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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,855
Everyone here should be familiar with the office toy known as Newton's Cradle where a ball collides with a group of...
Jan13-10 10:11 PM
8 10,174
I am trying to lift a load with a drill motor. I have a chain drive with a 3.7x1 ratio - 13 teeth on the drive gear...
Jan14-10 09:13 PM
10 3,850
Dear all, As I understand the venturi effect, if a flow of water passes through a constriction, its velocity...
Jan13-10 01:38 PM
1 15,581
So, we learned about electricity in Physics a few months ago. One thing from the unit is still bugging me that I...
Jan14-10 10:19 AM
8 5,356
Does anyone know of any inelastic impact / collision equations or theories that somehow incorporate a spring constant...
Jan14-10 02:37 PM
2 1,021
I understand why a heavy item and a light item both fall a given distance in the same time - in a vacuum, etc. What...
Jan11-10 06:58 AM
3 1,011
Hi. I'm beginning to study thermodynamics. I'm told that an adiabatic process is a process that is thermally...
Jan11-10 08:40 AM
12 2,165
Hello everyone. Que: Is there a reason for water flowing from a faucet to be narrower at the bottom then the top??...
Jan10-10 11:26 AM
4 900
Hello Does anyone know where can I find a derivation (or approximation) for Huygens principle from more "basic"...
Jan12-10 02:01 AM
Claude Bile
7 1,801
I'm setting up an experiment where I have a circular cathode releasing electrons to an outer circular anode. The tube...
Jan10-10 03:46 PM
Bob S
6 2,765
I know this is getting really ridiculous but I have yet another question on Lagrangians... This is our Lagrangian:...
Jan12-10 01:13 AM
5 1,039
Hi. I'm a student in AP Physics this year and we started the E&M portion this week and we learned about electric...
Jan10-10 04:23 PM
6 2,993
(Sorry for my poor English, Please, forgive mistakes, if any.) Dear Friends Not doubts about what is to be meant...
Jan11-10 07:51 AM
5 1,260
Let's assume that electron is moving around the unit circle. Using Maxwell equations show what is the frequency of...
Jan11-10 10:07 AM
6 660
Please see the attachment. There I have derived Kirchhoff's Voltage law from Faraday's Induction law. Reply me if I...
Jan11-10 09:53 AM
4 1,166
If we have a Lagrangian which looks like this: L=\frac{m}{2}g_{ij}(x)\dot{x}^i\dot{x}^j where: ...
Jan11-10 12:41 AM
5 869
I have an electrode that I'm trying to model. It's got v=0 at z=0, and v=V at z=H. I've been playing around with the...
Jan12-10 06:19 AM
2 1,748
If a force is applied to an object, will the object always experience the same linear momentum change regardless of...
Jan11-10 07:35 PM
9 4,245
If Light is EM wave, and antenna can emit EM wave, then can an antenna emit light? Is this a matter of designing the...
Jan11-10 12:19 AM
2 802
Say you have a charge distribution in the picture, and you want to find the potential THEN the electric field at P,...
Jan11-10 07:52 AM
4 791
Set-up Closed tube with a hole at each end. Microphone at one end attached to computer. Clap noise made at the other...
Jan12-10 05:23 AM
1 2,464
I'm interested in calculating the capacitive current when the electric field across a capacitor is given by a random...
Jan11-10 05:36 PM
3 2,905
inertia is the state of an object at rest and a body in motion will move at constant velocity unless influenced by an...
Jan12-10 03:16 PM
3 909
If you have a sphere of metal electrically isolated by a vacuum, and continuously add negative charge to it, the metal...
Jan11-10 09:24 PM
1 901
I beg you to understand my poor Eng.. If there is any poor grammar or spelling..plz correct me.. While studying...
Jan14-10 04:00 PM
Bob S
4 1,387
(Sorry for my poor English, Please, forgive mistakes, if any.) Dear Friends A system of second order, in normal...
Jan12-10 08:40 AM
0 1,150
When an apple falls to the ground does it not exert some gravity of it's own on the earth and thus shortening the...
Jan12-10 11:04 AM
3 646
I asked my professor, but he had no idea. Not really important, I guess, but I'd like to know.
Jan12-10 10:36 AM
0 3,095
Hi. I differentiated the equation of kinetic energy E(v) = \tfrac{1}{2} mv^2 and I got: E'(v) = mv.
Jan12-10 04:04 PM
8 8,370
Hi, I understand that a conservative force cannot depend on velocity, because by changing velocity we can do different...
Jan13-10 01:24 PM
2 627
How can you prove that the electric field is conservative? I've learnt about stuff like line integrals but I'm not...
Jan14-10 11:09 AM
3 2,900
In the attachment, I have tried to bring out Doppler effect a bit differently than our normal textbooks. Please see...
Jan13-10 01:45 PM
0 830
I have to design a small aerator in the middle of a larger project . Therefore I need to have some design equations. ...
Jan13-10 02:21 PM
0 591
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to find the eigenfunctions and eigenvalues for a quantum spinless particle within two...
Jan13-10 07:21 PM
0 731
It is a well-known fact that Maxwell's Equations, along with Lorentz's Force Law, form a complete description of...
Jan14-10 11:47 AM
Andy Resnick
8 2,482
i am now reading the book by goldstein on classical mechanics classical mechanics is always a difficult subject for...
Jan14-10 04:03 AM
0 746
I've got a problem understanding a line of proof in my lecture notes. Given that you have a charge of +Q and mass m...
Jan14-10 06:59 AM
4 1,401
Hello folks, this may be a very basic question, but if one has a very long electrical circuit, say about 10 light...
Jan14-10 06:38 AM
3 660
personally, I think glass would affect the measurement, as It should have Raman scattering. please help me to...
Jan14-10 08:54 AM
0 908
According to Sir Newton, F = ma i.e if a body needs to be accelerated it requires some force basically. or in...
Jan14-10 02:50 PM
R Power
7 1,220

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