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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,521
My mathematical knowledge of QFT is nonexistant (I'm only just starting grad school) so I was wondering if anyone...
Jun17-08 05:45 PM
6 1,597
In my readings, I keep seeing what people refer to as a particle "borrowing" or "loaning" energy, and quickly giving...
Jun17-08 04:46 PM
1 2,155
surfing the web and arxiv i found the strange formula lnA= \frac{d^{n}}{ds^{n}} \frac{s^{n-1}}{n! A^{s}} my...
Jun17-08 12:11 PM
4 1,365
Hi, I was just wondering if heisenbergs uncertainty principal is about position and velocity (or energy and time),.....
Jun16-08 11:04 AM
3 1,641
I learned about this in class and some parts have been bugging me for a while. I am to understand that because were...
Jun16-08 10:09 AM
35 5,095
Ok, I've been taught this stuff in school about the particle/wave duality. And what's been always bugging me is that...
Jun16-08 08:38 AM
9 1,446
I'm trying to understand what Braket state vectors are... and I'm not sure if I completely understand what's going on....
Jun16-08 08:29 AM
12 3,196
Hi, I have a problem identifying some 3d rotation matrices. Actually I don't know if the result can be brought on the...
Jun16-08 05:46 AM
2 1,403
Does the uncertainty principle contradict the idea that an object can be at rest relative to an observer? For...
Jun15-08 12:06 PM
38 3,677
Here's something that I recently thought about: If we assume a Doppler shifted EM wave retains the amplitude of the...
Jun15-08 06:58 AM
5 2,056
. hi everyone here , i have a problem about the exhange energy . IN quantum mechanics, there is a example how to...
Jun15-08 04:01 AM
0 1,188
Okay, so here's my knowledge of quantum mechanics: *crickets chirping in the background*. Here's my mathematical...
Jun15-08 12:58 AM
6 1,275
Hi all, suppose i want to calculate the propagator/transition amplitude which i can write as follows: ...
Jun14-08 07:03 PM
5 1,577
Particle energy and momentum are obtained from the wave function as eigenfunctions of the spatial and time derivative...
Jun14-08 06:23 PM
7 2,286
I keep hearing about renormalization in quantum mechanics, frequently in the context of it's mathematical dubiousness....
Jun14-08 03:02 PM
6 2,594
Some questions about frequency, doppler effect, and mass. What exactly is frequency? I know its an intrinsic...
Jun14-08 03:15 AM
3 1,013
Hello everybody, I have few queries in Quantum.Can anybody tell me:- 1.) Ladder operators are very well defined as...
Jun14-08 03:12 AM
5 4,600
Hi there, we were just introdued to the concept of plancks theories and his constant and I was just wondering hat...
Jun14-08 12:55 AM
20 9,113
Hi everyone, Can any body solve my simple problems of quantum: Usually we say, that wave function Ψ is dependent on...
Jun13-08 04:25 PM
2 1,380
There are lots of works on the hidden variable. How about the theory recently? Thank you!
Jun13-08 03:01 PM
2 1,404
Hi, After actually struggling to find anything relevant in books/google/this forum I'd really appreciate if someone...
Jun13-08 08:52 AM
2 1,237
Hey IR radiation excites vibrational motion in molecules. so that the matter gets hotter. But what about electronic...
Jun13-08 07:55 AM
0 1,934
I'm still in Intro Physics, and I'm a little perplexed by the concept of tunneling. An alpha particle escapes the...
Jun13-08 07:34 AM
3 2,019
Homework Question: "Explain why the following is incorrect.A duck lives in a far-off planet where Planck's constant h...
Jun13-08 06:42 AM
0 1,505
Hello, I was sent this e-mail of a really interesting postcard that has this really long equation on. However, the...
Jun12-08 05:37 PM
2 1,321
Hi, I'm trying to prove the theorem found in the following scan of Coleman's Aspects of Symmetry. So far, I have...
Jun12-08 03:23 PM
7 2,013
It seems physicists have come to the conclusion that a single electron travels through both slits at the same time,...
Jun12-08 01:10 PM
10 3,112
When examining the Schrodinger equation for a particle in a square well there is a lower case i that shows up in the...
Jun12-08 12:42 PM
9 5,688
If I came up with a theory that had predictions 100 times larger or smaller than experimental observation my theory...
Jun12-08 09:30 AM
3 2,241
Hello Everyone, This time I want to share with you my experience with the book the Interpretation of Quantum...
Jun12-08 09:17 AM
1 2,117
Initially I want to let everyone know that I came across these forums recently after searching for further information...
Jun11-08 08:38 PM
2 1,387
'Electron Waves' is something I heard of in my 9th or 10th standard, and fooled around in 12th standard. But the thing...
Jun11-08 04:20 PM
10 1,756
When i learned the capacitor in electricity, we didn't care about the photoelectric. But now after some quantum...
Jun11-08 03:31 PM
0 1,188
In the Stern-Gerlach experiement, what's so special about the magnetic field that causes the electrons to behave like...
Jun11-08 01:37 PM
6 2,452
We are discussing the Demystifier's paper "Quantum mechanics: myths and facts"....
Jun11-08 08:41 AM
Count Iblis
69 11,851
Why did Schrodinger call his equation eigenvalue problem? We can solve Schrodinger equation since it's just...
Jun11-08 02:11 AM
2 4,990
Hi, I am trying to calculate the time evolution of a density matrix. Like if there is a mixed state with 50% of |x,...
Jun10-08 06:47 PM
Count Iblis
1 1,974
How "Quantum Entanglement" happens?! As far as i know, it's one sub-atomic particle (i.e. electron) sendig data to...
Jun10-08 02:12 PM
9 3,549
Hi everyone, first of all let me state I'm no expert in quantum physics. But I'd be glad if any of you would just...
Jun10-08 01:36 PM
6 1,752
Two months ago, I talked with an old foreign professor about the non-local hidden variable. He was very interested in...
Jun10-08 12:34 PM
3 921

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