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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,884
I'm reading through Feynman's lectures, and just read his demonstration that: a) a sphere generates the same gravity...
Jan18-10 12:40 AM
9 8,956
I am trying to lift a load with a drill motor. I have a chain drive with a 3.7x1 ratio - 13 teeth on the drive gear...
Jan14-10 09:13 PM
10 3,852
Hello everyone, I am trying to understand COMSOL 3.5 and I am interested in Photonic crystal fibres and tapered...
Jan15-10 01:34 PM
3 4,218
So, we learned about electricity in Physics a few months ago. One thing from the unit is still bugging me that I...
Jan14-10 10:19 AM
8 5,360
Does anyone know of any inelastic impact / collision equations or theories that somehow incorporate a spring constant...
Jan14-10 02:37 PM
2 1,021
As I explained before, I'm struggling with physical basics of vibration in rods as a non-physicist. If someone...
Jan15-10 07:28 AM
1 991
Hello. I'm new to the forum and I hope this is the correct place for this question. Would it be possible to lift a...
Jan18-10 08:58 PM
Bob S
6 1,487
I beg you to understand my poor Eng.. If there is any poor grammar or spelling..plz correct me.. While studying...
Jan14-10 04:00 PM
Bob S
4 1,388
This is most likely a complete failure of comprehension on my part (as ussual), but Ive been thinking about this for...
Jan16-10 03:06 PM
14 1,910
Is it possible to calculate thermal conductivity of a material given just the delta-T at steady state and the material...
Jan15-10 12:30 PM
9 11,861
we all know that T = F x r where r is prependicular distance from axis of rotation. Greater the distance greater...
Jan16-10 08:31 AM
12 1,405
How can you prove that the electric field is conservative? I've learnt about stuff like line integrals but I'm not...
Jan14-10 11:09 AM
3 2,902
I am trying to create a model of a motorcycle suspension to figure how road bump forces get transfered to the bike. I...
Jan17-10 10:51 PM
3 6,066
I have been involved in a discussion concerning the behavior of a bullet during flight. It seems there are long...
Jan15-10 06:23 AM
5 3,579
It is a well-known fact that Maxwell's Equations, along with Lorentz's Force Law, form a complete description of...
Jan14-10 11:47 AM
Andy Resnick
8 2,484
Hi All, Please take a very long tightly wound solenoid of any radius with another coil wound around the outside of...
Jan15-10 08:12 PM
8 1,040
I've got a problem understanding a line of proof in my lecture notes. Given that you have a charge of +Q and mass m...
Jan14-10 06:59 AM
4 1,402
personally, I think glass would affect the measurement, as It should have Raman scattering. please help me to...
Jan14-10 08:54 AM
0 908
What sort of field do you need to confine electric charges? Is an electric field alone possible? Do the charges have...
Jan17-10 09:51 AM
18 2,681
According to Sir Newton, F = ma i.e if a body needs to be accelerated it requires some force basically. or in...
Jan14-10 02:50 PM
R Power
7 1,224
would any one deeply tell me what is kinetic energy.
Jan17-10 02:11 PM
4 1,046
*sorry, wrong forum section*
Jan18-10 01:00 PM
0 1,497
I assume that if one has several current loops that the magnetic fields that they generate just add together...
Jan14-10 09:50 PM
4 617
Is there any physical meaning to the cross product of two magnetic fields e.g. two fields generated in two different...
Jan16-10 07:10 AM
7 969
We have consistently been told that light propagates through a vaccuum. My question is twofold: What is this...
Jan16-10 12:26 AM
27 1,731
Hi, I have a small DC dynamo (with no spec sheet) which i digitally sample to find it's voltage at any given time. I...
Jan16-10 12:56 AM
2 4,239
Can someone provide a qualitative description of how electromagnetic fields behave differently when one uses the Proca...
Jan17-10 10:02 AM
Count Iblis
4 969
Hi guys, I have a question. I have lived life in the apparent belief that if a car is moving at a fast enough...
Jan17-10 11:06 PM
6 6,820
Consider a cold cool drink bottle taken from freezer and exposed to everyone knows, water would form...
Jan18-10 08:33 AM
14 1,716
In the book "Fundamentals of Photonics", the form of the Gaussian beam is written as I(\rho,z) = I_0...
Jan18-10 01:16 PM
Bob S
3 1,183
Say I want to parametrize the plane. I can use cartesian (x,y) or polar (r,theta). But I cannot use x and r, because...
Jan17-10 10:47 AM
0 607
I've got a couple of question about Maxwell's Equation and its relation to Special Relativity. 1. Why do we think...
Jan17-10 04:19 PM
1 3,337
The most general way of calculating the value of the vector electric field at a certain point P is given by the...
Jan20-10 05:20 AM
22 6,040
Iím an entrepreneur in South Africa with the rights to a type of insulating coating. Itís new on the market here and...
Jan18-10 03:44 AM
0 6,544
Hi there, I've just built a crane (well, actually a jib arm), to be used on a film dolly with a camera on one end...
Jan18-10 07:50 AM
0 1,020
The electric filed at a distance x from the center of a uniformly charged disc of radius R,along the axis passing...
Jan19-10 02:25 PM
10 5,027
I am confused about surface tension. Everywhere it is written that due to unbalance of forces at surface the...
Jan19-10 01:03 PM
5 1,775
So, i am considering to do experiment on water and magnet for my research paper. So what i am planning to do is, i...
Jan20-10 05:38 AM
5 1,467
Suppose you have an two objects A and B having different potentials \phi_A, \phi_B and voltage V=\phi_A- \phi_B. ...
Jan20-10 12:23 AM
6 2,734
Hi. I have got two questions... 1. How can we determine the pressure at the boundary of two gas phases (say,...
Jan20-10 01:00 AM
0 750

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