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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,552
I was studying Rayleigh Scattering. The theory says that Rayleigh Scattering is approximated to x<<1 where...
Jun28-12 12:38 PM
Jano L.
1 494
Now please forgive the question, and thank you in advance for your patience.... I am a little confused by the...
Jun28-12 10:07 AM
12 1,397
So I just finished watching a video of the theatrical scientist, Michio Kaku, about teleportion. According to Kaku,...
Jun28-12 03:25 AM
Doc Al
4 605
Hello, is there a representation of the process taking place in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, describing the...
Jun28-12 01:26 AM
3 527
Hello everybody, I just read the following article:...
Jun27-12 09:11 PM
38 4,252
From what I've gathered about quantum mechanics, it's based on probability, correct? (Yes, it's true that I know next...
Jun27-12 02:59 PM
1 387
I'm a little frustrated with the quantum m lectures I've been watching. I've watched Susskind's, one in India and now...
Jun27-12 02:19 PM
30 3,072
This is something that I've seen repeated many times, but I'm wondering how accurate it is. I mean, we've got this...
Jun27-12 12:02 PM
HJ Farnsworth
164 13,172
I think it's time for the annual quantum interpretation poll. Vote for which interpretation you currently think...
Jun27-12 10:44 AM
245 29,419
I understand the two cases dealt with when we consider the step potential. The two cases being when E>U (i.e the...
Jun26-12 06:44 PM
Ken G
7 1,019
we know electron revolves around nucleus at nearly (1/100)th of light speed..does this mean electron as very high...
Jun26-12 03:56 PM
2 1,275
Greetings everyone, I'm going through Griffiths QM, and just wanted to make sure I understood the roles (where they...
Jun26-12 11:44 AM
HJ Farnsworth
11 1,190
I was watching a cartoon with my niece. Most of the time, cartoons have fairly simple things like 1+1=2 and so on....
Jun26-12 09:25 AM
Mako Ruu
9 1,396
Fermat's principle is also known as the path of least time principle, and it explains why the angle of incidence is...
Jun26-12 12:16 AM
2 2,403
How can you tell if two Lie groups are isomorphic to each other? If you have a set of generators, Ti, then you can...
Jun25-12 10:02 PM
1 732
Please forgive such a simple question, but how does a particle 'remember' what direction to travel in from instant to...
Jun25-12 08:35 PM
9 1,164
I have been asking during the last couple of days about EPR, measurement problem and all those sort of things. As a...
Jun25-12 04:41 PM
3 859
A charged particle - like an electron - has a magnetic moment. This moment changes depending on where the electron...
Jun25-12 01:44 PM
Meir Achuz
1 558
Question 1: how is the QM prediction (i.e. cosine curve, shown below) derived for Bell's tests? in layman' termss ...
Jun25-12 01:30 PM
1 699
2 slit, double slit, two slit I saw a previous topic where someone asked if anyone has tried the 2 slit experiment...
Jun25-12 08:45 AM
49 3,120
Hello! I've just started reading Sakurai 's 'Mordern Quantum Mechanics' and open this thread for smaller intuitonal...
Jun25-12 04:09 AM
0 541
Hello! I am new here and I will try my best to clarify my questions and not violate the forum rules. Just for the...
Jun24-12 11:10 PM
5 1,204
Which of the following require energy? - change the spin of photon - entangle photons - disentangle photons -...
Jun24-12 04:05 PM
15 2,293
You can blame Eddington for this one. I'm a retired electronics guy who now has time to read physics history and...
Jun24-12 12:48 PM
20 2,000
Most physicists don't draw a distinction between past, present and future.. this is called the arrow of time....
Jun24-12 09:49 AM
0 519
I apologize, I know this is not a QM question per se but I think I am more likely to find someone who could answer...
Jun24-12 08:59 AM
4 7,173
Hello everyone, I am trying to solve time-dependent Liouville-von-Neumann equations for the dynamics of an electron...
Jun23-12 09:20 PM
Einstein Mcfly
4 960
Say we have a system consisting of two electrons, traveling freely, that are not initially entangled, either in spin...
Jun23-12 06:16 PM
4 1,028
In what we commonly refer to as "no-communication" theorems of quantum mechanics (QM), we make assumptions which are...
Jun23-12 03:08 PM
1 893
As a self study it has been difficult to find time to study quantum mechanics and relativity simultaneously while...
Jun22-12 12:34 PM
13 2,114
moseley did experiments on various elements and showed that the frequency of the k-alpha emission was proportional to...
Jun22-12 10:27 AM
Michio Cuckoo
1 624
The earliest instance I've seen to this equation, involving the Pauli matrices, is from a 1967 paper by J. M....
Jun22-12 08:09 AM
3 858
If it's a dirac delta doesn't it mean it's infinite when x=y? Or is it a sort of kronecker where it's equal to one but...
Jun21-12 01:13 AM
6 2,178
"In a Lorentz invariant theory in d dimensions a state forms an irreducible representation under the subgroups of...
Jun21-12 12:57 AM
2 807
Hello everyone, For a project that may involve some work with Anti de Sitter space, I want to understand 1....
Jun21-12 12:44 AM
19 1,943 This link is from wiki's . And my question is...
Jun21-12 12:14 AM
6 1,316
Hello. Okay, so there are some theories like string theory that say that there are extra dimensions of space that we...
Jun20-12 07:19 PM
6 1,384
Where exactly do the probability distributions we observe come from under the many worlds interpretation? I know it...
Jun20-12 02:35 PM
9 1,452
How stable/fragile is Quantum Entanglement? with respect to time, space and various events. Space - We know that...
Jun20-12 12:24 PM
6 1,402
Can two massive particles have parallel spacetime trajectories? It seems that the answer is - no. And the closer they...
Jun20-12 12:07 PM
8 1,434

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