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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,492
i am having some problem in unerstanding a concept explained in my book in the chapter harmonic oscillators. as an...
Nov27-10 08:29 AM
1 873
Hi, Srednicki says in (38.14) that for any combination of gammas \bar{A}\equiv \beta A^{\dag}\beta. This is fine,...
Nov27-10 04:05 AM
18 1,683
hi, can we say that the Pauli exclusion principle between 2 identical fermions implies logically entanglement...
Nov27-10 12:24 AM
2 584
What is the difference between left and right Weyl spinors? (probably they transform differently under boosts or...
Nov26-10 09:46 PM
6 1,701
Some places say (including this paper) claim the bohr radius of muonic hydrogen is...
Nov26-10 08:09 PM
3 1,245
hi, I do wonder if the Higgs boson is a quantum object because since it is the (only) particle with spin 0, then it...
Nov26-10 07:25 PM
6 932
Thanks in advance for anybody who is kind enough to help me. No this isn't for my homework. I am not even enrolled in...
Nov26-10 06:10 PM
1 2,968
I am reading Weinberg's Quantum theory of fields Vol I and have a question about the derivation on page 71. Right...
Nov26-10 03:27 PM
8 1,746
So if I understand Quantum entanglement just in theory, I would say that two particles (unknown as spin up or down),...
Nov26-10 02:58 PM
5 1,191
Is the wavefunction of a particle really shaped like a wave? A lot of analogies are made about how the wave function...
Nov26-10 02:41 PM
3 879
Hi guys, So I'm working on this project to simulate QCD using a computer using (hybrid) monte carlo. I follow the...
Nov26-10 01:35 PM
0 688
I know the double slit experiment illustrates how an electron can be treated as a wave, but what experiment shows how...
Nov26-10 11:20 AM
3 990
What type of particles do representations of so(3) other than j=1/2 or j=1 correspond to? For j=1/2 with have...
Nov26-10 06:57 AM
Meir Achuz
3 1,067
I'm confused about the two density operators: \rho=\sum_{i}\delta(r-r_{i}) and...
Nov26-10 05:02 AM
3 1,059
For a continuous eigen-basis the basis vectors are not normalizable to unity length. They can be normalized only upto...
Nov25-10 11:45 PM
1 1,097
Hi there, Here is my email to Bruce Rosenblum, author of Quantum Enigma, his reply below. But I was wondering if...
Nov25-10 11:19 PM
0 803
As I have not even taken an undergraduate course in quantum physics please overlook my ignorance. I am curious about...
Nov25-10 08:34 PM
rai linga
4 4,704
What happens then? Weird if no inference tossles are produced, because they are produced even "with electrons instead...
Nov25-10 07:59 PM
0 974
hi how to calculate the traces of product of Dirac matrices in QED. i want caculate crossection of process...
Nov25-10 04:50 PM
1 618
hi, anyone can enlighten me why the pauli x matrix in the z basis is given as 0 1 1 0 while it in the x basis,...
Nov25-10 04:14 PM
16 3,952
What is the probability of finding particle of Klein-Gordon field in some region of space V (in an arbitrarily...
Nov25-10 11:28 AM
0 746
Would someone tell me some website where I can find the relativistic treatment of the hydrogen atom using Dirac's...
Nov25-10 11:03 AM
2 3,367
Is there an easy way to prove the identities: e^{\hat{A}}e^{\hat{B}}=e^{\hat{A}+\hat{B}}e^{/2} and ...
Nov24-10 03:45 PM
2 829
Thought to put this here because of the wave-particle duality ties. My question, that I already asked a tutor was how...
Nov24-10 03:39 PM
7 1,458
hi, does anyone there know how the uncertainty position of electrons increases when the principal quantum number...
Nov24-10 03:32 PM
0 1,629
In double slit experiment, what if we put a detector on one slit, instead of both slits. Does the interference pattern...
Nov24-10 12:05 PM
12 2,075
Not sure if this is the right part of the forum. I suppose the question is a bit out of the ordinary but I need...
Nov24-10 11:37 AM
10 1,693
The Many-Worlds interpretation tells us where the information “goes” at a measurement. Does it also tell us where the...
Nov24-10 09:03 AM
6 972
Gravitational force between masses is given by the law of universal gravitation. Electrodynamics force between...
Nov24-10 08:58 AM
5 1,151
According to the de Broglie hypothesis particles like electrons can have a wavelength and be treated as waves for...
Nov24-10 07:52 AM
12 1,110
Note: I am not a physicist but i like to read about it here and there. But my idea is this (probably thought of...
Nov24-10 07:28 AM
1 1,351
I've come accross this a few times: <S_x^2> = <S_y^2>=<S_z^2>=\hbar^2/4 But I can't seem to understand why this...
Nov24-10 03:52 AM
1 573
So we all know about a and a^\dagger. My problem says that if f(a^\dagger) is an arbitrary polynomial in a^\dagger...
Nov24-10 02:21 AM
18 1,399
Hi I have a problem. I'm an undergraduate student and I will have to do my thesis next term. My professor proposed...
Nov23-10 09:01 PM
0 2,571
I have thought of this theory for sometime and wished to tell others for some feedback. I believe that there is more...
Nov23-10 06:36 PM
4 998
Hey guys! I didn't know where else to turn to but this forum. I am trying to figure out what the difference...
Nov23-10 02:01 PM
8 12,547
free energy is often defined in canonical ensemble but can we define it for micro-canonical ensemble? why...
Nov23-10 12:02 PM
0 1,359
For the similar page in the 2nd edition, turn page 37 at this link. He states that K = +/- i/2 sigma. How is...
Nov23-10 05:59 AM
4 1,045
Hello there, I've got two short questions I was hoping you could help me with: -I have to prove: "if f is...
Nov22-10 10:24 PM
2 889
Hi everyone, I have the following question about coherent states: It is known that the creation operator has no...
Nov22-10 08:46 PM
11 4,588

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