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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,505
I have never been to the pyramids in Egypt. I'd love to go one day. I am sure their configuration will be just as...
Jul25-14 09:17 PM
13 780
Forgive me if some of my question sounds misguided or misinformed - I'm new to the flux pinning game. I want to be...
Jul25-14 08:58 PM
0 345
Dirac left me in the dust at this step. Can someone please help me through it. I understand from Susskind's...
Jul25-14 08:43 PM
5 437
Hi, I'm entering graduate school this fall and was looking to improve my computational physics knowledge. I have...
Jul25-14 08:00 PM
1 338
Hey there Im preparing for an oral exam in mathematical quantum physics. not sure if this fits in here very...
Jul25-14 03:44 AM
1 392
I've got a problem which is asking for the eigenvalues and eigenstates of the Hamiltonian H_0=-B_0(a_1...
Jul25-14 12:20 AM
4 464
Just a simple question. How do we know the detector isn't messing up the double slit experiment when a single photon...
Jul24-14 10:13 PM
70 2,583
So I've been self-studying from Griffiths Intro to QM to get back in shape for graduate school this fall, and I guess...
Jul24-14 09:25 PM
1 407
On page 86 of The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Dirac left me in his dust. I quote: ...
Jul24-14 06:03 PM
2 415
Does modern physics allow for the existence of massless fermions?
Jul24-14 12:43 PM
2 406
What exactly is all this 'matrix elements of vectors' stuff that Landau is talking about? I don't mean to ask...
Jul24-14 09:10 AM
1 360
Hello Everyone, I am currently reading about when the Quantum Mechanical Theory becomes relevant. A term that...
Jul24-14 07:29 AM
4 484
I have a few problems understanding the double slit experience and the behavior of photos due to simple observation. ...
Jul23-14 11:31 PM
15 574
I am learning identical particles recently, but I have some problem interpreting what I am writing down. So if we have...
Jul23-14 04:26 PM
Jano L.
5 724
The first postulate of quantum mechanics says that every physical system is associated with a separable complex...
Jul23-14 08:27 AM
6 731
what is the INNER QUANTUM number ?
Jul23-14 08:07 AM
6 579
Hi all! I am wondering if there is an interpretation of QM where the future is "set in stone" (for lack of a better...
Jul22-14 11:46 PM
47 3,250
How do we know/observe a particle annihilating a anti-particle? Is it impossible to theorize that in the early...
Jul22-14 02:55 PM
4 656
I thought that it would be possible to get a single photon to a double slit which would be sufficiently coherent to...
Jul22-14 10:28 AM
11 708
If: ##\hat{H} \psi (x) = E \psi (x)## where E is the eigenvalue of the *disturbed* eigenfunction ##\psi (x)## ...
Jul22-14 06:46 AM
2 645
One of the first things about QM we were taught in my undergraduate physics program is the deBroglie relation: λ =...
Jul22-14 06:24 AM
16 1,794
So we are at a distance from the black hole R>2GM/c^2 where quantum fluctuations happen all the time. How is it...
Jul22-14 05:58 AM
5 647
Since the electromagnetic and the weak force unify at high energies, why do physicist continue to count four...
Jul22-14 05:37 AM
2 615
my question is about the no-communication theorem in quantum mechanics: Assume that i have a pair of entangled...
Jul22-14 04:43 AM
4 537
Experiment: Imagine the dalayed time quantum eraser experiment, except the pair of "idler" photons(which would...
Jul21-14 04:41 PM
0 475
Hi All, I am trying too undestand the slit test which shows wave-particle duality. Please correct me if I am wrong on...
Jul21-14 03:22 PM
13 1,955
I've visited a great many sites and looked at papers to fully understand this, and still have some confusion regarding...
Jul21-14 02:57 PM
16 1,020
Hello everyone, I had a look on G.t'Hooft paper about one loop divergences and I would like to know how can I obtain...
Jul21-14 02:04 PM
0 473
If the parity operator ##\hat{P}## is hermitian, then: ##\langle \phi | \hat{P} | \psi \rangle = (\langle \psi |...
Jul21-14 09:57 AM
3 578
Consider a composite particle. Its spin is determined by the spins of its constituent particles. But the constituent...
Jul21-14 05:36 AM
Vanadium 50
9 621
To start, we have: ψ=e^{i(kx+wt)} ψ_x=ikψ ψ_{xx}=-k^2ψ λ=\frac{h}{p} k=\frac{2π}{λ} E=\frac{p^2}{2m}+V Then,...
Jul20-14 10:45 PM
12 779
There have been many posts requesting a quantum mechanical explanation for the refraction of light through glass, but...
Jul20-14 09:26 PM
4 361
At what point does matter stop having the ability to function as both a particle and a wave? In the early 1800s...
Jul19-14 09:22 PM
2 279
Hi, I was wondering whether we are sure (I know, strong word) that decoherence is the mechanism that takes us from...
Jul19-14 09:07 PM
7 623
I get a bit confused seeing where Feynman's many paths fits in to the Many-worlds interpretation. Both start off with...
Jul19-14 09:24 AM
9 786
I recognize the practical aspects of this would be absurd, but I must admit the premise of what it would take to put a...
Jul19-14 09:07 AM
Water nosfim
14 946
I am curious about recent progress in relativistic Bohmian mechanics. Finding a review is proving difficult (The...
Jul19-14 08:12 AM
2 304
The relativistic mass-energy-momentum relation m^2=E^2-p^2 predates quantum mechanics by a couple of decades. It...
Jul18-14 10:58 PM
23 1,387
L=0 Suborbital Configuration These questions are directed at resident theoretical quantum physicists in PF ...
Jul18-14 05:28 PM
Vanadium 50
18 1,335
In a real double-slit experiment, the kind of pattern obtained will be different as an observer (which may or may not...
Jul17-14 08:40 PM
9 575

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