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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,915
Okay, so my friends and I went snow tubing recently where the track was as such: _ ..\ ...\<---hill ...
Jan28-10 05:15 AM
11 1,716
Hi I hope someone can help. I am working on a gear train with an electric motor which was burnt out and I'm trying...
Jan25-10 07:34 AM
3 3,194
The Earth rotates in inertial space. The amount of rotational kinetic energy is enormous ... millions of mankind's...
Jan29-10 01:00 AM
15 2,362
I've been trying to search for this seminal paper on EM waves in stratified media. 'Investigations on the propagation...
Jan25-10 08:58 AM
2 1,857
Hi. My English is not perfect but I'll try my best. This is not a homework. It's a programming question for my...
Jan26-10 10:04 AM
7 1,788
I am trying to move water using a vacuum pump. I have a vacuum pump hooked up to a tank that has one inlet, one exit...
Jan25-10 02:09 PM
5 8,003
Hi, I'm trying to take this Sellmeier equation, n^2 (λ)=1+ (B_1 λ^2)/(λ^2-C_1 )+(B_2 λ^2)/(λ^2-C_2 )+(B_3...
Jan25-10 11:33 AM
1 2,761
Hello. I have a concern in relation to ray diagrams. So I read that the first incidence ray I draw must be parallel...
Jan26-10 10:47 PM
1 784
I'm reading up on the equations for electromagnets, and in looking over the Wikipedia page on the subject I'm...
Jan26-10 05:04 AM
0 2,906
If the electric field at a point drops off in intensity as the inverse ratio of the square of distance from the...
Jan26-10 05:59 AM
1 866
Let us consider sound (longitudinal) wave y=A.sin(\omegat-kx) See attachment for diagram Consider air column...
Jan27-10 02:03 AM
1 1,712
To resolve Gibbs paradox, Gibbs himself came up the idea to treat particles as indistinguishable. Since by then QM...
Jan30-10 01:16 AM
4 1,404
I am reading a paper that uses the term "spatial interference wavelength" and says its value for ice is (1.27 times...
Jan26-10 01:56 PM
0 1,266
Something has been bothering me recently regarding a diffusion problem. Consider a source of particles in a box,...
Jan27-10 05:54 PM
10 823
I'm currently working on a small classical simulation. Basically I have a plane of electrons reacting to a potential...
Jan26-10 08:27 PM
0 531
Hello all. I'm having trouble understanding why exactly it is that the simple work formula is defined both as change...
Jan26-10 11:43 PM
1 930
i have been studying on lagrangian dynamics. and got stuck at some point. normally on the systems that include mass...
Jan26-10 10:30 PM
0 591
hi, i have a question. if electric field is 20V/m for a 10 V parallel plates potential difference of distance...
Jan27-10 05:16 AM
2 617
Hello everybody.. If a particle has a very small velocity.. (about 10 ^ -40 m/s) .. does it really move ? or my...
Jan27-10 01:28 PM
6 1,371
Hi, Im currently working on a video game, and have come to an aspect that I'm very unsure about (I'm self taught in...
Jan27-10 04:58 PM
13 2,721
Imagine a sphere such that positive charge is evenly distributed throughout one hemisphere (not just on the surface)...
Jan28-10 11:39 AM
4 778
Hi, just to check which equation for Jd (the displacement current density) is correct: 1) Jd = ε0εr(dE/dt), or 2)...
Jan27-10 04:39 PM
2 868
Hey, When dealing with convex mirrors I know that the image will always be virtual,upright and diminished. So when im...
Jan28-10 05:01 AM
Doc Al
1 1,018
Hi, My mind has been blown up recently when I came across this thread:...
Jan28-10 05:53 PM
4 1,539
It just occured to me: when a travelling wave approaches a certain point in the medium, the point remains still. When...
Jan29-10 02:52 PM
3 910
Hi everybody. I am a mechanical engineer trying to do an electrical experiment. I wonder if anybody can help me with...
Jan28-10 07:07 PM
3 4,670
I know of the equations can be found here: And...
Jan29-10 05:46 AM
3 5,574
This is going to be a very elementary question, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it for whatever...
Jan28-10 05:56 PM
4 3,643
Hello all, 1) Does the universal gravitation law apply to every two particles in the universe, no matter how far...
Jan29-10 11:16 AM
The legend
2 883
What formula would one use to solve for delta d with regards to t, v1, a1, and constant J?
Jan28-10 11:38 PM
6 4,218
If there's no tail rotor, Will the body of helicopter naturally turn along with the main rotor (in the same direction)...
Jan29-10 05:01 PM
Tregg Smith
6 1,024
Ok, to begin with my background is in electronics -not physics or chemsitry, so please forgive me if I come across as...
Jan29-10 11:54 PM
3 1,693
I'm an HVAC engineer and my company has tasked me with researching a variety of water treatment products (for cooling...
Jan29-10 11:59 AM
Bob S
4 1,213
I used to know this stuff. How fast will a rock be going after falling 5 seconds in a vacuum? I'd also like to know...
Jan29-10 06:45 PM
3 859
I am confused about the KE = 1/2mv2 I was able to get v2=2as from it, by removing mass from each side you get as =...
Jan30-10 10:15 AM
Doc Al
3 858
Here is a esoteric problem that is totally unique in nature: Taylor Glacier, in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, hosts...
Jan29-10 11:07 PM
0 918
If we have a resonator composed of 2 partially transmitting mirrors/grids and we excite the resonator from one end,...
Jan30-10 06:07 AM
2 1,075
I am trying to get a "complete" picture of what happens in circuits. I know how to solve typical physics circuit...
Jan30-10 12:35 PM
0 1,953
Hi PFians I searched net for hours about understanding the concept of streamlines, streaklines and pathlines but I...
Jan30-10 11:14 AM
R Power
3 4,307
2 plane waves do 1 slit diffraction, one comes perpendicularly to the slit, the other with an angle theta. Rayleigh...
Jan30-10 11:06 AM
0 574

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