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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,373
Hi people. I just read this somewhere and I can't get my head around it. How is the Uncertainty Relation...
Apr10-14 12:30 PM
1 231
How to you get sets of complete basis functions using group theory ? For example , using triangle group for CH3 Cl ?
Apr10-14 11:27 AM
2 287
From page 46 of "Modern Quantum Mechanics, revised edition", by J.J. Sakurai. In equation (1.6.24), \left = d...
Apr10-14 10:35 AM
5 779
I understand that a photon can be 'absorbed' by an electron resulting in the electron jumping to a higher energy level...
Apr10-14 02:43 AM
11 477
A few weeks ago I heard that Intel released 14nm CPU (Broadwell). After that I did some research and found out that by...
Apr9-14 07:55 AM
1 231
With the help of some kind PF folk I recently comprehended the idea of the quantum zeno effect. The idea now seems...
Apr9-14 04:23 AM
James MC
9 364
Hi folks! Apparently \Psi(x) = Ax^ne^{-m \omega x^2 / 2 \hbar} is an approximate solution to the harmonic...
Apr8-14 08:47 AM
6 341
I have read in a classical EM book: " The picture of conduction electrons moving freely in conductors is an...
Apr8-14 04:04 AM
3 241
Hi, suppose that the operators $$\hat{A}$$ and $$\hat{B}$$ are Hermitean operators which do not commute corresponding...
Apr8-14 02:49 AM
19 552
There is an argument that accurate sequential measurement of conjugate observables A and B on the same state is...
Apr8-14 12:12 AM
Ken G
21 588
I think I understand it but I prefer a response from a sci advisor rather than whatever someone put up on wikipedia. I...
Apr7-14 10:10 PM
1 333
If we consider a bipartite system as in EPRB experiment we get the probabilities : p(++)=p(--)=1/4*(1-cos(theta))...
Apr7-14 07:31 AM
7 250
Hi, I was wondering if 2 electrons in an 1s-orbital of a hydrogen anion (or alternatively neutral helium) are...
Apr7-14 03:59 AM
6 398
Instantaneous action-at-a-distance (which is how we explain quantum entanglement) implies event-simultaneity, but we...
Apr6-14 06:08 PM
21 889
Hi all! I am currently reading a review "Area law for the entanglement entropy" by Eisert, Cramer and Plenio...
Apr6-14 05:16 PM
3 309
Is the transformation of an operator under INFINITESIMAL unitary transformation, U^-1AU or UAU^-1?? I saw that two...
Apr6-14 05:15 PM
3 230
Typical introductions to path integrals start with asking for the value of \langle x_1,t_1 | x_2,t_2 \rangle. This is...
Apr6-14 04:35 PM
4 245
Hello! I've only just come across the Unruh please bear with me! Say you have a long pole, and you...
Apr6-14 04:20 PM
5 378
I have read the follow bock ...
Apr6-14 02:57 PM
0 224
according to sommerfield quantization rule "for any physical system in which the co ordinates are periodin functions...
Apr6-14 02:05 PM
1 197
Here's a puzzle that has been bothering me lately. I take as given the following: E = h\nu (Planck) energy...
Apr6-14 10:25 AM
2 300
This idea is brought on by this paper: and the idea proposed by Asher Peres:...
Apr6-14 09:52 AM
3 298
I usually know how to manipulate bras and kets. But I probably found difficulty because of the double summation. How...
Apr6-14 07:15 AM
7 275
As per Heinsburg uncertainity principle, Δx*Δp≈h. It means we cannot actually measure simentenously both position and...
Apr6-14 06:04 AM
8 433
I considered the covariance of 2 spin 1/2 as a non linear operator : A\otimes B-A|\Psi\rangle\langle\Psi|B. The...
Apr6-14 12:55 AM
7 351
I am an accountant, not a physicist, but I find physics pretty interesting. One thing that I see reported on many a TV...
Apr5-14 10:04 PM
20 650
Hi All, Would it be reasonable to state that, together with the quantum mechanics appearance, there appeared also a...
Apr5-14 09:44 PM
8 317
I am a retired electrical engineer, now able to get back to studying what I really enjoy - mathematics and physics. ...
Apr5-14 08:05 PM
Ken G
5 355
My textbook says the ground state energy of the QSHO is given by 1/2*h_bar*w and that this is the minimum energy...
Apr5-14 01:37 PM
1 174
consider the finite square well: V = -Vo between x=-a and x=a, V=0 elsewhere Now for scattering states,...
Apr5-14 12:54 PM
0 180
Hey PF, i'm in my intro quantum course and was wondering if there is an intuitive reason why the allowed energies in...
Apr5-14 12:40 PM
0 136
Consider this: Two antennas are set up in a vacuum. They both radiate electromagnetic waves of the exact same...
Apr5-14 11:12 AM
2 154
What would be the scale, in which Newtonian mechanics dissolve and QM becomes the sole victor for accurate...
Apr5-14 01:51 AM
3 201
Are the quantum mechanical terms "probability amplitude" and "probability density" used interchangeably?
Apr4-14 09:16 PM
4 245
So starting from the time dependent schrodinger equation I perform separation of variables and obtain a time and...
Apr4-14 12:05 PM
4 259
Hello, Hi There I am trying to obtain the relations of the conserved charges of the stress tensor, it has 4, one is...
Apr3-14 03:33 PM
2 237
If a particle comes from +infinite and collides with a potential of the form : V = ∞ , x < 0 (I) -V0 ,...
Apr3-14 02:03 PM
1 188
Hi, Are the multiverses that come up in some cosmological theories, e.g. inflation, in any way related to the...
Apr3-14 09:19 AM
6 604
Hello there.I am a master student in High Energy Physics. I am trying to get started in AdS/CFT and holography. I...
Apr3-14 02:36 AM
0 190
Hello. Apparently for SU(N) gauge theories there is a perturvative approach call "large N expansion". I need a...
Apr3-14 02:25 AM
3 340

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