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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,456
Hello everyone, I recently found this forum and have a question about spooky entanglement. When I first heard of...
Jul30-10 08:56 PM
1 713
Hi, for my exam i"m re-reading Peskin&Schroeder and stumbled across equations 2.21-2.25 where the canonical...
Jul30-10 08:06 PM
19 2,428
Qm and SR ( 1 2 3)
Acc. to QM no two particles can be in the same state at the same position at the same time, but how does that...
Jul30-10 07:48 PM
51 4,432
for the Casimir effect to be observed, why must the opposing plates be conductors?
Jul30-10 04:29 PM
1 1,415
I've been following up a lot regarding the fascinating stuff I read here. I recently came across this page; ...
Jul30-10 03:53 PM
31 5,056
what is exactly meant by wave nature,does the particle move like a wave or it moves along path of a wave or something...
Jul30-10 08:44 AM
10 988
I don't quite understand the treatment of discrete symmetries, for example, in Peskin's QFT book: Because by...
Jul30-10 08:33 AM
1 1,284
Is it possible to move an entangled particle, without disrupting the wave function, to create a communication signal?
Jul30-10 06:09 AM
6 2,047
My question is that is the fact, that all particles are either boson or fermions, only an empirical fact, or can it be...
Jul29-10 08:43 AM
11 1,396
I often come across the assertion that light has zero mass. i was wondering is this a proven fact or just an...
Jul28-10 10:53 PM
32 4,620 This is from a stupid movie, lots of new age nonsense etc. However,...
Jul28-10 10:49 PM
8 1,141
Uh, today I read some materials about quantum fidelity. In a pure state, which can be expressed by a wave function...
Jul28-10 09:52 PM
0 783
My first post. I'm an interested layman. 1. There was a thread about this a few weeks ago but it didn't have an...
Jul28-10 09:48 PM
5 1,145
I read about this stuff a few years ago, and it seems that nobody gives too much attention to it. Its about an...
Jul28-10 09:14 PM
1 937
I thought this was interesting. My guess is that it will be published in Physical Review Letters. We know of Jorma...
Jul28-10 08:14 PM
0 967
Hi, I just wondered if someone could check my understanding is correct on this topic. I understand that to find the...
Jul28-10 06:13 PM
10 1,700
Let's say we have photon beam with certain frequency. Now we make a choice to perform one of two noncomuting...
Jul28-10 09:29 AM
9 1,551
The two sets of matrices: {G_1} = i\hbar \left( {\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} 0 & 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 & { - 1} \\ ...
Jul28-10 08:22 AM
9 3,353
Okay, let me begin by saying that I do NOT have a good foundation in quantum mechanics, but I have been completely...
Jul27-10 04:23 PM
25 3,201
I'm currently reading Weinberg, see link for the relevant section. In §5.3, the coefficient functions at zero...
Jul27-10 03:41 PM
0 840
According to uncertainty principle we can’t specify the exact energy of system in a distinc time On the other hand ...
Jul27-10 12:34 PM
George Jones
11 1,643
Hi, Does anyone know if there's a closed formula for the n-point function in a CFT? Up to anharmonic ratios, of...
Jul27-10 10:23 AM
2 1,037
My first post, a long term reader though and apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere. I did several searches...
Jul27-10 09:06 AM
0 827
Hi, this is my question: suppose that at time t' our system is in the state | \psi(t')\rangle The probability for...
Jul27-10 06:15 AM
4 1,213
I keep hearing jargon like "the algebra generated by the hamiltonian", and I'd like to get to the bottom of it. ...
Jul27-10 04:39 AM
2 1,061
In the Eric Weissteins's World of Physics entry on "Quantum Electrodynamics" he gives one of the governing equations...
Jul27-10 04:24 AM
3 1,288
I just went to an astronomy this past week and one the lectures pertained to the particle zoo. As the professor began...
Jul27-10 03:44 AM
1 758
This problem borders with the question of either wave only or particle only descriptions of duality, and I think it...
Jul27-10 01:46 AM
32 3,553
A valuable math result for quantum mechanics is that if two hermitian operators (physical observables) commute, then a...
Jul26-10 10:02 AM
12 2,565
What equipment one can use to detect interaction between two massless particles, such a photons? Is that even...
Jul26-10 01:15 AM
1 996
What are the minimal conditions to have a non-relativistic quantum theory like Schrödinger theory?
Jul25-10 05:08 PM
7 942
Hi, I have come across a sentance in an article which I do not quite understand. H1 is just a perturbation...
Jul25-10 02:41 PM
1 1,203
I'm reading Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell by Zee and I'm completely lost on something. In one of the appendices...
Jul25-10 09:33 AM
8 4,794
When looking at information about the double-slit experiment, you often see statements like... "the photon interferes...
Jul24-10 02:02 PM
12 4,015
As I understand it, the magnitude of an L_z eigenfunction's value is independent of its argument's \phi coordinate...
Jul24-10 01:14 PM
6 1,446
Obviously because there is a minus sign in |0 0> = 1/sqrt(2)*((up)(down)-(down)(up)) but I guess I am not completely...
Jul24-10 12:04 PM
16 4,741
Since there have now been directly observed superpositions in laboratory experiments, meaning of course that...
Jul24-10 10:36 AM
10 2,302
Hi I would like to know what your thoughts are on books that make an attempt to discuss quantum electromagnetism...
Jul24-10 05:53 AM
AJ Bentley
2 1,618
I would hope this thread could be limited to Bell-mathematical questions and answers concerning just one given Bell...
Jul24-10 03:52 AM
68 7,119
I'm really confused on this concept. Why is gravity considered a fictitious force and is it true that this concept is...
Jul23-10 06:11 PM
Glen Bartusch
3 1,374

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