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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,736
I know this is a programming language question, but no one seems to answer in that Forum. I'm running a program in...
Dec11-04 01:29 AM
0 857
What's the hypostasis of wave? (newly-come,thanks for your reply :smile: )
Jun18-05 11:49 AM
1 857
Hi All, For a hydrogen atom in the field B, torque on the electron is \tau =\mu Bsin\theta =\omega_pJsin\theta =>...
Sep19-11 08:36 PM
1 857
How can i mathematically prove the following equation: I have to prove that the minimum speed required to maintain...
Oct16-04 09:36 AM
2 856
My physics book says that the magnetic field is caused by moving electrical charges, acts only on charges with a...
Apr23-09 05:43 PM
Bob S
7 856
When calculating the degrees of freedom for a particular molecule, how do you know which degrees will be frozen out at...
Mar4-10 05:05 AM
0 856
Two magnet I put nearer to each other in such a way that there is a repulsive force between them. Both the magnets...
Mar17-10 02:29 AM
6 856
Hi there, If you have a stream of protons passing through the inside of a coil of wire (coils of wire at 45 degrees...
Dec21-10 06:01 PM
4 856
Fairly straight forward question. If you have a set of three vectors specifying a frame of reference and a second set...
May7-11 01:18 PM
2 856
Hi, I am reading a fluid dynamics paper about dissipation due to turbulence in the fluid causing "Bernoulli loss"....
Jan16-12 06:35 PM
1 856
Consider a bearing joint together with a long pipe (with radius a) by using shrink-fitting. The grip between the pipe...
Jan30-12 03:43 PM
0 856
This is not a perpetual motion machine; the fusion power plant will run out of nuclear power to provide electricity to...
Feb21-12 07:45 PM
2 856
dE = dQ + dW = dQrev + dWrev = dQirev + dWirev. We have for an reversible process, dQrev = TdS and dWrev = -PdV....
May9-12 05:27 PM
7 856
I shoot a bullet of mass m with velocity v against a block of mass M. Find how far the bullet penetrates the block....
Oct24-12 12:56 PM
6 856
dear friends, i have one problem regarding the inertial is said that freely falling elevator satisfies the...
Nov17-04 02:29 PM
1 855
As part of a local competition, i have to calculate the distance that a projectile launched at an angle from a certain...
Mar15-08 09:06 AM
3 855
if F is any function and H is the hamiltonian, then the Poisson Bracket of F and H, is given by: = dF/dt -...
Mar30-08 04:34 PM
George Jones
2 855
Well i known this is a kinda fundamental property of mechanics but i always have a weird thinking about this law. ...
Feb10-09 10:45 AM
4 855
Ok so I made an observation while answering some homework questions, and I want to make sure its not just a...
Sep14-10 03:59 AM
2 855
Hello! I`m looking for Lagrangian Systems with Lagrangian function containing higher derivatives in t. I would be...
Dec8-10 04:13 PM
0 855
Can someone explain to me what are differential and derivatives used for (intergrals ?) in some well known stuff from...
Mar2-11 06:33 PM
4 855
The first Maxwell equation, Gauss' law makes a clear distinction between "inside" and "outside". But such a...
May15-11 04:38 AM
Rocky Raccoon
5 855
Is there any printing technology that can print small enough parallel lines on, say a glass or clear plastic...
Jun11-11 12:53 PM
4 855
For retarded scalar potential of arbigtrary source around origin: V(\vec r, t) = \frac 1 {4\pi\epsilon_0}\int \frac...
Jun29-11 11:53 AM
3 855
Can anyone tell me the definition of a "Nyquist" with respect to units of frequency? I didn't find it defined on the...
Mar29-12 08:34 AM
3 855
Hallo everyone! I'd like more about the energy in the magnetic fields of a magnet is there major amounts of energy?...
Apr26-12 04:57 PM
2 855
I am quite confused about this area. First entropy does not contain any reference to volume. So if we can...
Jan7-13 11:27 AM
9 855
Hello all, I have a quick, albeit probably ignorant (forgive me) question generated by (bu dum) observations of a...
Apr19-13 03:33 PM
4 855
Because of the kinetic energy and frames of reference thread:
Sep30-11 09:01 PM
0 854
Hi all, I am trying to find two figures which contain the following: - The first one would be two skaters...
Feb2-09 12:59 AM
0 854
Speed = distance/time and current = charge/time. Explain how F=BIl is actually the same equation as F= Bqv but...
Aug31-09 09:56 PM
4 854
In the context of the book " Black Holes, White Dwarfs, and Neutron Stars", the author wrote down P = 1/3 int(p v...
Feb5-11 07:41 PM
0 854
Dear Colleagues, I would like to submit to your court the article in which we attempt a physical analysis of living...
Mar23-11 09:23 AM
Vladimir Matveev
2 854
Hi everyone! Here's my problem of the day: Let's take a box containing 3 identical (but distinguishable)...
Jul3-11 02:33 PM
1 854
Hi everybody, some time ago our teacher has shown us the following example from the theory of elasticity: ...
May10-12 06:06 PM
Jano L.
6 854
When the electromagnetic wave propagates in air and it meets the object with the size less than the wavelength then...
Nov7-12 07:32 AM
Andy Resnick
9 854
Is there any way to deduce pascal law from newton's laws? Another question: in a hydraulic press, with the smaller...
Jun20-12 03:18 PM
2 854
Is it because for there to be work there must be heat entering the system, which is what is really causing the...
Oct15-12 11:06 AM
4 854
For ideal gas , can I assume Cv dT = nkT (3/2) , thank you
Dec29-12 03:41 AM
2 854
I took a thermodynamics course last year and I know which topics confused me (fugacity for example) but I'm curious...
Feb21-13 05:57 PM
9 854

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