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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,194
Just a quick question about mousetrap cars.... Does anyone have suggestions about possible materials for mousetrap...
Dec29-09 09:41 AM
8 15,383
I'm trying to understand Central Force problems and Scattering (from a central force) but the website of my course...
Dec31-09 07:19 AM
1 904
I'm trying to solve a problem that came to me using a numerical method. I'm gonna put it here. Using the moment...
Dec29-09 08:58 AM
16 1,914
Hi everyone, Please refer to the attached diagram. I was playing around with pulling tablecloths out from the...
Dec29-09 01:30 PM
Doc Al
3 2,765
So i am going to be dropping a magnet through a coil that is a submerged in a liquid. Say that this liquid is 100%...
Dec31-09 11:12 AM
6 976
Hi guys, I have a question : why do some equations in Physics have a square sign. For example in the Centripetal ...
Dec28-09 07:59 PM
sweet springs
2 810
So if you have a typical basketball "mens". so, my friends and I...
Dec28-09 06:25 PM
sweet springs
9 3,075
Take a capacitor arrangement...the capacitor having 2 plates which are square shaped. Assuming one of the plates as A...
Dec30-09 12:29 AM
32 5,028
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a project where I am trying to find power by being able to measure the...
Dec28-09 01:32 PM
8 4,598
I have data for the radiation pattern of antenna, given as the theta and phi components of the electric field...
Dec29-09 10:43 AM
8 5,354
In trying to understand the underlying mechanics of irreversible processes, I came up with four mechanical asymmetries...
Dec28-09 01:38 PM
0 632
How much energy (Watts?) would be created by a balloon that was released under water? I am picturing a scuba diver's...
Dec30-09 07:58 PM
5 3,246
Can someone explain the role of eddy currents that produce levitation such as in the floating tube expt or the jumping...
Dec28-09 10:12 PM
0 828
After having completed 2 years of a Bachelor's degree, the only definition of entropy I know is \Delta S = \int_1^2...
Dec29-09 12:19 PM
3 822
I have built a model of rotating blades of a helicopter and want to mathematically calculate it's moment of inertia. I...
Jan2-10 03:53 PM
6 6,107
temperature is the measure of average kinetic energy of the molecules of a gas , also temperature is the measure of...
Dec29-09 04:44 PM
Andrew Mason
2 1,106
I would need to know what is the state of the art about the study of the radiation emitted by an accelerated charge....
Dec31-09 10:42 AM
7 2,360
Is there a way to calulate the kinetic energy of an objent upon impact based on the measurement of force alone? ...
Dec29-09 04:34 PM
Andrew Mason
1 1,330
Hi, In my book, they use an example to explain motional emf. The example consists of a rectangular circuit with a...
Dec29-09 07:20 PM
0 3,124
Hey all, This is a bit of a broad subject so I'm not sure which section it best applies to, but here it is anyway....
Dec31-09 04:05 AM
1 1,631
He says that Power net=EKA(T4-To4) Where Power net= net power loss or gain through radiation E- Emmisivity...
Dec30-09 11:37 PM
2 2,368
I was just wondering if someone can help me visualize this expression:...
Dec30-09 11:04 AM
0 736
I am trying to calculate the force of a 2300 lb car hitting a wall at 40 mph. I know that momentum is mass x velocity...
Jan3-10 01:44 AM
7 16,220
I am trying to write a simulation program for a relatively complicated mechanical system. Parts of it will be strings...
Jan3-10 08:47 PM
6 1,737
Hi all I m really confused in these resistor questions..In some circuits they say that some are neglected coz they...
Dec31-09 02:09 AM
0 1,322
Hey guys, Do any of you happen to know how to derive the formula for General gravitational potential energy (not the...
Dec31-09 01:54 AM
2 6,267
Sorry about the endless stream of questions about Lagrangians. I am actually beginning to detest them a bit;p ...
Jan1-10 05:45 PM
8 1,120
light doesn't cotain any charge then how it fluctulate the electric and magnetic field in vacumn or medium.
Jan1-10 10:15 PM
6 1,090
I was studying for the AP physics and got stuck with this definition... ...So why is I = mrČ??? I looked at...
Jan2-10 10:31 AM
5 2,042
I need some help in understanding the effect of change in intensity of the central maxima in respect of a single slit...
Jan3-10 10:32 AM
4 804
Does a 60W Type A (general service) incandescent light bulb put out more light than a 60W Type B (candelabra torpedo)...
Jan1-10 04:18 PM
3 633
Hello guys. I have issues understanding a rather simple physics concept and I hope you can help me out. I've tried...
Jan3-10 10:10 AM
2 682
When a string is wrapped around a disk and pulled taut to rotate the disk, such as in a pulley, how can tension be the...
Jan3-10 11:37 AM
1 726
Hi Everybody, I am descibing my problem here: I have a cylindrical closed volume(with diameter of X m, height H m)...
Jan3-10 12:57 PM
0 1,137
Is it possible to polarize an EM wave in the time direction as you would in any of the spatial dimentions?
Jan3-10 08:22 PM
2 747
Hi there, I have a question about Coulomb's Law. Assume there is a uniform sphere charge distribution RHO and I...
Jan3-10 05:41 PM
1 629
just wanted to say hi first as this is my first post. I will explain the story... There is an ongowing debate within...
Jan4-10 11:41 AM
2 2,362
Does dispersion of light by a prism have anything to do with how thin films disperse light of different colors at...
Jan4-10 11:33 AM
Bob S
2 734
Jan4-10 02:57 AM
0 6,858
Hi ! How one can calculate the spectrum of radiation emitted by the oscillating electron in the field of laser,...
Jan4-10 05:12 AM
0 1,890

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