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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,690
Not knowing enough math to be able to understand the equations I nevertheless wonder how c is able to magically...
Sep19-11 08:53 AM
8 1,629
In an isobaric expansion process, the pressure of the gas is kept constant. Because of the increase in volume the...
Sep19-11 12:03 AM
Andrew Mason
1 1,228
I have a hard time conceptualizing string tension, and hence calculating it. For a hypothetical situation, there is...
Sep18-11 07:39 PM
Ken G
10 19,436
I am trying to develop a game of carrom board. For this i want to know how to find contact time if Co-efficient of...
Sep19-11 08:16 PM
2 1,030
How exactly does the bores of a connecting rod turns oval and how can you measure the ovality and determine if it is...
Sep18-11 09:16 AM
0 2,666
I have attached a figure with this, to help in understanding the problem. A ring whose circumference is attached to...
Sep17-11 06:07 PM
0 978
So as you all know, kinetic energy is.. K=\frac{1}{2}mv^2 The question I have is the followng. The "v" in this...
Sep18-11 05:13 PM
3 908
We have many harmonics in a string Why when we play a...
Sep19-11 01:14 AM
8 1,682
Suppose a box is sitting, motionless, on an inclined plane which makes an angle \theta with the horizontal. If I'm not...
Sep19-11 10:38 PM
1 1,215
Hi, Does anyone have a formula for the freezing time (ie time taken for it to freeze) of a fixed volume of water...
Sep19-11 07:17 AM
1 956
Hi All, For a hydrogen atom in the field B, torque on the electron is \tau =\mu Bsin\theta =\omega_pJsin\theta =>...
Sep19-11 08:36 PM
1 855
Hi! I am curious about two books which seem really great, but somehow I became sceptical of the authors. Are they...
Sep17-11 04:37 AM
3 3,483
hi, i solve heat and mass transfer on flat plate. i found that in some cases the negative sherwood number occurs. i...
Sep18-11 06:50 AM
0 1,199
Gamma decays are e.m.waves ..then how describe gamma decay in terms of energy levels?
Sep19-11 04:55 AM
1 949
Is there a equation that calculate the energy of a wave acccording to the amplitude Another question, The...
Sep20-11 08:45 AM
3 2,242
The definitions of other units that doesn't depend on the kilogram are somehow constants, like the speed of light, the...
Sep20-11 07:09 AM
13 1,526
Hi everybody, I am using a ultrasonic water bath cleaner in one of my experiments. It is basically a container...
Sep19-11 09:42 AM
0 549
In the ferroelectric literature, thermodynamic potentials are often written in terms of electric polarization P rather...
Sep18-11 02:38 PM
0 499
Guitar strings behave like a spring when tuned: F = k.x is the tension in the string, where k is the contant...
Sep18-11 08:06 PM
3 1,822
My question is related to the gaussian surfaces, a planar conductor and an infinite sheet. ...
Sep19-11 02:26 AM
Mike Dykes
7 1,608
I am really interested in accelerating some metal ions at home but don't really know where to start... I am willing...
Sep15-11 01:30 PM
18 2,872
In Gamow's short book 'Gravity' he describes the effect of lunar gravity on the earth, in particular the seeming...
Sep15-11 06:39 AM
86 8,427
Hi! I'm trying to find a way to use piezoelectric materials, and put them under floors or roads so that people's...
Sep18-11 06:34 PM
Vanadium 50
33 7,936
what's special about a 0.1 to 0.2 volts current? thanks
Sep18-11 09:42 PM
5 989
According to wikipedia, «inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest,...
Sep20-11 05:30 AM
Ken G
49 5,733
Suppose you have a reaction wheel or a control moment gyroscope on your spacecraft for attitude control. This would be...
Sep16-11 10:01 PM
3 1,379
I don't quite understand how the law of conservation of energy applies to a hydroelectric dam, such as the one...
Sep18-11 04:53 PM
31 4,993
Hi, I am trying to keep a small vial of liquid cold (> 2 Celcius but < 8 Celcius) for 10 hours when the ambient...
Sep19-11 05:06 AM
9 2,002
Can there be a 100% rigid object i.e., an object that cannot be compresses any bit? I believe that's not possible. The...
Sep16-11 02:03 AM
8 1,747
Hi there, my wife just asked me how hard the impact is when two sides of a rugby scrum come together. I think she's...
Sep16-11 04:06 AM
0 1,369
I'm doing a project regarding a canyon in the Big Bend National Park area. I'm supposed to be building an outpost on...
Sep15-11 03:11 PM
0 750
Hi, I'm finished studying ondulatory and I have maany questions I still don't understand. I would be thankful if...
Sep18-11 07:20 AM
Philip Wood
8 1,146
Hi Guys, Suppose we have a spherical shell with charge density on the surface \sigma and radius R. The potential...
Sep15-11 02:16 PM
5 2,146
why is sound heard more clearly in night than at day?
Sep15-11 04:22 PM
2 1,167
How can Ohm's law explain the fact that the resistance of a wire depends directly on length and inversely with area?
Sep15-11 01:17 PM
3 1,171
I was thinking about the Carnot Theorem, and thinking how that applies to a car's engine. T_hot would be the...
Sep16-11 03:00 PM
23 3,716
I want a piece of iron which is painted exactly like the picture to simulate. The piece is made of iron, and before...
Sep16-11 12:22 PM
0 1,775
This is a very long argument between me and a supplier of a electric linear actuator for opening gates. In the...
Sep16-11 01:20 PM
0 1,233
I am trying to understand the magnet and conductor problem that Einstein mentions at the beginning of one of his 1905...
Sep18-11 05:26 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,274
Sorry if this is in the wrong category but I had an exam question today that I couldn't figure out. The problem...
Sep17-11 09:58 PM
7 1,281

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