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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,749
Since Newton's times, many people (including Newton himself, I think) have felt dissatisfaction with the theory of...
Aug16-13 08:26 PM
king vitamin
12 1,535
hello :) let's look at the following functions: Langevin function L(x)=ctgh(x)-1/x Brillouin function B(x)=f(x...
Aug17-13 04:55 PM
1 1,000
Its been many years since i studied mechanics at school and I need to know how to calculate the force applied to a...
Aug14-13 10:50 AM
5 991
Hey, Got into a discussion with my friends over this: If you spin in your chair clockwise, since the earth spins...
Aug15-13 05:16 PM
7 718
Hello everyone. I'm really struggling to simulate a cavity problem. My goal is to be able to know what's going...
Aug14-13 08:37 AM
3 374
Basically my question is this: could we, in principle, formulate all of classical electromagnetic theory purely in...
Aug15-13 04:08 PM
Jano L.
7 606
My friends and I have thought about this for a few years now and still can't come to a conclusion. If an electronic...
Aug15-13 03:38 PM
2 397
Consider a unit volume (rigid walled container of surface area S) containing N molecules with diameter d, having a...
Aug15-13 02:52 PM
4 485
A ball is attached with a string on the side. When the string is pulled up, static friction accelerates the ball...
Aug17-13 08:56 AM
7 758
In the absence of external forces, the electric field inside a conductor is supposed to go to zero. This is because if...
Aug15-13 03:27 PM
4 442
I am watching Susskind's derivation of Newton's F=ma from the Euler-Lagrange equations (53 minutes in) here...
Aug14-13 02:50 PM
15 964
What's the difference between impulse and momentum ? When do we use impulse or when do we say a body has impulse ?
Aug17-13 02:00 PM
7 1,087
In case of a transmission line consisting of two wires in parallel (aka Balanced line) the characteristic impedance Z0...
Aug17-13 04:43 AM
38 1,291
I am having a hard time figuring out how to calculate the velocity of a mass in a spring-mass system with respect to...
Aug14-13 08:24 AM
2 561
I want to calculate the vibrational energy of vibrating water drops. To start with I assume water is inviscid. The...
Aug14-13 07:17 AM
0 289
Hi, could anyone help me understand the permittivity of free space in Gauss's Law: \Phi = q/\epsilon0 If you...
Aug15-13 02:20 PM
2 360
Lets say an archer shoots an arrow or a gun fires a bullet, why is it that a lighter objects (arrow and a bullet) gain...
Aug15-13 01:42 PM
36 1,040
This is something I don't relly get. I keep reading that the intensity of a wave is proportional to the square of its...
Aug14-13 04:51 PM
2 319
Hello, I'm studying The Theory of Polymer Dynamics by Doi and Edwards and on page 98 there is a tensor, defined as a...
Aug14-13 08:48 AM
2 382
I'm looking for an equation similar to the change in forward momentum equation: Δmv=f*Δt But for angular...
Aug15-13 10:59 PM
6 616
In many textbooks, a proof is provided where the work output of a super-efficient heat engine is provided to a carnot...
Aug14-13 09:06 AM
Andrew Mason
3 442
So I'm having a very difficult time understanding how motor driven rollers are able to create different tension zone...
Aug16-13 12:53 PM
7 384
Hello! I have a few doubts in circular motion and I'd really appreciate your help :) 1) There is a statement in my...
Aug17-13 09:00 AM
5 462
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum for my question as I actually am studying this as part of electrical...
Aug16-13 08:38 AM
Claude Bile
5 382
Hej Guys, I am just wondering. See the picture. If I put 5kg on...
Aug15-13 02:35 PM
4 392
Firstly, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so if I've posted to the wrong place or somehow violated a...
Aug17-13 03:05 PM
5 474
Hey ya'll! I've come to the Physics Forum when I needed help with homework, but only to observe. This is my first...
Aug16-13 01:59 AM
0 347
i am a junior physics student; i have already been exposed to the equation many times. Now i am more interested in...
Aug17-13 11:10 AM
Philip Wood
4 434
i have an intuition of electric field lines, and force. All quantities yielded from an operation between two...
Aug16-13 05:28 PM
4 471
I am struggling with a derivation that calculates the cross sections for Mie scattering and since the incident light...
Aug16-13 05:02 AM
0 263
Hello, I was playing with single mass point classical mechanics, when I realized that the dot product of the...
Aug17-13 08:05 AM
3 454
helo, I have a couple of forces described in f''(t), and the f'(t) yields a momentum vector plane like pic: ...
Aug16-13 11:20 PM
2 307
Hi guys, I'm wondering if I roll a barrel which rolls without slipping down an inclined plane vs. a barrel which...
Aug17-13 02:39 PM
5 407
This is rather strange and has been bugging me, from chapter 22 (Electric fields) of Resnick & Halliday: So suppose...
Aug17-13 07:39 PM
5 412
Hi guys, Heard an interview question from a friend, the guy asked him what happens to a disk with internal radius r...
Aug18-13 08:48 AM
2 267
Hi all, what do you understand by a hard-point gas?, I mean in terms of its hamiltonian. Thanks in advance.
Aug18-13 05:10 PM
3 297
Hello everyone obviously smarter than I. There is an answer I seek, to a project that is willing to be done. I'm...
Aug18-13 08:54 AM
Vanadium 50
7 356
Hey guys, I was just stuck on this idea. I know that in the classical sense, light or any kind of electromagnetic...
Aug18-13 05:55 PM
5 427
Hello, if I think of the harmonic oscillator action S = ∫L dt, L = 1/2 (dx/dt)^2 - 1/2 x^2, and then of the...
Aug18-13 02:14 PM
0 303
Hello everyone, What does it mean if I integrate Newton's law of universal gravitation with respect to r. F=...
Aug18-13 07:28 PM
4 430

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