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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,401
I'm not clear as to how the overall interference pattern (or lack thereof) observed in the quantum eraser experiments...
Apr18-13 06:46 PM
6 630
With reference to the following lecture by Leonard Susskind :...
Apr18-13 02:14 PM
1 436
If I use hydrogen-like orbitals for other atoms, how are the number of nodes and probability density affected?
Apr18-13 12:01 PM
2 448
It is often said that the photon is the long range force carrier like the static force between electrons. Lets say we...
Apr18-13 11:48 AM
2 579
Also how can local causality be violated?
Apr18-13 09:52 AM
1 370
Hi I am teaching myself QFT using peskin and schroeder and have a few problems 1) On page the author goes from \int...
Apr18-13 09:49 AM
0 360
Hi Guys For all people interested in Schrodinger's Cat check out Leonard Susskind's explanation - very lucidly...
Apr18-13 09:47 AM
0 522
Dear all, I am working on 8 band k.p model and I am intrested in the way of derivation of explicit analytical...
Apr18-13 08:41 AM
0 365
The principle states: δxδp≥h/4π I understand what it means and ive seen in proven both theoretically and...
Apr17-13 08:00 PM
4 647
In its standard formulation, the CPT theorem says that any local Lorentz-covariant quantum field theorem will be...
Apr17-13 07:22 PM
2 482
Why did Max Planck refer to his own radiation law...
Apr17-13 05:07 PM
1 768
In the one moment you accept something in the other you're not sure why? Why probability density in quantum mechanics...
Apr17-13 12:14 PM
11 1,175
I am very confused by the treatment of Peskin on representations of Lorentz group and spinors. I am confronted with...
Apr17-13 10:29 AM
13 983
I can't seem to find a definitive answer to my questions surrounding this topic, every textbook I read is rather...
Apr17-13 09:47 AM
4 546
What is the quantum of an electromagnetic wave? Quantum of light is photon. What is the quantum of a gamma ray or an...
Apr17-13 06:53 AM
4 527
Hi guys having a little trouble with two-qubit state multiplication. Could you tell me how you work out the...
Apr17-13 05:32 AM
5 514
The Wigner function, W(x,p)\equiv\frac{1}{\pi\hbar}\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} ...
Apr17-13 05:01 AM
6 684
Hi all! I was reviewing some basic quantum mechanics, and I was trying to 'derive' the equation -i \hbar...
Apr16-13 06:38 PM
8 763
We know electric current travels around 200000 km/s.. Yet electrons are moving way much slower, just acting as a...
Apr16-13 04:34 PM
4 570
As an atmospheric physics major I am familiar with electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere and what dictates what...
Apr16-13 03:06 PM
5 769
In the chapter on partial wave analysis in Griffiths's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, he considers a spherically...
Apr15-13 08:33 PM
Meir Achuz
4 833
Reflection/refraction of light is due to the absorption of photons by electrons in the governing atoms, and is then...
Apr15-13 08:29 PM
Meir Achuz
4 467
My question is probably simple answer but google and everybody else i've asked didn't know. Because of friction there...
Apr15-13 06:34 PM
2 439
I am trying to calculate the functional for real scalar field: W = \int \mathcal{D} \phi \: exp \left \right] ...
Apr15-13 10:26 AM
1 544
I've found many articles online that explain how to solve the Schrodinger equation for a potential dependent on x, but...
Apr15-13 07:29 AM
4 779
I understand that the variational method can give me the "best" approximate ground state wavefunction among the class...
Apr15-13 06:27 AM
1 384
I understand that electromagnetic radiation is a photon. But one thing that is continuing to bug me is the question...
Apr15-13 05:56 AM
3 434
In special relativity we have the relation that for a free particle E^2 = \vec p^2 + m_0^2 and that also hold...
Apr15-13 04:36 AM
1 413
I'm skeptical of something Neil Turok said, having to do with quantum information. ...
Apr14-13 11:59 PM
6 655
Hi PF members, I am stuck with a problem about larmor precession. I cannot find the eigenstates of the hamiltonian...
Apr14-13 11:20 PM
9 597
We know that - mass bends space-time - this is known as gravity We also know that - (interaction with) Higgs fields...
Apr14-13 12:00 PM
1 479
hello everyone today im curious about " is there relation between double slit and compton??" my friend said there...
Apr14-13 11:57 AM
1 310
Hello PF members, I am trying to solve for helium atom ground state by using perturbation theory. It is very easy...
Apr14-13 11:34 AM
1 455
Hi there Iive been reading the intro chapter to Peskin and Schroder's 'An intro to QFT' I have a question...
Apr14-13 10:46 AM
9 735
I have a problem which asks me to calc uncertainty in position..with the help of uncertainity in wavelength, energy n...
Apr14-13 06:30 AM
Vanadium 50
1 298
If the uncertainity in position is equal to de broglies wavelength ..den is the uncertainity in velocity equal to the...
Apr14-13 05:26 AM
3 313
The photon as I understand it is a massless particle that "must" travel at the speed of light. However I do not...
Apr14-13 05:01 AM
4 453
Greetings all. I'm a new poster here but have spent some time on philosophy forums previously. I subscribe to New...
Apr13-13 08:58 PM
220 13,130
I'm studying electron spin/magnetic field and I was taught electrons can have only 2 spin orientations, as seen in the...
Apr13-13 08:12 PM
19 1,228
Currently doing AS physics and have come across De Broglie's equation: λ = h/p Combining this with the idea that if...
Apr13-13 05:57 PM
0 363

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