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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,191
In wave function collapse the observer forces one of many states to occur such as Schrodinger's cat experiment but...
Jul11-12 11:00 AM
4 655
I was wondering whether there is any general consensus about the nature of time within physics, as a whole. For...
Jul11-12 09:54 AM
19 1,856
Does anyone know if the fastest velocity of light is not fastest anymore? I think I heard a few days ago, that the...
Jul11-12 09:23 AM
6 1,634
I have always thought that a radiation heat pump could be made if one could bend radiation perhaps beating carnots...
Jul11-12 04:42 AM
4 1,289
Hi, I haven't posted for a while. I've seen this topic come up a few times, but it always seems to me that a few...
Jul11-12 04:11 AM
A. Neumaier
18 2,073
if a wave of light intermingles with another the same but of opposite phrase I believe you get what is called black...
Jul11-12 03:26 AM
4 818
We expand over, in the H/V basis, |RR> + |LL>, likewise |RR> - |LL>. Because R = (H + iV) and L = (H - iV), how do we...
Jul11-12 03:03 AM
Delta Kilo
8 825
Why are the Time Symmetric Interpretation rarely if ever brought up in discussions here? It restores determinism and...
Jul11-12 12:58 AM
53 4,949
Hey Guys, I continue to get mixed messages about the nature of electron behaviour during the double slit...
Jul10-12 11:32 PM
7 1,408
Phi ~ 1.618
Jul10-12 05:21 PM
1 686
As I watched a documentary lately on an experiment by Aaron O'Connell, that "proved" that quant exist in two points in...
Jul10-12 04:08 AM
4 672
Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I'm only going to be a senior in high school and have never taken...
Jul9-12 09:33 PM
2 522
I've been looking into the time independent schrodinger equation (E\Psi = Ĥ\Psi.) I know that \Psi is the wave...
Jul9-12 07:10 PM
1 790
I realize that this would probably be patently obvious if I understood the nature of particles, but how is it possible...
Jul9-12 06:51 PM
14 1,667
Hi All! PLEASE correct something if I say it like it's an axiom but it's not quite right, I'd like conformation of my...
Jul9-12 04:33 PM
17 2,437
If you've got, say, three particles, then the time-dependent Schrodinger equation (in units where \hbar = 1) for the...
Jul9-12 02:18 PM
1 534
Consider the case for a particle with energy E in a region where : V = 0 , x<0; V=Vo, x>0; for the first region...
Jul9-12 12:19 PM
2 844
So, let's think of a world where all the decisions are made by probability, e.g. flipping a coin, and quantum physics...
Jul9-12 12:02 PM
San K
9 958
Hi all, I was studying Stephen Hawking's new book (very good, by the way). He was explainning Feymann's theory,...
Jul9-12 11:47 AM
San K
2 1,261
I'm confused about index calculation in eq. 8.25, Mandl QFT textbook. Can anyone give me a detailed explanation...
Jul9-12 10:50 AM
2 600
If we consider two laser beams with identical 3 level energy level schemes except that the metastable state for one...
Jul9-12 01:51 AM
1 529
Hello, I am going through the book Introduction to QM by D.Griffiths. In the third chapter the book says the...
Jul9-12 01:09 AM
3 769
Hi all, I am troubled by the flag and flagpole analogy for two-spinors and would like some clarification. Please...
Jul8-12 10:02 PM
18 1,769
In the article, "What is spin", by Hans C. Ohanian we are shown how to take the wave-function for a Dirac electron...
Jul8-12 07:22 PM
4 757 . This is a Quantum mechanics documentary movie. Has anyone watched this? ...
Jul8-12 12:38 PM
Doc Al
2 550
The radial part of the Laplacian in spherical coordinates goes as: \frac{d^2}{dr^2}\psi+\frac{2}{r}\frac{d}{dr}\psi...
Jul8-12 10:26 AM
1 448
I know the photons have quantum interference with its self, what if it interfered with past photons? is this possible?...
Jul8-12 02:33 AM
0 504
We know this tiny splitting in degenerate levels in Hydrogen spectrum due to magnetic interactions between spins of...
Jul8-12 12:59 AM
1 759
In classical physics, all observables commute and the commutator would be zero. However this is not true in Quantum...
Jul7-12 09:29 PM
6 1,647
If I want to measure the position of a particle, and to do so I bombard it with a photon. What attributes of the...
Jul7-12 09:28 PM
1 545
Hi guys, I am new to the forum. I have done a bit of reading on functional analysis lately.So I was wondering...
Jul7-12 04:04 PM
1 603
Could someone please explain to me what is meant by the frequency of a photon? Aren't photons basically particles?...
Jul7-12 09:55 AM
Simon Bridge
20 20,359
Einsteinís discovery that a photon has a finite quantum of energy proportional to its discrete frequency, and the...
Jul7-12 09:45 AM
Simon Bridge
2 563
Pair production interests me - create matter from electromagnetic waves. So far I have read that a...
Jul7-12 09:24 AM
Simon Bridge
3 536
Although the uncertainty principal can be written without quantum harmonic oscillators, it still happens when you...
Jul7-12 05:39 AM
1 493
Hi guys! There is something I would like to get your help with... I am looking at the equation: ...
Jul7-12 03:39 AM
2 617
why in the quantum mechanics we must multiply ψ by ψ* why we must multiply in the conjugate to find the...
Jul6-12 07:54 PM
13 1,400
are there any dependencies in these things? In different metals
Jul6-12 07:19 PM
1 702
What is the scientific understanding, and what are peoples' personal opinions about the nature of "reality" Are we...
Jul6-12 01:39 PM
5 1,284
I'm new here. So, I might be unfamiliar with many things that have been talked about here. However, I noticed...
Jul6-12 09:51 AM
6 1,273

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