM
3 971
Dear friends this question is really annoying me .plz. help me in understanding this question and the concepts...
Nov12-04 09:34 AM
1 970
We all know that to each action there is a responsive reaction. Let's take the case of a falling ball. Ignoring...
Apr6-05 04:58 PM
6 970
Why is it in kinetic theory one uses the velocity variable, instead of the momentum variable? Wouldn't this cause...
Mar28-09 10:31 AM
4 970
what is the theory behind ....if close integral of a expression is zero..then the expression is itself zero
Sep22-09 01:24 AM
1 970
1)The torque of the weight of any body about any vertical axis is 0. Is it always true? 2)A sphere rolls on a...
Sep3-10 10:51 AM
3 970
Hello, This is kind of a simple question but if an EM wave is propagating in the positive x direction and the E field...
Dec16-11 08:59 PM
Simon Bridge
1 970
hi im really confused about the exact heat transfer mechanism of the phenomenon i observed the situations simple:...
Mar21-12 03:00 PM
0 970
Hi, Do material posses both dielectric as well as resistance properties? I imagine that when there is a...
Nov30-12 11:40 AM
3 970
in the picture below if we know the angular velocity of the...
Mar3-13 01:23 PM
Andrew Mason
7 970
If i measure a weight on earth without moving in any direction, it weighs 10kg. Suppose I'm moving upwards in a...
Sep29-13 02:33 PM
12 970
This is from Wikipedia: 1. What is really meant by "self-propagating", how it works? 2. How many electric...
Aug14-14 06:21 PM
44 970
Reading Jackson this morning, where it was stated that the Lorentz force equations: \frac{dU^\alpha}{d\tau} =...
Sep22-09 10:43 AM
6 969
I was at a symposium the other day where the speaker was discussing the ability to create an AC current using a...
Aug7-11 10:33 AM
1 969
wrong place sorry
Feb11-12 07:12 AM
0 969
Eisberg and Resnick says that the condition for stability of the atom is: k Ze2/r2=mv2/r What I fail to...
Mar6-12 03:34 PM
Philip Wood
1 969
when light waves interfere, it is said that when the troughs of both the waves (say) coincide, destructive...
May25-12 06:25 AM
1 969
A little while ago I asked: why does wind feel cold. The molecules are moving faster so it should feel hot. The...
Oct27-12 06:19 PM
5 969
+++++++++++++++ charge here
May1-13 04:53 AM
1 969

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