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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,164
Hello! For some time now I have been absolutely fascinated with quantum mechanics. Unfortunately for me, I am well...
Aug13-14 10:32 PM
3 244
I have some questions about this paper: In...
Aug13-14 10:17 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 240
Suppose you have λ4 theory and calculate the bare 4-point function: $$...
Aug13-14 08:45 PM
1 173
Hi, I have been trying to get the expression for the transition dipole moment of hydrogen but I am not able to get the...
Aug13-14 09:39 AM
Meir Achuz
3 234
According to my teacher, for any two operators A and B, the commutators =df(A)/dA and =df(B)/dB He did not give any...
Aug12-14 10:46 PM
8 262
I have read contrasting things about the issue. Can you explain briefly why the assumption of discrete space and...
Aug12-14 07:51 PM
24 791
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Feb28-14 One of the most spectacular theoretical description that Einstein...
Aug12-14 05:00 PM
2 207
What is Quantum Entanglement, and what does it do? I attempted at learning via online articles.
Aug12-14 03:29 PM
17 446
Hello, The one-electron universe hypothesis, commonly associated with Richard Feynman when he mentioned it in his...
Aug12-14 03:05 PM
3 285
Author: ZapperZ Originally posted on Jan17-13 {I have seen this type of question or scenario being presented on PF...
Aug12-14 02:12 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 175
When a particle's position is measured, does the wavefunction collapse to the eigenstate of the measurement (a delta...
Aug12-14 12:28 PM
89 2,363
Hi everyone, This is my first post. Years ago I read in a science magazine that (at least according to a certain...
Aug12-14 09:46 AM
7 417
Hello Forum, When a system is in a particular state, indicated by a |A>, we can use any basis of eigenvectors to...
Aug12-14 04:31 AM
26 537
One of the problems in QM i frequently encounter in all textbooks is the shifting of the wall problem which goes like...
Aug12-14 02:08 AM
14 366
Hi. I will give you a question I have looked at and then tell you where I am confused. The wavefunction for a...
Aug11-14 06:40 PM
7 305
Dear PF: I'm currently working in a problem that has had me stranded for several weeks now. The problem reads as...
Aug11-14 01:00 PM
15 295
Hi, I have read that quantum fluctuations have created our universe through the Big Bang. The issue that I didn't...
Aug11-14 09:42 AM
2 263
I considered the covariance of 2 spin 1/2 as a non linear operator : A\otimes B-A|\Psi\rangle\langle\Psi|B. The...
Aug11-14 08:48 AM
9 1,173
Hello I am trying to solve the dirac equation. I want to solve the dirac eq say for 2 particle system. therefore i...
Aug10-14 09:31 PM
5 388
I want to discuss the theorem proved in the article "Quantum states and generalized observables: a simple proof of...
Aug10-14 01:40 PM
37 3,943
Does having a momentum cutoff require space to be discretized? As an analogy, suppose you put your fields in a box...
Aug10-14 12:08 AM
1 250
So based on String theory, when doing a Double Slit Style Experiment when an observation is made it is a particle and...
Aug9-14 09:49 PM
2 188
Hi guys, Sorry if this isn't quite the right place to post this, but I have a few conceptual questions that I'd...
Aug9-14 08:05 PM
"Don't panic!"
18 624
Hi, I had a look at Susskinds explanation about QM and this is pretty strange from my point of view. Video:...
Aug9-14 07:45 PM
2 213
Hallo everybody. Foreword1: I am an engineer not a physicist Foreword2: I am reading a paper about diffusion MRI who...
Aug9-14 07:40 PM
1 235
Is it purely coincidental that the internal symmetry related flavor quantum numbers(like isospin and weak isospin) and...
Aug9-14 05:29 PM
1 254
Suppose we want to get eigenfunctions of a One-Particle Hamiltonian corresponding to one of its eigenvalues, say E, in...
Aug9-14 02:44 PM
1 233
The spin of an arbitrarily oriented electron precesses in the presence of a magnetic field (see Feyman lectures 10-7)....
Aug9-14 08:31 AM
11 451
is it true that 'Spread of Energy in Space' determines 'Spread of Matter in Space', at given point in time? i am...
Aug9-14 02:03 AM
10 299
"E2" Quadrupole decay rate Problem Statement Obtain the angular dependence of the rate for the emission to a single...
Aug9-14 01:24 AM
1 326
In Feynman's famous book QED, he repeatedly reminds us that we must include the possibilities of photons traveling...
Aug8-14 08:42 PM
3 315
I recognize the practical aspects of this would be absurd, but I must admit the premise of what it would take to put a...
Aug8-14 07:50 PM
21 1,460
Suppose I want an expectation value of a harmonic oscillator wavefunction, then in what way will I write the Hermite...
Aug8-14 03:13 AM
4 260
Hi again, Another, possibly trivial, question. In quantum dynamics we consider maps containing the evolution of a...
Aug7-14 08:22 PM
3 180
Hi, In many quantum physics books I see questions such as "what is the spin-orbit interaction in this case?" Sorry...
Aug7-14 03:56 AM
1 301
Is there a resonant frequency of light? I was just wondering because the higher the frequency of light, the higher the...
Aug7-14 03:38 AM
Rob Hoff
5 359
One theory I've heard and which I find interesting is that entanglement between any pair of two-state systems could be...
Aug6-14 03:26 PM
Jonathan Scott
3 371
I am curious what a photon looks like if we could observe it pass through space. It's also supposed to be oscillation...
Aug6-14 05:40 AM
39 1,485
I donot understand why we quantize the field by defining the commutation relation.What's that mean?And what's the...
Aug6-14 02:59 AM
2 260
Hi all, Just a quick theory based question regarding the Zeeman Effect. The effect of the applied magnetic field...
Aug5-14 03:06 PM
1 244

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