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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,866
Why are light waves/X-rays/gamma rays/etc. in the form of sine waves, rather than, say, a zig zag wave, or even a...
Feb9-10 03:58 AM
23 8,428
The noise power in a conductor is given by P = k.t.B Does this mean the noise power is independant of the...
Feb8-10 02:29 AM
6 1,495
Hello, This should be a straight one for most of you. Given a cantilevered beam that has a force F applied across...
Feb9-10 08:36 PM
9 7,862
How to make a hair which is still properly rooted to skin (any hair, not just on head) become very thin at the end?...
Feb6-10 04:29 PM
7 2,119
Incidentally in another thread I made this reasoning to calculate the velocity increase in an elastic collision: ...
Feb8-10 04:47 PM
8 3,224
hi everyone i want a real explanation to maxwell equations and exactely a meaning physicly to dérivation to an...
Feb9-10 02:58 AM
6 3,288
does electrons fall out when a current carrying wire is cut well i know it doesnt make much sense n also doesnt...
Feb7-10 04:53 AM
6 1,222
The medieval trebuchet is a missile-throwing device, with a heavy counterweight on the short end of a beam that pivots...
Feb8-10 05:11 PM
15 4,006
Does gravity affect the way magnets interact with one another? Would the same magnet be stronger in a low...
Feb10-10 09:45 PM
1 1,100
Hi, I'm trying to investigate how the force exerted onto a human body is affected by the presence of a surrounding...
Feb8-10 11:48 AM
8 1,727
Hi, i thought a while about the meaning of the following expression \delta t \, \cdot \, \mathrm{div} \, \vec...
Feb10-10 10:55 AM
1 1,127
I have been wondering why we take work done on the system +ve in chemistry while -ve in physics. Similar difference...
Feb6-10 05:39 PM
1 1,845
Why can only the angular momentum of a rigid body rotating about an axis of symmetry be expressed as the product of...
Feb6-10 09:11 PM
3 935
Hi! Work is defined as dW = F\cdot dr so there is no work required to keep things spatially fixed in a...
Feb6-10 06:59 AM
10 1,002
Can someone help me and tell me where does the equation of enthalpy as function of reduced Gibbs energy and...
Feb6-10 03:22 PM
0 1,612
Right, so I've just created my Franken-Equation and it hungers for brains, as well as acceptance. Unfortunately for my...
Feb6-10 02:41 PM
1 1,188
Temperature of gas is due to kinetic energy of molecule & pressure is due to molecule collide to container wall with...
Feb7-10 10:47 PM
11 3,190
Placing a block of metal in a solution of its ions causes it to go into some kind of dynamic equilibrium such that the...
Feb7-10 11:24 AM
0 2,299
Feb6-10 03:07 PM
0 832
Assume you have two parallel plates with charges +q and -q. Now, you fill the space in between with two different...
Feb7-10 12:39 PM
3 944
Learning electrodynamics here, and the book I'm reading says the following: "By definition, one coulomb of electric...
Feb8-10 10:28 AM
2 1,892
Grounding is used for dircharging.. In case of charging by conduction,let a sphere having excess negative charge is...
Feb7-10 05:33 PM
6 1,166
What's a good definition (or a practical definition) of this? It's actually with regards to electrodynamics but I...
Feb7-10 05:50 PM
1 1,250
I understandthat moving charged particles can be made to rotate in a magnetic feild, but what happens when the induced...
Feb8-10 01:09 PM
4 1,210
Hello all, I have recently been taught the method of imagging with opposite point charges. The stereotypical...
Feb8-10 03:18 AM
2 583
Hi, in questions involving lenses, when using the "thin lens formulae" if my di is negative doesnt that mean the...
Feb8-10 06:33 AM
1 584
I'm learning that in the electrodynamics of circuits and charges, an E-field is very different from a B-field. But in...
Feb9-10 11:06 AM
12 3,493
The electric flux through a closed surface is the integral of the dot product E.da. Suppose we have a point charge at...
Feb9-10 05:35 AM
7 826
The circulation of a vector field is the closed line integral of the dot product between the vector and the...
Feb10-10 09:02 PM
12 1,375
Is this something I just have to accept? How can there be no loss of energy/heat when I've always been taught...
Feb10-10 12:16 AM
5 1,014
I need to find the charge and charge density on the surface of a conducting sphere of radius r=0.15m and of a...
Feb9-10 01:13 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,568
In this thread mgb listed massless springs and friction free slopes. That made me think - what other idealized...
Feb9-10 04:57 AM
1 663
Sphere A corries a net positive charge, and sphere B is nuetral. They are placed near each other on an insulated...
Feb10-10 07:00 PM
1 625
Situation: a car moving quickly down the road with a window open. Car reference frame: the air outside is moving,...
Feb9-10 09:10 AM
1 824
I am struggling to grasp the concept of the electric field between two opposite charges. I know that the field is...
Feb9-10 10:35 AM
1 1,909
A meter stick is hung at its center from a thin wire. It is twisted and oscillates with a period of 5.9 . The meter...
Feb9-10 01:48 PM
0 914
Is there any relation of gravity with centrifugal force & gyroscopic effect? Rotating body shows centrifugal force...
Feb10-10 12:52 AM
1 2,952
The magnetic field of a steady current in a loop is given by the Biot and savart integral which is 1/4pi Integral =...
Feb10-10 06:28 PM
3 766
I am wondering how one would construct the grand partition function of a composite system of solid and gas with the...
Feb10-10 08:04 PM
0 1,240
I don't remember learning this in my C Physics Mechanics class which is odd since it seems pretty important. In the...
Feb11-10 04:22 AM
1 4,132

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