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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,661
What happens if a human was to be a immediately exposed to a vacuum, such as that in space? from what i understand...
Jan26-04 10:11 AM
8 1,629
If a rock is dropped off a sea cliff, and the sound of it striking the water is heard 3.4 seconds later, how high is...
Feb2-04 03:35 PM
14 1,721
When it comes to doing pull-ups (or chin-ups) does difficulty depend on where the individual's center of mass is?...
Jan25-04 09:42 PM
Julian Solos
28 5,788
So what is it? This is not a homework question. But I anticipate a good discussion.
Jan23-04 05:50 PM
23 13,023
Hi all. My understanding of physics is...well not so good. I have a question or three that I'll try to relate...
Jan31-04 06:40 AM
9 8,435
This is the same equipotential lines thread that you may have read in the Linear and Abstract Algebra. I have...
Jan19-04 02:15 PM
6 2,951
Hi Im making a racing game for the XBox, I need some info on the following Gears, Gear Ratio and Acceleration,...
Jan14-04 01:57 PM
19 3,871
This problem is bugging me, and I know that those far more knowlegable than I can help lift me out of my ignorance: ...
Jan19-04 02:05 PM
3 2,251
We all know that torque = force x lever arm, through education and experience, but I can't recall ever being taught an...
Jan19-04 07:18 AM
8 1,233
I understand that if you drop a cannonball from a hole drilled through the earth from pole-to-pole, the ball would...
Jan30-04 09:58 AM
7 3,657
How much force do you think a charging horseman would deliver with a lance? Given that a canter speed is...
Jan21-04 03:07 PM
4 1,932
Problem: A car starts from rest and moves along a straight line with an acceleration of a=(3s^-1/3)m/sec^2, where s is...
Jan14-04 03:12 PM
5 3,648
I am currnetly trying to model a coil winding process but I am not having much success as of yet. the process involves...
Jan14-04 02:18 PM
0 4,782
can canyone here help me with this physics problem: Air moving at 11.0 m/s in a steady winds encounters a windmill...
Jan15-04 03:46 PM
1 1,618
Ok I am not especially knowledgeable in thermodynamics or physics so I am sure the answer to this is quite simple....
Jan16-04 03:03 PM
11 1,453
Why is momentum conserved?
Jan20-04 06:06 PM
20 2,143
The people on this forum where so helpful with my last problems that I'm posting again! Here are the two I'm having...
Jan18-04 05:19 PM
jimmy p
2 1,991
Jan25-04 01:50 PM
21 5,035
can anyone help me derive the moment of inertia for a rectangular plate, area of ab, (with the axis through the...
Jan21-04 01:32 PM
3 10,587
Suppose you are riding a motorcycle at a constant speed v and about to enter a level, circular, curve of radius r. You...
Jan22-04 02:31 PM
Julian Solos
0 8,481
Can someone explain how the evaluate the summation over k EijkE lmk(which contains 3 terms) by considering the result...
Jan20-04 10:40 PM
0 1,445
In addition to the question in I have a few other queries...
Jan21-04 01:51 PM
3 1,945
I need to do a practical about a yoyo. We made a video (somebody keeps te jojo from teh ground a certain height...
Jan24-04 11:09 AM
9 2,775
I want to be able the calculate the mutual resistance between two wires, where one wire is horizontal and the other is...
Jan23-04 01:28 PM
2 5,477
Does anybody know? The basics? A procedure? Anything i'll be glad with anybody's advice. Thank you.
Jan23-04 01:21 PM
2 8,192
I'm doing a physics portion of an International Baccalaureate (IB) Group IV project. I'm supposed to prepare a short...
Jan23-04 09:50 PM
2 2,019
A ring-shaped conductor with radius a=.029 m has a total positive charge Q=1.35x10^-9 C uniformly distributed around...
Jan25-04 02:02 AM
1 1,032
There was this problem regarding Latent Heat that I would like further clarification: Problem: 200g of ice at...
Jan25-04 05:35 PM
6 1,131
Here an electric field problems I'm struggling with: Positive charge Q is uniformly distributed around a semicircle...
Jan25-04 01:57 AM
7 16,501
c = 0.182772277 cal/g * C What type of substance is it? it's not glass.
Jan29-04 02:04 AM
4 2,053
Here's the problem: To measure the heat capacity of an object, all you usually have to do is put it in thermal...
Jan27-04 09:07 PM
2 8,119
Can someone help me get started on this question?: In a Diesel engine, atmospheric air is quickly compressed to...
Jan28-04 09:37 AM
4 1,765
I understand the definition of resonance as the ability of sound to cause another medium to vibrate thereby amplifying...
Jan29-04 04:06 PM
0 1,039
I need equations for Isothermal compressibility & Volume expansitivity in terms of temperature and pressure. Please...
Jan27-04 09:28 PM
2 5,538
Self-evidently from the question i'm about to ask i'm a beginner at physics... what are the laws of thermodynamics?...
Jan27-04 11:48 AM
2 2,652
If some dude jumps into the ocean from a 10m diving board so that when he makes contact with the water F=-mg + cv^2...
Jan29-04 06:19 AM
1 1,271
I have made an small application of a railgun. It looks simple but I don't get its principle involved here. On a...
Jan29-04 07:42 PM
2 2,318
A metal bar with a length of 2m has a density of 6000 kg/m^3 . Longitudinal sound waves travel from one end of the...
Jan29-04 10:40 AM
0 1,915
I work with computer graphics as a hobby, and I want to create a system to model a cluster of bubbles. Has this been...
Feb4-04 06:31 PM
1 1,771
Hi guys, can someone recommend a good physic textbook/review book? Im very iffy on some of the physical concepts. I...
Feb3-04 07:21 AM
1 3,571

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