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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,884
I was wondering, how would you prove Gauss's law (either mathematically or intuitively)? I mean, I know that sometimes...
Jun30-12 09:26 AM
30 36,358
If we considered some coordinate as being a generalized one, like when we are considering spherical coordinates-let us...
Jun30-12 03:31 AM
M. next
3 1,213
Dear all, I'm studying a paper on coupled magneto-mechanical problems. Suppose we have a "deformable"...
Jul3-12 10:30 PM
1 766
What are the advantages of having high amperage? By the way, I'm rather new to electronics. I know that having...
Jun30-12 08:31 AM
41 3,503
So I made an observation that I would really like anyone who is good with mechanics to look over to see if I got the...
Jul2-12 04:04 PM
2 1,321
how is the rapid escape of air from a burst tyre and cloud formation in atmosphere an example of adiabatic process?...
Jun30-12 01:20 PM
4 1,216
Hi, I can't get my head round this: Suppose I have two transmitters A and B, at different distances (d_A, d_B)...
Jul2-12 11:07 AM
4 1,083
Hi i have very little knowledge of electrodynamics so this is probably a no brainer but: Given an electromagnet...
Jun30-12 06:20 AM
5 897
Dear All, I am looking for a good software for drawing optics scheme(see examples below). I am wondering whether...
Jun30-12 09:06 AM
1 1,042
Generally, what sort of problems are handled better by Hamiltonian mechanics than by Lagrangian mechanics? Can anyone...
Jun30-12 08:51 PM
2 897
So in a physics experiment, we used a motor to rotate a mass connected to a spring by a string and pulley until it's...
Jun29-12 12:06 PM
1 807
Does probability apply to past events before determining the outcome? Does the probability of an undermined past...
Jun29-12 02:06 PM
3 1,098
So I am trying to figure out how I can calculate the deflection and ultimate bending moment capacity of a hollow tube...
Jul2-12 06:41 AM
2 857
Hi! Newly registered here, with an optics question. I was going through some photos I took of the transit of Venus...
Jun29-12 12:23 PM
0 398
I was having a discussion with someone far more expert than I and for whom I have a lot of respect. He was telling me...
Jul3-12 01:45 AM
4 1,049
In some texts about Lagrangian mechanics,its written that the generalized coordinates need not be length and angles(as...
Jun29-12 06:42 PM
2 731
Hello everybody, I'm focusing on the description of the coupling of a monochromatic short EM wave and on the...
Jun29-12 12:46 PM
0 688
Ok so I understand that an antenna whether it is a electromagnet or a piece of long wire has two effects associated...
Jul1-12 11:58 PM
11 1,474
Hello Forum, if a force is applied to an object along a direction that passes through the center of mass, the object...
Jul1-12 11:21 AM
10 1,676
Hi people.. Snell's law reads sinθ = (v2/v1)sinβ Suppose that v2/v1 > 1, then we can make sinβ as close to 1 as...
Jun29-12 05:12 PM
2 802
Hi everyone! How do these two types of energy work for things that are being lowered down slowly? I've been told...
Jun30-12 10:45 AM
6 1,513
I have a question as to what notation should I use for the following derivation ( I have no background on calculus of...
Jun29-12 09:05 PM
0 643
Hello Forum, I understand how the primary rainbow is formed: dispersion by water droplets suspended in the air. A...
Jul2-12 07:49 AM
Andy Resnick
3 1,144
Sorry if i post this one in wrong thread, But can you help to solve this one? so i can review or study it by my own.....
Jul1-12 02:36 AM
1 557
A body is rolling without slipping. Let P be topmost point at an instant and Q bottom-most point at that instant..Is...
Jul2-12 09:15 AM
9 847
In texts about Lagrangian mechanics,at first Lagrangian is defined as below: L=T-V T and V being kinetic and...
Jul1-12 06:24 AM
3 871
Say we have a guitar with electrical pickups near each end of one string. Say this guitar string is ideal in that it...
Jul1-12 06:13 PM
2 699
Hi, I am trying to solve and understand the classical Ising Model through a classical Monte Carlo simulation. I...
Jul2-12 08:01 AM
1 738
This paragraph comes right after the authors derived the Hamiltonian of a rotating system, H=H_{\omega=0}-\omega l_z:...
Jul1-12 01:17 PM
0 654
I came up with this question while thinking about pulleys. Most textbook pulley problems involve the force on the...
Jul1-12 10:35 PM
3 832
I am having problem understanding the working of Stretched wire potentiometer. Now the book says that the potential...
Jul3-12 03:45 AM
5 1,246
Hello. I'm currently coding on a physics engine. To do so, I looked up some code from open-source engines. I...
Jul2-12 12:54 PM
4 900
In Hamilton Jacobi Equation (Projectile in two dimentions ), Isn't it correct that x is a cyclical coordinate?
Jul3-12 09:58 AM
Simon Bridge
1 581
When a ray interacts with a solid if the surface is polished reflection occurs. This is true even if the material...
Jul3-12 01:39 AM
2 691
Hi, I have two questions with respect to the picture in the attachment.: 1) I have read, that the capacitor...
Jul2-12 03:35 PM
1 761
Hi, I consider a connected conductor. Is it right, that: 1)the potential at any point of the conductor is the...
Jul3-12 05:09 PM
4 660
Hi Say I have a Gaussian velocity distribution for a collection of particles. Then I make a change to the setup in...
Jul3-12 12:54 PM
2 480
My question has to do with heating water to a superheated state inside a constant volume vessel. Given: A pressure...
Jul3-12 04:42 PM
Philip Wood
3 701
Hi all, I know that if you drill a hole from one side of the planet to the other, through the planet's center,...
Jul2-12 08:30 PM
5 987
I know that molecules radiate thermal radiation , i want to know what is the type of this radiation , does air...
Jul3-12 04:37 PM
0 372

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