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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,451
I suppose that momentum of virtual photons is known precisely and energy of them is uncertain. But how uncertain?...
Sep5-10 05:07 AM
4 1,058
I am new to quantum physics and mostly self taught. Please forgive me for what is probably a very na´ve question. ...
Sep4-10 08:59 PM
2 2,360
In QFT given a Lagrangian L=\partial_a \phi^* \partial^a\phi, how do you take this derivative \frac{\partial...
Sep4-10 07:42 PM
14 1,440
\Delta E \Delta t \geq \frac{\hbar}{2}. If I understand well, if I measure the energy of a particle (or system of...
Sep4-10 07:18 PM
11 1,778
Hypothetical device: Vacuum Tube Two tungsten electrode plates at each end The work function of tungsten is...
Sep4-10 04:54 PM
2 980
If the electron of the h-atom is not moving in a classical orbit (like a circular orbit) why is the reduced mass used...
Sep4-10 12:33 PM
Bob S
9 3,366
hi, when an electron stays in the same electronic orbitals with principal quantum number n, with a constant energy...
Sep4-10 03:30 AM
2 952
Hi, This is has been bugging me a while in regards to quantum physics and I figure this would be a good place to...
Sep4-10 01:47 AM
1 804
Simple, ingenious, and effective. ...
Sep3-10 06:52 PM
4 1,356 ...and in another famous magazine:...
Sep3-10 02:19 PM
13 4,725
Changes spotted in fundamental constant Sep 2, 2010 Billions of years ago the strength of the electromagnetic...
Sep3-10 12:43 PM
1 831
hi, the following question is extremely important so please reply! in an atom, the energy levels of the...
Sep3-10 12:39 PM
1 2,852
I want to talk to a scientist cuz this is pissing me off. >:-( So, I'm learning about CARS and Raman spectroscopy....
Sep3-10 05:20 AM
1 786
I wanna simplify something like \Gamma^{\mu\nu\rho}\Gamma^{\alpha\beta\gamma}\Gamma_{\nu\rho} in a given...
Sep3-10 03:12 AM
0 1,113
Hi I would like to know how you get from the classical 4-vector polarization to the two component quantum...
Sep2-10 07:34 PM
3 836
In David Tong's QFT notes ( p. 43, eqn. 2.89) he shows how the...
Sep2-10 06:59 PM
3 1,304
Ok is this article as silly as it seems to me?
Sep2-10 02:06 PM
1 683
Hey guys.i have heard it has been experimentally proved that even atoms can tunnel through a metal surface.I tried...
Sep2-10 10:27 AM
3 801
In Srednicki (ch14 say), he looks at integrals of the form \int\, \frac{d^{d}l}{l^4}.... This is of course diveregent...
Sep2-10 04:21 AM
3 837
In this experiment wave particle duality is shown. Without observation the wave function is used. With observation the...
Sep2-10 02:28 AM
35 3,790
Is it possible to capture photons within a perfectly spherical/reflective ball by aiming a faraday isolator within the...
Sep2-10 02:28 AM
34 5,284
Hello Here is the known formula for the spin: S=0.5*h*\sigma is this formula correct also to the orbital Angular...
Sep1-10 10:35 PM
1 632
Photon has momentum but is massless.Doesn't that seem strange?
Sep1-10 09:40 PM
Bob S
7 1,293
I watched a lecture that derived the properties of the angular momentum operators J and J3 using two QHOs and a bunch...
Sep1-10 08:15 PM
0 574
I'm relativly new to quantum ohysics and have only read a few books, please can people explain some of the equations...
Sep1-10 06:00 PM
1 983
\Delta x \Delta p \geq \frac{\hbar}{2}. Say I want to measure the best I can the position of an electron, in...
Sep1-10 04:49 PM
3 848
Hi, Movement of an electron in constant magnetic field, according to semiclassical QM, give rise to Landau levels -...
Sep1-10 03:36 PM
1 1,410
Alright, so I am new to the whole "Quantum Physics" thing, so please don't jump down my throat. I have seen this...
Sep1-10 02:56 PM
7 1,452
Hi, I have been looking into the phenomenon of Zitterbewegung which is a high frequency oscillatory motion of the...
Sep1-10 02:56 PM
7 2,581
We use the antisymmetric Fock space ( "fermions"). We denote by c(h) a creator operator. I need to evaluate the...
Sep1-10 12:01 PM
6 1,043
We had a test a week ago, it asked for Acceleration Potential of an photon to achieve wavelenth of 0.005 picometer....
Sep1-10 09:58 AM
4 1,484
Hello Everybody, I am trying to understand the concept of symmetric and antisymmetric wave functions in QM. Now...
Sep1-10 09:10 AM
6 2,110
I was reading about this, but I'm unclear on something. Does the Heisenberg principle arise due to limitations in...
Sep1-10 07:29 AM
49 4,702
Hi, I'm currently working through some exam papers from previous years before an upcoming module in Quantum Mechanics....
Sep1-10 04:23 AM
3 699
Hi, my dad is quite old and i had a big arguement about some completely stupid concept that he made up, ok what his...
Sep1-10 03:56 AM
21 2,576
What physical force or property makes it so that atoms 'want' to achieve noble gas configuration of electrons? It...
Sep1-10 01:19 AM
1 637
Feynman very clearly presented QED in his book The strange theory of light and matter. He tried also with quantum...
Aug31-10 11:23 PM
1 1,029
from my reading to DFT I constructed this algorithm V ex....>\rho ....\\varphi>>>new\rho...
Aug31-10 11:50 AM
2 964
I have a question regarding quantization. In most cases one never starts with a quantum theory, but always writes...
Aug31-10 11:20 AM
23 2,216
Wigner's representation theorem says that any invertible transformation between rays of a Hilbert space that preserves...
Aug31-10 02:48 AM
3 1,209

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