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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,548
A lot of textbooks give the definition of an S-matrix element as: \langle \beta_{out}| \alpha_{in}\rangle = \langle...
May11-14 10:37 PM
7 365
How are the two related mathematically ie QV is SpaceTime devoid of matter and has Zero Point Energy on one hand QF...
May11-14 09:22 PM
Simon Bridge
9 399
If leptons can stack up on top of each other and not interfere than how can a single lepton do so in the two split...
May11-14 09:14 PM
Simon Bridge
12 611
I am writing an undergrad (Bachelor) thesis covering the harmonic and anharmonic oscillator using path integrals on...
May11-14 02:32 PM
magnetic flux
0 281
Hi there! I have tried for hours to calculate the commutator of angular momentum in the differential form, but I...
May11-14 09:15 AM
5 324
I am aware that the most popular version of the quantum brain theory i.e. the Penrose and Hameroff version has been...
May11-14 04:16 AM
Frank Weil
16 1,151
If we suppose we have an entangled pair in position/momentum and, following the argument, we measure position of...
May10-14 01:04 PM
22 1,244
Hey, I'm just reading through from AP notes and was slightly confused about selection rules. It's my understanding...
May9-14 11:52 PM
0 270
So I've just been reading about the Stern-Gerlach apparatus/experiment and had some questions about the half spin...
May9-14 07:11 AM
1 318
Why is it that we observe a continuous spectrum in black-body radiation not discrete spectral lines dependent on the...
May9-14 04:51 AM
2 358
I'm reading a book on Path Integral and found this formula \int_{-\infty}^{\infty...
May8-14 10:59 PM
6 405
Hi. Quantum states are usually represented as vectors, and treated as such, even when distinct states should be...
May8-14 04:54 PM
4 346
Hi. I never understood why the momentum wave function ##\phi (p)## is the fourier transform/integral of the real space...
May8-14 01:26 PM
11 786
Quantum teleportation lets you send quantum information over a classical communication channel by using...
May8-14 12:07 PM
8 510
Here's a puzzle that has been bothering me lately. I take as given the following: E = h\nu (Planck) energy...
May8-14 06:31 AM
10 810
For hydrogen atoms, all book take correction up to 1/c^2 where the perturbation is -P^4/8*m^3*c^2. And they go solving...
May7-14 11:42 PM
M. next
4 338
I would appreciate if someone could set me straight here. I understand if I have an arbitrary operator, I can express...
May7-14 05:37 PM
1 291
Has anybody seen this theory before, If so, do you have more information on it. "An introduction to the tomographic...
May7-14 05:33 PM
4 550
Can someone explain the cause behind photobleaching ( of fluorophores when...
May7-14 04:54 PM
6 279
I have a partition function in euclidean quantum field theory. I have a parameter, let's say a charge, that I can...
May7-14 03:23 PM
4 287
Why did the author of the book choose the combinations in (9.66) and (9.67) as follows? Why didn't he choose some...
May7-14 10:24 AM
M. next
9 347
I'm just posting the bare bones of this experiment to begin with, as it was quite the task just to attach all the...
May6-14 01:12 AM
4 629
I wonder, what the physical meaning to electron correlation in molecular systems? and. Is there many types of it? ...
May5-14 04:12 PM
5 3,908
The major problem I have with hidden variable theories is this: Even if you find hidden variable solutions which...
May5-14 10:54 AM
7 624
Hi, So, I am working through section 5.2 of Sakurai's book which is "Time Independent Perturbation Theory: The...
May5-14 10:15 AM
3 322
Hawking radiation suggests that the anti-particles enter the black hole and annihilate with the normal matter in the...
May5-14 05:56 AM
2 322
May5-14 01:42 AM
1 257
how to go step by step from the classical lagrangian to the schrodinger equation? i would like to work with the...
May4-14 03:07 PM
5 310
Well this is a doubt that comes from some time ago and I haven't found the answer on the net. Quantum fluctuations in...
May4-14 02:59 PM
2 328
Hi all, I am reading this Zeilinger paper Look at fig 1. There are four detectors D1 D2 D3 and D4. When one of...
May4-14 02:18 PM
1 276
I was watching Fay Dowker's "Spacetime and the quantum: united by history" on Youtube, and a question occurred to me....
May3-14 12:44 PM
7 552
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to compute e.g. bohr radii for a metric system whose correspondence to real...
May3-14 11:06 AM
2 269
Can someone explain to me what is wrong with the following argument? There are two parts. First of all, K-S, despite...
May3-14 05:24 AM
1 272
I understand that a local gauge transformation functions to conserve the energy of an electron as it moves through...
May2-14 10:07 PM
1 326
The Schrödinger equation rotates the state vector in Hilbert space continuously (i.e. without jumps). This makes sense...
May2-14 09:27 AM
15 671
I red griffiths many times but even now there is something I can't understand. It's about statistical interpretation....
May2-14 04:47 AM
11 452
Hey there, I'm having trouble understanding where two of the formulas for angular momentum of an electron in the...
May2-14 12:03 AM
8 447
DO try this at home! I took three pieces of polarized film (which I salvaged from a pair of 3-D glasses). First I put...
May1-14 12:44 PM
22 1,143
In Srednicki's QFT textbook, equation 9.6, he writes: Z=e^{i \int d^4x \, \mathcal...
May1-14 11:38 AM
4 486
( is a way to send 2 classical bits by sending only 1 qubit and...
May1-14 10:34 AM
1 242

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