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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,451
I am currently working on trying to understand some of the details in quantum physics. So far, Schrodinger's...
Jul22-12 07:17 AM
6 1,284
Hi all, A friend and I are working through Peskin and Schroeder, and we're both stumped with only the fourth...
Jul21-12 02:57 PM
12 1,867
Say we have a linear accelerator, that accelerates particles with 1 TeV along direction x. That means we know that the...
Jul21-12 02:28 PM
Simon Bridge
1 572
When you combine two light beams with a half-silvered mirror, do you get a mixture or a superposition?
Jul21-12 01:59 PM
2 493
If you have I=∫∫dxdy x∇y δ(x-y)] f(x)g(y) where ∇x is the derivative with respect to x (and similarly for y), then...
Jul21-12 12:31 PM
1 970
Hello, I am trying to reproduce Bell's calculation for the expectation value of paired spin measurements on...
Jul21-12 11:47 AM
Adam Lewis
1 955
"Quantum measurement predictions are consistent with relativity for macroscopic observations, but there is no...
Jul21-12 10:37 AM
0 674
In all my reading on the dual slit experiment the idea that the particle went through a single slit is never even...
Jul20-12 02:55 PM
17 1,693
So i've been trying to understand this equation for a long time, about half a year - I don't know someone who could...
Jul20-12 06:27 AM
14 1,561
Hi. I have read some QM and am trying to use it to understand why the noble gas configuration is the most desirable...
Jul19-12 06:02 PM
2 971
So, in QM making a measurement collapses the state into an eigenstate of that observable. Thus, if the system is...
Jul19-12 03:07 PM
9 1,181
I was wondering why is the nucleus willing to confine itself in one place while the electrons are free to appear...
Jul19-12 10:26 AM
3 889
Why do we consider evolution of a wave function and why is the evolution parameter taken as time, in QM. Look at a...
Jul19-12 10:14 AM
2 707
Hi, can anyone explain me why (mathematically) the braid group is infinte? I guess it's infinite because you can do...
Jul19-12 10:01 AM
1 552
(is this correct … ?) electrons "orbiting" a single atom obey the Schrodinger equation, whose solutions are linear...
Jul19-12 07:58 AM
4 1,585
So De Sitter Space has a constant scalar curvature in the absence of energy or mass where positive curvature...
Jul19-12 01:47 AM
1 549
I have a question about a specific passage in Hill's book on statistical thermodynamics. I have decided to teach...
Jul18-12 07:31 PM
9 921
Hi, Quick question regarding raising and lowering operators. Sakurai (on pg 23 of Modern QM), gives the spin 1/2...
Jul18-12 07:26 PM
9 1,318
Can you calculate the frequency at which a bond vibrates when you know what frequencies of EM radiation it absorbs?...
Jul18-12 06:09 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,146
Over which interval do the wave functions of a harmonic oscillator form a complete and orthogonal system? Is it...
Jul18-12 04:06 PM
1 434
Hello. I was trying to find out the propagator for the inverted SHO (something like tachyon oscilltor) and turns...
Jul18-12 07:33 AM
0 420
Hello everybody, I try to understand Cherenkov radiation from a quantal point of view. I searched for research...
Jul18-12 05:20 AM
0 449
So, we probably all know by now the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment. A cat is in a box with a small amount of...
Jul17-12 04:43 PM
5 1,091
Hi all, this is a question about Green's functions (sometimes called corrolation functions), used in the LSZ reduction...
Jul17-12 02:48 PM
2 660
Hi! I'm currently re-reading Griffiths introductory QM book and plan to do most of the exercises. I got stuck on...
Jul17-12 12:48 PM
1 965
I know that the shape of s orbital is sphere, p orbital is dumbbell shaped and d orbital is like a doughnut but why do...
Jul17-12 05:47 AM
15 2,116
I got a copy of QFT demystified and on pg. 89 he says he can write \gamma_{\nu} \gamma^{\mu} = g_{\nu \sigma}...
Jul16-12 09:42 PM
7 748
What does the expectation and deviation of an operator mean?? The way I understood it was every observable has a...
Jul16-12 04:36 PM
5 777
I started off with Zettilis Quantum Mechanics .... after being half way through D.Griffiths ..... Now Zettilis...
Jul16-12 03:12 PM
4 1,099
I may have figured out a way to do that, unless there is some fundamental principle I am not currently aware of. I...
Jul16-12 11:30 AM
23 3,496
can coherence be restored (after de-coherence)? let's look at single particle (interference) in a double slit...
Jul16-12 11:29 AM
9 772
Hi, Lately I've been reading up on quantum entanglement, Bell's inequality, and EPR experiments. My question is...
Jul16-12 11:09 AM
22 1,965
I'm curious as to whether or not there is a connection to be drawn between the phenomenon of wave function collapse...
Jul16-12 08:50 AM
5 1,027
Hi, There are, for example, lists of spherical tensor operators for l=\text{integer} steps, e.g. l=0,1,2,.... ...
Jul15-12 01:13 PM
4 795
Once Ive asked here why you physicist use Gauge theories with such confidence and the overall answer was "because it...
Jul15-12 09:33 AM
5 1,681
Recently i am reading A.Zee's Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell 2nd Edition. there is a equation that i can not...
Jul15-12 04:53 AM
8 964
Hello people, i am an undergraduate student on computer science (so i don't have a strong background in physics)...
Jul14-12 08:43 AM
4 717
I was reading an elementary treatment of the photoelectric effect and it says that the energy of a photon is related...
Jul13-12 09:13 PM
19 2,305
I'm having trouble seeing how an operator can be written in matrix representation. In Sakurai, for an operator X,...
Jul13-12 01:53 PM
2 754
I was flipping through Kitaev's quantum computing book today and noticed something really strange. I thought it might...
Jul13-12 10:34 AM
Physics Monkey
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