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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,409
So, the three very small quantities: Planck length Planck mass Planck time Does the physical interpretation...
Jan25-14 10:37 PM
4 279
Suppose that I have an atom in one corner of a room, and I fire a photon toward the opposite corner (and assume that...
Jan25-14 07:05 PM
1 241
Hello. I'm now working in the spectroscopy and I'm wondering in one instantaneous moment of ionization. Let's...
Jan25-14 05:37 PM
5 347
Is the rather continuous spectrum of the Sun due to redshift/blueshift of the radiation emenating from the Sun? I...
Jan25-14 04:20 PM
5 324
For those who read carefully the paper by Esther Hänggi and Stephanie Wehner: "A violation of the uncertainty...
Jan25-14 12:58 PM
4 359
Does superposition have a radius or a space covered distance which cuts off at a certian point based on the size or...
Jan24-14 10:04 PM
12 441
I understand that Feynman diagrams can be expressed either in the position or momentum representation. Is the...
Jan24-14 07:52 PM
1 315
I keep hearing people say, "comparing particle spin to a spinning top will lead you in the wrong direction." I'm...
Jan24-14 02:16 PM
25 868
In a recent paper Steve Hawking is reexamines black holes.
Jan24-14 02:10 PM
1 331
Consider the potential below: V(x)=\left\{ \begin{array}{cc} -\frac{e^2}{4\pi\varepsilon_0 x} &x>0 \\ \infty &x\leq...
Jan24-14 04:26 AM
1 285
First I want to admit that I'm not a physicist, but I'm very interested in physics. I have some questions about...
Jan24-14 01:47 AM
5 280
Hi, The violation of Bell's inequality says that quantum mechanics can't be both local and realistic. Let's assume...
Jan23-14 04:01 PM
8 390
In quantum field theory pairs of virtual particles can appear from vacuum and quickly annihilate each other, for...
Jan23-14 09:03 AM
8 397 I'm not sure how they got equation 4.5 Starting from ##\psi'> = U_{(\vec{a})}...
Jan23-14 02:27 AM
8 297
Hi, I'm not a scientist, but a documentary filmmaker doing research on the nature of reality. An essential...
Jan22-14 08:38 PM
27 1,361
I mean many people try to abstract the classical world but isnt it just the accumulation of QM properties that build...
Jan22-14 08:07 PM
6 392
Hi guys, I'm not sure how to evaluate this inner product at step (3.8) I know that: ##\hat {H} |\phi> = E...
Jan22-14 07:04 PM
13 355
Hi, I've tried several times to get my head around this, but every way I look at it Hawking Radiation doesn't seem...
Jan22-14 04:48 PM
12 947
Every general explanation of the quantum zeno effect I've found is (from my perspective) so full of gaps that I cannot...
Jan22-14 01:36 AM
3 414
Hi, I'm trying to get my head around Schrödinger's equation and quantum wave theory. I'll try to shortly state how I...
Jan21-14 09:49 PM
3 228
Here is an ultra short repeat of the Zeno Paradox, but please google it for a longer version with pictures etc: ...
Jan21-14 06:04 PM
2 302
Hey guys, Ive been trying to find out an answer to this question I had today but couldn't find it. The question is...
Jan21-14 05:56 PM
4 292
In Principles of QM by Dirac, 4th Ed page102 he gives the following:- Limδx→0(Deiγ-1)/δx = Limδx→0(D-1+iγ)/δx...
Jan21-14 05:43 PM
17 582
According to is very unclear to me. How would one coarsen a reference angle? It seems to me it would...
Jan21-14 01:39 PM
4 269 Shouldn't the integrating factor be ##exp(\frac{m\omega x}{\hbar})##?...
Jan21-14 08:10 AM
2 250
A very handwaving argument for weak localization is the following: In a conductor the electron can take many paths...
Jan21-14 12:33 AM
5 267
Hello all! On the problem of taking elements of different (degenerated-)state vectors that do not vanish on the...
Jan20-14 03:53 PM
1 266
This equation (see attachment) appears in one of Prof. Susskinds's lectures on Quantum Mechanics: in trying to...
Jan20-14 02:04 PM
6 302
In the theory of degenerate perturbation in Sakurai’s textbook, Modern Quantum Mechanics Chapter 5, the perturbed...
Jan20-14 01:42 PM
9 618
So, a true vacuum is a vacuum devoid of space/time and any form of particles, correct? Is it correct that a true...
Jan20-14 01:11 PM
12 725
Hey guys, I’m interested in knowing if there are any known implications of quantum theory in the macroscopic scale,...
Jan20-14 08:15 AM
27 1,342
The classical physics developed by people such as Fraunhoffer and Fresnel seems to work very well at predicting the...
Jan20-14 01:05 AM
San K
10 680
Regarding a potential well that is proportional to -1/|x|, are the amount of possible energy levels finite or...
Jan20-14 12:11 AM
4 307
No-one is suggesting that this is exactly the same as the wave-particle duality that exists at the quantum scale (e.g....
Jan19-14 08:06 PM
78 16,278
Hello, I am thinking for some hours about the commutation of the field-Operator/(annihilation-Operator): \Psi and...
Jan18-14 11:30 PM
3 346
Well I am trying to understand the adjoint representation of the su(2) algebra. We know that the algebra is given: ...
Jan18-14 05:03 PM
1 285
Hello everyone! I'm a little confused. The Fermi-Dirac distribution is about every electron in a metal or only about...
Jan18-14 11:16 AM
8 265
Electromagnetic waves are two fields, an electric field and a magnetic field, they are at 90 degrees to each other. So...
Jan18-14 09:24 AM
0 253
I know this has been asked before but Im still not getting it. Does anyone know why a classical deterministic world...
Jan18-14 07:14 AM
26 1,204
I've come across countless sources that gauge fix SU(N) Yang-Mills fields using the typical U(1) gauges (e.g. Lorenz...
Jan18-14 02:19 AM
29 1,185

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