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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,261
Hello everybody, i wanted to ask what changes when i unite two magnets ?? except from the dimensions does...
May13-13 07:06 AM
Simon Bridge
3 355
In a free-fall problem, 9.8 m/s^2 works fine as long as you stay close to the earth. However, if you are falling from...
May12-13 10:43 PM
Simon Bridge
1 571
why is it when you stack two blocks on each other that the top box with mass M_t has a normal force of M_t and a...
May11-13 03:56 PM
4 590
I was reading Feynman's Lecture on Physics, chapter 28, where he mentioned the formula for the electric field...
May12-13 03:23 PM
2 313
I understand how to work with vectors but I am not yet very confident on how they work or think about them. I am...
May12-13 05:51 PM
10 613
when we need to find the direction of radial velocity should we move our right hand from the omega (angular frequency)...
May13-13 08:49 AM
4 603
Hi, I understand that some physical quantities in electromagnetism are analogous to physical quantities in heat...
May12-13 04:35 PM
4 774
Second law of thermodynamics states that heat does not flow spontaneously from cold to hot bodies. But a cool...
May14-13 10:58 AM
Andrew Mason
8 978
Is it true that all thermostatics and thermodynamics can be deduced from the supossition that entropy S for all...
May12-13 05:09 AM
0 311
I have built a new electromagnet, my second one so far, in an attempt to make it better. I am trying to find its...
May13-13 06:59 AM
4 501
I am study chapter 5 of An Introduction to Thermal Physics by Schroeder and I am having trouble understanding his...
May12-13 03:35 AM
1 3,102
Hi, I have a generic question about solving kinematic problems using simple calculus. For eg. A variable force...
May12-13 03:45 PM
3 854
I'm confused about the condition for spontaneity for the Helmholtz energy. My textbook (McQuarrie, "Physical...
May11-13 11:02 PM
Jano L.
11 563
We all know that there is a force between them. But I wonder... if electrons in both wires are moving with the same...
May12-13 01:40 PM
3 432
Hi all, I want to use SPH discretization for my cooling rate but i don't know if its valid. So, this is the...
May14-13 08:57 AM
0 343
Does the electric polarization density of a dielectric inside a capacitor have the same direction as the electrical...
May11-13 09:23 AM
1 402
Hi all I have a situation where i have a molten Aluminium Copper alloy melt poured in a mould to be solidified....
May14-13 02:43 PM
2 468
0k i know net force on a body is defined as mass times acceleration of the body w.r.t inertial frame, but how do we...
May12-13 02:45 AM
8 611
big G = G = 6.674E-11 N(m/Kg)^2 Mass of earth = Me = 5.972E24 Kg Radius of earth = Rsurface = Rs = 6.371E6...
May12-13 04:51 AM
4 664
In the mathematics of Calculus, a basic requirement is that the system or function should be continuous. Until the...
May14-13 10:19 AM
3 380
Hi, Recently I came across an annular permanent magnet (round magnet with a hole in it) which had fallen and broken...
May12-13 05:33 AM
6 842
Coriolis effect - In a non-friction system, f I roll something along the surface of the planet from on of the poles to...
May12-13 08:00 AM
6 466
Does the distance traveled by an object sliding down an incline plane pertain to the base or the hypotenuse of the...
May13-13 02:43 PM
3 425
This is probably a simple question, but here is a little background from which to view the problem. A cellphone tower...
May13-13 03:02 PM
1 432
Im looking to do some projects with permanent magnets. I dont have access to a gaussmeter and i'm wondering if...
May11-13 10:24 AM
2 481
Hey guys, I want to know if I have an equation on thrust correct. I figured whats the acceleration as a function of...
May11-13 01:23 PM
9 910
Hello everyone, I am a recent horticulture graduate and as such, I take a long time figuring out physics...
May11-13 12:07 PM
0 437
For a monoatomic ideal gas, if ##c_v## is constant then the internal energy is worth ##U=\frac{3nRT}{2}##. This is a...
May11-13 10:24 PM
6 811
First of all, if you have a generator with an open circuit, and you are pedal powering it, where does the energy go? I...
May12-13 09:08 PM
7 1,399
I am revisiting a topic discussed in earlier threads, because I feel the answers given there are either...
May12-13 06:46 AM
Jano L.
5 999
Let's say you have a strong spherical neodymium magnet (for the purposes of this example, let's give it a 1 cm...
May13-13 05:20 AM
2 658
This might be a bit philosophical, but is this just from experiment? that for a really really smooth surface, people...
May14-13 08:07 AM
14 1,152
Hi, I am trying to design a lens system with 20 degrees FOV that can focus light onto an image plane that is 0.2 mm...
May13-13 01:45 AM
0 282
Is the laser perfect monochromatic light source?
May11-13 03:53 PM
Andy Resnick
2 874
The Legendre transformation creates a new function which contains the same information as the old, but is of a...
May11-13 05:36 AM
16 13,830
Hi all, My question concerns the theory of how super resolution microscopy causes a frequency shift to allow...
May14-13 07:58 AM
3 665
I've read a lot about the mole , avogadro's no. , molecular mass and such , but I can't seem to understand anything ,...
May12-13 02:13 PM
10 904
I just noticed that torque has dimensions of energy! What does that mean?
May11-13 05:45 AM
3 560
I understand the Gibbs Free Energy equation that was drilled into us in Chemistry class but not even my teacher could...
May11-13 09:56 PM
11 1,044
Hi all, I have a question about airy patterns and how these determine resolution in images. So to increase...
May14-13 07:33 AM
10 986

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