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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,018
I had posted this question here : I guess its appropriate to post...
Jun30-13 10:13 AM
1 421
Srednicki eqn. (2.23) and (2.24) states: We can make this a little fancier by defining the unitary spacetime...
Jun30-13 07:25 AM
2 621
Sorry for my abysmal level of ignorance, but I'm not understanding why quantum tunneling from nothing is considered a...
Jun29-13 04:51 PM
2 420
Hello everyone, a number of books and web articles says that the minimum field required is ≈10^7V/cm for electrons...
Jun29-13 08:30 AM
3 538
Hi :) In this lecture (, susskind talks about attractive the force...
Jun29-13 05:09 AM
3 608
Hello everybody, I am a first year student and I have a question about tunneling. If we have an electron which is...
Jun28-13 11:59 PM
Simon Bridge
9 953
Do the units of a wave function vary? i have heard that it just joules. What do you think?
Jun28-13 02:40 PM
11 1,205
In Zee's QFT book he writes an amplitude as: M(p)=\lambda_0+\Gamma(\Lambda,p,\lambda_0) He then states that you...
Jun28-13 08:51 AM
1 475
Say I have a particle in the rest frame with spin up in the z direction. If I boost the system in x direction, does...
Jun28-13 07:13 AM
16 1,122
If we have twin photons moving in the opposite direction. For the first photon we can pass it through a polarizer...
Jun27-13 09:47 AM
4 648
Let an electron is orbiting in a orbit with the principal quantum number n =1. According to wave mechanics its angular...
Jun26-13 11:06 AM
3 684
In Zee's book at page 12 in both editions he finds that he can write the amplitude $$\langle q_f|e^{-iHT}...
Jun26-13 07:29 AM
5 863
Hi, I hope there is no issue with me posting this here but I'm stuck trying to get my head around DrChinese's page on...
Jun26-13 06:45 AM
98 7,133
hi, i just need a quick clarification on pair production. from my limited understanding, a photon of...
Jun26-13 04:20 AM
1 478
Apologies if these questions have been answered before - I didn't have any luck with google. Something has bugged me...
Jun25-13 07:10 PM
cosmik debris
8 958
I just watched a video of James Gates and he discussed something he called the Gross Perrywall phase transition. It...
Jun25-13 04:30 PM
6 1,549
I'm not sure whether to post this here or not, but since the book is about quantum i figured it was as good a place as...
Jun25-13 02:49 PM
2 545
Hello, Can anyone please explain that how we can calculate the eigenvalues of a slab waveguide by using the...
Jun25-13 08:26 AM
0 452
Bohmian Mechanics conflicts with so many observational facts: 1. Bohmian Mechanics severely violates Lorentz...
Jun25-13 03:25 AM
235 28,184
what will happen TO THE ATOM if electron end up inside the nucleus ( as in quantum tunnelling) ?
Jun25-13 03:16 AM
Tada Amda
3 600
I'm trying to understand the implications of the double-slit experiment, and I have been considering what QM theory...
Jun24-13 12:14 PM
13 1,372
Two entangled photons are created via, say SPDC, by striking a single photon on a crystal. The two entangled...
Jun24-13 10:53 AM
San K
2 493
Does anyone know if data from an actual quantum eraser experiment is freely available anywhere? In particular, I'm...
Jun24-13 10:25 AM
0 353
Hello Everybody. Could two past events result in the same happening? For example: We have observed the "incident A"...
Jun24-13 08:39 AM
6 745
I am a little confused when it is stated that Schrödinger's equation represents a deterministic evolution of the wave...
Jun23-13 10:29 PM
4 1,169
I'm studying Shankar's book (2nd edition), and I came across his equation (15.3.11) about spherical tensor operators:...
Jun23-13 04:51 PM
1 510
I am having trouble getting the kraus matrices(E_k)) from a unitary matrix. This task is trivial if one uses dirac...
Jun23-13 04:22 PM
0 439
what is the difference between strong force and residual strong force ?what is its range?
Jun23-13 12:02 PM
1 558
I have read the following three simplifications in various places, but together they give a contradiction, so at least...
Jun23-13 01:57 AM
3 523
I haven't studied quantum physics academically and I have no understanding of it mathematically so forgive me if my...
Jun22-13 11:41 PM
1 476
Hello, The quantum zeno effect is well understood and experimentally confirmed as regards polarization...
Jun22-13 10:09 PM
9 962
I was reading through my Principles of Quantum Mechanics textbook and arrived at the section that discusses the...
Jun22-13 11:15 AM
6 519
The Hamiltonian is ##H=\hbar \omega (a^\dagger a+b^\dagger b)+\hbar\kappa(a^\dagger b+ab^\dagger)## with commutation...
Jun22-13 06:39 AM
1 401
Bell theorem say that there is a contradiction between the locality principle in special relativity theory and quantum...
Jun22-13 05:46 AM
17 1,616
The vacuum-vacuum expectation value in the absence of a source is in general not equal to 1, but exp, where E is the...
Jun21-13 10:36 PM
3 543
Relativity says photons have energy E=pc. Classical physics says E=1/2 pv. There seems to be a factor of 2 missing...
Jun21-13 10:25 PM
3 600
I'd like to know if creation and annihilation operators are involved in a free trajectory of a particle from point A...
Jun21-13 07:17 PM
Simon Bridge
1 418
The average particle energy of a Fermi-Dirac gas, with zero chemical potential, is about 3.15T, where T is the...
Jun21-13 01:32 PM
5 516
Superposition caused by - Double slit, Mach-Zehnder Quantum superimposed paths/waves interfere ...for example the...
Jun21-13 12:39 PM
San K
8 1,259
In isolated time evolution, the Schrödinger equation takes one state ψ1 to ψ2. But it does this with certainty, no?...
Jun21-13 09:22 AM
21 1,030

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