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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,811
Or "what are particles good for?" Particles (as defined in the Bohm interpretation) exist, have well-defined...
Aug16-08 12:49 AM
46 5,038
first, Id just like to say that Im a 4th year physics major, so Ive taken QM and GR and have a pretty good...
Aug15-08 03:38 PM
15 4,635
how does dimensional regularization work ? i see , how can you calculate integrals in d-dimensions of the form ...
Aug15-08 01:01 PM
1 1,836
A swap-test is described here...
Aug15-08 12:16 PM
1 2,760
Hey guys, I wanted to know if there is any other (more physical math) reason why schrodinger's equation is not valid...
Aug15-08 10:55 AM
31 8,678
I am having trouble understand why the klein-gordan eqn is accepted to describe spin 0 particles since it gives the...
Aug15-08 09:58 AM
2 1,135
Hi! Has anybody seen the perturbative expansion of the generating functional of QCD Z expressed with Feynman...
Aug15-08 04:56 AM
6 1,508
is hv as we all know, but how do with derive it from Einstein's special theory of relativity? any pointer to help me...
Aug15-08 03:25 AM
15 2,517
Hi there! I'm struggling a bit with running couplings. Srednicki introduces dimensional regularization and the...
Aug14-08 03:37 PM
1 1,376
reading... the question is if we must stablish the fuzzy logic as a method to...
Aug14-08 10:03 AM
2 6,118
Hi. I have some basic (naive, ignorant) questions regarding the empirical nature of quantum particles. That is, in...
Aug14-08 06:58 AM
12 1,758
It is often said that the field operator \hat{\phi}(x) of some free field theory, e.g. Klein-Gordon or Dirac, acting...
Aug13-08 10:07 PM
Hans de Vries
52 6,868
My knowledge of QM is far from great, but I can't figure out what I'm missing here. When looking for e.g. an...
Aug13-08 07:02 PM
3 1,039
Currently I am working through a script concerning QFT. To introduce the concept of canonical filed quantisation one...
Aug13-08 05:23 PM
Hans de Vries
5 2,587
my question is let be the integral , with \Lambda \rightarrow \infty \int_{0}^{\Lambda} dp...
Aug13-08 01:52 PM
0 958
Are they real are what? I've read in various places on the internet that there is a vast amount of energy stored in...
Aug13-08 01:09 PM
3 1,502
could anyone suggest the methods for solving the energy eigenvalues in a 1d finite potential well. are there any...
Aug13-08 07:41 AM
1 1,606
Hallo, I would like to know why physicists are always seeking for irreducible representation of a given group. I...
Aug12-08 08:34 PM
10 1,393
Hi I was interested in Quantum Mechanics so I started reading some books about it. When I was reading about...
Aug12-08 04:40 PM
1 972
what does it mean when somebody says that a particle is on its mass shell? I have somewhat but not full understanding...
Aug11-08 06:06 PM
cosmik debris
2 3,599
I'm running a simple limiting case of a simulation with the expression: exp(-i*H*t), where H is the hamiltonian, in...
Aug11-08 04:39 PM
1 994
When the depth of a quantum well increases, the first level increases or decreases its energy with respect of the...
Aug11-08 03:51 PM
7 2,011
hey everyone, My names aaron and im a year 12 student studying physics. We have to learn about both the wave and...
Aug11-08 09:53 AM
Usaf Moji
14 12,912
In photon polarization placing a horizontal polarizer in a beam of randomly polarized photons allows only half the...
Aug11-08 09:48 AM
9 1,826
Suppose you have a fine layer of dust facing perpendicular to a strong gravitational body. If gravitons are point...
Aug11-08 12:41 AM
0 1,284
Why shud one take the Fourier transform of a wavefunction and multiply the result with its conjugate to get the...
Aug10-08 09:49 PM
2 1,290
Hello. I'm a 15 year old student interested in theoretical physics. I took Calculus I in 7th grade at Hood College,...
Aug10-08 04:44 PM
2 1,199
I was watching a video about Quantum Mechanics and the double slit experiment which shows electrons to be both a wave...
Aug9-08 09:08 PM
10 6,543
Hi everybody, I was just wondering if humans have discovered the fundamental nature of matter (or energy). If not,...
Aug8-08 08:30 PM
2 3,971
The explanations I have found in quantum mechanics books as to why the momentum operator is considered to be the...
Aug8-08 06:22 PM
69 10,686
Hi - could someone briefly explain a Feyman Diagram (example?). Does this replace one or more complex QED model(s)? ...
Aug8-08 05:04 PM
2 1,724
Hi all, I've been looking at the problem of two interacting electrons in a 1D infinite well and wanted to run my...
Aug8-08 04:53 PM
1 1,311
How do you entangle photons?
Aug8-08 07:24 AM
4 7,578
Hello Im having 2 questions I'm investigating NIR light propagation in tissue such as the skin and my question is: ...
Aug8-08 06:13 AM
1 937
Have anyone done the GHZ experiment? As I understand it from a book I read QM predicts detections that hidden...
Aug7-08 02:56 PM
7 2,750
Are there any particles (atomic, subatomic) that on average travel very slowly? As in, why is it that photons,...
Aug7-08 01:26 PM
2 1,058
This is a fairly simple question, but the first such question I have done. Inorder to check my work I was hoping...
Aug7-08 10:41 AM
7 2,584
Maybe I don't even have the terminology correct for this... I'm a quantum physics noob :) My question is this: ...
Aug7-08 09:25 AM
3 1,287
At low velocity the group velocity is double the phase velocity (velocity of de Broglie waves). But phase velocity is...
Aug7-08 12:24 AM
1 1,108
Hi! I wonder if the Feynman rules in momentum space can also be applied to disconnected diagrams. So aussume I have...
Aug6-08 02:32 PM
0 2,404

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