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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,718
Hello, A very basic question, with a bit of confusion. a ball hitting a wall which is not moving with velocity v...
Apr13-10 07:11 AM
Doc Al
9 7,038
ok, the qn is.. a ball is dropped from H height. it bounces with restitution e. hw much distance will it cover before...
Apr15-10 04:44 PM
9 5,156
This is a very quick question but in the equation e=1-Q_{C}/Q_{H} do we treat both Q's as positive even though...
Apr14-10 10:01 AM
5 1,226
Hello everybody! :D Im building a tesla coil for a science fair and needed some help with it. For the toroid, I got a...
Apr12-10 07:25 AM
5 2,759
the total amount of energy able to do work is the gibbs free energy of a reaction. dG=dH-TdS according to this...
Apr14-10 11:10 PM
13 2,172
Okay, so say that I stack three boxes, one on top of another. There is friction between all surface, including the...
Apr12-10 07:33 PM
jack action
3 3,606
I am trying to compute the amount of energy received by the Earth from the sun, by integrating over the Earth's...
Apr13-10 05:46 PM
2 660
I want to calculate the difference in temp between the bottom & top of a hot water tank, Presumably the height of the...
Apr12-10 09:52 AM
5 2,112
Hello, I have a simple question. Lets say we have a mechanical system with 2 degrees of freedom. Say the generalized...
Apr13-10 05:07 PM
11 1,577
I'm a bit confused about how the Lorentz Force (as a law) stands in relation to the laws of Maxwell (independent of...
Apr16-10 10:28 AM
14 2,197
I've been told for many years now that the speed of newtonian gravity is infinite. However, I've never received an...
Apr13-10 05:18 PM
9 1,463
Please explain in detail about toggle joint, especially about its mechanical advantage.
Apr14-10 10:25 AM
Ali Asadullah
1 2,675
If I have a gear system that consist of 2 gears that are meshed together the first has 16 teeth which is the driver...
Apr13-10 12:04 PM
13 2,441
If you compress a gas in a piston(a monoatomic perfect gas for instance), what is the equation that gives you the...
Apr12-10 09:36 AM
Andrew Mason
1 1,064
Trying to calculate the impact of an 8000 lb. truck moving at a rate of 55mph, hitting a 200 lb deer that is standing...
Apr12-10 05:12 PM
5 5,079
I just read a problem's on linear thermal expansion of soild...can anyone guide me says..." A...
Apr12-10 01:57 PM
1 994
Hi Is it me, or is the polarity on the voltmeter wrong for this mutual induction example. ...
Apr12-10 06:32 PM
2 792
I understand how to figure the magnetic field of an air core electromagnet, but apparently bitter magnets are slightly...
Apr14-10 06:40 PM
8 1,222
Hi everyone just wondering if someone could help me with a problem I'm having on a piece of work atm, I'm currently...
Apr12-10 08:44 PM
0 453
This is the first time I've ever been to this forum, so I'm hoping this is an appropriate place to post this. It's...
Apr14-10 05:29 PM
4 3,268
Hey all, just a quick question, what are localization modes for a 1D chain? I can't find anything on the...
Apr14-10 11:47 AM
0 591
I kind of understand Lenz's law but was wondering if anyone could tell me were does lenz's law acutally occur in...
Apr13-10 07:20 AM
1 632
Hi, I am a noob to physics trying to get a better understanding of rigid bodies. How do I calculate the torque,...
Apr13-10 03:17 PM
4 1,844
let dx=FdX, where F is the deformation gradient tensor and dx and dX are line elements in the current and reference...
Apr13-10 10:12 AM
0 522
I'm going over the notes from my thermodynamics course, with the aid of Feynman I (p44-12). Feynman uses the...
Apr16-10 09:23 AM
Count Iblis
59 3,404
The other day, I was arguing that a car traveling 70mph rear-ending a car traveling 55mph is the same as a car...
Apr13-10 05:32 PM
2 773
Hi all, The situation is this: I need to calculate the self inductance of two solenoids wired in series, of equal...
Apr15-10 03:36 PM
2 6,524
I'm confused by the definition of electric current. It is commonly defined as the time rate of change of charge...
Apr14-10 01:23 AM
4 2,147
Ok, I am writing a comic book that takes place on a city sized space station. I have planned for somewhere between...
Apr15-10 04:21 PM
Bob S
11 1,376
Hi, I'm having trouble understanding where the formula (appearing in my notes or Wikipedia) comes from. One can...
Apr13-10 04:59 PM
1 1,571
I was in the shop the other day cutting holes out of a 20inx20inx.25in piece of plywood and I noticed that the hole...
Apr14-10 06:11 AM
0 1,044
does the shape of electric field lines change from being sinosidal away from the oscillating charge? please see...
Apr14-10 08:57 AM
tasnim rahman
0 1,107
Why is the magnetic field outside a conductor zero?
Apr14-10 09:53 AM
1 945
As you know some trucks (tankers) always have a chain or wire underneath to discharge electricity. My question is...
Apr14-10 11:53 AM
11 850
Almost everything is clear to me as far as the reason for the precession of a bicycle wheel suspended by a string from...
Apr14-10 01:06 PM
2 1,843
The problem was to give the charge distribution of a uniformly charged disk of radius R centered at the origin and...
Apr16-10 01:43 AM
3 2,604
Let's say that L=((1/2)m*v^2-V(x))*f(t), or something similar. What are the equations of motion? For time...
Apr15-10 05:25 AM
0 1,364
Hi, I have a motor home that rocks quite a bit when entering driveways, speed bumps, etc. I've added some mods...
Apr15-10 08:26 PM
0 1,080
In general the electronic susceptibility, χ, is a function of frequency and is complex for a dielectric medium. So...
Apr16-10 06:42 PM
1 1,280
I am considering the equivilence between Biot-Savart's Law and Ampere's Law for a current loop. The form of the...
Apr16-10 03:12 PM
1 1,702

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