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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,636
Hi I'm studying for my course of quantum chemistry and I have some issues with applying the Hückel or thight...
Jun11-12 07:54 PM
2 1,281
Matter (deBroglie) waves is a concept and it's existence is not confirmed (?)..that said, We know that - The de...
Jun11-12 12:44 PM
Simon Bridge
3 874
Jun10-12 08:06 PM
0 761
In the fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene there is an experiment using the example of Mulder and Scully and boxes....
Jun10-12 04:00 PM
Ken G
4 1,126
Two spherically symmetric potentials, the Coulomb potential and the isotropic harmonic oscillator potential, lead to...
Jun10-12 04:58 AM
A. Neumaier
17 2,727
I have read that when 2 Hydrogen atoms come together their individual spacial wavefunctions overlap in the following...
Jun10-12 03:44 AM
1 984
how does/would LHV (local hidden variables) theory explain the phenomena of: 1. quantum entanglement swapping...
Jun10-12 01:10 AM
San K
3 1,045
If we were to introduced a set of un-entangled, but same polarized, photons as control experiment what would the...
Jun9-12 11:58 PM
3 959
hello. it's the first time I use this site I hope that I find the answer of my question: does the hausdorff formula...
Jun9-12 11:52 PM
2 996
Hi all, I have recently been reading the book ``The Method of Second Quantization'' by Felix Berezin but I got trapped...
Jun9-12 11:26 PM
1 850
We often just say that the eigenvalues of \hat{L}^2 are \hbar^2l(l+1), but does this apply to all kinds of potentials...
Jun9-12 03:47 PM
2 798
Schrödinger had proved/predicted QE theoretically prior to experimental (though not loop-hole free) verification. ...
Jun9-12 07:09 AM
Simon Bridge
1 737
The general evolution of a ket |\psi\rangle is according to -i\hbar\frac{d}{dt}|\psi\rangle=H|\psi\rangle without...
Jun9-12 06:59 AM
7 1,272
why is the function must be normalize ? what is the meaning of normalization I know it's ∫ψψ*=1 but what it...
Jun9-12 02:02 AM
3 705
I am interested in knowing that in QM what vector/tensor operators are? In fact how do they differ from scalar...
Jun8-12 04:41 PM
3 733
Electrons paired up in an orbital have anti-parallel spins. One rotates in clockwise direction and the other in...
Jun8-12 03:13 PM
4 1,013
Hi, Have there been done variations of double slit experiment, particularly I'm interested in following scenarios:...
Jun8-12 01:05 PM
Simon Bridge
3 817
In the experiments done with superconducting rings by Delft and Stony Brook, currents are shown to be moving in both...
Jun8-12 04:22 AM
63 6,554
Hi! I'am young and am very excited about Physics. I would like to read the research papers written by famous...
Jun8-12 02:33 AM
M Quack
3 1,160
Hello, not sure if I'm typing the question in the right place, but I encountered this question when going through...
Jun7-12 03:55 PM
5 1,089
I am having troubles finding anything online that reveals the conceptual concerns relating to the probability...
Jun7-12 02:39 PM
James S Saint
18 2,141
First time poster, more of a nerd than an academic. So virtual particles, can they pop into and out of existence...
Jun7-12 12:20 PM
5 871
Quantum field theory predicts a value for the cosmological constant that is 123 orders of magnitude larger than the...
Jun7-12 08:10 AM
9 1,832
I have some questions concerning the first two chapters of Ginsparg's text on CFT, which can be found here 1. In...
Jun6-12 05:39 PM
4 1,244
Okay so this is my first post after like 15 min of tying to figure out how to post. Anyways I have been reading about...
Jun6-12 11:39 AM
4 1,036
The empirical method of linear combination of atomic orbitals is not hard to understand. There is one thing about this...
Jun6-12 06:21 AM
Ken G
4 724
In regards to measuring two photons in the 45/135 basis using 22.5 wave plates and PBS orientated in the H/V basis: ...
Jun5-12 11:32 PM
0 551
Basically I have looked up both out of curiosity and it just flew right over my head. I have a general understanding...
Jun5-12 07:41 PM
1 1,005
Well, am an Alevel student... Edexcel.. I just find quantum physics a really really confusing topic.. My question is...
Jun5-12 05:40 PM
4 540
Wikipedia defines a field as "a physical quantity associated with each point of spacetime". So contrary to a particle,...
Jun5-12 03:43 PM
A. Neumaier
10 1,691
I explained to myself that I don't fall through the ground due to electrons repelling. Using classical electrostatic...
Jun5-12 03:19 PM
6 1,577
talking about ψ-epistemic, ψ-ontic and ψ-complete models. How would the world appear to us if its ontology was...
Jun5-12 03:15 PM
7 1,542
Hi all, There is a Hamiltonian in terms of "a" and "a^{dagger}"bosonic operators...
Jun5-12 11:23 AM
2 993
if vacuum has virtual particles it should have temperature right.? If a perfect vacuum exists ie without any virtual...
Jun5-12 02:14 AM
3 868
This is, when it all comes around, just math. I am asked to prove that if the schroedinger equation looks like: ...
Jun4-12 11:48 PM
2 1,588
I have read in different places something like the following: Hermitian operators have real eigenvalues Hermitian...
Jun4-12 06:34 PM
1 958
Hello, I have a problem with the two seemingly conflicting descriptions of the energy transfer from a photon to an...
Jun4-12 05:59 PM
4 1,841
I couldn't find out if the following article had been discussed (it is probably well known), but there were many...
Jun4-12 04:28 PM
yoda jedi
7 1,160
I doing some reading on why the wave-function is complex. From what I can tell, it's due to its evolution by unitary...
Jun4-12 01:21 PM
4 1,069
I believe that in qft the particle states are eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian(which also commutes with the number...
Jun4-12 11:47 AM
A. Neumaier
16 1,987

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