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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,145
given the divergent integral in n-variables \int_{V} f(q1,q2,....,qn)dq1,dq2,....dqn my question is if in...
Aug25-10 06:17 AM
2 1,155
In the standard derivation of the virial theorem, one assumes to be working in the energy basis. One then gets <T> =...
Aug25-10 05:43 AM
2 1,049
since forces are communicated by particles i find it hard to envisage how unbrocken forces are communicated. That is...
Aug25-10 05:20 AM
2 983
Forgive me if I have not grasped the ideas and intricacies of the Many Worlds theory. If I don't quite understand it...
Aug25-10 04:52 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,436
I would like some help on the following questions. 1) If we have two interacting particles A and B. Can we still...
Aug25-10 04:11 AM
12 1,911
With the Lorentz group (SO(1,3) = SU(2)xSU(2)), if you're working with the "true" SU(2) generators N^+_i and N^-_i...
Aug25-10 03:39 AM
11 1,819
In an empty volume of space is it true that there are particles being spontaneously created and annihilated with their...
Aug24-10 11:27 PM
0 1,975
Hello. I have recently been introduced to the concept of electrons as standing waves around the atomic nucleus. The...
Aug24-10 07:41 PM
3 2,037
I'm trying to work out the generation rate of InGaN, but don't know how to start Schrödinger-Poisson self consistent...
Aug24-10 05:48 PM
0 1,673
I'm probably missing something small but I haven't been able to figure this out. In the Feynman rules (for a scalar...
Aug24-10 10:26 AM
4 1,431
I've been trying to understand the uncertainty principle and so far the Wikipedia definition has been very good...
Aug24-10 09:13 AM
9 2,249
Could you tell me what is Wick rotation and how to use the rotation when we compute integral A_0 = \int {\frac{{d^D...
Aug24-10 07:35 AM
0 1,330
Virtual photons are not "observed" because they have a deficit of energy. When they are emitted from particles...
Aug24-10 06:08 AM
4 1,370
The title is the best way I could group this thought. And the following is most likely sloppy so I do apologize. I...
Aug24-10 03:45 AM
7 1,713
I've been reading "Programming the Universe" by Seth Lloyd, a quantum computer scientist. He goes on and on about the...
Aug23-10 06:11 PM
3 844
I'm phd beginner and now my topic is learning how touse the 6 band kp method to work out the generation rate of QD...
Aug23-10 05:56 PM
0 1,869
i have just started studying quantum physics, please clear this doubt energy is in small packets called quanta....
Aug23-10 04:04 PM
11 1,957
Does anyone know the stances of prominent physicists (Susskind, Hawking, others) on hard determinism? I wonder how...
Aug23-10 03:48 PM
0 1,313
I'm trying Zee's quantum field theory text as self-study (I'm years out of college) and about 100 pages into it. I...
Aug23-10 10:30 AM
2 1,212
Thought experiment: An X number of lasers shoot a photon simultaneously at a single point in space. Given...
Aug23-10 04:30 AM
9 1,325
Hi, I'm about to go into my 4th and final year of my undergraduate physics degree and after all the quantum mechanics...
Aug22-10 11:40 PM
10 3,024
Hi, I have some questions about time travel. My understanding is that it is an accepted theoretical consequence of...
Aug22-10 08:04 AM
2 1,332
Okay, from what I understand, the cosmological redshift is due to the expansion of the universe. I'm confused as to...
Aug21-10 02:51 PM
2 1,159
So I read somewhere about some equation that might explain the Electron/Proton mass ratio, but it was off by several...
Aug20-10 10:32 PM
5 3,150
In it is described correction to the speed of light, if a measurement is...
Aug20-10 06:45 PM
9 1,686
I came across an article in HuffPost entitled : Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn't Set in...
Aug20-10 03:59 PM
2 1,720
Hello All, In Griffiths book, "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics", pg 300 (Time Dependent Perturbation) he notes...
Aug20-10 06:27 AM
0 1,222
What causes positive TMR? Whats the reason for negative TMR? In some tunneling junctions why is there a switch between...
Aug20-10 03:48 AM
0 611
Forgive me for such a basic question, but recently I have been reading up on entangled particles. It seems that a lot...
Aug19-10 11:57 AM
6 1,531
I'm still enjoying Daniel T. Gillespie's "A Quantum Mechanics Primer". It includes six postulates of quantum...
Aug19-10 10:53 AM
7 1,140
let L be angular momentum operator. = 0 = 0 (I haven't prove this, but appearantly it's correct according to...
Aug19-10 08:15 AM
2 798
In quantum renormalization, one distinguishes between the (unobservable) bare electron and the observable...
Aug18-10 11:22 PM
4 1,300
I want to study a detailed proof of the Nuclear Spectral Theorem (which underpins the use of Rigged Hilbert Spaces in...
Aug18-10 10:04 PM
5 3,028
In Zee's quantum theory text, introducing the Dirac equation, he states the gamma matrices as direct products of Pauli...
Aug18-10 07:56 PM
4 3,093
Hey all, I've got a Hamiltonian of the form H = \omega (\sigma_z^1 - \sigma_z^2) + J \sigma_z^1 \sigma_z^2 ...
Aug18-10 04:13 PM
5 709
Someone please tell me if I am thinking right: Let's consider an unperturbed electronic state of an atom/molecule....
Aug18-10 12:19 PM
1 1,008
I'm trying to understand how exchange of particles can constitute a force. I read a chapter on this in Zee's Quantum...
Aug18-10 10:36 AM
5 950
The propagator D for a particle is basically the Green's function of the differential operator that describes that...
Aug18-10 06:54 AM
22 3,247
Hello! Is it true that virtual particules pop into existence uncaused? thank you
Aug18-10 06:06 AM
1 1,009
I understand decay is truly a random process approximated by half-life. So two particles that appear similar to us in...
Aug18-10 02:00 AM
4 1,794

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