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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,405
I was doing some reasearch on electrons, and I found that they have both particle and wave like characteristics. Is...
Mar19-12 08:19 AM
2 805
This set of equations has been going around on the /sci/ boards of 4chan lately, but hardly anybody there knows what...
Mar19-12 11:02 AM
3 1,066
I have a doubt making a little of thinking of basic notions of QM and I think that the answer should be very simple...
Mar19-12 05:02 PM
2 652
Where How did he come up...
Mar20-12 05:05 AM
13 1,351
Please teach me this: Why do we only consider symmetry group(Lie group and Lie algebras) but not general symmetry(the...
Mar20-12 06:07 AM
A. Neumaier
29 2,905
This is an extract from the lecture notes I took for the 'Foundations of QM' third year course. Copenhagen QM ...
Mar20-12 10:44 AM
8 1,775
Hi folks. I'm wondering who does a good job of explaining this limit, preferably with a good set of examples. It...
Mar20-12 11:51 AM
1 888
Obviously a violation of the CHSH inequality means that local realistic theories are untenable. If we sent two...
Mar20-12 10:20 PM
8 1,158
I think I have a pretty good handle on how scalar field scattering works in QFT, so now I'm trying to wrap my head...
Mar20-12 10:45 PM
2 900
hi all please help me... I'm learning schrodinger equation of a particle in a 1-dimensional box. I read a quantum...
Mar20-12 11:23 PM
1 1,129
Hi all, Quantum Mechanics has everything wierd and unacceptable to classical theory and its foundations with...
Mar21-12 12:21 AM
24 2,321
In quantum mechanics, the Hamilltonian operator is constructed as the infinitesimal generator of the time translation...
Mar21-12 02:40 AM
69 5,243
Greetings!! From my last post, to this my understanding of QM has improved somewhat. (thanks mostly to these...
Mar21-12 04:54 AM
5 1,213
I am terribly confused. I have always been hearing that in the hydrogen atom, 2s and 2p orbitals have the same energy....
Mar21-12 07:55 AM
Vanadium 50
5 2,919
Hi, it's been awhile since taking a quantum mechanics course, but I thought I read somewhere that during an electron...
Mar21-12 01:35 PM
5 765
More precisely, my question is, Is the wilson loop used to calculate the heavy quark potential always positive in the...
Mar22-12 12:19 AM
0 506
does getting which-way info introduce a phase difference (or cause de-coherence) between both the "waves"? and does...
Mar22-12 01:41 AM
3 797
I am trying to understand the following equation:...
Mar22-12 02:09 AM
2 778
Hello, For this little discussion I base myself on Bell's paper on Bertlmann's socks:...
Mar22-12 05:36 AM
97 8,493
Dear forumers, I have a question about taking direct sums and products of state spaces in QM. Picture I have a...
Mar22-12 09:52 AM
1 707
Hey! I am currently reading Landau's Statistical Physics Part 1, and in Paragraph 7 ("Entropy") I am struggling with a...
Mar22-12 10:10 AM
3 696
Considering the strong-field zeeman effect J is no longer conserved because there is an external torque present. Why...
Mar22-12 01:10 PM
0 576
Well, not really ASAP.. I've just been rereading Sakurais Quantum Mechanics and I'm having some trouble with the...
Mar22-12 01:47 PM
0 682
How can the Higgs boson induce mass? How can it interact with itself? Is it the only particle able to do so, if yes,...
Mar22-12 03:32 PM
3 1,334
sorry if it is in the wrong place but i just need someone to give me a physical explaination about the meaning and...
Mar22-12 04:18 PM
0 603
Couple noob questions. 1.What is quantum mechanical definition of an observer? 2.Why is looking at the double...
Mar22-12 04:59 PM
17 1,512
I was wondering if trapping a quantum system, say e.g a single β or γ unstable ion in a trap would affect its decay...
Mar22-12 05:35 PM
0 705
Which material contains highest concentration of free electrons and holes simutaneously at room temperature and could...
Mar22-12 07:34 PM
0 822
How would a neutrino act in regards to a black hole? As in approaching, passing by or "colliding" with a black hole?
Mar22-12 11:30 PM
5 997
Could anyone tell me where can i find more about the fact that if your Hamiltonian is non-central then the total...
Mar23-12 07:56 AM
1 538
If the positive energy is the capacity to perform work what about the negative energy?
Mar23-12 08:52 AM
2 860
Why is it that for the H-atom there is no single photon emission in the transition from 2s to 1s? I realize that...
Mar23-12 12:38 PM
2 641
Zee's QFT in a Nutshell makes a short comment in the first chapter about the possibility of particles tunnelling...
Mar23-12 02:43 PM
2 858
If a photon is a particle moving like a wave, and the color we see when viewing a stream of photons is determined by...
Mar23-12 08:08 PM
1 657
Hello, i am a complete ignorant in quantum physics, still from what i have heard i've wondered the following: is it...
Mar23-12 10:22 PM
3 889
I know a fair amount of theoretical Quantum Physics, how things work within it, and the ideas that ground it. I lack,...
Mar23-12 10:33 PM
4 899
Anyone keen on taking a bite at this? I understand what it's about (at least I think so), but I am certainly not...
Mar24-12 09:17 AM
1 741
the electrical activity of an atom is the same electricity of a light bulb?
Mar24-12 03:34 PM
3 670
Hi In my lecture notes on quantum optics is a reference to a "c-number" electric field, and it is stated that,...
Mar24-12 04:17 PM
2 660
As I understand (from reading p. 2-06 of Marle's 1975 text on geometric quantization available on the french wiki page...
Mar25-12 09:37 AM
9 1,290

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