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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,449
why doesn't the uncertainty principle lead to small discrepancies in the spectrum of the same element in different...
Jul6-13 12:48 AM
Simon Bridge
1 486
I've been thinking about this for a while. I believe I have some misconceptions about light. Let's say we have a...
Jul5-13 10:47 PM
4 582
Hi, I am slightly confused with the term, ionization energy (IE). I am stuck between two definitions, one is the...
Jul5-13 03:36 PM
3 427
According to the Einstein light-quantum hypothsis, the photon energy is given by E = hbar*ω. If taking the photon as...
Jul5-13 12:04 PM
13 1,350
As i understand the outcome of the double slit experiment is firstly the Photons of light that were fired have no true...
Jul4-13 05:34 PM
5 647
Just want to clarify my understanding of these things. Fermions obey the Pauli Exclusion Principal, meaning...
Jul4-13 05:11 PM
2 479
I am studying an article and having some problems understanding it. Is...
Jul4-13 03:14 PM
19 1,362
First a little intro. The process of renormalization introduces in a QF theory a renormalization scale μ. Physical...
Jul4-13 02:58 PM
1 296
I'll write down what i know and point it out if I'm wrong.So we normalize the wave function because -∫|ψ(x,t)|^2dx...
Jul4-13 12:32 PM
1 519
I look at and use the same notations. The article says that there are just 4 Bell...
Jul4-13 11:51 AM
2 418
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics exist. But I don´t understand, it would must be see contradictory. He has the locality...
Jul4-13 10:01 AM
21 1,895
Folks, If somebody has this article "W. A. Fedak and J. J. Prentis, “Quantum jumps and classical harmonics”, Am. J....
Jul4-13 09:46 AM
0 556
Recently I read some main-stream journals reporting about superluminal transport of EM energy; they say that is a...
Jul4-13 09:24 AM
4 512
In the paper by eisenberg et. el. Photon 1 and 2 are entangled. Then 1 is...
Jul4-13 05:02 AM
San K
1 602
This came across my mind today, I am not sure if it's been proposed/invalidated before. I don't have enough physics...
Jul3-13 08:31 PM
Vanadium 50
1 397
I am confused about what I think should be the most basic concepts in quantum mechanics.. As far as I understood, a...
Jul3-13 02:30 PM
7 660
As a result of some precise experimental data, we now know that the mass of the quark is not naively 1/3 the mass of...
Jul3-13 01:39 PM
17 1,368
Hi pf, i have been wondering what differentiates QED Vacuum from QCD Vacuum? How would u explain its implications? I...
Jul3-13 12:11 PM
10 991
Hi, I read the following in an online source: In relativistic settings, momentum and energy are equal so the...
Jul3-13 11:35 AM
2 323
i do not posses deep knowledge of Quantum physics nor regular physics for that mater novice at best. so i have a idea...
Jul3-13 09:25 AM
4 498
Hello, I am buying the equipment to build a lab that will test Bell's Inequalities. A laser beam is polarized, then...
Jul2-13 05:30 PM
0 319
(Part of) The proof/logic of Bell's theorem goes thus: With the measurements oriented at intermediate angles...
Jul2-13 03:37 PM
428 33,857
It just occurred to me that I don't know why composites of interacting particles are always in entangled -- as opposed...
Jul2-13 09:33 AM
4 551
Is there an intuitive explanation of why E/w = 2*L, where E/w is the ratio of the energy of any photon to its angular...
Jul2-13 09:22 AM
5 572
The model of damped harmonic oscillator is given by the composite system with the hamiltonians ##H_S\equiv\hbar...
Jul1-13 10:02 PM
1 506
MRIs are used in medicine for diagnostic imaging. I am told it has something to do with protons. But in the human...
Jul1-13 09:37 PM
1 369 It has been 50 years since...
Jul1-13 04:51 PM
3 713
I refer to the attached set-up. If we have one photon (with |H> polarisation) coming in one direction towards the...
Jun30-13 02:02 PM
0 377
Hi there -- can anyone give me, or point me to, an argument that the reduced state density matrix corresponding to one...
Jun30-13 02:00 PM
2 446
How this is defined? ##\vec{r}\cdot \vec{\sigma}##? where ##\vec{r}=(x,y,z)## and...
Jun30-13 01:28 PM
2 445
I'm looking for a book on QFT that is both introductory and somewhat rigorous. I have Zee's book but for me it is...
Jun30-13 10:40 AM
1 374
I had posted this question here : I guess its appropriate to post...
Jun30-13 10:13 AM
1 430
Srednicki eqn. (2.23) and (2.24) states: We can make this a little fancier by defining the unitary spacetime...
Jun30-13 07:25 AM
2 629
Sorry for my abysmal level of ignorance, but I'm not understanding why quantum tunneling from nothing is considered a...
Jun29-13 04:51 PM
2 422
Hello everyone, a number of books and web articles says that the minimum field required is ≈10^7V/cm for electrons...
Jun29-13 08:30 AM
3 547
Hi :) In this lecture (, susskind talks about attractive the force...
Jun29-13 05:09 AM
3 631
Hello everybody, I am a first year student and I have a question about tunneling. If we have an electron which is...
Jun28-13 11:59 PM
Simon Bridge
9 988
Do the units of a wave function vary? i have heard that it just joules. What do you think?
Jun28-13 02:40 PM
11 1,216
In Zee's QFT book he writes an amplitude as: M(p)=\lambda_0+\Gamma(\Lambda,p,\lambda_0) He then states that you...
Jun28-13 08:51 AM
1 486
Say I have a particle in the rest frame with spin up in the z direction. If I boost the system in x direction, does...
Jun28-13 07:13 AM
16 1,168

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