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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,467
In quantum field theory do we "describe" static electric fields with proper combinations of transvers propagating...
Apr23-12 08:19 PM
5 1,379
Can anyone please help me understand this equation and explain it to me? ...
Apr23-12 07:34 PM
Mark M
2 1,005 Is this...
Apr23-12 06:39 PM
7 2,200
The probability of finding the system in microscopic state i is: p_{i}=\dfrac{1}{Q}e^{-\beta E_{i}} Where Q is...
Apr23-12 04:33 PM
2 2,230
Please explain if the product of uncertainities related to to the measurement of position and momentum of particle is...
Apr23-12 03:24 PM
12 1,008
Greetings. Let's say we have a bound state problem: two micro black holes in orbit around one other. Let us...
Apr23-12 01:24 PM
8 1,156
I'm not exactly sure what it means when my book says that the wave function ψ(x,t) is a probability amplitude of...
Apr23-12 01:01 PM
8 1,582
Hey, How would you compute the probability of measuring a specific value of an observable (resp. range for...
Apr23-12 07:00 AM
1 498
If we imagine 2+1 dimensional gravity, I think that this influences on Planck distance and time. Because attraction...
Apr22-12 03:47 PM
2 677
Have found a Youtube video: The Reason for Antiparticles: The 1986 Dirac Memorial Lecture Other than the book of...
Apr22-12 01:29 PM
4 1,373
Hello ! I had my fair share of quantum mechanics already :) But today I was wondering something, kind of odd I...
Apr22-12 12:48 PM
2 700
If we have a classical massive complex field in 2D space-time can we think of it as a 1D membrane which can move in...
Apr22-12 12:17 PM
0 576
Hi all, In class Ive recently been taught the schrodinger equation and about spin(couple weeks apart). My...
Apr22-12 12:01 AM
2 949
I was recently studying Feynman's sum-over-histories approach to quantum probability. I also was reading an...
Apr21-12 08:43 PM
5 1,003
I have been told when a proton and anti proton annihilate only the one up and one anti up quark destroyed forming ∏+...
Apr21-12 04:28 PM
2 850
New to this area:
Apr21-12 01:40 PM
0 801
Let us assume that harmonic oscilator has the lowest energy level equals 0, (and next one \hbar \omega and so on)....
Apr21-12 12:19 PM
9 1,154
Came across the below experiment, on Wikipedia, but don't understand how it was performed... It was shown...
Apr21-12 04:32 AM
San K
6 2,483
...but, is it true that K*T = hv ? Being K Boltzmann constant...and v the frequency. Because I have seen this...
Apr21-12 04:04 AM
1 686
My book does not explain this and i cant rly find a simple explanation for this on google and my professor basically...
Apr21-12 12:10 AM
13 2,053
I ve read in many articles that most of the atoms which we see are made initially during big bang..And most of them...
Apr20-12 11:41 PM
7 1,673
the energy of rigid rotator is the sum of two energy terms which indicates there are two sources of energy.Can someone...
Apr20-12 05:53 PM
2 621
Hello all, how exactly does recombination or ions and free electrons effect dipole movement? I'd love a specific...
Apr20-12 04:49 PM
0 688
Does every quantum field have a non-zero groundstate? I understand that the energy ground state is non-zero, due to...
Apr20-12 03:28 PM
20 1,789
The question (or puzzle) that I want to pose essentially belongs to classical (not quantum) physics. Nevertheless,...
Apr20-12 03:13 PM
70 9,112
Often in quantum mechanics, there appears statements of the type : Expected value of operator = a value I am...
Apr20-12 03:40 AM
3 768
Good morning. I am wondering what is the nature of virtual particle production beyond the event horizon of a black...
Apr19-12 04:35 PM
3 834 ...
Apr19-12 02:18 PM
Runner 1
2 926
Are there any cases where a particle and its antiparticle have opposite intrinsic parity? I've never seen such a...
Apr19-12 01:58 PM
0 898
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some general rules for which parts one should include in a...
Apr19-12 11:49 AM
0 553
In the two-slit experiment, as I understand it, an interference pattern can be generated by sending many electrons (or...
Apr19-12 10:47 AM
5 622
The wave function represents all that can be known about a quantum system, but that usually means that we only know...
Apr19-12 09:43 AM
69 7,786
I know this topic has been addressed on this forum ad nauseam and please redirect my post if it is posted incorrectly....
Apr19-12 07:46 AM
4 891
We are starting to learn about spin in my introductory quantum mechanics course, and I was wondering if anyone could...
Apr19-12 01:02 AM
5 1,183
Hi, I am reading through Section 3.4 of Lewis Ryder's QFT book, where he makes the statement, This makes...
Apr19-12 12:13 AM
3 917
What are you guy's thoughts on constructing a quantum computer from attosecond double-slit phenomena?
Apr18-12 06:23 PM
3 2,376
It is interesting that our elementary fermions have 1/2 spin, meaning it takes a full 720 degree rotation to bring...
Apr18-12 05:58 PM
zen loki
9 1,466
Hello, why do the electrons with higher quantic number N have more energy than the electrons with lower N if they need...
Apr18-12 04:32 PM
Ken G
1 802
I like the way quantum mechanics can be expressed as a set of five or six axioms, like in Daniel T. Gillespie's A...
Apr18-12 07:34 AM
A. Neumaier
29 3,453
Dear physicist, I designed an experiment for my undergraduate students. As we know, for spin operators, the...
Apr18-12 06:37 AM
4 1,271

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