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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,685
How would I show that during quastatic isothermal expansion of a monatomic ideal gas, the change in entropy is related...
Apr7-10 05:24 PM
1 6,536
I know an argument that i don´t like. It say´s: If there were electric field inside a conductor in electrostaic...
Apr8-10 04:00 PM
11 17,974
Could someone explain the equation describing Thermal Noise? The equation is given by \overline{\left(\delta...
Apr6-10 04:21 PM
5 5,503
I've been scouring the web in search of a Joule Thomson coefficient value for methane, but so far no luck. I have...
Apr6-10 01:49 PM
8 10,661
Hi guys, I have an extremely simple conceptual question. According to my textbook (in a problem), "if you start a coin...
Apr9-10 04:59 PM
2 2,048
Hi everyone! I have a small question that bothers me. Consider a test particle in the Earths gravitational field on...
Apr7-10 06:11 AM
1 1,096
what is 'black radiation' ? or specifically, the meaning of the phrase "radiation in equilibrium with matter"
Apr5-10 11:34 PM
5 996
I know that the iron core of a solenoid will result in a higher magnetic field than a hollow core when a current is...
Apr6-10 10:36 PM
2 1,380
Can someone explain to me please why this concept is useful ? I can't make sense out of it, am struggling... ...
Apr7-10 07:20 PM
21 2,053
I want to compute the maximal acceleration of a car in a curve. a_{total}=a_{c}^{2}+a_{tan}^{2}...
Apr7-10 11:08 AM
jack action
13 2,004
I am working on a vehicle based computer game. The focus right now is to get the internal physics of each drive line...
Apr6-10 12:37 PM
2 743
In a linear birefringent crystal, if light enters parallel to a face that has been cut so that it is at an angle to...
Apr8-10 06:01 AM
5 1,666
Hello, In "An Introduction to Thermal Physics" Schroeder goes to deduce that for any quasi-static process: W = -PdV...
Apr7-10 08:09 AM
4 1,386
hello all, Recently I have been attempting to model a spring system (see below) where the springs themselves will...
Apr9-10 01:33 PM
2 962
Okay here goes, I've read different things online about charging a capacitor so I just want to clear this up once and...
Apr6-10 01:12 PM
12 1,581
I have a couple of questions about the stress tensor. I am not an engineering student, so this is the first time I...
Apr6-10 01:36 PM
Andy Resnick
12 1,372
i have a question about induction and how it works, what i want to know is the why, not the what or the formulas i...
Apr6-10 10:36 PM
8 810
Hello All, I am trying to understand something I read in an article about magnetars and pulsars. The article states...
Apr6-10 11:15 AM
1 1,092
hey quick question about Fraunhoffer diffraction: RESTULT 1 for a rectanguar apperture, we have the following...
Apr6-10 07:34 AM
Andy Resnick
1 777
I have two questions actually: 1. According to Stefen's Law formula power created by an conventional tungsten bulb...
Apr6-10 10:46 PM
6 2,406
There is a crystal structure relationship for circular birefringence which can tell you if a crystal structure will...
Apr6-10 09:40 AM
0 865
Can anyone explain why the direction of a wave vector is the direction of wave propagation?
Apr6-10 10:56 AM
5 1,440
Heres my scenario: I have a 4315kg load on 4 v-wheels. My initial velocity is 0 My final velocity is 40mm/sec My...
Apr7-10 04:28 PM
0 487
This is bugging me and maybe someon can help me find the obvious mistake: I want to calculate the minimum power...
Apr9-10 09:22 AM
25 3,630
Hi everybody , This is the first time i am posting on this forum. A couple of days back i was having a...
Apr9-10 02:50 AM
15 1,995
\epsilon^{\mu_1\mu_2\cdots\mu_k\ \mu_{k+1}\cdots\mu_D} \epsilon_{\mu_1\cdots\mu_k\ \nu_{k+1}\cdots\nu_{D}} =...
Apr7-10 04:56 AM
0 646
Simple? You would think so , see if you agree with my approach... I have a car, I know its power at certain Rpm's...
Apr7-10 12:10 PM
jack action
1 1,754
from, ||\\\\\\\\ the binding energy of a nucleus is defined as the difference between the rest...
Apr8-10 06:38 AM
3 1,238
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, so please instruct me if I commit any posting faux pas in my first post. ...
Apr9-10 11:13 AM
4 2,874
I'm going to try to explain this as well as I can. Two masses M1 and M2 are connected by chain and hung over a...
Apr7-10 02:24 PM
2 632
I cannot determine how to figure out how many phases of H20 are present using steam tables given two variables. I have...
Apr7-10 07:49 PM
0 491
I read a lot of books on the uniqueness theorem of Poisson equation,but all of them are confined to a bounded domain...
Apr9-10 09:58 AM
8 1,648
I'm interested in building a plasma loudspeaker using a 1kW amplitude modulated RF amplifier. The amplifier will...
Apr8-10 12:19 AM
0 645
Don't know if this has already been asked. A system of six hinged (articulated?) bars, all equal, forming an hexagon...
Apr8-10 07:02 AM
0 655
In the following I am always talking about fraunhoffer diffraction suppose you have two slits in a doulbe slit...
Apr9-10 08:11 AM
Andy Resnick
3 2,081
Hello, I'm taking a first year university course in electromagnetism. At a certain point we came upon the torque on...
Apr9-10 08:45 AM
3 2,236
So, is there any? Friction being derived from EM forces of particles, does charging the surface of moving object...
Apr9-10 03:25 AM
0 869
Hi! I have experimental data measuring losses across an obstruction in compressible flow which basically consists of...
Apr9-10 02:20 PM
0 624
Please give at least five applications of charging a capacitors.
Apr9-10 01:09 PM
Ali Asadullah
0 546
It seems really basic, like a remark which probably everyone asks himself when first coming upon electromagnetism, but...
Apr9-10 10:24 PM
8 648

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