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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,429
In the volume III of R Feynman series which is on Quantum Mechanics , please explain to me the eq.8.43 given on page...
May27-08 01:37 PM
1 5,328
There have been countless discussions about the thought experiment about Schrodinger's cat in a box, and how to...
May27-08 03:16 PM
4 2,196
The analytical solution for the wavefunction of a hydrogenic electron with quantum numbers n, l and m has a spherical...
May27-08 04:00 PM
2 1,542
I found this website by a guy named David Sligar: He says: ...
May28-08 01:23 AM
10 2,113
in peskin-schroeder and here the amplitude for e^-e^+\rightarrow \mu^- \mu^+ is written using feynman rules as...
May29-08 10:37 AM
1 1,562
Can the information content of a causally evolving wave be represented in qubits?
May29-08 06:59 PM
0 998
What is the relationship between the "matter waves" described by de Broglie, the probability amplitude function and...
May30-08 07:26 AM
1 2,943
I have been working through Srednicki this summer to teach myself qft, and all too often I've gotten stuck on a small...
May30-08 10:55 AM
14 2,789
Hi, I'm stuck on "the summit of statistical mechanics" (as Feynman calls it): the definition of the Boltzmann...
May30-08 11:14 AM
3 1,100
What proof is there that Born's probability interpretation of the QM wavefunction is correct? Born published two...
May30-08 03:44 PM
2 1,400
Dear PF, I have a question about degrees of fridom. Electron is 1/2 spin particle so it needs 2 component wave ...
May31-08 03:54 AM
3 4,035
Hello All, As I understand it, the wavefunction Psi(x) can be written as a sum of all the particle's momentum basis...
May31-08 12:00 PM
3 10,894
I have a simple question but can't find the answer: What happens in the Potential Step (the Schrodinger Equation...
May31-08 10:01 PM
6 3,421
Hi, I'm a beginner at quantum mechanics and I wonder about this problem. Suppose I have found energy eigenstates of...
Jun1-08 12:33 PM
3 1,240
I've got this question and I'm absolutely clueless, any help will be greatly appreciated: The nth energy level for...
Jun1-08 05:11 PM
4 2,296
Hey, iv got a past exam question that im stumped on. The question is "Calculate the equilibrium spacing r for NaCl...
Jun1-08 06:47 PM
0 3,443
Years ago, I read a book about quantum mechanics. There is one sentence that gives me a deep impression. The key point...
Jun1-08 09:55 PM
0 1,208
Is it generally true that the wavepacket of a free particle spreads out as time goes to infinity? It seems like it...
Jun1-08 11:49 PM
8 2,305
What's this guy saying?
Jun2-08 04:37 AM
13 5,216
Doesn't this digitize the Universe? Does 1 Plank Time + 1 Plank Time = 2 Plank time? Does 1 Plank length + 1...
Jun2-08 05:54 AM
16 6,085
Was the early spontaneous symmetry breaking caused by exponential expansion in the first instant of standard theory? ...
Jun2-08 07:26 AM
1 1,930
I'm not sure the double-slit experiment is one such example, maybe I have not understood it yet. This experiment...
Jun2-08 03:26 PM
41 5,371
I will talk about the quantum chaos. Quantum chaos comes from the classical chaos. unfortunately, the concept of...
Jun3-08 07:31 AM
2 975
What are the limitations on the phase velocity of laser light? Is it true to say that the phase velocity of laser...
Jun3-08 02:37 PM
Andy Resnick
2 2,406
I apologize if this is not in the correct section of the forum, but it seems most fitting. In the context of...
Jun3-08 04:20 PM
1 1,669
I keep hearing that the "many worlds interpretation" is experimentally different than the collapse theories. But I...
Jun3-08 09:00 PM
Count Iblis
9 1,994
I don't understand the first line of equation (5.94) in Peskin and Schroeder (p. 164). It seems like there is a...
Jun4-08 06:41 AM
0 1,513
I was wondering if i neglect the terms in Hamiltonian except B^{2} how can i solve the Schrodinger Eq.? I mean, ...
Jun4-08 07:37 AM
0 1,679
Hello: There is a well known theorem which asserts that every attractive 1D potential has at least one bound state;...
Jun4-08 09:31 AM
4 3,606
Suppose you have an EPR pair, it's in a state |\uparrow>|\uparrow> - |\downarrow>|\downarrow>. Then you measure one...
Jun4-08 11:53 AM
16 2,816
Photons are always called 'particles'. But through many experiments (by scientists such as Geoffrey Taylor), it has...
Jun4-08 12:04 PM
7 1,668
One author states that "the usual Maxwell field is the quantum wave function for a single photon" - see...
Jun4-08 03:03 PM
7 2,963
Is it true that particles behave like waves when there is no observer but behave like particles when there is an...
Jun5-08 05:06 AM
28 5,124
My understanding is that Hawking's radiation is a theory used to explain how blackhole's conserve energy. For...
Jun5-08 09:43 AM
18 3,727
I know this question seems very simple which is why its bugging me so much: Why is the ground state energy not zero?...
Jun5-08 10:14 AM
3 2,129
Hi all, could someone give me a quick answer on the exact conditions for the hamiltonian to be non degenerate, i.e....
Jun6-08 01:48 AM
16 1,665
I just read an article in Scientific American by Sean Carroll, called something like Does Time Run Backward in Other...
Jun6-08 02:26 PM
14 2,555
Ten years ago, I posted a long rambling post concluding with a thought-experiment on Usenet, and got no useful...
Jun7-08 01:02 AM
69 6,696
When considering a simple hydrogen atom, which essentially is an electron moving in a spherical electric field, you...
Jun7-08 05:21 AM
1 1,917
Does anyone know, when an electron in an atom is exited by absorbing a photon, how long does it take for the electron...
Jun7-08 05:40 AM
1 2,729

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