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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,788
How to find the Vector Potential of an infinite solenoid with n turns per unit length,radius R and current I. since...
Jan23-10 11:41 AM
5 6,504
Why is it that a vehicle travels further when skidding with locked wheels than when decelerating with rolling, braked...
Jan20-10 09:49 AM
16 5,638
in Huygens-Fresnel principle, U(P)=K*∫∫U(Q)*F(θ0,θ0)*exp{ikr}/r*d∑ K=-i/λ; F(θ0,θ0)=0.5(cosθ0+cosθ) is inclination...
Jan21-10 04:46 AM
2 1,216
Hello. I'm new to the forum and I hope this is the correct place for this question. Would it be possible to lift a...
Jan18-10 08:58 PM
Bob S
6 1,484
As far as i know, Newtons laws are..... 1st Law-- A body at remains at rest and a body at uniform motion remains at...
Jan20-10 08:22 AM
21 7,933
Couple questions regarding Newton: 1) Sort of a historical question...In Newton's time, how did Newton explain the...
Jan21-10 11:27 AM
12 1,226
In the book "Fundamentals of Photonics", the form of the Gaussian beam is written as I(\rho,z) = I_0...
Jan18-10 01:16 PM
Bob S
3 1,181
The most general way of calculating the value of the vector electric field at a certain point P is given by the...
Jan20-10 05:20 AM
22 6,023
The electric filed at a distance x from the center of a uniformly charged disc of radius R,along the axis passing...
Jan19-10 02:25 PM
10 5,013
We have the following formula for the velocity of an object moving in a fluid. v = vt -vte-kt/m. This formula shows...
Jan21-10 09:36 AM
6 2,569
I am confused about surface tension. Everywhere it is written that due to unbalance of forces at surface the...
Jan19-10 01:03 PM
5 1,763
So, i am considering to do experiment on water and magnet for my research paper. So what i am planning to do is, i...
Jan20-10 05:38 AM
5 1,463
I'm new to this forum, and during the 10+ hours of googling I've done I've found links to this site over and over....
Jan20-10 05:43 AM
14 1,805
Suppose you have an two objects A and B having different potentials \phi_A, \phi_B and voltage V=\phi_A- \phi_B. ...
Jan20-10 12:23 AM
6 2,723
In the book "Fundamentals of Physics" by H D Young and Freedman,there is formula about the time period of simple...
Jan21-10 11:20 AM
Bob S
6 1,842
I was trying to derive the formula for the moment of inertia of a rectangular prism at its centre of mass. And ended...
Jan22-10 10:38 PM
15 7,128
Hi. I have got two questions... 1. How can we determine the pressure at the boundary of two gas phases (say,...
Jan20-10 01:00 AM
0 749
In Wikipedia, You can see the proof...
Jan20-10 10:08 AM
0 768
Hello, I'm having a discussion with my work colleagues, we can't agree about a physics question: There is a...
Jan22-10 05:51 AM
11 1,634
Please explain.
Jan20-10 10:34 PM
2 1,158
WARNING: Sorry about babbling on, the question is probably really simple and all this text is pointless, so for those...
Jan23-10 09:42 PM
5 1,399
I'm pretty rusty on my statics. I'm wondering how I could determine the reaction at four points arranged in a...
Jan21-10 10:58 AM
3 782
Our professor said that when a metallic body or a conductor is inserted inside a gaussian sphere, it will not...
Jan21-10 12:22 PM
1 1,897
It is known that the motion of a charged particle creats a magnetic field and also at speeds approaching c there will...
Jan22-10 12:29 PM
9 2,858
I was looking at a derivation of entropy expressed as an absolute probability: S = -k. SUM P.lnP (What is the name...
Jan23-10 12:26 AM
1 1,333
I was at work and we build a "fence" on a trailor to keep the load in place, and we got into a disagreement about how...
Jan21-10 08:05 PM
0 1,070
How does the coriolis effect have role in the precession of gyroscopes? In...
Jan23-10 05:26 PM
15 7,527
Let us assume a bird to be moving in a straight line with a velocity 'u' and a man to be chasing it with a velocity...
Jan24-10 08:48 AM
4 992
Hi, new to the forum here I have this bike-engine here and I am thinking whether it would be possible to mount it...
Jan22-10 09:11 AM
0 2,779
I am attempting for my own curiosity to find out at what point during a geodesic path from the Earth to the Moon one...
Jan23-10 11:47 AM
1 3,162
Hello everyone I'm quite confused here and would really appreciate help. Consider a spring standing upright with...
Jan24-10 03:38 AM
11 2,918
Let pressure equation of sound wave be \Deltap=Pocos(\omegat-kx), then what will be the density equation of the...
Jan23-10 02:13 PM
2 1,202
So we are designing a roller coaster for a project, the roller coaster starts at 100m above ground and it has to go...
Jan23-10 09:45 PM
Bob S
1 812
Suppose we have a universe consisting of three planets. Their velocities and positions at t=0, and the gravitational...
Jan23-10 09:59 PM
5 1,986
According to "Introduction to Electrodynamics" - Griffiths I have a few questions about the bolded section ...
Jan24-10 05:33 PM
0 655
what is the formula for magnitude and what exactly is it?
Jan24-10 09:14 AM
2 724
Hi. I'm having trouble understanding exactly what characterizes a thermodynamical state. I mean, how many numbers do...
Jan24-10 08:40 AM
0 679
I got this formula for the magnetic field of a square-shaped coil: B = m0*2*sqrt(2)*I*N/(a*pi), where m0 is the...
Jan24-10 12:31 PM
3 4,315
Hello, I'm trying to make sure I understand the basics of statistical mechanics and microstates/macrostates. ...
Jan24-10 12:59 PM
1 1,253
I am wondering how is the third equatio of motion derived, I was reading a text on my physics course which it is very...
Jan24-10 04:39 PM
5 1,248

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