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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,659
So are newton's laws also an approximation to quantum phenomena. Can it be derived from quantum laws?
Aug26-13 01:45 PM
11 1,242
I am having few doubts regarding pulley,strings and tensions . The doubts are 1)Can a massless pulley rotate ?...
Aug25-13 11:00 AM
Tanya Sharma
35 4,318
I'm studying magnetism from my textbook, and I have several doubts. 1. Magnetic flux in my textbook is defined as...
Aug23-13 01:32 PM
22 1,277
Problem: A nuclear generator produces energy used to accelerate a rocket. Given energy and mass, what is the...
Aug21-13 11:09 PM
2 610
According to a physics gre book (Conquering Physics GRE by Kahn &Anderson), electric 'monopoles do not radiate'. They...
Aug26-13 06:42 AM
9 800
So in Resnick & Halliday, it explains that the drift speed, or the average speed of charge moving in a wire under the...
Aug23-13 01:03 PM
18 1,189
In an adiabatic process PVγ=constant Now I thought the work done by an ideal gas in an adiabatic process was given...
Aug25-13 02:33 PM
3 836
After studying more complicated electronics, I find myself asking this question - 'Why capacitor works?' Why does...
Aug22-13 11:23 AM
5 523
Hello, Is there a cheap device or someone that I can easily build that will let me know the speed of a moving object?...
Aug25-13 08:29 AM
23 1,391
Hello all, I've got an optics problem that I'm having some difficulty with, where I want to send a beam through a...
Aug23-13 01:07 PM
Andy Resnick
7 560
Greetings, This question makes reference to the stat mech book, “Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics”,...
Aug26-13 03:19 PM
11 730
I am working in classical mechanics. A planet is orbiting a star. The planet has a given velocity and a position...
Aug23-13 10:14 PM
6 681
Can we talk about the chemical potential of a system with fixed number of particles? Is this physically meaningful?...
Aug22-13 10:17 AM
2 500
I just can't get why for a massless inextensible string passing around a frictionless pulley we easily take T1=T2 (in...
Aug23-13 01:37 PM
9 1,185
Quaternions are new to me, so I constructed a simple model to help grasp the concept. I have a very simple dynamic...
Aug22-13 11:52 PM
10 781
I am doing a simple thermodynamic analysis. Couldn't get thermodynamic values (such as internal energy, exergy, and so...
Aug22-13 03:56 AM
2 436
why are we considering speed is constant to find velocity a particle in uniform circular motion, is it possible for a...
Aug22-13 06:39 AM
4 399
I am having a tough time understanding the principle of least action and I would really appreciate it if someone would...
Aug23-13 02:21 PM
chris gray
3 381
Hi, I've been looking at some animations of plane waves, and I really cannot see why a plane wave's electric field...
Aug24-13 07:49 AM
2 368
How do you solve the Kepler Problem for a 2-body system where m1<<m2 with a given velocity and position vector...
Aug23-13 11:51 PM
5 547
There is a new automated people mover (APM) opening in Porto Alegre, Brazil called Aeromovel; it is built using...
Aug23-13 07:20 PM
5 486
I am trying to find out more about these devices. In particular, how to model them. In other words, can one use a...
Aug22-13 01:41 PM
0 325
Hi Guys, In a lot of books dealing with spectroscopy, correlation functions or any kind of functions involving time...
Aug23-13 09:15 PM
Steve Drake
2 680
Greetings, physicists and others, who just happen to understand physics. Something is bothering my mind again and I am...
Aug24-13 01:04 PM
6 534
I have read that the rear surface reflection of a half-silvered mirror undergoes no phase shift. But they caution that...
Aug25-13 12:46 PM
Alfred Cann
1 453
It is known, that perpetum mobile of the second kind does not exist. This means, ff temperature is everywhere the...
Aug25-13 06:33 AM
3 450
Hey there, I'm new! :D The weight, which is mass according to the gravity, and this scalar force keeps the object...
Aug25-13 04:22 AM
3 508
Simple question but I've never been through the proofs to know what I'm plugging into. Are these components of the...
Aug25-13 01:04 PM
2 525
The task is to calculate the force acting on a 50 meter long current-carrying wire due to earth's magnetic field. The...
Aug25-13 12:58 PM
2 772
Hey guys, I'm wondering how come if we're in a completely dark room and shine a laser beam at an object, we see the...
Aug26-13 10:55 AM
5 844
Hi The thermo problem is as follow: I have a fireplace and I have an underfloor water pipe heating. currently the...
Aug26-13 05:53 AM
2 330
Hello, I was being taught AC in High School, It was good but the way they taught us DC, things like drift velocity,...
Aug27-13 05:55 AM
9 755
I had a question : Heat energy was supplied to melt ice at -15 degree Celsius. But it was not enough to turn the...
Aug26-13 04:16 PM
Andrew Mason
4 466
I red a classical mechanics concept in a book. Imagine that we have two observers with two frames of reference F1 and...
Aug26-13 06:30 PM
Simon Bridge
1 445
A red a book in classical mechanics , the author says A particle is an idealised body that occupies only a single...
Aug26-13 10:17 PM
3 439
The thermal energy comes from the translational kinetic energy right? The relationship between the two being...
Aug26-13 06:42 PM
Andrew Mason
3 491
In a two-body solution ( Kepler Problem) how do you find the Lagrangian, L, if the position vector is: x = (v_x * t...
Aug27-13 03:56 AM
7 616
I'm reading through these notes on numerical hydrodynamics. On pg17, they introduce the monotonized central difference...
Aug26-13 02:45 PM
0 351
how can i calculate the require time for an air-conditioning unit to cool from 30 degree celcius to 22 degree celcius?...
Aug27-13 11:22 AM
6 579
Hello, I was reading articles about EMR and health and I realized I never got how "output power" is related to...
Aug27-13 02:12 PM
1 548

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