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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,498
Could I please have help with something: If I generated hydrogen via electrolysis from water, sent it high up a long...
Jun11-13 05:46 PM
43 2,558
Hi to all, i will appreciate your help in this. This is the situation: I have a tank, with a water column in it....
Jun14-13 09:48 AM
28 1,585
I have always treated friction as 'opposing' force rather than motion, either at its limit or to maintain equilibrium....
Jun13-13 09:54 AM
17 4,087
Hello everybody! This is my first thread and I'm just kind of discovering the forum. If I should make a presentation...
Jun12-13 10:42 AM
2 1,224
¿ What is heat, really, is the energy that in summatory of energies can´be written in function of temperature? It...
Jun12-13 02:21 PM
28 2,536
What is the key reason? I mean if you think about it, poles are just something we create to distinct the magnetic...
Jun12-13 12:12 AM
2 734
Does anyone out there know how I can calculate the magnetic dipole moment of a simple bar magnet? Or any kind of...
Jun11-13 03:50 AM
Jano L.
10 1,936
I'm looking at a general problem in which a skier is going downhill. I understand 'mathematically' how the mass will...
Jun12-13 10:21 PM
18 1,307
Hi, I'm trying to use image charges to find the force that apply on the following particle (on the attachment) ,...
Jun10-13 05:25 AM
2 408
Hey forum I need to ask for a link to a page for Variable density or preferably an explanation from someone who...
Jun10-13 01:02 PM
2 520
I just learnt vectors as a prerequisite to learning mechanics and I have a few doubts:- 1) For 1D motion, there are...
Jun11-13 09:44 AM
17 1,113
I found the answer already. Please delete this post. Thanks
Jun10-13 04:00 AM
0 446
Hello all, I am in need of understanding of magnetic fields. More specifically i was wondering exactly why there is...
Jun10-13 07:44 PM
1 516
What cases can the hall effect happen? While reading this source. It states : "This is most evident in a thin flat...
Jun11-13 06:48 AM
Simon Bridge
1 493
Hi, I'm considering the case of diffraction by an object, with dimensions far smaller than the wavelenght of the...
Jun13-13 03:15 AM
2 366
Hi all, I'm a complete novice when it comes to describing images in frequency space and i understand that it is a...
Jun12-13 11:20 AM
4 528
I've read recently about systems with the ability to reach negative temperature: where entropy decreases as energy...
Jun11-13 07:37 PM
6 530
I get that they have to be at the same position relative to the earth but why is it that they have to be...
Jun11-13 04:31 PM
5 1,054
Hello, I would like to share a cool experiment... but not yet experimented for me. Suppose you have a ball of metal...
Jun12-13 09:58 PM
Simon Bridge
4 594
Reading in Russian sources I see they use ballistic coefficients such as these: BC = 3.0 kg/m^2 or alternatively...
Jun12-13 09:59 AM
Simon Bridge
1 613
A typical evaporative cooler works by pumping water from a reservoir in the bottom on the cooler onto fiber pads. A...
Jun11-13 05:44 PM
1 441
Given a general solution to the fixed-end two-mass coupled harmonic...
Jun11-13 05:12 PM
0 400
I understand that too long of a time scale won't resolve an event clearly, and too much has the risk of exciting...
Jun12-13 01:45 AM
Simon Bridge
5 593
Hello all, In the equation V= apd/Ln(pd)+b as described by Paschens law regarding breakdown voltage, I was...
Jun12-13 02:00 PM
1 485
Hi everyone, I was just wondering about this... If I tie a balloon outside a car, using a moderately long string,...
Jun13-13 10:39 PM
16 900
in waves and oscillations i read that any bounded medium oscillates in a particular freuency...why is it so?i need a...
Jun12-13 10:12 AM
3 479
First off, just clarify that I have a very, very superficial knowledge of Physics, so my apologies if my question is...
Jun12-13 03:40 PM
3 631
Hello everyone, looking around I have faith that the members of this forum will be able to point me in the right...
Jun13-13 12:49 PM
Alfred Cann
4 519
I'm trying to wrap my head around how a rolling and slipping sphere would be behave on an incline (with an angle of θ)...
Jun13-13 06:37 AM
1 525
I am designing a Helmholtz Coil with radius 0.5m with 20 gauge Copper wire having 1000 turns. The power generated by...
Jun12-13 03:03 PM
0 345
Hi everyone, I would like to program water thermodynamic properties in C, C++ or Matlab in order to model a steam...
Jun12-13 09:16 PM
0 413
Hi all: I have been wondering: picture a cylinder sitting above a sheet of sand paper, assume static friction...
Jun14-13 08:15 PM
4 539
What is the best way to calculate the coherence length of a laser?
Jun14-13 11:11 AM
Claude Bile
1 409
Hi, Stupid question: the Navier-Stokes equations, do they only consist of the equations for a statement of the...
Jun13-13 01:43 PM
1 755
Hi Can somebody tell me the steps and assumptions made in deriving the equation to calculate the wind velocity around...
Jun14-13 03:07 AM
0 324
Hello, I'm working on a small scale parabolic trough concentrator project to generate electricity. This...
Jun14-13 03:23 AM
0 433
Hi... I was looking at the problem of a particle in a Coulomb field in three dimensions. Time-translation...
Jun14-13 11:22 PM
0 424
I've been studying electric fields in class for some time and one thing is seemingly contradictory and really confuses...
Jun14-13 03:54 PM
3 449
I'm sorry if I may be asking an unanswerable question here, but i've looked all through the forums and the internet to...
Jun14-13 09:18 PM
2 538
So I understand that Reynolds number is the ratio of intertial forces to viscous forces but how exactly does this...
Jun14-13 10:46 PM
2 548

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