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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,383
I'm wondering whether or why quantum entanglement swapping or steering could or couldn't be used for superluminal...
Mar7-14 03:43 PM
1 208
I understand mathematically etc how light can doppler shift when looked at as a wave but can it be understood how...
Mar6-14 09:54 PM
2 228
we know that an electron rotates about its own axis.similarly does the electron too rotates about its own axis? and...
Mar6-14 02:18 PM
2 194
The Wikipedia entry on uncertainty says, "Since the Robertson and Schrödinger relations are for general operators, the...
Mar6-14 11:44 AM
6 206
A laser's beam is split and then recombined, and the two path delays are adjusted so there is destructive interference...
Mar6-14 10:42 AM
8 301
I believe the title says it all. What is the first and second quantization? What is the difference? Thank you.
Mar6-14 09:13 AM
3 191
In infinitely potential well problem ##V(x)## is zero inside the box and ##\infty## outside the box. Is it possible to...
Mar6-14 02:40 AM
35 816
Hi Guys, Newbie question from a layperson so please don't beat me up! :D I know that Heisenberg's Uncertainty...
Mar5-14 07:12 PM
13 384
Hi All, In the Feynman, 'sum over paths' approach to quantum field theory, we compute amplitudes, generating...
Mar5-14 06:45 PM
3 367
Hey, I've been searching around for papers reporting on the creation of relatively large cat states, the largest I...
Mar5-14 09:31 AM
2 255
Question and symbols: Consider a state|ε> that is in a quantum superposition of two particle-in-a-box energy...
Mar5-14 08:44 AM
Simon Bridge
12 462
Just a thought... Say that a stationary (relative to me) source of light emits a photon with the energy level (as...
Mar4-14 07:43 PM
7 334
If you ask me define Dirac delta function, i can easily define it and prove its properties using laplacian or complex...
Mar4-14 05:50 PM
8 341
Hi, I was reading about interference patterns. I was wondering if the classical interpretation of...
Mar4-14 11:32 AM
1 209
I have read in popular literature that it is hypothesized that one could shoot particles through a pair of plates...
Mar4-14 11:13 AM
1 215
If in quantum physics some state is represented by ## \psi(x)=\sum_{k}C_k\psi_k(x)## ##C_m=\int \psi(x)\psi_m(x)dx##...
Mar4-14 05:02 AM
3 266
Hi! I'm a little confused about simple spectroscopy. In typical absorption experiments, we scan the laser frequency w...
Mar4-14 03:24 AM
7 766
I went through an undergraduate physics program and I've internalized the results of the Stern–Gerlach experiment to...
Mar3-14 10:58 PM
14 646
I have a doubt on the second quantization formalism. Suppose that we have two spin-1/2 fermions which can have just...
Mar3-14 03:50 PM
2 203
Does Casimir plates prevent photon existence only perpendicular to them? I mean, Casimir attraction arises from the...
Mar3-14 02:47 PM
6 349
Hi guys. Recentely I'm approaching Quantum Mechanics starting from the mathematical basics. In order to understand...
Mar3-14 01:55 PM
3 265
In any textbooks I have seen, vacuum states are defined as: a |0>= 0 What is the...
Mar3-14 11:39 AM
13 473
Hi, imagine setup with source of entangled photons (A and B). Photon A travels to double slit so that either wave or...
Mar3-14 11:16 AM
5 283
I was reading Mandle QFT book, and it says: "If we require the vacuum states to be invariant under Lorentz...
Mar3-14 11:14 AM
7 1,030
I can't figure this one out given that the coordinate operator is continuous, it's hard to imagine "matrix elements"....
Mar3-14 10:53 AM
3 251
We know how to find S_{x} and S_{y} if we used S_{+} and S_{-}, and after finding S_{x} and S_{y}, we can prove that ...
Mar3-14 07:46 AM
7 275
Why we don't have acceleration in quantum mechanics. For example why particle in infinite potential well can not...
Mar3-14 06:47 AM
4 243
hi, please explain why do we need complex wavefunction in quantum mechanics?
Mar2-14 09:02 PM
6 383
I have found that: For l = 1: \sum_{m=-l}^l |Y_l^m|^2 = \frac{3}{4\pi} For l = 2: \sum_{m=-l}^l |Y_l^m|^2...
Mar2-14 08:59 PM
Simon Bridge
4 254
if ψ(o)=(1 0)^{T} at time t=0. According to some Hamiltonian, it was found that the corresponding eigenstates are...
Mar2-14 08:51 PM
1 182
I'm reading the textbook "Silicon Nanoelectronics" and I've encountered an equation for the transmission probability,...
Mar2-14 02:29 PM
6 285
In proving that for the norm to be preserved, U must be unitary. I ran across this: Re(λ<ø|ψ>)=Re(λ<Uø|Uψ>) if...
Mar2-14 02:07 PM
M. next
2 225
Hello, I just recently learned about angular momentum operator. So far, I liked expressing my operators in this...
Mar2-14 12:12 PM
5 439
Hi, if ket is 2+3i , than its bra is 2-3i , my question is 2+3i is in Hilbert space than 2-3i can be represented in...
Mar2-14 06:43 AM
3 281
I’ve been trying to understand how having indistinguishable particles in a system changes the nature of the state...
Mar1-14 11:41 PM
7 297
Hello, I am trying to recreate the double slit experiment using ordinary light, i.e. sunlight or light from a light...
Mar1-14 05:12 AM
4 258
I have questions about chapters 5 & 9 in Srednicki's book. 1. Below eq. (5.18), he says "$<p|\phi (0)|0>$ is a...
Mar1-14 02:49 AM
9 393
I have heard the argument that "decoherence" in quantum states causes the quantum collapse to occur, and that this...
Feb28-14 01:10 PM
82 1,766
In deriving the Heisenberg uncertainty relation for 2 general Hermitian operators A and B , the uncertainty operators...
Feb27-14 05:13 PM
3 306
Ok, well I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a simple question regarding nuclear...
Feb27-14 04:49 PM
12 583

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