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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,468
I am familiar with the dual slit experiment up to the point where measuring at one slit made the interference pattern...
Dec25-10 10:01 AM
3 855
Would it be reasonble to estimate the force delivered by a laser in the following way? I was thinking of...
Dec25-10 06:03 AM
Doc Al
6 2,552
Dimensionless equation for quantum harmonic oscilator in the lowest energy state is: d2u/dx2=(x2-1)u u means...
Dec24-10 04:42 PM
4 927
I have three question regarding the electronic wavefunction \Psi Ques 1 What does value of wavefunction of any...
Dec24-10 11:40 AM
3 3,685
Hi folks, i've never taken a real quantum physics course, so this question miiight be really silly, but here it is: ...
Dec24-10 08:04 AM
7 2,404
Does quantum randomness or uncertainty tells us that we have free will?
Dec23-10 11:36 AM
yoda jedi
4 967
Alright, so there's definitely a lot of Sci-Fi hype about Entanglement. I'm sort of hoping the experts on the subject...
Dec23-10 09:45 AM
2 1,776
Hi. This has been destroying my mind all day. Take, for example, a semiconductor laser with no internal photons...
Dec23-10 04:35 AM
3 2,500
Can we ionize the helium atom at once? ie the two electrons simultaneously and not one after another. If yes, what is...
Dec23-10 03:16 AM
2 1,136
Hi, By analogy with scalar field case, Srednicki leads us to Z_0 (\eta)=\int \mathcal{D}\Psi \exp{\left} for a...
Dec22-10 05:49 PM
5 1,625
hello, how can we be sure that quantum physics (uncertainty,superposition) is not a consequence or directly related...
Dec22-10 04:38 PM
8 1,047
I think this is right, but could someone confirm (or deny) this for me? While a particle like an electron - or a...
Dec22-10 04:32 PM
5 859
i am not exactly sure what happens when the temperature almost reaches absolute zero how things react to this drop and...
Dec22-10 11:48 AM
9 2,013
I was hoping someone could explain, in terms I can understand, the movement of particles. Clearly I am not a...
Dec21-10 01:09 PM
8 4,537
Why is it that the electrochemical potential at either the drain or the source of a transistor gets reduced, under the...
Dec21-10 12:11 PM
0 1,253
I am reading through 'An Introduction to QFT' by Peskin & Schroeder and I am struggling to follow one of the...
Dec21-10 11:31 AM
1 698
Not really sure how to go about this. Our lecture said "it can be shown" but didn't go into any detail as apparently...
Dec21-10 08:24 AM
2 2,574
Dear users, I am dealing with the proof of the Hellman Feynman-theorem for time-dependent wavefunctions given by...
Dec21-10 07:47 AM
3 1,976
I was reading Merzbacher and it is written that it is a fundamental mathematical assumption. I was doubting if it is...
Dec21-10 05:53 AM
3 2,251
It seems obvious in path integral, the paths include some non-differentiable path (some even discontinuous, I think),...
Dec20-10 04:32 PM
9 3,018
Phys. Scr. 82 065002, 2010. Is quantum mechanics nonlocal? A factual inconsistency of the nonlocality theory is...
Dec20-10 01:23 PM
3 2,517
When I read the book of quantum mechanics of Griffiths, he said that the wave function must go to zero faster than...
Dec20-10 10:12 AM
2 1,590
All the scientific documents explaining QE that I have read always refer to the entanglement of photons, and yet some...
Dec20-10 08:17 AM
2 1,471
How do you do a Bell measurement on a state that doesn't have a power of 2 number of qubits? I've got GHZ states like...
Dec20-10 08:02 AM
0 2,285
Good day All, I've done a bit of reading on quantum entanglement and it seems that I'm lacking some basic knowledge...
Dec20-10 05:10 AM
0 897
Hii, I was wondering whether there is any correlation between the energy eigenvalues of a single atom (say He) with...
Dec20-10 04:52 AM
1 1,295
Say for example we consider Helium. It has 2 neutrons and 2 protons. Based on this, and using Schodingers equation...
Dec20-10 04:39 AM
7 2,431
Hi, Could you describe the "before the measurement" mechanism in de broglie bohm theory? Is there a real collapse...
Dec20-10 03:22 AM
16 2,911
Betrand theorem in classical mechanics states that only harmonic & -1/r potential will give closed and stable orbit....
Dec20-10 12:03 AM
11 1,168
I read an article where it says that the speed of light is broken by sending information faster than light and it also...
Dec19-10 10:49 PM
Dynamic Sauce
0 720
HI everybody. I'm here with a question that I would like to discuss with you. As you all probably know better than I...
Dec19-10 09:18 PM
1 1,329
When taking a course in Modern Physics, after doing quite a lot of thinking, I finally asked the lecturer: when the...
Dec19-10 05:03 PM
3 2,132
Hi, I'm trying to figure out the solution for the ground state of the hydrogen-atom, however it is not going well. As...
Dec19-10 01:54 PM
4 832
Dec19-10 01:42 PM
0 723
Hi, I was wondering why the oscillation of a field would cause particle creation (This seems to be the main point...
Dec19-10 09:03 AM
0 794
does anyone actually know what happens when something reaches the event horizon?
Dec18-10 01:32 PM
1 712
all right so alice has one atom of the entangled triplet and bob the other two atoms bob is gonna always measure...
Dec18-10 07:33 AM
antonio glez
13 1,058
Please teach me this: It seem that there exist only two basic operators(calculations) that are addition and...
Dec17-10 08:48 PM
0 549
Now, I know this has been discussed a few times, but I still don't get the proof of how p is a hermitian operator, so...
Dec17-10 08:44 PM
4 1,045
New J. Phys. 12 123007, 2010. Violation of Leggett inequalities in orbital angular momentum subspaces. We...
Dec17-10 03:36 PM
yoda jedi
0 1,276

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