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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,209
Hi I need to find the generators of the Poincare group in the representation of a clasical scalar field. Every...
Jul11-08 12:54 PM
2 2,039
The classic physics problem example of symmetry breaking is a pencil sitting directly on its tip (pointed down), but...
Jul11-08 09:34 AM
5 1,735 the attached file see the fig 8.5 What is the the physical reason,for which ahe amplitude of the wave function...
Jul11-08 03:29 AM
2 961
I tried to make a double-slit experiment, but I got some difficult-to-explain results. I cut a piece of opaque...
Jul10-08 03:52 PM
5 3,558
Is there a way bras and kets can be understood in terms of vectors and tensors and coordinate bases? I'm fairly...
Jul9-08 11:30 PM
154 11,397
I have a question regarding this post in the FAQ's: My question is, to what extent is the above applicable to...
Jul9-08 06:18 PM
8 2,984
Hi, how i could simulate light not yet polarized with jones formalism?
Jul9-08 02:25 PM
6 1,636
1. Is thermal noise truly random? By truly random I mean can you not predict the next value even if you knew...
Jul9-08 01:32 PM
4 4,030
suppose a laser beam reflects off a mirror moving at relativistic speed. the frequency of the reflected beam will be...
Jul9-08 12:59 PM
0 863
It seems to me that in the quantization of a classical field, one first takes the fourier transform of the field to...
Jul9-08 04:28 AM
6 1,347
Parity is a special property in Quantum mechanics. I don't know whether it relates to group thery? Is it O(2),...
Jul9-08 04:25 AM
2 840
According to the Bloch's theorem, the solutions of SE in a periodic potential may be written as superpositions of...
Jul9-08 01:08 AM
1 1,350
To find the expected value of Q(x,p) we evaluate <\psi|Q(x,-i\hbar \frac{\partial }{\partial x})|\psi>. But what do...
Jul8-08 04:58 PM
11 1,400
I am reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. It is really wonderful, however, I am confused by a section about...
Jul8-08 04:52 PM
11 4,277
Hello !!! I have a question that breaks the head to me, jejeje In the process of photoemission, the total cross...
Jul8-08 03:55 PM
0 1,255
A very noobish physics question: Has it been experimentally verified, that individual photons get refracted, for...
Jul8-08 01:45 PM
2 1,180
hi i just wanted to ask if anyone could help me understand this principle i have read around and still seem to be...
Jul7-08 11:39 PM
3 2,039
I'm stuck on a problem. Given a Hamiltonian H_{ab} = cP_j(\alpha^{j})_{ab} + mc^{2} (\beta)_{ab} then ...
Jul7-08 09:18 PM
2 1,727
EDIT: Sorry... I have to use perturbation theory. My mistake. Hey... I have a quick question. I have to calculate...
Jul7-08 03:55 PM
2 2,467
Hi, I'm a network security student who is implementing a protocol on quantum cryptography (focus on EPR photons). I...
Jul7-08 04:56 AM
0 1,247
# Hi guys! One question is troubling me a lot. It is know fact that a hollow metallic enclosure with a small hole is a...
Jul6-08 09:22 PM
Andy Resnick
2 1,618
A massless particle situated in a 1D infinite square well with momentum only in the direction of quantum confinement...
Jul6-08 05:02 PM
27 3,309
When I began to fully understand entanglement of quantum systems and what this implies, I was in particular excited by...
Jul6-08 04:54 PM
10 10,626
In classical mechanics the Lagrangian depends only on time, position, and velocity. It is not allowed to depend on...
Jul6-08 03:22 AM
2 1,201
I was reading the book "New Theories of Everything" and I came across the term "random symmetry breakings" Let me...
Jul6-08 02:07 AM
2 1,186
Dirac's theory of the electron predicted that there were identical particles of equal mass but of negative energy. ...
Jul5-08 07:26 PM
0 1,231
This might be a silly question, but do protons and neutrons have a wave function that they can be described by?
Jul5-08 12:56 PM
3 2,399
Hi there I have a question regarding the attom Not saying its possible but if it was what would happen to matter if...
Jul5-08 12:40 PM
2 865
I'm sure you've all heard of Schrodinger's thought experiment regarding Quantum Mechanics. The question is: does...
Jul5-08 10:09 AM
24 2,959
When Dirac solved his equation for electron, he found out there are negative energy states. My question is why...
Jul5-08 09:23 AM
1 1,558
I read somewhere that at small atomic levels (quantum levels) the electric force is some 100,000 stronger than the...
Jul4-08 09:15 PM
12 2,198
What does a particle in a potential well means? What is the physical interpretation of it? Could any one anser this...
Jul4-08 01:01 PM
2 2,099
I know they must use some sort of wave equation to calculate the exact orbitals of an atom, but I'm interested how...
Jul4-08 10:19 AM
5 7,013
I have a few questions. Why is it that detection of a virtual particle would mean that it cannot be virtual? What...
Jul4-08 04:39 AM
6 1,528
hi all, i'm new here :shy: i'm italian, so i apologize for my english i never studied quantum physics (i only...
Jul3-08 07:36 PM
19 9,412
Hey folks, I'm reading Zee 'Introduction to QFT' and have a quick question on some terminology. On page 10 he...
Jul3-08 03:21 PM
Hans de Vries
17 2,493
Hello, After reading a little about Planck's constant, I'm a bit confused. The constant is measured in Joules *...
Jul3-08 11:55 AM
13 4,464
I don't really understand how we observe spectral lines of a particular element and why they are there? Can anyone...
Jul3-08 07:46 AM
5 2,538
Fermi energy: E_f =\frac{\hbar^2 \pi^2}{2m L^2} n_f^2 The number of states with energy less than E_f is equal to...
Jul2-08 09:43 AM
15 1,442
In QM we require that an operator acting on a state vector gives the corresponding observable multiplied by the...
Jul2-08 08:40 AM
2 896

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