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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,270
SETUP A Young experiment is set up using a continuous laser source of monochromatic plane waves with wavelength...
Feb26-04 12:20 PM
2 1,463
hi. i have worked through the mechanics and waves/optics portions of halliday/resnick/walker "fundamentals of...
Mar1-04 01:45 PM
6 3,012
I am posting this here because I have not been able to find the answer anywhere else. I know some of you might find...
Feb29-04 07:35 PM
9 3,041
A simple question. I though Maxwell said that : 1. The change of electric field generates magnetic field. 2....
Mar6-04 10:19 AM
17 4,554
hi guys i was just wondering what the relationship between the weight and stretch length of rubber is. And also why...
Feb26-04 06:21 PM
21 3,340
hello, i have an assinment that requries puting an egg directly on it gravity center. 1. how can i find it`s...
Feb28-04 10:24 AM
5 4,157
What exactly is energy? Also, is heat just an effect caused by particles having a lot of kinetic energy?
Feb28-04 04:24 AM
4 897
Hey everyone, I'm doing a lab for engineering class, and I'm having a little trouble with a part of it. The lab was...
Feb27-04 03:01 AM
4 5,510
I'm having difficulty understanding the temporal symmetry of entropy described in Fabric of the Cosmos. The increase...
Feb28-04 05:54 PM
brain pickeR
4 2,157
positive charges are sources of electric field and -ve charges are sink. what are sources and sink of gravitational...
Feb29-04 09:59 AM
10 3,240
In gauss' law, is E necessarily attributed to the charge q?
Feb28-04 02:53 PM
2 1,552
Hi all a few days ago a friend of mine show my this experiment, that i cant explain he took a rectangular ceramic...
Mar1-04 06:02 PM
juan avellaneda
6 2,124
Hi everyone, I'am trying to find the formulas of the mutual inductance of an one single layer coil (the cross...
Mar2-04 01:00 PM
9 6,087
This question appeared in the physics exam yesterday and I'm not sure what is the correct answer. The figure shows...
Mar7-04 08:10 AM
Doc Al
3 1,687
This is about the system and the surroundings. I am not sure whether the signs are correct: When the system is...
Mar3-04 03:04 PM
3 1,831
will plasma retain a electro-magnetic charge after conduction? And if so any ideas as to the strength of the charge?
Mar5-04 03:15 PM
2 1,236
I was setting up a Michelson Interferometer the other day & was trying to adjust it so the movable & fixed paths are...
Mar14-04 07:03 PM
5 2,828
Greetings, I recently ordered "Mechanics", by Landau. It was recommened by my Classical Mechanics professor, and I...
Mar9-04 06:41 AM
1 2,249
The first law only applies if the system is isolated, i.e. it cannot lose energy to surroundings. How then, is the...
Mar16-04 08:03 AM
7 1,665
My textbook says electric potential (a scalar quantity) can be added together instead of vectorially adding the...
Mar4-04 08:18 PM
Doc Al
13 3,462
I would like to know what is(are) the unit(s) of measurement for the magnetic fields of permanent magnets, and what is...
Mar17-04 01:13 PM
2 1,646
We've been set the question of- In an isothermal expansion, and ideal gas at initial pressure Po expands until its...
Mar7-04 10:06 AM
3 2,766
Did any one think of or have answered this question? When we spin a rigid metal disk, shouldn't the atom at the...
Mar15-04 01:55 AM
Michael D. Sewell
6 2,211
the concept of electric field lines are came into existence to satisfy the special theory of relativity which implies...
Mar6-04 11:21 AM
2 1,649
I have got a problem here: I was given this: A 125W heater and a thermometer are immersed in 0.6kg of oil in a...
Mar9-04 02:52 AM
4 1,431
Two spheres are perfectly vertically alligned and falling towards the ground. They are separated by a small distance....
Mar7-04 08:04 PM
4 1,444
I'm learning classical mechanics right now, and I have a question about the "initial definition" of the Lagrange...
Mar12-04 12:54 PM
10 17,811
When we connect two points at different potentials in a cell with a conductor, we will have a circuit and charge will...
Mar12-04 08:56 AM
speeding electron
2 1,383
I'd like some comments on some things mentioned in another forum, if you would. Thanks.
Mar11-04 05:42 AM
1 1,089
I was wondering if anybody knows or has any ideas as to why the force on a charge as it moves through a magnetic field...
Mar12-04 12:47 PM
2 3,307
Hi there, the Focault compass its supposed to be a fast spinning disk that keeps pointing to the earth north the...
Mar14-04 06:31 PM
3 1,480
I'm buildind a hover craft for a Physics project. I have built it, and am need ing to calculate how much thrust my...
Mar14-04 09:45 PM
1 1,806
I have a somewhat simple question, that I for some reason can't figure out.. suppose you have a circuit with a...
Mar13-04 09:50 AM
Doc Al
4 1,463
It is possible for a free body to make rotational motion with the effect of one only force?
Mar14-04 03:54 PM
2 2,488
Hi all, I have a question on the movement of a point on a sphere. Consider a point P(\theta,\phi) (\theta ...
Mar17-04 06:46 PM
4 3,573
How can I produce a net translational force on a ferromagnet?
Mar21-04 03:01 AM
Adrian Baker
5 1,709
A cylinder is rolling on an inclined plane. We now that friction force does no work. But when we consider the pure...
Mar16-04 01:44 PM
Doc Al
3 6,703
Im having trouble with a question I have to answer, It's not so much the answer I want but im having trouble...
Mar17-04 06:52 PM
1 2,910
For my mechanics, I am trying to model the flight of an objected released from an angled slide, which slides (not...
Mar19-04 02:06 AM
3 2,117
hello all!:smile: I have a question about electromagnetism. The question is "Can the back emf ever be greater than...
Mar21-04 10:00 PM
2 5,052

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