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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,738
What is the definiton of a high temperature superconductor otherwise known as Type II superconductors?
Jan20-04 09:11 AM
1 1,091
What is the BCS theory?
Jan20-04 02:10 PM
15 3,397
Hello, I have purchased, read, and understood the concepts in Feynman's book QED: The Strange Theory of Light and...
Jan22-04 01:41 PM
13 3,458
Can anyone give me a consice definition of what the Wigner-Eckert Theorem is? I've been reading about it but am...
Jan23-04 01:20 AM
Dr. Doak PHD
7 4,647
-I would like to know the differences between a renormalizable and Non-renormalizable is possible that one...
Jan23-04 01:14 PM
5 1,323
I have been asked to "find a solution to Ehrenfest's Theorem" (in this case for the expectation value of position, of...
Jan25-04 01:08 PM
4 5,212
...For abut two weeks i've searching the internet for a good online ( for download)course on the basis of...
Jan26-04 08:57 AM
2 1,684
I am trying to get oriented in all those QM spaces. I would appreciate if somenone could point out some source of...
Jan27-04 06:03 AM
8 1,111
What is: Photonic drive Von Neymann nano probe EM propultion Planck energy propulsion I want to know more on...
Jan27-04 03:43 PM
Rick Sobie
7 2,045
hi! there is a good functional analysis book by Erwin Kreyzig...which has hilbert spaces and banach spaces and stuff!
Jan27-04 05:46 PM
2 1,270
Let me start by saying I most likly have no idea what I am doing. Also, that I realize the factor by which the moveing...
Jan28-04 10:11 AM
1 1,076
does anyone know? time = ?
Jan28-04 04:52 PM
14 1,404
I want to begin discussion with people that have a good understanding of Laser Technology and Computer Technology. ...
Jan29-04 04:41 PM
0 1,108
We all know the speed of light has a absolute value in vacuum measured by all observers from various reference frames...
Jan30-04 06:53 AM
8 1,563
Let me see if I can make it clearer. Problem 5.5 In David Griffiths “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics” says: ...
Jan30-04 03:13 PM
0 1,597
Here is a proposal that comes right out of Star Trek! ...
Feb2-04 11:54 AM
0 1,609
I am attempting to build an atom smasher as Mr. Kaku explained in his Big Thinkers interview. Does anyone know where...
Feb2-04 02:02 PM
0 7,106
Problem 5.5 In David Griffiths “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics” says: Imagine two non interacting particles,...
Feb2-04 07:07 PM
2 1,981
In critical phenomena, we can enlarge the block size(momenta fluctuation) by Kadanoff transformation, say k...
Feb4-04 12:58 AM
0 1,074
We all know that Maxwell did such a great work for all physicist. BUT, anyone knows that how Maxwell's theory of...
Feb4-04 07:18 AM
19 4,759
At the quantum scale physics becomes hugely unpredictable and particles appear to defy the laws of physics at every...
Feb4-04 02:05 PM
4 4,412
i am taking a class in "the history of chemistry" and i chose to write a paper on "the history and development of...
Feb5-04 01:56 AM
1 6,645
I have been having some difficulty in trying to understand the difference between inductive and radiating...
Feb7-04 09:44 AM
0 2,697
Anyone knows what would negative photonic reactions in a positively charged atom cluster do?
Feb7-04 08:53 PM
0 1,012
Guess I should know this but... Maybe a good quantum guy can help me out. In atomic transitions involving...
Feb7-04 11:40 PM
1 1,000
I am looking for a detailed step by step derivation of the Schrodinger Eqn. where one will obtain the general...
Feb8-04 12:53 AM
2 4,903
why a wavegfunction is square integrable?
Feb8-04 01:35 PM
2 3,092
please refer to the attachment. what is the physical meaning of g(k)?
Feb8-04 01:46 PM
1 6,670
I know that you don't have to get a photon with exactly the right energy to induce a transition between energy levels...
Feb8-04 06:12 PM
0 5,509
please refer to the attachment in the last part, it states that... If solutions phi.n.(r) can be found, for...
Feb9-04 12:50 PM
1 1,576
I think that if space time was discrete we wouldn,t have divergences or other anomalies...but can it be?..and if so...
Feb10-04 12:38 AM
2 2,851
This weekend I have been reading the textbook of Paul Strange, "Relativistic Quantum Mechanics". There, in chapter 7,...
Feb10-04 08:35 AM
3 2,728
I have three angular momenta l_1,l_2,l_3 which I want to couple into one big one: L\equiv l_1+l_2+l_3. Can I...
Feb11-04 01:39 AM
3 1,847
In http:/, a paper titled What is Quantum Gravity begins by addressing the question What is...
Feb11-04 10:53 AM
10 1,465
Hi, I'm going through my problem sheet for my quantum mechanics course, and I've come across something I don't...
Feb12-04 02:05 PM
Tom Mattson
2 1,131
Hello, I am a high school senior trying to a project on wave particle duality. I know alot of you are probably...
Feb12-04 05:12 PM
Loren Booda
9 2,396
Different sources show different ranges for the electromagnetic spectrum. Some sources say X-rays range from 10 nm to...
Feb12-04 05:17 PM
9 2,740
Greetings. I was reading a rather non-descriptive page about Bose-Einstein Condensates. I've never really read...
Feb12-04 06:01 PM
2 1,341
If an electron gains mass as it moves towards the speed of light where does this mass-energy come from? Does this not...
Feb13-04 02:03 PM
64 5,705
hi all. i'm new here and am doing some research on nanotechnology. i was hoping i could learn some more here about the...
Feb16-04 09:56 AM
2 1,586

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