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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,225
Why is the total energy of an elliptical orbit given by: E_{tot}=\frac{-GMm}{2a} Where a=semi major axis. I agree...
Feb18-10 06:52 PM
5 5,901
Good afternoon, First of all, this is not a homework question, but I'm not sure whether it should be posted on the...
Feb19-10 12:18 PM
13 1,933
I'm wondering if it make much difference if they used silver instead of copper wire in electric generators? Also, how...
Feb18-10 09:25 AM
4 765
I have a Question: suppose we have a satellite (m=400kg, V0=40m/s) and we want to put it in a 1000km orbit...
Feb19-10 02:40 AM
3 2,414
I was told that Hooke's Law (F=-kx) only accounts for small displacements. But for some objects the displacement can...
Feb20-10 09:45 AM
1 1,644
according to first law of thermodynamics,q=w for a reversible isothermal process.this means all the energy absorbed is...
Feb18-10 08:24 AM
1 691
Hi everyone, I am new to the physics forum. I have been trying to find out relationship between the heat loss by a...
Feb17-10 03:04 PM
0 3,870
I noticed that the relations in mechanics can be seen like: 1) assume conservation of angular momentum 2) from...
Feb17-10 12:35 PM
0 500
In electrostatic case, Gauss's law can be derived from Columb's law, so we can regard experimental evidence for...
Feb17-10 12:14 PM
2 2,011
My question is seemingly simple. Let us suppose that we had an unbreakable/inflexible rod whose length was 11.8...
Feb18-10 08:11 AM
4 1,125
I know for spherical or plane EM wave, there's relation E=cB, and we can prove it by the explicit expression of these...
Feb18-10 01:19 PM
5 7,705
F=ma and w=mg; with acceleration = gravity, then Force = weight. lb is a mass lbf is a force kg is a mass I...
Feb17-10 04:41 PM
13 2,020
Given: a point charge (at rest at the Origin at time t=0) with a constant acceleration in the +x direction. ...
Feb18-10 09:42 AM
1 658
Hi, I am trying to model the magnetic field from two permanent magnets using Matlab, although my particular problem...
Feb17-10 02:19 PM
0 1,496
I am an ME with my years of heat transfer approx. 20 years back. I have a 3' x 7' insulated sub floor that utilizes an...
Feb17-10 02:44 PM
1 627
Hi, if the shear stress on an element in a solid is SAy/bI, where S is the shear force and y is the distance from the...
Feb18-10 09:40 AM
7 3,635
Hi Are the two (attached) circuits equivalent? Also, what if any are the relation between the voltages? (ie....
Feb17-10 05:04 PM
1 678
Edit: Apparently Coulomb's law only holds for electrostatics... in that case I understand that this problem is...
Feb17-10 07:12 PM
1 947
In some books I have seen: \oint \mathbf{E} \cdot d\mathbf{s}=0 Since the Electric Field is meant to be...
Feb17-10 09:32 PM
3 631
Dear Forumers, As a non-English speaker, I am confused about absorbance and absorptance. I found some definitions...
Feb18-10 03:06 AM
Telmerk,the Magician
0 1,751
I would I go about determining the magnetic field of a bar magnet experimentally? Any ideas?
Feb19-10 10:28 PM
6 2,787
I was trying to study a way of estimating the capacitance of a capacitor in a kelvin water dropper experiment. Is...
Feb18-10 03:49 AM
0 2,882
Hi, Would appreciate any help anyone has for me. I am building a physical pendulum of sort, which consists of a...
Feb18-10 06:55 AM
2 1,971
Hi, I'm making laminar fluid flow devices and want to be able to calculate the velocity as a function of distance...
Feb18-10 07:02 AM
0 10,664
Can anyone please tell me if it is necessary for an adiabatic process to be isothermal? Please explain with example.
Feb20-10 03:35 AM
5 4,829
Edit: Solved.
Feb18-10 08:51 PM
2 1,280
Imagine pushing a conducting loop (rectangular and rigid and perfectly conducting) into a magnetic field B. The loop...
Feb18-10 09:52 PM
Bob S
1 2,463
How much does the phase and position of the moon affect the weight of an object on the surface of the earth? For...
Feb18-10 08:59 PM
4 5,219
I am currently doing a material characterisation project and have performed a standard tensile test on a number of 304...
Feb20-10 10:56 AM
3 2,081
A comet is in an elliptical orbit around the Sun. Its closest approach to the Sun is a distance of 5e10 m (inside the...
Feb18-10 07:09 PM
2 1,150
So I understand how to draw velocity-time graph "from" distance graph and acceleration-time graph "from" velocity-time...
Feb19-10 03:32 AM
1 5,070
I am having trouble understanding a building collapse. According to NIST, on 9/11 WTC7 collapsed after fire weakened...
Feb19-10 11:58 PM
20 2,632
can someone plz explain to me physically how is it that when i have an AC source and i measure Voltage on a resistor...
Feb20-10 10:56 AM
2 2,646
I am confused a bit about fact that there is a decrease in pressure as velocity is increased which is the principle...
Feb20-10 04:37 AM
R Power
0 1,384
can someone please tell me what actually is lattice enthalpy. Is it energy released when one mole of bonds are broken...
Feb19-10 03:17 PM
Sunny Kumar
1 3,067
I often read or hear people making a big deal that we speed along on the surface of the Earth at about 1,000 miles an...
Feb19-10 08:18 PM
1 457
In a gas laser, an electron in the highest energy state absorbs photon for stimulated emission to occur, but now since...
Feb20-10 04:27 AM
Claude Bile
1 657
i've been cross-referencing different sources as to the exact definition of the electromotive force, and i keep...
Feb20-10 12:10 AM
0 1,897
When you define \vec F(\vec r) = \phi(r') (\vec r)/r Now U is usually denoted U(\vec r) = -\int_0^r \phi(r')...
Feb20-10 02:58 AM
2 562
So if you have an infinite sheet of charge at the location z = b, Poisson's equation reads \nabla^2 V =...
Feb20-10 07:30 AM
0 1,099

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