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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,461
what makes a metal sheet to reflect light? why doesn't individual metal atom reflects light?
May18-10 09:00 AM
1 1,302
Suppose we have particles of kind B, that consist of two fermions of kind F. Now the particles B satisfy the Bose...
May18-10 08:35 AM
5 2,347
Let's have a kind of step potential, V=infinity, where x\leq0, V=constant, where 0\leqx\leqa, V=zero , where...
May17-10 11:58 PM
4 1,058
I have no idea what it means for a probability to be an amplitude. Can someone give me some kind of intuitive...
May17-10 05:21 PM
5 3,388
I've been reading many articles on entangled particles lately and I have come across many pieces of conflicting data....
May17-10 04:55 PM
Viral Titan
2 1,025
Do physicists say that atoms behave as waves just because they cant look at them directly so they have to use math to...
May17-10 09:07 AM
32 3,490
Towards the end of my atomic and quantum course my lecturer makes a note of residual Coulomb interaction and does a...
May17-10 08:59 AM
1 1,506
Hello all, I am writing an article on the definition of "observer" in a quantum mechanics context. From what I know...
May17-10 05:14 AM
71 5,290
How do we measure a quantum particle's momentum?
May16-10 09:10 PM
7 5,201
In a quantum fluid, we know that it is difficult to add or destroy a vortex because of the conservation of angular...
May16-10 03:58 PM
3 1,640
Hi, I'm reading through CH27 of Srednicki at the moment, and struggling to understand a couple of concepts. 1)...
May16-10 09:16 AM
0 748
I'm curious if the dual-slit experiment has been performed using multiple light sources. For example, if two photon...
May15-10 08:37 PM
albert cipriani
2 4,513
I'd like to invite you to help me visualize the following (and point out possible flaws in the scenario). Let's...
May15-10 04:48 PM
3 1,012
if there are three molecules joined by using three springs of length 'l' to form a an equilateral triangle , if all...
May15-10 10:44 AM
0 1,420
I would like to know if the electric charge of a particle, like electron, has always a definite value, or on the...
May15-10 10:22 AM
10 2,705
what is the JOst function and how and why it appears in Scattering problems ?, for example given the Hamiltonian ...
May15-10 09:02 AM
0 2,411
Could someone please help me get a very basic intuitive understanding of what rotational and vibrational quantum...
May15-10 02:24 AM
1 861
Do the so called "Bell States" form a basis for any arbitrary two particle state, including non-entangled states?
May15-10 12:08 AM
0 669
Hey, the coupling constant in QFT is scale dependent. This scale \mu, it seems to me, is a mathematical tool used...
May14-10 03:36 PM
2 872
Hahaha, yeah I did a search on these forums for questions regarding Virtual Particles and it seems its "the horse...
May14-10 12:56 PM
2 850
I might make a cloud chamber, which requires for a very small amount of lead 210 on a needle tip, and i have found a...
May14-10 09:11 AM
sweet springs
1 1,619
I was doing an undergrad experiment on the sodium emission spectrum and I have a few queries. Of course, I was asked...
May14-10 05:50 AM
Vanadium 50
31 17,258
I want to know how to normalize symmetric and anti-symmetric wave functions ???????????
May14-10 02:53 AM
1 919
We have the uncertainty principle. How would our world be different, if someone measured position and momentum of a...
May13-10 12:55 PM
3 1,371
Yes, I know the thread name sounds like something you might see on the cover of Discover (or sadly, Scientific...
May13-10 09:55 AM
Lord Crc
144 11,221
It is sometimes said that wave functions are not real, and simply represent the observer's knowledge of the system. I...
May13-10 08:57 AM
78 6,725
The wave function of "particle in a box" is Asin(kx). Since potential energy is zero inside the box, so the...
May12-10 06:38 PM
sweet springs
12 7,178
I've heard the two-slit experiment described over and over, but there's still something about it that seems unclear to...
May12-10 06:36 PM
35 5,181
I don't usually consider "waves" to have mass. They're just energy that moves THROUGH mass. Light waves, sound waves,...
May12-10 03:45 PM
32 2,565
I need a calculation section of the article without Compton scattering method does not use quantum field theory. Can...
May12-10 12:22 PM
1 771
If I fire photons at a glass, some will be reflected back and some will go through. Which ones is by deifnition...
May12-10 12:21 PM
3 842
Hi, I'm a novice at quantum and I was just wondering why an electrically neutral fluorine atom needs to...
May12-10 11:22 AM
8 2,106
It puzzles me. In Einstein's paper on the photoelectric effect he proposed that photons with E = nhf were the...
May12-10 10:58 AM
0 766
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could explain how Srednicki gets to his eqn 26.7: \tilde{dk_1}\tilde{dk_2} \sim...
May12-10 03:10 AM
5 819
This might seem like a foolish query, but I'm having a hard time understanding the rules of degenerate states. I know...
May12-10 12:48 AM
2 837
Does the momentum space of a particle in an infinite square well have spikes or is it continuous? I've heard so...
May11-10 09:44 PM
sweet springs
7 1,930
Is there agreement here or are all/most of the neutrons in the same state?
May11-10 03:01 PM
Frame Dragger
13 1,457
Hi, Source: I haven't studied more than the basics in QM. Therefore I don't...
May11-10 02:36 PM
3 1,935
I'm losing my mind trying to differentiate spin, isospin, weak isospin; then there's chirality, helicity - i must be...
May11-10 02:29 PM
2 3,172
When talking about classical probabilities, like whether the ball is in one of two boxes, with 1/2 probability for the...
May11-10 12:13 PM
7 1,030

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