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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,785
Im having a bit of trouble using Newton's Law of cooling. I have been given the formula T(t)=T_s + (T_0 - T_s) e^{-kt}...
Apr1-10 09:21 PM
8 19,264
I am a high school student, so forgive me if my question appears stupid. Consider a uniform magnetic field normal...
Apr5-10 02:40 AM
42 4,943
Hope iposted this question in the right spot!!!!. If i launched something in space and then stopped its forward...
Apr2-10 12:37 PM
7 889
What is the correct way to use a fidicual marker to measure the time period of a pendulum? Thanks
Mar31-10 03:14 PM
1 939
I am having trouble understanding a basic problem in fluids that came up during an exam I took last quarter. Namely,...
Mar30-10 03:34 PM
1 645
I ran a search for gyroscopes looking for a definitive solution to the "What causes Precession?" and found no good...
Mar31-10 04:01 PM
4 3,000
I'm sure I'm not thinking of this the right way. I'm hoping someone can see the error in my logic. Should a force...
Mar31-10 08:00 AM
5 1,962
Hi guys. I am working on making a haptic device for a baseball simulator. Now the problem is that I want to replace...
Mar30-10 05:14 PM
2 807
i guess my question is actually really really simple. lets consider rotation in the xy plane so that L points in...
Mar31-10 04:28 PM
12 1,719
When a dielectric material insert between two plate capacitors the conductivity may increase. Normally we talk that a...
Mar30-10 09:34 AM
1 1,049
Hi, I have two questions about electromagnetism that I would like to ask. The 1st one is as follows: I have two...
Mar30-10 03:12 PM
2 1,152
ok, the magnetic field through a single ring is n\muI , so the flux is BAcos(theta), with cos(theta)=1, flux = BA =...
Mar31-10 09:31 PM
4 2,007
I am studying differential equations from this book by Edwards and Penney, and I seem to have stumbled on this rather...
Mar30-10 12:58 PM
3 894
I am confused about the concept of product of inertia. Wikipedia says: "Here Ixx denotes the moment of inertia...
Mar31-10 02:42 PM
Filip Larsen
1 1,512
Alright, I'm confused about why thermodynamic cycles can never have 100% efficiency. There reversible processes right?...
Mar30-10 05:42 PM
2 1,359
Thanks to the post by studiot, I can update my discussion with the calculations. Here's the problem: "Suppose...
Apr4-10 03:24 PM
8 1,110
I have become very interested in electricity and magnetism and I would LOVE to get more hands on experience than the...
Mar30-10 08:58 PM
0 582
I'm in the middle of studying for the MCAT, and just want to get all the concepts instead of memorizing how to solve...
Mar31-10 04:55 AM
Doc Al
1 1,478
is the principle how an aircraft move ahead in ground similar to how a spacecraft moves ahead in empty space? in...
Apr1-10 05:08 AM
7 1,088
Hi The way my teacher has defined coherency between two waves is that their mutual phase difference ∆ must be...
Apr1-10 02:20 PM
6 2,314
how does the air above an aerofoil(wing of an aircraft) move faster than the bottom surface just by increasing the...
Apr2-10 05:36 PM
11 7,607
How to use a function f to describe the shape of water surface when a tiny object is floating on it based on surface...
Apr1-10 08:11 AM
2 1,677
I have an argument that I would like to have settled. In another forum, the original poster asked a general question...
Apr4-10 12:47 AM
23 2,151
I'm trying to simulate the force experienced by a current-carrying wire under the influence of a magnetic field. I...
Mar31-10 12:30 PM
0 1,209
Conservation of momentum only applies when there are no external forces, so how would I add friction into the...
Apr2-10 03:37 PM
10 1,817
All -- With a meter stick standing straight up and pivoted at the *bottom*, what is the final angular velocity as...
Mar31-10 11:19 PM
1 678 The explanation of this question is...
Apr3-10 08:27 PM
6 990
The diagram shows a straight wire carrying a flow of electrons out of the page. The wire is between the poles of the...
Apr2-10 03:09 AM
1 4,499
Hello everyone. I've got a question that has been bugging me .... Do bodies have speed limit here on earth? ...
Apr4-10 07:03 PM
jack action
15 2,229
Hello All, I am going to be conducting a basic physics experiment where a magnet, which can slide up and down a...
Apr1-10 05:30 PM
0 616
as scientists defines it work is the product of force and displacement i just want to ask is the displacement...
Apr2-10 02:52 PM
3 834
I'm trying to model two cylindrical magnets (NdFeB, Grade N42) in Comsol. I'm obtaining the force and torques exerted...
Apr2-10 09:17 AM
0 2,852
If you have a 3 dimensional perfectly conducting body the conditions at the boundary for the EM field is as follows: ...
Apr2-10 10:42 AM
1 613
I would like to know if its possible to move water from a filled rectangular tank to another tank sliding down an...
Apr2-10 09:40 PM
6 2,079
The reflection/transmission of an EM monochromatic plane wave when meets obliquely a plane boundary between two linear...
Apr2-10 04:21 PM
0 824 By equation 595, electric energy in the universe...
Apr3-10 04:04 PM
6 1,558
Hey, all. If we partially introduce a linear, isotropic and homogeneous dielectric slab in a charged, isolated,...
Apr3-10 08:12 PM
3 3,098
Hello, For a given vehicle, I want to use a given chart for engine torque vs. engine speed (or hp vs. engine speed)...
Apr3-10 04:13 PM
1 3,313
Hi everyone I'm new. I had an odd thought when thinking about centrifugal compressors. Take a normal straight...
Apr4-10 06:06 AM
1 699
We were taught in the vibrations and waves lecture course that the solution to the wave equation for traveling waves...
Apr4-10 06:47 AM
Vanadium 50
2 3,255

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