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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,882
What is the exact effect that metal has on rf (any electromagnetic waveform)? Is it attenuation, reflection,...
May20-13 10:19 AM
9 530
I'm taking a first year physics course and have been having a little trouble with the basics of newtons laws and...
May22-13 01:35 AM
6 725
In circuits, we have no problem saying that the voltage difference between two point is \cos(\omega t), but what does...
May21-13 08:20 AM
8 1,349
I have a few questions pertaining to some concepts in electrostatics, I'd be grateful if someone would help me out. ...
May22-13 01:27 PM
9 1,089
Which has the least entropy? A 1kg diamond vs 1kg living organism I've gather that living things are generally...
May20-13 06:13 AM
11 905
Hello all, I am working on a science project based upon paper, and I have chosen the affect of friction between two...
May21-13 11:38 AM
15 1,034
Hi fellow members!!! I would like to ask a silly question because my basic concepts are quit weak. Since according to...
May22-13 06:29 AM
8 1,267
Yesterday I got fascinated by the camera recordings on the Atlantis Space Shuttle....
May21-13 03:24 PM
10 850
what is the mechanism by which light changes its speed and wavelength while travelling from one medium to other. I...
May20-13 01:43 AM
2 353
Hello Dear Fellows! We all know that light is an electromagnetic wave and also we know that...
May20-13 01:41 PM
8 705
I am having few doubts while studying electric field which i am putting here Suppose there is a spherical metallic...
May20-13 10:16 AM
Simon Bridge
15 938
Hi ! I've been working about assignments problems and how to solve them. I will have to do a presentation about it...
May20-13 06:43 AM
Simon Bridge
4 590
I have been looking at mass spectrometers, in particular the interactions between the Bf ind of a charged particle in...
May21-13 09:03 PM
8 668 Can anyone help to explain what is going on here? What are all the variables that might...
May20-13 07:02 AM
0 401
When I look at a distant light source (like car headlights, or street lamp lights) I notice colors of the visible...
May20-13 03:17 AM
2 386
Let's say I have a circuit consisting only of a finite number of batteries and resistors, all ideal. Given an...
May22-13 07:41 AM
10 863
Hello Can anyone tell me how the absorption of a polystyrene nanoparticles scales as a function of its diameter. ...
May20-13 12:06 PM
2 395
there are two points A and C having a finite potential difference.they are connected by a wire of non zero...
May20-13 07:34 AM
3 703
In my physics book there is an example of making a square wave by "simply" summing up a few cosine waves. The book...
May20-13 03:58 PM
5 845
During electrostatic induction,a posivitiely charged body is brought near to a uncharged body.During this uncharged...
May20-13 07:57 AM
2 401
I have been looking for a better way to power my electromagnet than a bunch of AA batteries, and am now thinking of...
May22-13 02:22 AM
3 631
Hello, I was wondering if there is a conceptual explanation for when current leads voltage or vice versa for...
May22-13 04:43 PM
3 587
Given some chemical reaction, A+B -> C+D (all are ideal gases) that occures in 298K and 1 atm. why can't I...
May21-13 12:07 PM
6 560
I am doing a paper on the physics in Valve's Portal and got interested in the "Long Fall Boots" that prevent any...
May22-13 01:58 AM
2 1,127
Virtual work principle states: δW = \sum^{N}_{i=1}\vec{F}_{i}\centerdot δ\vec{r}_{i} And from this, we can see...
May21-13 02:46 AM
2 523
I'm kind of rushing through first year physics cause im doing it self paced, but I am realizing now that as an...
May20-13 06:43 PM
2 345
I have a question about solenoids. The formula for the magnetic field energy density is: ...
May22-13 10:08 AM
6 843
i) If a wall breaks when it gets hit by a cannonball, did the wall exert an equal and opposite force on the...
May21-13 04:58 PM
3 597
I've been mulling this over all weekend, and I've decided to get some help on this. The problem is writing a function...
May20-13 07:25 PM
4 620
I'm modeling a single 3D rigid body in preparation for some more complicated modeling in order to gain a better...
May22-13 06:56 AM
5 1,365
Hello, I am wondering, what is the physical interpretation of the angular frequency of AC voltage? I don't see the...
May20-13 08:40 PM
1 734
Any experts on Griffith's fracture theory? I am studying the subject and I am having hard time finding out if the...
May21-13 01:19 AM
0 402
How is it that bubbles form on the bottom of a surface of a pot of boiling water? I think that there is probably...
May21-13 10:26 PM
9 1,419
Hi. I'm having some difficult in understanding something about the dipole term in a multipole expansion. Griffiths...
May21-13 08:09 PM
1 504
I wanted to mention that this solenoid has many winds over many layers. The thickness of the windings is 2.4 inches...
May22-13 08:10 PM
0 472
Can we convert energy to matter?
May21-13 08:49 PM
velocity boy
12 1,330
I'm having some difficulty understanding exactly what the difference between the definitions of these values are. As I...
May22-13 05:25 AM
0 576
Hello everyone, A friend of mine came up with this question in class and I really do not have a good answer. ...
May22-13 05:15 PM
4 1,074
A rough sketch of experiment. the red dots represent a side view of path...
May22-13 04:45 PM
3 548
what are the differences? Every example I find usually has a derivative or integral or some kind of calculus defined...
May22-13 06:44 PM
4 774

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