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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,151
Hi all, two questions. I don't have a physics background (but have a decent mathematical background, and have dabbled...
Dec12-10 07:37 AM
17 2,909
I am a bit confused about the derivation of Planck impedance and why 29.9792458 ohms is a bound for anything... (I...
Dec12-10 04:20 AM
0 773
I wonder whether Dirac explanation of paradox of negative energy solutions of his equation is viable. Of course this...
Dec12-10 12:30 AM
1 982
Hi Say I use my Hamiltonian to find some propagator G(\uparrow,\omega). Now I wish to find G(\downarrow,\omega)....
Dec11-10 09:38 AM
0 780
Say we have a small box with two physically identical bosons in it. Is it true that if I partition the box in two...
Dec11-10 03:42 AM
3 1,688
Hi Came across a guy in a cafe today who asked the question, " Why is Schrodinger's equation complex?". No one knew...
Dec11-10 02:08 AM
39 7,426
Hello, I'm taking a course in introductory modern physics, and I have a few questions on the nature of quantum...
Dec10-10 08:47 PM
0 1,916
Consider one slit white light diffraction which produces rainbow fringe - black fringe - white fringe-black...
Dec10-10 11:09 AM
1 774
So here is this thing that i really really can not agree with (regarding experiments)! What Bell's theory states...
Dec10-10 10:41 AM
93 8,248
Well as you guys may know, I watch a lot of Star Trek. In the shows, it often referres a Black Hole as a Quantum...
Dec10-10 06:09 AM
17 3,418
Please forgive me if I am hideously wrong in any of my points. I am not terribly well-versed in quantum physics. ...
Dec10-10 03:04 AM
1 959
The question occurred to me when I was thinking about black radiation. It is critically depend on the fact that the...
Dec9-10 10:58 PM
4 1,342
Relativistic scalar particle might be described by Klein-Gordon equation, spin 1/2 particle is described by dirac...
Dec9-10 03:27 PM
5 1,510
Can anyone give me a reference to a paper with solution of Dirac equation in uniform electrostatic field. I'm trying...
Dec9-10 02:55 PM
0 719
Can anyone tell me what is complex quantum mechanics and why we need it? I think we don't need creature complex qm...
Dec9-10 02:09 PM
1 733
I decided to go over the mathematical introductions of QM again.The text I use is Shankar quantum, and I came across...
Dec9-10 10:02 AM
2 2,760
I know this may be a completely stupid question and it's so fundamental but... As we all know the first thing we learn...
Dec9-10 01:53 AM
4 1,508
So I'm pretty sure I understand the formalism of dual vector spaces. (E.g. there exist objects that operate on vectors...
Dec9-10 12:42 AM
6 2,730
I'm not a professional scientist, just a software engineer with a fascination for how our world works. I thought I'd...
Dec8-10 10:25 PM
2 742
Suppose we have time-dependent operator a(t) with the equal-time commutator =1 and in particular =1 with...
Dec8-10 04:10 PM
4 1,616
I am interested in learning the nature of the interaction between a photon and the atoms in a medium that has...
Dec8-10 04:02 PM
3 1,677
Hey guys I'm new here. I have a question about Planck lengths that has been bothering me lately. I'm not exactly well...
Dec8-10 01:59 PM
3 893
First off, I'm no scientist or physicist, I don't have a fancy degree, I'm a computer engineer with an absolute...
Dec8-10 01:40 PM
7 9,973
What would happen if the Energy of the photons from the sun decreased by 10^60? I think it means that the earth...
Dec7-10 03:32 PM
2 691
Hi Lets say I have a Hamiltonian which is invariant in e.g. the spin indices. Does this imply that spin is a...
Dec6-10 06:35 PM
4 1,021
Please teach me this: It seem Noether theorem say that a symmetry corespondant a conservation observation at...
Dec6-10 06:27 PM
3 1,310
Hi All, I am trying to remember the logical argument that leads from Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to the...
Dec6-10 06:21 PM
6 2,340
Hi . In weinberg's QFT book 1st volume he states that any operator can be expressed as a sum of products of...
Dec6-10 06:13 PM
2 921
In quantum optics, I've been looking at how one can show electromagnetic field is equivalent to a harmonic oscillator....
Dec6-10 05:42 PM
Master J
0 923
Could anyone please tell me how to calculate quadrupole quadrupole interaction between two molecules having dipole...
Dec6-10 11:27 AM
Vanadium 50
9 7,521
I am new to quantum physics. Is there is any operator in quantum physics that does not show eigenvalue property?...
Dec6-10 03:38 AM
8 1,376
I am fairly new to particle physics and am puzzled by an abbreviation I often see in Lagrangians here (though it may...
Dec5-10 11:53 PM
2 4,083
I have read the statement that 'the wavelength of the photons used in imaging an object needs to be much larger than...
Dec5-10 11:04 PM
7 2,424
My understanding is: A) If a photon strikes an atom and the photon has exactly the correct amount of energy to move...
Dec5-10 03:50 PM
24 4,112
Hi I am, at the moment, reading about propagators and Green's functions in QM. An example of a Green's function in...
Dec5-10 02:40 PM
4 947
Hi, If the normalized 1D wave-function of hydrogen atom for n=1, l=0, m_l=0; \psi_{1s}(x)=\frac{1}{\sqrt{\pi}...
Dec5-10 07:49 AM
8 1,900
I dont really get the part that we shouldnt "imagine" quantum mechanics .I mean, I know what eigenvectors are in three...
Dec5-10 06:44 AM
5 996
I have just finished Black Holes and Time Warps by Kip Thorne as part of a high school reading class. Regardless of my...
Dec4-10 09:14 PM
0 1,068
Say we have two complex fields, f_1 and f_2 which each are solutions of the D'Alembert operator or the wave operator...
Dec4-10 08:08 PM
0 800
Haste made waste (I managed to get it precisely backwards, sorry. Corrected below. And please, somebody, clue me in...
Dec4-10 04:43 PM
0 714

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