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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,318
Something I've always wondered: You throw matter into a black hole, but get half matter and half antimatter out due...
Sep14-10 06:18 PM
5 1,410
Hello, How is a static magnetic or electric field understood in terms of QED. Is it correct to interpret them as...
Sep14-10 05:13 PM
1 759
Einstein proved dualty in light & debroglie suggested dualty in matter.we know superposition takes place in light...
Sep14-10 05:04 PM
2 638
Lets say we have a system in a 1D infinite potential well, prepared somehow with the wavefunction: (phi)=C(a-x)x. I...
Sep14-10 03:51 PM
0 1,073
Hi I would really appreciate if someone could answer what maybe a really simple question. I'm no physics expert but...
Sep14-10 02:36 PM
9 2,866
hi i resently read about Schrödinger's experiment called the Schrödinger's cat experiment which states that things...
Sep14-10 01:45 PM
0 717
There are datasheets of IR sensors like the TSOP1738 that conveniently tell me that when I make an IR LED flash at...
Sep14-10 12:53 PM
30 3,719
Hi, In ch22, Srednicki considers the path integral Z(J)=\int D\phi \exp{i} He says the value of Z(J) is...
Sep14-10 12:09 PM
1 526
I have some questions about the very new and theoretical field of quantum computing and would love to learn more. Is,...
Sep14-10 10:31 AM
1 506
has any one ever measured the path an electron take through space is it a straight light or is there an unknown...
Sep14-10 09:30 AM
2 1,327
The 4th derivative of a sine wave is itself. This, of course, not only is a fact, but can be used to define the sine...
Sep14-10 04:42 AM
0 1,196
Do theories exist that describe gravity with Feynman path integral modification? Due to the rules of the forum, I...
Sep14-10 02:43 AM
0 840
Do virtual particles break the conservation laws? Thanks
Sep13-10 06:01 PM
3 871
Hasn't this been disproved by wave function collapses?
Sep13-10 05:16 PM
2 572
Me and a friend at school have been thinking about this question for a while and have come up with a few perspectives,...
Sep13-10 03:19 PM
15 1,635
I have a question I havnt been able to figure out by reading or googling: If we have an entangled pair of...
Sep13-10 12:54 PM
8 1,228
i am now studying dirac equation and klein paradox if we confine to one dimension, we only need one alpha matrix,...
Sep13-10 11:44 AM
6 4,213
A new quantization method for relativistic fields has been recently proposed. Compact time naturally reproduces ...
Sep13-10 11:01 AM
63 6,963
i am new to relativistic quantum mechanics i am always puzzled by the magic trick of raising and lowering indices ...
Sep13-10 09:23 AM
0 874
Hi, I'm working my way through Schwinger's paper (link) and I came across the following identity -(\gamma\pi)^2...
Sep13-10 03:03 AM
1 697
hello, can we say that identical particles in atoms like electrons are entangled since their total wavefunction is...
Sep12-10 09:31 PM
2 1,057
I am confused about the order of operations with kets, as well as when one can permute the order of the kets. ...
Sep12-10 03:47 PM
5 1,258
May someone explain to me what a covariant theory is in relation to Dirac's theory of the motion of an electron?
Sep12-10 02:58 PM
Mark Shawa
0 538
The vacuum polarization result in QED seems to always be written in a "QED form". I would be interested in seeing it...
Sep12-10 11:19 AM
5 1,112
Is it possible for heat to transfer from a colder atom (slower moving) to a hotter atom (faster moving) I know that...
Sep12-10 10:58 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
1 759
I was just wondering because it seems there is a contradiction in qm. If a quantum state can only be represented by an...
Sep12-10 04:14 AM
32 3,583
What is a field in quantum mechanics (not the classical version)? And when it is said that an electron is an...
Sep12-10 03:27 AM
5 1,120
What is meant when writing a "one-ket" like this |1> ?
Sep11-10 10:15 AM
5 853
Hello I saw someplace that if H is written in the total AM base as a function of S^2 and Sz then it's diagonal in...
Sep11-10 08:53 AM
2 985
I'd like to present an argument against the idea that Bell's theorem eliminates local-realistic, hidden-variable...
Sep11-10 07:57 AM
0 789
Hi, I am quite confused with few concepts and relations between quantum mechanics and statistical physics. Here it...
Sep11-10 04:59 AM
3 3,103
Hello, I have several questions, perhaps not correctly asked, however I must get the concepts right, I'm intrigued....
Sep11-10 03:43 AM
8 1,991
Is it really a mathematical theorem or more like a "spin-statistics postulate"? I checked the apparent proof in...
Sep11-10 02:18 AM
5 3,166
Hey, just a quick one. Anyone know of some good links to actual photo etc of matter particals? Thanx.
Sep10-10 09:28 PM
26 27,960
Hello friends, I am a student of VLSI and have initial topics of quantum mechanics in my course work. I am...
Sep10-10 10:58 AM
11 3,287
im puzzled by a word read as 'afagnal'. if 2 vectors(H&T) are 'afagnor' to each other, <H|T>=0. i failed to google it...
Sep10-10 07:38 AM
2 683
I'm watching a series of lectures on QM and the last one dealt with entaglement. You can see it here if you want. I...
Sep9-10 09:18 PM
1 827
Hi,please help me these questions: -I expect that multiparticle wave coincident with quantum field if we ignore the...
Sep9-10 08:51 PM
0 639
Hello, I have some questions, but I'm not posting on quantum mechanics because as written in the FAQ, wave-particle...
Sep9-10 07:53 PM
8 1,644
for one dimensional integral \int_{0}^{\infty}dxf(x) i know how to make minimal substraction however for an integral...
Sep9-10 04:24 PM
3 1,019

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