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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,058
if u have an uncharged,perfectly conducting hollow sphere of thickness t and radius R, and a point charge Q is placed...
Aug1-04 11:12 PM
10 1,251
Does anybody know where I can find a good reference which describes in a simple way the relations between the Toda...
Jul21-04 01:45 AM
2 1,602
Hi there, I am having a bit of difficulty with this problem dealing with a little more difficult application of...
Jul17-04 02:17 PM
6 3,960
Would the magnitude of the net electric force on a charge +Q in a case where there is another charge -Q a distance x...
Jul17-04 08:18 AM
7 2,461
hi to all friends. what is a "volt"? can you pl explain the meaning of that word and also "watt" (i know it is...
Jul18-04 04:09 PM
52 5,287
Hello everybody! I hope you could help me with my problem. I am trying to simulate a program for a scale that...
Jul19-04 08:57 PM
6 1,605
I am studying for my graduate exam in physics and came across a stange phenomenon and I would like to make sure I am...
Jul17-04 11:55 AM
7 2,832
d=v_0t+\frac{1}{2}at^2 Why is it \frac{1}{2}at^2? Why not at^2 instead? I know that the reason is probably pretty...
Jul19-04 04:10 PM
12 2,701
We have already discussed the definition of g to death, but I have another question regarding the use of "free fall." ...
Jul30-04 10:12 PM
57 6,921
Every kid has asked the question on a swing, could I go all the way around? How fast would I have to go? I wanted to...
Jul20-04 11:11 AM
29 7,670
Hello all. I am doing some research on the space shuttle for a class project, and I am having some problems with my...
Jul16-04 11:47 AM
9 9,506
Is a magnetic field carried by a particle? If two north ends of a magnet are brought together they push apart as if...
Jul21-04 12:27 PM
11 1,276
undefined Does anyone have solutions to problems in electromagnetic textbooks. I will pay for answers. Books like...
Jul16-04 02:07 PM
Paul J Whiteneir
0 5,921
I have a book that gives a formulae Angular Speed as same as the Angular that true? From what i...
Jul17-04 03:29 AM
7 7,825
I have very little knowledge of physics, I'm 16 and won't be taking physics for another 2 years. But regardless, I'm...
Jul20-04 12:10 AM
Ivan Seeking
8 2,837
Someone please tell me is I am doing this problem correctly.If I have a thick spherical shell with inner radius r,...
Jul22-04 12:44 AM
8 5,276
Ok, so I was late for work today (as usual), and I had my bacon sandwich in my pocket so that I could eat it when I...
Jul19-04 06:48 PM
jimmy p
3 1,481
im only 15 n very interested in magnets, so i have many questions. can magnets have different strengths, and if so,...
Jul21-04 11:13 PM
18 2,490
I'm reading an astronomy textbook, and I'm not sure about some things. The textbook says the EM waves are caused by...
Jul20-04 03:13 PM
3 1,314
In Newton's Law of Cooling, we have the constant k, i was just wondering (most people will prolly laugh at me) what...
Jul19-04 05:02 PM
3 3,371
Hi, I have a problem about the capacitance of two cylinders eccentrically located one inside the other - with radii a...
Jul20-04 10:24 PM
5 1,691
Show that the energy associated with a conducting sphere of radius R and charge Q surrounded by a vacuum is U =...
Jul20-04 03:49 PM
2 4,819
This is a thought experiment question. I have three air molecules. Two have the same speed. The third is faster...
Jul20-04 08:49 PM
1 1,711
Hey there! This question has be a bit confused as to where to start--- Suppose you made a 4.70 k-Ohm resistor from...
Jul23-04 11:42 AM
6 3,100
is there any particular reason that antimatter will annhilate matter? This question has been bothering me for a...
Jul31-04 08:47 PM
11 2,168
If a satellite in orbit has been slowed down, why does it spiral inwards? The explanation I have been given is that...
Jul22-04 02:24 PM
4 2,340
Hi! I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me figure out this mess... I hadn't touched mechanics for too...
Jul23-04 02:37 AM
3 1,694
I saw this in an old, junior-level, classical mechanics textbook and haven't been able to figure it out. A...
Jul22-04 11:58 AM
Doc Al
2 3,109
Ok i know this maybe stupid to some of you but maybe some might take interest mathmatically. Ok i am not to Cal III...
Aug2-04 12:52 AM
10 1,277
just a really question about gravity, using the formula: F = (G * m1 * m2 ) / r^2 where F is the force of...
Jul22-04 11:49 PM
3 1,051
If a cart is moving in the x-direction and has a bar (not a pedulum) attached to its center that will rotate, what are...
Jul23-04 04:45 AM
1 887
hello there consider a spring that is fixed to a point (i have tried to draw a picture, so to make it clearer as to...
Jul24-04 03:22 PM
2 1,010
After I read that Torque is a force that is both proportional to moment arm and force applied T = f *r , I tried to...
Aug2-04 01:37 PM
15 6,766
My textbook says the an object undergoing undamped, under-driven harmonic motion...
Jul25-04 05:22 PM
5 2,779
As part of my research, i have to find 3 pratical examples that Newtons Law of cooling can be used for. So far i have...
Jul28-04 11:53 AM
2 10,982
The space entity whose quantity is "Length" is the "Line" The space entity whose quantity is "Area" is the "Surface"...
Jul31-04 08:52 PM
13 1,874
A robot has a rectangular prism for a body. The body is 10cm high, 2cm wide, 2cm long, has a mass of 1kg and itís mass...
Jul31-04 04:58 AM
2 1,294
i just want to understand the integration process so just the math is what i want to understand. The problem is that...
Jul28-04 10:58 PM
8 1,361
Hi, Here's a true scenario: A 50 year-old female of average height and weighing 160-lbs. steps off a curb and is...
Jul29-04 06:30 PM
11 2,106
Is there a line between chaotic and not chaotic?
Aug1-04 12:56 AM
10 1,909

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