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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,222
I am having hard times, trying to find out how the FermiDirac and BoseEinstein distributions give you at a limit the...
Jul1-12 02:19 PM
1 441
When a photon has a wavelength close to the energy needed for an electron jump in an atom, the atom will absorb the...
Jul1-12 01:08 PM
2 650
Does Pauli's exclusion principle apply to superposition or only collapsed states? I.e. could a particle be...
Jul1-12 11:58 AM
7 793
A particle in the ground state of a potential well can only gain energy by making a transition to one of the higher...
Jul1-12 07:39 AM
5 911
Can someone please elaborate these lines: "Causality applies only to a system which is left undisturbed. If a...
Jul1-12 12:52 AM
San K
13 2,773
What is the difference between eigenfunction and wave function? I'm always get confused when i am asked to write...
Jul1-12 12:38 AM
Simon Bridge
4 1,049
Almost everyone is familiar with the sentence "accelerated charges radiate em waves". Nevertheless, if you are...
Jun30-12 08:56 PM
6 1,022
Alright. So the Dirac Eq is (i \gamma^{\mu} \partial_{\mu} - m) \psi = 0 or putting the time part on one side...
Jun30-12 06:56 PM
7 1,416
I have just watched a video by Professor Brian Cox. In it he describes the proposed Higgs field. If it exists, it is...
Jun30-12 05:20 PM
3 763
If the Higgs field is responsible for embuing particles with mass, and mass is responsible for gravity, is it possible...
Jun30-12 04:13 PM
2 952
I am aware that n is the principal quantum number and determines the energy of a specific energy level of an atom. In...
Jun30-12 03:20 PM
Einstein Mcfly
4 1,799
Do free particles have quantum numbers? What are they?
Jun30-12 12:12 PM
2 567
Hi all! I'm sorry if this question has been already asked in another post... I'm studying the path integrals...
Jun30-12 05:02 AM
2 974
Hi, i can't get the result stated as equation (2.33) in page 22. To be more clear, after the elimination of the...
Jun30-12 02:41 AM
1 787
Hi physicists, How can two atomic-scale particles interact through gravitation (Gm1m2/r^2) or any other force that...
Jun30-12 12:00 AM
Simon Bridge
4 903
Hi, could anyone try to explain one thing about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle I don't understand? The...
Jun29-12 02:45 PM
10 1,272
In the double-slit experiment, without which-path information available, the diffraction pattern is usually shown as...
Jun29-12 01:00 PM
2 712
What are the differences between the probability density function and the radial probability density functions (in...
Jun29-12 09:16 AM
0 665
I'm wondering because the gamma ray photon is smaller yet it has a higher frequency. Is it because the amount of...
Jun29-12 07:23 AM
17 9,732
A quantum particle can tunnel through a barrier and we can describe why this is so by the uncertainty principle....
Jun29-12 05:31 AM
5 842
Hello dear readers, I have a problem. I'm giving a lecture tomorrow on the EPR experiment and Bell's theorem and so...
Jun29-12 05:29 AM
13 1,401
Hello, I'm trying to solve a time independent schrodinger equation with matlab. i wish to write a function whose...
Jun29-12 03:14 AM
0 2,003
What do you think the word "photon" used in textbooks and papers at present mean? - extended object which, when...
Jun28-12 07:35 PM
19 1,392
what we mean by uncertainty in energy in quantum tunneling ? it's hard to understand uncertainty principle
Jun28-12 03:55 PM
0 459
I was studying Rayleigh Scattering. The theory says that Rayleigh Scattering is approximated to x<<1 where...
Jun28-12 12:38 PM
Jano L.
1 500
Now please forgive the question, and thank you in advance for your patience.... I am a little confused by the...
Jun28-12 10:07 AM
12 1,417
So I just finished watching a video of the theatrical scientist, Michio Kaku, about teleportion. According to Kaku,...
Jun28-12 03:25 AM
Doc Al
4 611
Hello, is there a representation of the process taking place in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, describing the...
Jun28-12 01:26 AM
3 534
Hello everybody, I just read the following article:...
Jun27-12 09:11 PM
38 4,306
From what I've gathered about quantum mechanics, it's based on probability, correct? (Yes, it's true that I know next...
Jun27-12 02:59 PM
1 391
I'm a little frustrated with the quantum m lectures I've been watching. I've watched Susskind's, one in India and now...
Jun27-12 02:19 PM
30 3,140
This is something that I've seen repeated many times, but I'm wondering how accurate it is. I mean, we've got this...
Jun27-12 12:02 PM
HJ Farnsworth
164 13,350
I think it's time for the annual quantum interpretation poll. Vote for which interpretation you currently think...
Jun27-12 10:44 AM
245 29,785
I understand the two cases dealt with when we consider the step potential. The two cases being when E>U (i.e the...
Jun26-12 06:44 PM
Ken G
7 1,051
we know electron revolves around nucleus at nearly (1/100)th of light speed..does this mean electron as very high...
Jun26-12 03:56 PM
2 1,296
Greetings everyone, I'm going through Griffiths QM, and just wanted to make sure I understood the roles (where they...
Jun26-12 11:44 AM
HJ Farnsworth
11 1,215
I was watching a cartoon with my niece. Most of the time, cartoons have fairly simple things like 1+1=2 and so on....
Jun26-12 09:25 AM
Mako Ruu
9 1,415
Fermat's principle is also known as the path of least time principle, and it explains why the angle of incidence is...
Jun26-12 12:16 AM
2 2,431
How can you tell if two Lie groups are isomorphic to each other? If you have a set of generators, Ti, then you can...
Jun25-12 10:02 PM
1 756
Please forgive such a simple question, but how does a particle 'remember' what direction to travel in from instant to...
Jun25-12 08:35 PM
9 1,208

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