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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,459
hi, the standard (?) explanation for particle exchange to produce repulsion and attraction is at:...
Jul22-08 11:36 AM
1 1,944
I'm a little unsure about a certain part of this shown in a book. There is an electron and a positron moving in the...
Jul22-08 10:59 AM
3 1,707
During a lecture about QFT...
Jul22-08 02:56 AM
1 1,696
I have a noobish question on spin addition. If I have a system of two particles, each with spin 1, and the spins don't...
Jul22-08 02:30 AM
Usaf Moji
2 3,120
I'm reading Singularity Sky and came across something that didn't sound right. Charles Stross is supposed to be known...
Jul21-08 09:13 PM
0 904
I came across my readings the idea of quantum teleportation. How there is a probability (no matter how infitessimally...
Jul21-08 02:51 PM
0 1,208
hello, everyone, I am not in this filed. So I get a simple question. Besides field emission and thermionic emission,...
Jul21-08 04:41 AM
1 1,572
help,see the attached file
Jul21-08 03:59 AM
1 1,127
In QM we have the postulate of measure giving rise to the notion of wave function collapse throught measurement. Is...
Jul21-08 03:18 AM
3 1,464
I read about "pair production" how a photon can create and electron and a positron. I read the calculations and I...
Jul20-08 01:36 PM
4 1,846
Hi all While watching the first stage of the Tour de France, I thought of Heisenberg and his Uncertainty Principle....
Jul20-08 10:46 AM
38 5,117
One way in which Heisenberg originally argued for the uncertainty principle is by using an imaginary microscope as a...
Jul19-08 10:19 PM
11 3,275
Hi folks! Another stupid question: Consider a Yukawa coupling \lambda \bar{\psi}_1 \psi_2 \phi where \phi is a...
Jul19-08 06:46 AM
7 1,907
Is probability a quantum observable ? I'd like to obtain an observable operator (self-adjoint, hermitian) with...
Jul19-08 05:55 AM
12 1,654
Hello guys, i'm just new here.I have a question about observers. This may be a stupid question , but here it goes. ...
Jul18-08 11:25 PM
1 1,137
"Anyone who has not been shocked by Quantum physics has not understood it," said N. Bohr. Now I am confused by the...
Jul18-08 03:38 PM
15 2,689
Can anyone help out? I was reading about MZ interferometers on Wikipedia ...
Jul18-08 03:28 PM
1 2,084
I'm reading Griffiths', and I had a question about the harmonic oscillator. Griffiths solves the Schrodinger...
Jul18-08 11:54 AM
2 1,438
After several failures in the past (why does the universe have to be so complicated?!), I'm once again trying to learn...
Jul18-08 11:50 AM
35 3,348
If I'm given a photon polarized at some unknown angle, can I rotate it by 90 degrees (or by an arbitrary angle)?
Jul18-08 08:00 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,183
I have a question in my book where five electrons are placed in a infinite square well and Im supposed to calculate...
Jul18-08 06:36 AM
2 1,548
At a given moment, the wave function of a particle in a non-normalized state \Psi (x) = 1 + sinČ(kx). By measuring its...
Jul17-08 04:16 PM
1 1,468
Problem: How do you quantize a two dimensional system defined by the Lagrange's function L=\dot{x}y - x\dot{y}...
Jul17-08 07:42 AM
88 13,190
Has anybody ever tried adding mirrors around a laser tube cavity where a lot of spontaneous emission can be reflected...
Jul16-08 11:31 PM
4 3,627
Given two arbitrary qubits, is there a test I can do that will always tell orthogonal qubits apart (but may fail if...
Jul16-08 10:55 PM
3 1,121
Hello everyone, I'm trying to understand quantized vortices in rotating Bose gases. From what I understand, any...
Jul16-08 09:48 PM
9 1,903
are there any people working on periodicly driving system? about the floquet theory, i have a doubt. That is, it...
Jul16-08 08:48 PM
0 1,387
Hi! I want to renormalize the following UV-divergent integral using Dimensional Regularization: \int_{-...
Jul16-08 02:07 PM
2 3,556
hi, i have an essay question which entitles " what if planck;s constant was 6.63x10^30, how would this change the...
Jul16-08 09:47 AM
15 3,268
Imagine a system consisting of two hydrogen atoms with the electrons sitting in the ground state with the same spin....
Jul16-08 05:43 AM
13 1,442
I'm a beginning QFT student, trying to slog my way through Slansky's paper... I have some basic questions, the...
Jul14-08 10:52 PM
5 3,182
I am wondering if anyone knows why "h" was chosen for Planck's Constant? Or did they just randomly select a letter...
Jul14-08 08:02 PM
3 1,392
How might one stop two dissimilar but metallic surfaces from sliding against each other? Obvious answers like weld...
Jul14-08 04:10 PM
0 1,208
Does a photon have a \Psi function? i.e. Is it correct to describe a photon as a wave with a real component and an...
Jul14-08 03:39 PM
Usaf Moji
0 962
In Feynman's lectures he describes partial reflection as occuring because the "little arrows" cancel out when the...
Jul14-08 02:17 PM
5 2,866
Hello dear theorists! Please help me to understand the following question: I have slowly changing electric field...
Jul14-08 12:52 PM
0 1,041
Sometimes the result looks rigorously correct while in fact it is dead wrong
Jul14-08 06:58 AM
2 1,826
I started working on this topic and thought I would post it for other to contribute their ideas. The Clebsch-Gordan...
Jul13-08 04:49 PM
16 3,134
This seems a simple problem, but managed to confuse me and my friends a bit, it's definitely not a standard problem...
Jul13-08 10:16 AM
1 1,129
Dear all, While I was reading chap2 of Peskin, I got some questions. (1) The vanishment of the commutator of...
Jul13-08 01:04 AM
3 2,036

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