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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,364
what is the result of fourier transformation of functional theta function?
Feb29-08 07:53 AM
3 1,589
Hi. This may not be the best place to ask this, but I have a friend who is very interested in quantum mechanics and is...
Feb28-08 10:03 PM
0 641
I have a homework problem that is giving me some problems. Consider a particle trapped in a box of size 1. All you...
Feb28-08 03:50 PM
1 2,009
Hi all, I'm trying to convince myself that momentum is the correct infinitesimal generator for translations. In...
Feb28-08 12:01 PM
8 7,521
So I am just beginning to emerge myself into quantum physics. I am reading some things about the uncertainty...
Feb28-08 10:07 AM
8 1,340
*moved to hw questions*
Feb27-08 12:24 PM
0 3,756
Hi there, Let me start by introducing myself. I am a student who considers himself to be a very scientific thinker,...
Feb27-08 11:34 AM
13 1,537
Hi, I would like to know what do you think about the Giuliano Preparata theory on QED coherence in matter. He...
Feb27-08 10:00 AM
1 2,511
<n|m> ; |m><n| ;
Feb27-08 09:02 AM
5 974
What is the idea behind renormalization group ?? i belive you begin with an action S =\int d^{4}x L(\phi ,...
Feb27-08 07:01 AM
3 2,154
if one entangled particle is "destroyed" what is the state of the OTHER particle? Situation 1 two entangled...
Feb27-08 03:25 AM
5 2,060
This question may come out of some ignorance on my part, but I was reading the Feynman Lectures on Physics and it said...
Feb26-08 12:36 PM
8 3,086
With all the different quantum interpretations out there, which is your favourite or "most likely to be true" ? I...
Feb26-08 09:34 AM
Hans de Vries
141 13,966
Hi, Some writers on quantum physics, especially on copenhagen interpretation, talk about waves as "real" before...
Feb26-08 08:40 AM
18 2,122
I have some extremely basic questions in QFT. First, P&S discuss causality in QFT in the first chapter of the...
Feb26-08 08:25 AM
Hans de Vries
317 54,124
I'm going through the derivation of the -i\Sigma_2 (p) correction in Peskin & Shcroeder. On the top of page 218, eq....
Feb26-08 08:11 AM
2 1,552
In Modern Quantum Mechanics page 44-46, Sakurai compares two experiments: 1. Here three observables A,B,C are...
Feb25-08 10:48 AM
0 719
I have seen in text that it used an unfamiliar unit for fine-structure energy difference in a species. The unit was:...
Feb25-08 06:12 AM
2 1,242
Maxwell's equations give that the electric and magnetic fields in E-M radiation are orthogonal. This is a classic...
Feb24-08 07:30 PM
27 3,728
If a free proton is pushed to within 10^-13 centimeters of a nucleus, it overcomes the repulsion interactions and is...
Feb24-08 04:18 PM
6 4,208
Has anyone read this? tHe author presents a different interpretation of wave-particle duality in order to find an...
Feb24-08 04:06 PM
3 1,484
What is ansatz? such as Bethe ansatz. Is it a principle? hypothesis? or boundary condition? self-consistency...
Feb24-08 02:37 PM
1 3,550
Can they appear inside a black hole? Can they appear between an electron and the nucleus? Inside a nucleus? Can two...
Feb24-08 11:55 AM
23 3,896
If effective mass in schrodinger equation takes in to account for coupling by other bands or so to say by other...
Feb24-08 10:36 AM
1 1,770
Hello all, I've been thinking about the connection between commutativity of operators and uncertainty. I've...
Feb24-08 12:42 AM
3 1,882
It is clear that the concepts of position and momentum are idealizations from our macroscopic experience which are not...
Feb23-08 11:03 AM
30 4,083
In lecture today, we were going through Griffith's QM, Chapter 7, The Variational Principle. The particular case...
Feb23-08 05:54 AM
0 1,164
Rutgers University physicists have performed computer simulations that show how electrons become one thousand times...
Feb22-08 04:15 PM
0 1,526
What is the theory to explain how it still manages to survive.
Feb22-08 02:59 PM
11 1,875
Is momentum operator \frac{\hbar}{i}\frac{\partial}{\partial\ x } is Hermitian only for a normalized wave...
Feb22-08 11:30 AM
4 1,998
Here are some examples of wavefunction visualisations: ...
Feb22-08 04:13 AM
45 3,931
Hey folk, I'm not sure if this would be more approproate in the Calculus section because I think the anser...
Feb21-08 06:36 PM
1 1,184
Now that all our old CRT tvs are going to be useless soon (an exaggeration, I know, but they certainly are obsolete),...
Feb21-08 12:55 PM
0 1,552
I recently found this amazing video. Click on deussy and check out his...
Feb21-08 06:16 AM
0 4,103
Hi all, I have a little problem concerning the coupling of a fermion to CP^N (or better a 2D scalar O(3) model)....
Feb20-08 06:15 PM
1 1,371
I have seen the frequency of the electron in the ground state of the hydrogen atom as 6.58 x 10^15 Hz, however I have...
Feb20-08 12:49 PM
2 3,223
In quantum mechanic the Hilbert space is often used. I don't study physics, must be said. So, I have a few questions...
Feb19-08 11:26 PM
31 3,507
Hey, what kind of mathematics are needed to understand the bulk of QM and GR?
Feb19-08 11:03 PM
45 3,637
Hi All, I am interested what are the advantages, in general, of using Liouville representation instead of...
Feb19-08 10:32 PM
1 1,536
My knowledge on this subject is near to nothing, but I would be very much interested in learning some of the basics....
Feb19-08 07:10 PM
George Jones
19 2,424

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