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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,198
Can anyone help me to unerstand what tensors are in physics, a few basic examples would probably do, and how they...
Jan8-10 04:58 PM
26 4,002
I was just reading my book when it said that the fact that newtons rings were always dark in the center where the lens...
Jan4-10 03:05 PM
8 4,647
Not asking for a schematic, more a notion of roughly how challenging this will be.
Jan4-10 07:23 PM
6 7,086
I understand the definition of an electric field as a property of space surrounding a charge, but what exactly is this...
Jan5-10 11:05 PM
25 2,813
Can we consider a stochastic process being chaotic? consider evolution of only two particular systems with closed...
Jan6-10 02:21 PM
2 1,947
I am trying to understand how the concept of moment was introduced in physics. For example I don't understand how the...
Jan9-10 05:21 AM
7 4,064
Hi I am trying to work through the solution to the attached problem (see attachments). Now, I can't understand...
Jan8-10 05:43 PM
17 2,478
Hi friends I know it's a very elementary question but i wat to know what centripital acceleration physically is? I...
Jan7-10 12:13 PM
Doc Al
14 1,947
While reading through the Feynman Lectures on Physics (volume 1, number 28) I have come across the formula for the...
Jan4-10 04:04 PM
2 2,787
I am a very mathematical person. I excel in my mathematics courses. In physics, on the other hand, I have always felt...
Jan7-10 12:19 AM
16 2,285
What will be the path of a rod (of some mass and moment of inertia) in space if a rocket is attached at one end (at...
Jan5-10 08:35 AM
1 770
If you spin on a chair with your arms and legs out and then pull them in, your rotation accelerates. What torque is...
Jan6-10 04:21 PM
26 7,960
I am trying to understand CM wrt QFT and found out that I need to understand the HJE. This brought me to reading about...
Jan4-10 09:47 PM
3 1,640
It seems to me that it is highly likely that everything in the universe is acted upon by gravity, unremittingly. Since...
Jan8-10 01:12 AM
20 3,508
Trying to get my head around the velocity vector that a tennis ball goes after it is hit with a tennis racket. To make...
Jan4-10 01:10 PM
2 657
just wanted to say hi first as this is my first post. I will explain the story... There is an ongowing debate within...
Jan4-10 11:41 AM
2 2,363
Does dispersion of light by a prism have anything to do with how thin films disperse light of different colors at...
Jan4-10 11:33 AM
Bob S
2 734
Hi ! How one can calculate the spectrum of radiation emitted by the oscillating electron in the field of laser,...
Jan4-10 05:12 AM
0 1,890
Is 1 cycle the same as 1 oscillation?
Jan6-10 01:49 AM
3 678
Suppose to have a beam of light reflecting over two parallalel surfaces of a material, so that the reflectd rays...
Jan7-10 06:36 AM
15 2,481
Assuming a Parallel Plate Capacitor of area A, separation distance d, plate charges \pm Q: and plate charge densities...
Jan4-10 06:34 PM
3 1,697
I'm having a brain freeze and have a hard time understanding why the area of the ring is 2*pi*a*da. Can someone...
Jan5-10 07:17 PM
4 1,550
Hi guys I wonder if you can explain this to me. In...
Jan6-10 02:36 PM
11 3,476
Can anyone help? I have to derive eq of motion of a compound pendulum with 3 rotational dof. I know how to do it,...
Jan6-10 02:12 PM
2 840
I want to know why and how it was defined ? Is it useful in some ways ?
Jan5-10 12:04 PM
1 1,551
Hi there, As we know gravitational potential energy is U = -GMm/R right? Here is what i obsessed, in case for the...
Jan5-10 05:37 PM
sweet springs
2 643
How would one calculate the moment of inertia of a solid sphere (of uniform density, rotating about the axis through...
Jan7-10 04:43 AM
3 4,315
In the electromagnetism theory, the phase factor or constant (usually BETA) in wave propagation for lossy medium has...
Jan6-10 09:43 PM
3 4,134
I've tried looking on various websites to find a definition I can understand but every website describes it...
Jan6-10 03:30 PM
4 9,299
I'm having a lot of trouble with an adiabatic mixing process. This is what I know: There's an airstream coming from...
Jan6-10 06:56 AM
0 3,737
Hey Guys, I have a question. Is there any chance to calculate angular velocity of a rectangle plate on a cylinder,...
Jan6-10 09:24 AM
0 614
I have heard (what I consider to be) a myth of a pole lifting off the ground before it hits. That is, set something...
Jan6-10 04:03 PM
0 979
Hi. There is just this one thing in mechanics which is lagrangian that I just simply can't grasp physically. I'm...
Jan9-10 02:43 PM
13 1,042
i'm trying to calculate the impact force of a slide hammer under water. i can calculate it in air using (mv^2/2d),...
Jan7-10 11:15 AM
2 1,990
In general what does a Lagrangian for a system consisting of interacting fields and particles look like? It can't...
Jan9-10 09:26 AM
1 742
What are the equations of motion for two charges where the two charges are the only sources for the EM field? (No...
Jan7-10 10:41 AM
2 744
Have a spinning rotor/impellor with open channels directed radially outward (similiar to a radial vane centrifigal...
Jan7-10 02:43 PM
0 740
Classical thermodynamics Q's. Hello ! I have some conceptual problems that are confusing me, hope someone could...
Jan8-10 04:07 AM
0 930
Consider that we have ice and water together ( no heat exchange with surrounding ) and qi1 = heat required by ice to...
Jan9-10 06:13 AM
1 1,086
is the distance between electrons in an electron beam constant
Jan9-10 07:07 AM
1 643

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