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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,364
hi there. I studied physics for years, even went as far as getting a PhD. but that was 13 years ago, since then...
Aug9-13 12:07 AM
25 2,469
Say for a simple hydrogen atom, an electron absorbs just the right amount of energy such that it jumps up from energy...
Aug8-13 07:44 PM
2 503
I have three quick questions regarding the experimental set-up attached, in relation to Hardy’s Paradox. What...
Aug8-13 06:55 PM
6 656
I have heard that Schrodinger's interpretation of his equation is different from the modern interpretation. What was...
Aug8-13 09:57 AM
8 732
Suppose I know H \psi(x) = \left( -\frac{1}{2m} \Delta_x + V(x) \right) \psi(x) = E\psi(x). Then ...
Aug8-13 08:11 AM
1 421
The recent activity on Bells theorem in PF has triggered my interest in the subject and I have added Bell to the list...
Aug7-13 07:47 PM
79 9,269
I'm trying to understand the PBR proof as explained in their paper on arXiv ( I'm...
Aug7-13 09:37 AM
3 717
To keep it simpler let take the electromagnetic (EM) field. A photon, in one perspective, can be described as an...
Aug7-13 09:06 AM
San K
4 603
While reading Zurek paper Decoherence and the transition from quantum to classical -- REVISITED, he makes the...
Aug7-13 08:37 AM
7 534
Alice entangles a pair of particles and sends one of the pair - particle B - towards Bob, keeping the other one -...
Aug7-13 04:13 AM
13 1,013
Dear Forum, I have discovered by accident the method developed by Feynman and Stuekelberg to explain the origin of...
Aug7-13 03:44 AM
3 455
what is differences between collapse,reduction, decoherence , weak projection and strong projection in quantum...
Aug6-13 04:53 PM
12 1,599
I am reading David Griffiths' book on Quantum Mechanics, and he usually says that the general solution to the TDSE,...
Aug6-13 04:13 PM
4 587
Is it possible to explain simply what a Theory of Quantum Gravity is supposed to achieve/explain and why it is needed.
Aug6-13 04:09 PM
10 902
Consider the vacuum state that is hypothesised to precede the moment of inflation in classical inflationary theory. ...
Aug6-13 12:59 PM
0 446
I am trying to understand the how the time evolution operator is used versus the Feynman propagate. My limited...
Aug6-13 08:42 AM
2 433
There is a statement in the Landau and Lifgarbagez volume on quantum mechanics that has had me puzzled for weeks now....
Aug6-13 07:48 AM
8 673
Hello All, I am quiet new to the subject, so if anybody can help me. The four fundamental forces of nature,...
Aug6-13 06:49 AM
1 418
Is there a connection between the Dirac four spinor and "spin up", i.e one of the four spinor states is spin up or are...
Aug6-13 05:12 AM
6 668
In conventional renormalization, for the self-energy, is it possible to make a subtraction from a point not equal to...
Aug6-13 03:47 AM
3 444
h is a constant in Planck's equation but I have not seen anything written saying that the frequency cannot be...
Aug5-13 12:59 PM
11 1,190
I'm a bit confused by vacuum "fluctuations" (I know there is nothing fluctuating since vacuum is lorentz invariant)...
Aug5-13 11:27 AM
11 831
This question comes from section 2.3 of 'Quantum Field Theory' by Lewis Ryder. The discussion is on the Lie Group...
Aug4-13 04:38 AM
1 438
Hi, From perusing books on QFT, I've gathered that the photon is written as a 4-vector in field theory and...
Aug3-13 04:14 PM
king vitamin
2 568
I haven't found a comparison like this in any book that I have been reading so let me explain. I decided that I...
Aug3-13 01:52 PM
11 530
I can't seem to wrap my head around the basic concept of the Schrodinger's cat experiment, the one in which a...
Aug3-13 12:54 PM
6 1,049
I'm not exactly sure what I'm trying to ask, and I'm not very keen on laser physics, so bear with me. If I have a...
Aug3-13 12:45 PM
3 483
I'm seeing lots of underlying connections between the canonical formulism of QFT and QM. But I'm getting a bit...
Aug3-13 12:26 PM
5 594
Hi, I think I need a sanity check, because I've been working on this for a while and I can't see what I'm doing wrong!...
Aug3-13 11:11 AM
7 1,456
Hi I am currently looking for the wavefunction of the bonding orbital of the hydrogen molecule. Does anybody here...
Aug2-13 04:09 PM
1 498
So there's a new paper out by Yves Couder's group that observes quantum mechanical-like wave dynamics by averaging the...
Aug2-13 04:50 AM
18 1,577
Why this "quantization of energy" term occur in quantum mech? Is there any real physical example of quantization of...
Aug2-13 12:29 AM
3 647
Delete this, please. Got further along in my thought process and asked a more relevant question.
Aug2-13 12:07 AM
0 428
I know that the Sun radiates vast amounts of energy partly due to nuclear fusion. I've also heard that nuclear fusion...
Aug1-13 05:04 PM
8 1,272
Hi! Do you tell me where i can found text which discuss about BEC's experimental aspects? Thank you so much.
Aug1-13 02:58 PM
1 447
We are taught that a reason for the stability of half filled or fully filled orbitals is due to the high exchange...
Aug1-13 09:19 AM
0 2,006
I've been reading Coleman's notes and the book on QFT by Ticciati. There they both place a lot of emphasis on...
Aug1-13 04:30 AM
4 716
In the second edition of Mandl & Shaw QFT, on page 263, below eqn (12.75) he says (I am freely paraphrasing) ...
Aug1-13 03:38 AM
6 548
How does de Broglie postulate enter into the Schroedinger theory?
Jul31-13 11:10 PM
10 1,125
I did some research on Wikipedia, and I quote from the write up on Real Particles: "The term(Virtual Particles) is...
Jul31-13 07:23 AM
42 4,215

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