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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,785
if a gas expands isothermally but irreversibly from V=1litres to V=2litres under constant external 1atm pressure, ...
Sep12-11 05:07 AM
26 3,682
I need to adjust the safety trip at 110% of the nominal load ( 130 tons ). This means that I need to load the...
Sep13-11 04:43 AM
10 2,193
Electric potential is the work done in moving a unit charge from infinity to a point in an electric field. Electric...
Sep12-11 10:04 AM
10 3,602
weight is more at night than day. is this right? if not why?
Sep12-11 01:17 PM
15 1,582
Hey! I stumbled across this problem while reading Wald's "General Relativity", but it belongs to Electrodynamics....
Sep13-11 01:14 PM
0 1,247
Hi, If I have a magnetic field orientated in the x-direction, a dipole positioned on the z-axis how do I find which...
Sep11-11 08:42 PM
1 1,241
Many runners twist in their upper body while they run. You can see this by watching the logo on their tee-shirt move...
Sep11-11 09:25 PM
Ken G
1 1,282
I read in this weeks Time (or maybe it was Newsweek) a statement that I have heard numerous times over the years and...
Sep11-11 08:11 AM
21 2,002
When I shine two different lights at a single spot on a white screen, say, yellow and blue, they both hit the spot and...
Sep13-11 06:34 PM
sweet springs
9 1,580
for the adiabatic expansion of a gas, why is the temperature drop smaller for a real gas , vs a bigger drop for an...
Sep13-11 01:02 PM
Philip Wood
13 3,710
why does a body has inertia and from where does it get that inertia,theoretical explanation will suffice?
Sep14-11 08:33 AM
10 1,130
I know what they are Mathematically and their definitions but looking at them from an intuitive way as a property of...
Sep12-11 08:58 PM
Ken G
13 3,261
What are some currently unresolved problem in thermodynamics? Thanks
Sep11-11 05:06 PM
Andy Resnick
3 2,125
Is this following correct? : When you push a crate along the floor at a constant velocity for a long time, you get...
Sep12-11 09:52 AM
2 991
A spinning top has angular momentum that creates a force that keeps it from falling over, and it precesses. Mass in...
Sep12-11 11:12 AM
4 1,585
Good afternoon, I've tried to find a simplified model for the dynamic forces acting on a rolling wheel, but have...
Sep12-11 08:20 PM
3 1,580
For an ideal gas, PVK=C, where C is some constant and K is the ratio of the specific heats. K is obviously the same in...
Sep12-11 04:40 PM
Philip Wood
3 2,537
Hi all. I was working on a circuit question with inductors and I then had a question. Lets say we have a simple...
Sep11-11 01:30 PM
3 1,187
Hey i need derivation of projectile motion.. All four equation.. including range,height,X-axis distance,y-axis...
Sep11-11 08:35 AM
3 3,312
I'm having some difficulty applying Gauss's Law to metal plates. From what I've studied it seems to me that Gauss's...
Sep13-11 06:54 AM
7 2,384
From Drude model. plasma frequency of gold can be calculated using following parameters Nau 5.90 1022 := me 9.1095...
Sep11-11 01:09 PM
0 2,139
So every mountain biker or motocross rider knows to never grab the front brake in the air. When you do the front end...
Sep11-11 06:24 PM
11 1,616
Say I launch an object (a cart) up a frictionless inclined plane at an angle of 'theta' to the horizontal. ...
Sep12-11 01:25 AM
Ken G
3 4,461
Hi guys, I'm stuck on some thermodynamic calculations and I would really appreciate some help! I'm trying to...
Sep12-11 08:01 AM
0 2,160
Hi all, I am seeking for an optical design an simulation platform. There will be splitters, combiners and mirrors...
Sep12-11 11:56 AM
2 843
suppose that i have a piece of magnet close to a piece of diamagnetic material the piece of diamagnetic material is...
Sep13-11 02:25 PM
2 1,070
I've been reading up on photolithography trying to understand how processors with sub-wavelength features can be made...
Sep13-11 11:18 AM
3 1,065
What happens to gas temperature in different parts of closed chamber (let's say for arguments sake, a closed cylinder...
Sep14-11 09:21 AM
sweet springs
9 1,565
So, am I understanding this correctly? The movement of electrons is the fundamental interaction of all that we...
Sep13-11 03:16 AM
3 884
I have spent lot of time trying to understand scattering from Goldstein but in vain. The general equation of an orbit...
Sep13-11 06:39 AM
0 873
The phase space trajectories of an autonomous system of equations don't intersect. Can this be proved...
Sep13-11 02:00 PM
1 1,631
Hello, I know this seems silly to ask, but how could I figure out how much heat was given off when I know the force...
Sep13-11 12:50 PM
Doc Al
5 1,062
Hello everyone, first time poster. A fairly basic question: What is the mechanism by which synchrotrons produce...
Sep14-11 05:29 AM
3 913
Is it possible to find the distance covered in a certain time when acceleration depends on velocity, such as an...
Sep13-11 11:00 PM
2 1,448
Simple question, if the force of gravity is proportional to mass and distance, as in Newton's and Einstein's theories...
Sep14-11 10:08 AM
10 2,534
So I built a little homemade CD/cardboard box spectrometer just for fun, but a weird thing happens with it. I keep...
Sep14-11 12:49 AM
0 584
There is patent which describes new type of something similar to capacitor based on quantum effects....
Sep14-11 07:19 PM
1 1,231
Hi guys, I have this problem, I would like to use microwave to heat gold nanoparticles (~5nm) dispersed in water....
Sep14-11 08:36 AM
0 1,018
Howdy, I am looking to find the rate of ascent for a weather balloon filled with helium. My assumptions as of now are...
Sep15-11 12:06 AM
2 1,767
I am having trouble conceptualizing and drawing situations that involve glass, or any other medium that light travels...
Sep14-11 10:23 PM
6 960

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