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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,359
Good morning. I am wondering what is the nature of virtual particle production beyond the event horizon of a black...
Apr19-12 04:35 PM
3 830 ...
Apr19-12 02:18 PM
Runner 1
2 923
Are there any cases where a particle and its antiparticle have opposite intrinsic parity? I've never seen such a...
Apr19-12 01:58 PM
0 892
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some general rules for which parts one should include in a...
Apr19-12 11:49 AM
0 550
In the two-slit experiment, as I understand it, an interference pattern can be generated by sending many electrons (or...
Apr19-12 10:47 AM
5 619
The wave function represents all that can be known about a quantum system, but that usually means that we only know...
Apr19-12 09:43 AM
69 7,748
I know this topic has been addressed on this forum ad nauseam and please redirect my post if it is posted incorrectly....
Apr19-12 07:46 AM
4 884
We are starting to learn about spin in my introductory quantum mechanics course, and I was wondering if anyone could...
Apr19-12 01:02 AM
5 1,173
Hi, I am reading through Section 3.4 of Lewis Ryder's QFT book, where he makes the statement, This makes...
Apr19-12 12:13 AM
3 910
What are you guy's thoughts on constructing a quantum computer from attosecond double-slit phenomena?
Apr18-12 06:23 PM
3 2,371
It is interesting that our elementary fermions have 1/2 spin, meaning it takes a full 720 degree rotation to bring...
Apr18-12 05:58 PM
zen loki
9 1,459
Hello, why do the electrons with higher quantic number N have more energy than the electrons with lower N if they need...
Apr18-12 04:32 PM
Ken G
1 796
I like the way quantum mechanics can be expressed as a set of five or six axioms, like in Daniel T. Gillespie's A...
Apr18-12 07:34 AM
A. Neumaier
29 3,445
Dear physicist, I designed an experiment for my undergraduate students. As we know, for spin operators, the...
Apr18-12 06:37 AM
4 1,264
Hello guys, I need the quantum mechanical description of the Cesium atom/gas with its hyperfine states, and...
Apr18-12 06:13 AM
10 1,297
If the 2-slit experiment is modified by adding apartition between the barrier and the electron detector screen,...
Apr18-12 02:28 AM
4 1,195
How can we compute the expectation value, <\widehat{x}\widehat{p}> where ψ(x) is a normalized wavefunction? (The...
Apr18-12 12:59 AM
1 849
I know the generalized formula for Feynman parameters, my problem is in simplifying. What I mean is something like...
Apr17-12 09:13 PM
5 1,146
Hey! Could someone please explain to me what the exchange integral exactly represents? I understand the coulomb...
Apr17-12 07:40 PM
3 11,674
what is the wave packet combine to particle ?? how it's describe the position of particle ?
Apr17-12 02:43 PM
0 346
We don't know what travels through the various paths, however we can, at the least, talk about the properties of what...
Apr17-12 10:26 AM
San K
4 791
I've been watching Sidney Coleman's QFT lectures ( I've gotten up...
Apr17-12 09:36 AM
3 1,163
Hi! During a lesson, the prof said that the Fock space could be non-separable. When can this happen?
Apr17-12 08:59 AM
6 1,344
Is spin of electron taken into account when people accelerate electron in LHC?
Apr17-12 08:56 AM
1 614
Suppose you theoretically have two betatrons each accelerating a particle near light speed in opposite directions....
Apr17-12 08:42 AM
3 936
How the virtual photon exchange theory be used to derive completely Coulombs Law related to electrostatic field?...
Apr17-12 12:40 AM
2 2,398
If I understand the equipartition theorem more or less well, if I heat up a gas then the energy I have spent to heat...
Apr16-12 05:25 PM
2 1,065
Hi, I'm trying to work through something and it should be quite simple but somehow i've gotten a bit confused. ...
Apr16-12 04:54 PM
3 854
Hi all, just studying for my final exam and needed a little clarification on this. Our prof did an example:...
Apr16-12 02:15 PM
1 1,279
Quantum mechanics ideas: the idea of quantum mechanics and computing is mind boggling and impossible to fully...
Apr16-12 10:06 AM
1 911
I had a quick question on the uncertainty principle. I'm not a physicist but I'm familiar with the basic theories. ...
Apr16-12 08:24 AM
4 1,332
Hi, Suppose I have a 2D spinless electron bounded by a parabolic confining potential. If we add a magnetic field...
Apr16-12 04:58 AM
0 1,303
At the moment I am studying the Schrodinger equation using this resource. In a 1D solution (sec 3.1 in the paper)...
Apr15-12 10:31 PM
3 1,108
Any boolean formula can be represented efficiently as a reversible circuit (i.e. with at most a polynomial increase in...
Apr15-12 04:46 PM
3 869
Is Dirac's Sea entirely discounted now? He did predict positrons - that were later found. And mirrors have been...
Apr15-12 04:45 PM
1 779
Can anybody clear this up for me? In his Chicago lectures in 1930, Heisenberg is quoted as saying “The...
Apr15-12 02:12 PM
2 901
According to the more popular interpretations of (parts of) QM: photon (properties) are in an indeterminate state...
Apr15-12 12:20 PM
37 2,763
When you have an ordinary (read: spin zero) particle with a quantum state |ψ>, the corresponding position-space wave...
Apr15-12 09:59 AM
5 1,170
Supposed we are given a set of SUSY transformation law, the way to get the BPS equation is by requiring that \delta...
Apr15-12 09:26 AM
1 1,551
I know that wind is the result of fluids being drawn from high pressure to low pressure among other classical forces. ...
Apr15-12 06:44 AM
1 546

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