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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,825
Suppose, i want to diagonalize operator A by matrix S (A'= S^\\dagger A S). Do i need to form S from "NORMALIZED"...
Sep20-10 10:50 PM
1 813
the quantum unit of LUE is umolco2m-2s-1 how can i change it to energy unit ,like gC/MJ i have been puzzle for many...
Sep20-10 10:08 PM
2 872
The angular momentum operator is given by \bold{L}=\bold{r}\times-i\hbar \bold{\nabla} How do we compute ...
Sep20-10 08:35 PM
Meir Achuz
7 955
So I've been reading up on some quantum tunneling. It seems as though everything I read on it only conveys an...
Sep20-10 08:19 PM
9 1,310
I am a second year student in quantum mechanics. I heard in lecture that simultaneous diagonalization of matrices is...
Sep20-10 08:16 PM
Abrar Quadery
4 4,875
Does a positron absorb a photon like an electron does? When an electron absorbs a photon it increases in energy, but...
Sep20-10 06:15 PM
2 997
i'm trying to learn qft. i have referred many books most of them have same pattern giving some intuitive idea followed...
Sep20-10 09:51 AM
3 1,771
I'm looking for a book that would explain/enlighten me about the current events in quantum physics/string...
Sep20-10 12:39 AM
1 610
Hello, While other's on this site are probably considerably older than myself, as I am only a grade nine student, I...
Sep19-10 06:04 PM
4 980
I have a quite simple doubt. One of the practical applications of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is given by...
Sep19-10 11:25 AM
5 1,100
Hi guys, Quantum mechanics gives well-defined probabilistic predictions for the value we get when we measure...
Sep19-10 02:16 AM
6 2,449
Can quantum physics measure our thoughts and emotions? Is there or if any a formula to measure this energy? I was...
Sep19-10 01:30 AM
21 3,034
I was reading today about de Broglie and I don't think I really get what is meant by particles having a wave...
Sep18-10 07:54 PM
9 2,367
I wonder if Heisenberg principle (both \Delta p \Delta x \geq \frac{\hbar }{2} and \Delta E \Delta t \geq \frac{\hbar...
Sep18-10 06:14 PM
3 731
I was wondering if light from distance stars actually get weaker the more they travel through space? I'm not really...
Sep18-10 12:58 PM
10 1,219
I could benefit from someone shedding some light on a couple of questions that I have regarding the speed of various...
Sep18-10 12:13 PM
9 8,760
This is probably my misunderstanding of the notation... The definition of a density matrix is in the attached file....
Sep18-10 10:34 AM
4 2,153
Most of the literature that I have read on non-relativistic wave mechanics discusses experiments that measure a...
Sep18-10 09:46 AM
sweet springs
18 4,089
Is there any way of proving <p> = 0 for a discrete (bound) state given it's wave function? I've seen proofs using the...
Sep18-10 03:04 AM
Petr Mugver
7 1,580
Is a quantum computer (a full fledged working) really possible..??
Sep18-10 01:25 AM
1 750
Dear guys, Have you ever met this kind of tensor expression? A_{} C_{c]} That is, indices a, b are...
Sep17-10 08:59 PM
2 1,365
If I slowly lower a book to a table from a height of say 1 m, it is at some point, 0.5m away, then 0.4 m away, etc.,...
Sep17-10 03:48 PM
8 1,342
The Pauli equation (seen here) contains its spin dependence in the term which reads \frac{1}{2m}\left^2 So let B...
Sep17-10 10:27 AM
8 4,647
Hello, I'm new to the community here at Physics Forums. I am an undergrad double majoring in mathematics/computer...
Sep17-10 09:31 AM
30 1,841
(First: to the moderator: I am not sure if this should go here or in general relativity, because it spans both...
Sep17-10 06:11 AM
15 1,334
Have Zernike Polynomials ever been applied to Schrondinger's Equation instead of psi? They're widely used in optics...
Sep17-10 02:40 AM
1 849
i have met a problem about the commutator of x and p. =ihbar /p> is the eigenstate of momentum operator p. ...
Sep16-10 10:39 PM
3 1,795
I am attempting to calculate the commutator where \hat{X} is position and \hat{P} is momentum and am running into the...
Sep16-10 07:59 PM
5 3,067
Hello, I'm a bit confused learning about how an electron can be found anywhere within the probability density. ...
Sep16-10 06:09 PM
4 1,650
This question is from an example taken from Zurek 1991 (Decoherence and the Transition from Quantum to Classical). ...
Sep16-10 02:44 AM
11 3,686
Hi every body,please help me this: Normally,the correlation function is equal sum of conected diagrams because of...
Sep16-10 02:00 AM
0 613
I've been exploring an idea for reconciling the possibility of local realism with the various experimental proofs of...
Sep15-10 04:38 PM
2 882
Hi guys!! When we consider a system composed by two 1/2 spin particle we can label the 4 natural basis vector by the...
Sep15-10 03:13 PM
Meir Achuz
1 4,292
I may be posting to the wrong forum, if so, please advise. I'm reading a book on rotational symmetry and its...
Sep15-10 10:10 AM
3 3,068
I would like to understand phase space better, spec. in relation to the quantum Liouville theorem. Can anyone point me...
Sep15-10 09:51 AM
1 1,834
There is some quantum digital battery under development which will allow to store up to temfold times of energy as...
Sep15-10 08:20 AM
0 1,220
Can someone tell how antiparticles affected by gravitational force? The same way as particles or opposite? Thanks.
Sep15-10 07:40 AM
6 1,033
Here is a thought experiment to illustrate the problem... Suppose you have a light source capable of emitting...
Sep15-10 02:11 AM
13 1,734
I Uwould be grateful if anybody can kindly help me with this particular doubt that cropped when I was working through...
Sep14-10 11:36 PM
4 790
Something I've always wondered: You throw matter into a black hole, but get half matter and half antimatter out due...
Sep14-10 06:18 PM
5 1,566

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