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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,335
Greetings chaps, This will probably be old hat to most of you, but I'm beginning to start Quantum mech. so that I...
Feb25-12 11:32 AM
7 992
Hello all, I am having trouble understanding how this works. In Krane there arises a discussion on total angular...
Feb25-12 12:23 PM
1 1,324
Light consist of photons but also has a wave nature which consists of electric and magnetic waves right? So when...
Feb25-12 12:29 PM
2 1,429
Feb25-12 02:09 PM
7 1,103
Is it possible to acheive commercially viable nuclear fusion in purely electrostatic quantum tunneling way?What should...
Feb25-12 02:11 PM
2 1,467
How close do two room temperature deuterium nuclei need to be to each other to have a one-in-a-quintillion chance of...
Feb25-12 02:20 PM
19 4,237
Since every fundamental particle in the Standard Model should have it's anti-counterpart? Also, after the LHC has...
Feb25-12 02:42 PM
Michio Cuckoo
5 1,421
Do the wave functions for smaller objects disperse faster? How long does a macroscopic wave function (for example...
Feb25-12 05:30 PM
1 813
Note the wave function in the Schroedinger Equation has phase freedom from 0 to 360 degrees. Imagine the Mexican...
Feb26-12 07:02 AM
0 607
hello there, i've read in several places the following: if you have a polyene with J double bonds, and taking into...
Feb26-12 07:04 AM
sweet springs
5 1,392
I was doing a question while back about finding the de Broglie wavelength of a bullet with a given mass travelling at...
Feb26-12 07:29 AM
3 806
Is it the same as the total angular momentum quantum number ?????
Feb26-12 08:45 AM
2 1,627
hi my question is simple: is there empty space with null energy? thx.
Feb26-12 09:41 AM
2 848
Hi Say I want to describe the interaction between a free atom atom and a classical EM field. The full Hamiltonian...
Feb26-12 01:52 PM
3 845
Do you consider "photon" as belonging to classical physics or non-classical physics? When Einstein discovered the...
Feb26-12 03:18 PM
Jano L.
5 1,207
We know from classical mechanics that angular momentum L = r \times p depends on your choice of origin. My question...
Feb26-12 04:29 PM
3 1,243
I think I'm trying to reconcile quantum mechanics and special relativity . . . or whatever I'm doing I'm pretty...
Feb26-12 09:09 PM
5 1,467
From what I've gathered reading the scientific literature, the more precise we know a quantum system's position, the...
Feb26-12 10:58 PM
9 1,182
Two questions regarding decoherence 1) preferred pointer basis: Decoherence explains why a quantum object...
Feb27-12 06:51 AM
A. Neumaier
14 1,970
Hello, I can understand only the basic principle behind quantum entanglement. Do you guys know of the mechanism by...
Feb27-12 08:52 AM
3 1,337
Hi, I know very little about quantum physics so I need some help here, but recently I have seen lots of new agers...
Feb27-12 09:17 AM
12 2,234
Below are 2 states in the gluon octet. What is the difference between: ...
Feb27-12 01:09 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 870
Hi everybody! I'm studying this paper "Unambiguous discrimination among quantum operations"...
Feb27-12 03:47 PM
0 947
Last night I started reading the section of Brian Cox's "The Quantum Universe" where they discuss how to calculate the...
Feb27-12 09:23 PM
29 3,245
Hello, I was solving the time dependent schrodinger equation in a time-independent potential such that E<V and I...
Feb28-12 12:13 AM
1 828
Hi, After some (limited) reading I've written an article on the captioned subject : ...
Feb28-12 12:46 AM
5 1,868
Hello there, I was reading an article on wiki about the Breit equation: ...
Feb28-12 04:50 AM
3 1,693
Suppose a K.G. field. When I apply the creation operator on the vacuum, how do I know it is a pion or any other boson?
Feb28-12 12:04 PM
3 993
There are tons of interpretations of quantum mechanics, but I'm unaware of any that are 'classical' as in being local,...
Feb28-12 01:41 PM
24 2,108
Greetings everyone, I havenít done any quantum in a while, and was reviewing my textbook, Griffiths Ed. 1. The form...
Feb28-12 04:11 PM
HJ Farnsworth
5 1,355
When electrons jump from one shell to another energy has to be released right? Why is only light energy released? Why...
Feb28-12 08:52 PM
7 1,524
I am reading about dense coding, and I can't understand which qubit does Alice send to Bob. Her qubit or the shared...
Feb29-12 02:54 AM
0 642
the nature of mass at rest is different from that in motion due to dual nature,therefore. the brains of the astronauts...
Feb29-12 06:44 AM
3 742
Is Quantum entanglement really true ?, they say that that have observed it with photons and the distance between the...
Feb29-12 08:44 AM
3 1,002
I'm really getting frustrated right now, as I am unable to reproduce the two-point gauge-field correlation function...
Feb29-12 09:30 AM
10 1,787
If I may, I would like to give this question another try, especially if guys with some cabala in QFT can address it. ...
Feb29-12 10:15 AM
A. Neumaier
41 3,611
I would like to perturb the wave-function of a localized charged particle with a potential that is close to a delta...
Feb29-12 02:48 PM
4 1,094
If we can record an particle disturbances, isn't it is equivalent to particle actual motion. The disturbance can be...
Feb29-12 03:10 PM
0 736
AQFT and CQFT seem to define QFT using the Heisenberg picture. Although there is no Fock space Schroedinger picture...
Feb29-12 04:24 PM
0 376
From what I understand, which is kind of limited, the neutron (939Mev) decays into a proton (938Mev) giving off a...
Feb29-12 07:43 PM
9 1,494

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