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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,452
I previously took part in two separate threads where I slowly went through various field theories from a rigorous...
Apr13-12 04:16 PM
A. Neumaier
1 615
I was doing some research for school and I was thinking of he Schrodinger's Cat Experiment. Can someone explain it to...
Apr13-12 03:28 PM
6 1,133
Imagine we have material with very low heat conductivity in which metal nanoparticles are embedded and distance...
Apr13-12 01:34 PM
2 669
I am reading about Dirac's equation for relativistic electron in Feynman's book "Quantum Electrodynamics". Factor...
Apr13-12 12:49 PM
1 834
Can anyone comment on this book?
Apr13-12 06:44 AM
4 1,036
Hey everyone, so I recently watched a vid that talked about Googol and googolplex sized universes, and their...
Apr12-12 07:30 PM
2 993
If there is an irrational solution to an equation for where a particle should be, for example from an ODE, then what...
Apr12-12 07:29 PM
7 1,244
Disclaimer: If this is the wrong place for this, I apologise, this probably comes somewhere between QM, Atomic, Linear...
Apr12-12 04:32 PM
1 1,088
Aristotelian physics, shorn of whatever the historical Aristotle actually believed, is pretty similar to Newtonian...
Apr12-12 04:27 PM
1 702
I was wondering to what extent we understand the self interference of particles in the double slit experiment. More...
Apr12-12 04:13 PM
2 720
Here is an instant communication protocol for Alice and Bob. Alice and Bob are given one each of a pair of momentum...
Apr12-12 11:16 AM
19 1,864
What causes the differences between the atomic spectra of deuterium and the atomic spectra of protium? Are there any...
Apr12-12 08:53 AM
1 1,049
I've searched, I found something in the archives, and several other places on the net, but i wonder, how further...
Apr12-12 04:18 AM
3 758
In the same way we could create "principles" for the other forces which would not make them not forces. Is it a...
Apr12-12 03:42 AM
4 1,130
I saw this today, thought some of you might find it interesting (as I did). Product states do not violate Bell...
Apr12-12 03:27 AM
9 969
Apparently there are two helicities or "handednesses" of an electron: right and left. A right-handed electron spins...
Apr11-12 06:09 PM
3 3,038
I have been reading round the Casamir Effect and Diracs vacuum field. On the one hand it appears to be a...
Apr11-12 11:07 AM
3 813
I have heard of the phenomenon of virtual particle-antiparticle pairs popping out of the vacuum and then back into it...
Apr11-12 09:26 AM
16 1,697
I hope someone can help me find the page or chapter where Helstrom discusses his famous measurement for distinguishing...
Apr11-12 08:45 AM
0 609
How Do Particles Mediate forces (Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear). Like, what actually goes on to mediate such...
Apr10-12 10:00 PM
Vanadium 50
3 550
Hi, This is probably trivial, but I don't see it and would therefore appreciate receving inputs. Suppose we...
Apr10-12 08:49 PM
3 1,217
We get to know that vacuum is not really empty but that its energy ground state is non zero. Is this what is...
Apr10-12 07:28 PM
7 1,658
i m studin the quantum mechanics in my second semester. Though i am doing an engg degree but i have deep intrest in...
Apr10-12 03:12 PM
12 1,451
By looking at layman's books on physics I have picked up the idea that "virtual" particle-antiparticle pairs...
Apr10-12 09:20 AM
1 538
Brian Greene describe an experiment in his book "The fabric of the cosmos" pretending to illustrate the Bell test...
Apr10-12 04:38 AM
17 3,103
say you overlap two identical coherent light beams with a mirror but opposite phase so they effectively cancel each...
Apr9-12 09:11 PM
Vanadium 50
19 1,484
I have seen the ∂ symbol many times in wave function equations. What does it mean?
Apr9-12 05:10 PM
1 902
I know even molecules can be used and the result still emerges. What is the density of of atoms or molecules when...
Apr9-12 04:23 PM
15 2,164
In regards to this article -...
Apr9-12 02:57 PM
0 755
I know, I know, it might be a little bit spam-y to post another poll, but since the option 'Other' was gaining so much...
Apr9-12 10:40 AM
29 2,911
Hello, I am writing an appendix to my thesis where i try to explain how nmr works but i am having trouble...
Apr9-12 10:11 AM
2 925
At classical harmonic oscillator, total energy is proportional to square of frequency, but at quantum harmonic...
Apr9-12 09:12 AM
2 994
Hello! On p.424 in the second edition of Altland & Simons, they compute an average as part of a renormalization...
Apr9-12 08:23 AM
0 615
3 years ago when I lived in Jordan I met a Palestinian who believed that he had unified gravity with quantum...
Apr9-12 07:33 AM
Mark M
5 1,144
How many chemical shift measurements must be used to elucidate the structure of organic questions?????? I found this...
Apr9-12 03:09 AM
0 657
In non-relativistic QM, we spend a lot of time examining bound states--energy levels, spatial distributions, and all...
Apr8-12 10:19 PM
1 776
im currently writing a paper for one of my classes, and part of that paper requires me to "Discuss also the question...
Apr8-12 09:01 PM
2 1,067
Is there fixed data for the threshold frequency of metals? For example, is it possible to find out the threshold...
Apr8-12 06:17 PM
4 6,395
Hello, I've been reading a book on QCD on I have a question: what is the purpose of the renormalization group? Is...
Apr8-12 05:07 PM
3 910
Hi, I'm doing a homework problem in my modern physics class and I'm stuck at a point. The question is "Show that...
Apr8-12 04:29 PM
Bob S
8 1,958

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