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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,001
Hello All, I'm trying to get a sense of the cost of using electricity e.g., plug-in hybrid vs. the cost of...
Jul21-12 11:49 PM
61 24,550
I have two questions/ideas about the efficiency of A/C's that I'd like to bounce off you guys. I couldn't find...
Jul20-12 01:15 PM
13 11,512
Useless explanation text: I'm building a shower system that uses motors to manually turn valves to adjust the...
Jul17-12 11:33 PM
13 4,601
I understand the definition to be the amount of work done in moving a charge from one point to another divided by the...
Jul18-12 04:38 PM
17 2,985
The biggest problem I'm having with Noether's theorem is that I can't seem to find it stated precisely enough...
Jul19-12 05:56 AM
14 1,892
Hello physics forum crew, I would like some help coming up with one of those "is this possible" type questions. ...
Jul19-12 09:54 AM
129 9,560
The part of his theorem to which I am referring is the equation relating the heat & temperature for a reversible...
Jul18-12 03:12 PM
Philip Wood
11 1,502
Does it have any deeper theoretical foundation or is it just true empirically?
Jul18-12 02:05 PM
6 1,032
Consider the following theoretical cycle. There should be a flaw somewhere, but I could not find it yet and will...
Jul19-12 01:37 PM
8 931
Hey guys. First off, let me say that I am in no way a science expert. I like to read about new things, and stay up on...
Jul22-12 11:34 AM
12 1,455
Elastic scattering from a bound electron is classically described by considering the driven, damped harmonic...
Jul21-12 02:34 PM
M Quack
6 1,257
I (and probably everyone) like to learn from books that describe the reasoning/philosophy behind the equations as much...
Jul17-12 09:57 PM
2 1,118
This is my first post here. I have a problem dealing with Electric flux. According to Gauss's Law, to find...
Jul18-12 10:05 AM
2 1,391
Hi guys, I would like to ask how do you determine where the force is +ve or -ve for this topic. Do you follow the...
Jul18-12 08:50 AM
Doc Al
1 794
Since the Gravitational Attractive Force is given by, F_g=(Gm_1 m_2)/r^2 Let m_1be the minor mass of a small...
Jul18-12 09:22 AM
2 1,672
So I'm going to try to explain this as best as I can. If you have ionized air created by the Ion Air Jet (link...
Jul18-12 06:13 PM
2 1,064
Hi, I'm getting some confusing results and cant figure out what is wrong Suppose we have a uniform field E= in...
Jul19-12 01:08 PM
3 598
Hi. First post here and not a native english speaker, so be kind :-) 1) I have never really understood what it...
Jul19-12 03:29 AM
2 526
In my course they're using the equality U = \frac{p}{\alpha \rho} with alpha some constant (U = internal energy per...
Jul19-12 07:59 AM
6 1,232
I was doing chapter named kinetic theory of gases from a book. here's the question. A mercury monometer consists...
Jul19-12 10:13 AM
Simon Bridge
1 513
Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I am really sorry for that question, but I have found the answer...
Jul19-12 02:56 PM
5 653
I have a question that's being bugging me around. This might be simple but I can't figure it out. If there's a spring...
Jul19-12 08:20 PM
10 1,307
Dear fellow physicists, looking at the derivation for the maxwell equations into k-space, I've stumbled upon...
Jul20-12 04:00 PM
4 940
Hi everyone! I was reading a text book a while ago about waves and it had just finished talking about wave speeds and...
Jul20-12 06:47 AM
4 902
How do you solve the following problem: You are in charge of keeping the drinks cold for a picnic. You have a...
Jul20-12 04:50 AM
1 594
I'm doing a project for my University. Making a design for a fish friendly dam structure that will let fish pass...
Jul22-12 02:48 PM
1 593
I know that Young's modulus for a spring is Y= K*L/A where K: is the stiffness of the spring L: the...
Jul20-12 09:22 PM
19 5,508
hi, i heard from a friend that it's possible to store light within nanoparticles, but when i asked him how he refused...
Jul20-12 05:03 PM
7 2,035
Under what circumstances does a moving electric charge fail to produce a magnetic field?and what is the equation for...
Jul20-12 02:42 PM
1 634
Hamilton's principle says that the action for the true path that a system follows will be stationary. As I understand...
Jul20-12 12:53 PM
1 341
Consider a lens of diameter d and a focal length f >> d. Let the cross-section area of the lens be S = N*λ^2. Let a...
Jul22-12 07:51 AM
14 1,333
Hey i am working on something and i need to know how to calculate moment of inertia of a 3D system of objects. I...
Jul21-12 02:16 AM
5 1,564
I have recently written a trajectory program which includes aerodynamic resistance, that is, only form drag at this...
Jul22-12 06:57 AM
4 800
hi i have a few questions about entropy: why does the definition of entropy stress the fact that the heat...
Jul22-12 08:43 AM
1 607
Why is there no equation for solving for the magnetic field produced by multiple charges in free space? To solve for...
Jul22-12 04:54 PM
2 766
Hello all! I'm a programmer looking to put together a system modeling the force a character's limbs exert on the...
Jul21-12 09:23 PM
0 615
Hi all, I was having a bit difficulty understanding the term scleronomic constraint. From what I have read, it...
Jul21-12 10:16 PM
1 1,260
Sorry, I am not a physics major - I apologize in advance if this question is ignorant or if this was asked already. ...
Jul22-12 02:19 AM
0 755
Whats the fastest way of accumulating static charge on a given metal,lets say aluminium or lead?(excluding any method...
Jul22-12 08:29 AM
martin f
0 443
which material has the highest heat capacity?
Jul22-12 02:57 PM
1 716

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