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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,754
Hi, In Sidney Coleman's Lectures he talked about space translations such that ...
Aug29-13 09:03 AM
1 507
Hi everyone, I'm currently working my way through Dirac's Quantum Mechanics, and I found this proof really...
Aug29-13 04:55 AM
5 662
Hello! I would like to find a book which covers the historical development of Quantum Mechanics from which I can learn...
Aug28-13 04:28 PM
Jano L.
2 695
In &5.6 writes: "An (A,A) field (A is spin) contains terms with only integer spins 2A,2A-1,...,0, and corresponds to...
Aug28-13 11:55 AM
8 1,047
Hi All, Following on from the last dumb question I asked... Suppose you calculate the tree-level approximation...
Aug28-13 07:21 AM
2 500
Hi all, It was recently pointed out to me that the finite electron mass puts a lower bound on the Mandelstam...
Aug28-13 05:44 AM
4 549
if there are two entangled particles one of them is flying 80% the speed of light , one of them is on earth for...
Aug28-13 04:51 AM
1 479
Hi PF Somebody gave me this link could you help me to understand why (9) has to be inserted in (7) when the...
Aug28-13 04:43 AM
2 575
Can we have a local hidden variable theory explanation for Bells theorem? The outcomes of the mesurement (measuring...
Aug28-13 03:33 AM
7 889
One of the most important results of functional analysis is that for every bounded linear functional f: H → ℂ on a...
Aug27-13 09:41 PM
9 1,055
I had trouble understanding this and had brought it up before but I thought I'd start a new thread on it, in case...
Aug27-13 03:31 PM
8 1,135
Hello! I'm finally starting to get a grip around quantum field theory. The last hang up is the following: I've been...
Aug27-13 01:09 PM
2 757
Standard Pauli spin matrices are: Sx: $$\left(\begin{array}{cc}0&1/2\\1/2&0\end{array}\right)$$ Sz:...
Aug27-13 11:45 AM
6 780
I know what the Mossbauer effect is. I know the crystal as a whole accepts the recoil not just the atom emitting the...
Aug27-13 07:01 AM
1 573
I have been going through my Physics text book to brush up on my Quantum Mechanics before starting my next QM course...
Aug27-13 04:11 AM
5 605
After searching this forum for what exactly spin is my inference is that it is a misnomer for an electrons "intrinsic...
Aug26-13 06:20 PM
San K
28 1,678
Is the non-relativistic Lagrangian: \mathcal L=\frac{1}{2}m \dot{x}^2 invariant under boosts x'=x+vt? It...
Aug26-13 12:12 PM
5 717
Hello, I'm having trouble calculating this commutator, at the moment I've got: \left=\left=i\left=i\int d^{3}x...
Aug26-13 04:59 AM
5 795
How do I write a full Schrodinger equation, pre-approximation, for a mixture? Let's say 75% H2 and 25% He by number of...
Aug26-13 04:17 AM
37 2,482
Hi, I am going to sound ridiculous, but I was watching an online lecture on QM and the professor mentioned spins can...
Aug25-13 11:01 PM
1 550
In lecture 2 of the Entnglement lecture series at, Susskind is explaining a classical...
Aug25-13 08:40 PM
5 667
Dear Everyone, I have a problem to be solved now. how to calculate the symplectic group SP(3,R) non-compact induced...
Aug25-13 07:16 PM
4 507
Dear Sir, I am currently doing an advanced course in Quantum Mechanics. This current doubt of mine, I am unable to...
Aug25-13 06:58 PM
5 984
On page 403, diagram 12.1 (b) of Peskin and Schroeder, does anyone know why the coupling constant at first increases...
Aug25-13 06:44 PM
Vic Sandler
1 408
Can someone explain how Dirac was able to deduce that anti-matter exists? How did this follow naturally from Dirac's...
Aug25-13 02:04 PM
3 619
In the second edition of Mandl and Shaw QFT, on page 361, it's fairly obvious that there is a sign discrepancy between...
Aug25-13 12:43 PM
Vic Sandler
24 1,700
Could anyone please push to the right direction... Bohr's model of Atom. Energy quantized. Angular momentum. - I...
Aug25-13 12:33 PM
1 448
Does the seemingly random nature of QM mean that the Universe is very non deterministic and does this mean that our...
Aug25-13 11:42 AM
65 3,309
How are the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian different as far as preserving symmetries of a theory? Peskin and Schroeder...
Aug25-13 11:16 AM
1 371
Some time ago I asked about contact forces and was directed to read about the Pauli exclusion principle and the...
Aug25-13 07:35 AM
6 718
It is known that a charged particle moving with some acceleration emits electromagnetic waves. For example, this may...
Aug24-13 10:28 PM
3 845
Hello all! I'm trying to wrap my head around this quantum entanglement thingy. As far as I have understood, if you...
Aug24-13 01:50 PM
1 532
The de broglie bohm theory posits that the photon goes through one of the slits and the waves through both. (In a...
Aug24-13 01:49 PM
San K
14 1,309
If mass is quantised and energy is mass why isn't energy quantised. It seems that it's possible to have arbitrarily...
Aug24-13 02:17 AM
4 906
Sorry for reopening a closed thread. But I have exactly the same doubt as this guy:...
Aug23-13 03:39 PM
2 599
I'm interested in interpretations and comments regarding this Wikipedia snippet: ...
Aug23-13 03:14 PM
6 693
In the second edition of Mandl & Shaw, QFT, on page 334, eqn (15.28) says: G^{\alpha\beta}_r(k^2) =...
Aug23-13 11:54 AM
Vic Sandler
0 328
As I understand it, EPR proposed their entanglement thought experiment as a means of demonstrating that Quantum...
Aug23-13 11:39 AM
165 11,966
the two energy level atom, whose hamiltonian takes the form \hat{H_A}=E_g|g\rangle\langle g|+E_e|e\rangle\langle e|,...
Aug22-13 06:25 PM
2 533
Is there any thing that could, or any way to increase the atomic decay rate of already unstable elements, such as the...
Aug22-13 10:32 AM
2 478

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