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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,702
So I'v been taught throughout highschool and now in college that a magnetic field has "lines of force". Also that they...
Feb2-10 11:17 AM
10 3,157
I am trying to figure out which way a spinning dinner plate (idealized as a disk) precesses when you toss it in the...
Feb5-10 07:51 PM
Bob S
20 5,248
I have asked and I have asked, an no one has yet answered. I'm pleased to have discovered this free meeting place...
Feb5-10 11:12 PM
26 7,979
Hi All When mixing water and oil, one produces an immiscible system of two liquid phases. Some cosmetic products for...
Feb3-10 04:30 PM
1 1,818
Hi, I am in Purcell's E&M book at the section explaining why the field is zero inside a hollow conductor of any...
Feb4-10 03:26 AM
3 2,885
I have been using Born and Wolf's Principles of Optics for a project but I don't quite understand the concept of...
Feb2-10 06:54 AM
3 2,198
In one of my undergrad books on physics is the example of a rail truck of mass M on a frictionless railroad moving at...
Feb1-10 10:05 AM
6 1,229
Greetings, In Feynman's lectures - vol. 2 either chap 19, 21 or 23 - I think 23 (I'm at work and don't have the...
Feb2-10 05:02 AM
5 1,947
I guess people who know can help. I know that the final formula should look like this: (OMEGA) = 4tan^(-1) , where...
Feb1-10 03:14 PM
1 631
Ok so i have the distance travelled of an object assuming air ressistance is 0 and the distance travelled with air...
Feb1-10 11:58 AM
Bob S
3 2,032
Hello. I am having trouble realizing the following relation holds in Lagrangian Mechanics. It is used frequently...
Feb5-10 04:33 PM
10 1,489
Hello! Can someone just guide me? I was calculating thermodynamic functions of some ions and a classmate showed me an...
Feb1-10 03:48 PM
0 3,510
I don't really know much about serious business electrostatics. I've only taken the AP Physics C E&M exam (using the...
Feb2-10 03:05 AM
1 1,742
OK, having some trouble wrapping my head around this so would appreciate some clarification. Let us say I had a...
Feb2-10 05:32 AM
Doc Al
4 1,024
Thinking in terms of the conservation of energy, it seems to make sense that if you took a relatively elastic rod with...
Feb2-10 04:18 AM
1 2,199
If my resonator is shorted at one end and has a partially transmitting grid at the other end is it correct to use S...
Feb2-10 08:56 AM
2 1,965
I could use a general discussion of magnetic helicity - beyond the Wikipedia blurb - its mathematical properties and...
Feb1-10 09:41 PM
0 645
we know that vector potential in a resonator satisfies the equation...
Feb2-10 06:50 AM
1 810
I have always thought centrifugal force existed. My physics teacher last year told me it doesn't. I did some research...
Feb5-10 03:08 PM
Newtons Clock
13 1,939
Hi..A disk A and disk b are rolling without slipping with same speed on a horizonal surface..Disc a rolls up an...
Feb3-10 12:37 PM
15 1,087
A 2.20 kg mass oscillates on a spring of force constant 250.0 N/m with a period of 0.615 s. Find the damping constant...
Feb2-10 04:55 PM
0 1,241
A 0.300 kg mass moving the end of a spring with force constant 2.50 N/m is acted on by a damping force F=-bv. If the...
Feb2-10 05:13 PM
0 764
Oh hello there! I have a question about the normal force! In my mechanics class we are CONSTANTLY told that the...
Feb3-10 07:17 PM
7 5,354
Hello, I have a question Lets say you have a container of water that weighs 10 pounds including the water/container...
Feb2-10 11:17 PM
1 760
For example, if one end of a rope is attached to a wall, and the other end is attached to the floor (at an angle), if...
Feb3-10 06:37 PM
5 1,758
Hello! Does anyone have a free ebook of Chemical Thermodynamic by Peter Rock A.?
Feb3-10 05:32 PM
10 2,685
I am checking through an essay on electromagnets and i think some sentences don't quite sound right. Maybe cos they...
Feb3-10 03:34 AM
0 1,023
Why are capacitors used to give pules of very high potential difference (for e.g. x)?...what's the advantage? The...
Feb4-10 11:52 AM
Bob S
5 2,162
i don't know what a homework problem is...i don't go to school..all i know is concepts are cleared when you think...
Feb4-10 01:47 PM
23 2,044
I want to find the motion of an electron in a spatially varying magnetic field using finite element analysis, and have...
Feb3-10 10:01 PM
Bob S
3 2,506
I am confused on how a centrifuge separates particles by density. In wikipedia, it says it accomplishes this according...
Feb3-10 10:52 PM
4 1,039
A battery doesn't work if you connect it negative to negative correct? It's not a proper circuit. Well, in Physics...
Feb5-10 05:57 PM
6 964
One of Maxwell's equations says that \nabla\cdot\vec{B}{=0} where B is any magnetic field. Then using the...
Feb5-10 08:18 AM
1 754
Mass on a string undergoing uniform circular motion by hand: I was taught that the centripetal force F = mV^2/R is...
Feb5-10 01:27 AM
7 9,772
Hi, I am preparing to Thermal Physics exam. , and I think there are some basic subjects which I don't understand: ...
Feb5-10 03:32 AM
10 3,340
Hi, I wanna know how high the flow rate trough a pipe is (outlet), but I only now the pressure difference (0.7MPa or...
Feb4-10 10:43 AM
2 14,528
So I have had a question running through my head for a while now. Can a magnetic field be projected??? I guess...
Feb5-10 11:44 AM
Bob S
2 1,678
I'm having problems understanding pressure reduction in valves. 1) If gas goes through an expansion valve,...
Feb5-10 02:58 PM
0 2,211
I know the definition of the electric dipole moment is given by \mu = -e x, where e is the charge of electron and x is...
Feb6-10 06:56 AM
1 1,508
Hi! Work is defined as dW = F\cdot dr so there is no work required to keep things spatially fixed in a...
Feb6-10 06:59 AM
10 1,022

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