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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,150
I want to know that ,I have read in many books regarding compton's effect that a photon collides with an electron and...
Jun20-14 05:02 AM
Esfand Yar Ali
7 294
I'm not a physics major and I have only a minimal/mild understanding of physics at best, and I have a question. ...
Jun20-14 04:33 AM
14 511
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could clarify my understanding of unitary time evolution of quantum states, in...
Jun19-14 09:49 PM
"Don't panic!"
8 353
I would expect that the Heisenberg equation of motion for the Dirac field would yield the Dirac equation. Indeed,...
Jun19-14 06:35 PM
9 457
The situation I am considering is that of a single photon directed at a target (say a photographic plate). My...
Jun19-14 10:53 AM
10 451
Hello, I would like to understand why particle are caraterized by their wave funtion ? Why parameters are...
Jun19-14 03:25 AM
14 504 ...
Jun18-14 09:41 PM
Vanadium 50
5 354
What gives an atom its atomic spin?
Jun18-14 01:40 PM
2 250
I've tried looking this up online, but people only ever talk about the basic principles and formulas involved instead...
Jun18-14 11:19 AM
7 396
I saw a very old post where someone asked where an electron gets it's charge. Where does the charge come from? Doesn't...
Jun18-14 01:45 AM
11 448
when anything moves it displaces space and generates gravity waves, So does this also happen at the quantum level?...
Jun17-14 10:38 PM
6 385
Quantum entanglement is a concept that has captured my imagination and has intrigued me very much in the past few...
Jun17-14 04:43 PM
18 631
On a mathematical level, the statistical mechanical partition function is just a Laplace transform of the...
Jun17-14 01:33 PM
0 204
Hi, I am reading about the quantum model of the atomic structure, and recently encountered the Schrödinger’s model....
Jun17-14 07:33 AM
3 407
quite simply the above question. Why does quantum entanglement not allow for faster than light communication? Thanks
Jun16-14 09:45 PM
91 56,281
When solving Pauil-Schrodinger Equation for 3-fermions in a potential well and a magnetic field, we basically solve...
Jun16-14 02:03 PM
5 319
I have a question about the Zeeman effect and pertubation theory. I read in Griffiths that with the strong Zeeman...
Jun16-14 12:15 PM
3 327
Hi, there. I am a little confused about the following statement in Wikipedia. and it's about the density operators....
Jun15-14 08:55 PM
27 761
I have a quick question about blackbody radiation. Planck modelled a blackbody as a collection of harmonic...
Jun15-14 04:32 PM
Jano L.
15 439
Hi all, I want to learn Quantum Transport materials . I would like to know some good material to start with and...
Jun15-14 02:24 PM
1 183
This is perhaps a stupid question, but are the field equations, for example, for QED useful for anything? By field...
Jun15-14 10:04 AM
14 1,255
I'd like to know what exactly it's telling us. Does it mean that the more accurately we measure the energy of a...
Jun15-14 09:52 AM
3 370
I know this may sound strange, given that we cannot really work out where in space a photon is because it cannot be...
Jun15-14 09:49 AM
34 901
After suitable study I'd have to say that it is a misnomer to state that de Broglie's theory is not relativistic. But...
Jun15-14 07:07 AM
9 412
Hello, Interested mostly-amateur here with some questions about the Quantum erasure with causally disconnected...
Jun14-14 04:54 PM
2 265
Goodafternoon everyone, I am looking to the Rayleigh-Jeans law derivation. In order to calculare the average energy...
Jun14-14 03:18 PM
4 265
I believe I understand the mathematical derivation of the Dirac equation. I understand how the four 4X4 matrices, and...
Jun13-14 12:12 PM
11 492
Let's say I have an anharmonic 1D oscillator that has the hamiltonian ##H=\frac{p^2}{2m}+\frac{1}{2}kx^2+\lambda...
Jun13-14 06:43 AM
3 302
Hello, I am reading the book, The Quantum Theory of Fields II by Weinberg. In page 426 of this book (about...
Jun12-14 11:15 PM
2 294
in an energy level of atom, electron can be found here or there by chance. I presume that the location electron can be...
Jun12-14 09:54 PM
2 213
What is the "A" in the wave equation: Ae^{i(kx-wt)}? What does it mean in quantum mechanics? Is it just the amplitude?
Jun12-14 09:26 PM
2 270
What would happen if the double slit experiment were to be undertaken using white light, and one of the slits was...
Jun12-14 08:06 PM
5 268
I am just getting into quantum after a long absence of working on modern physics. I am having a go at "Introduction...
Jun12-14 11:34 AM
10 351
This question was on Stackexchange, and no one was able to solve it. So now I'm posting it here, and I wish someone...
Jun12-14 08:04 AM
6 311
Hi Everyone I have four questions about the nature of quantum superposition and wave functions: 1. If a particle...
Jun12-14 02:13 AM
11 378
Maybe someone here can explain me something I never understood in QM: The wave function lives in the Hilbert space...
Jun11-14 03:50 PM
8 432
Hi Everyone This is a question which, in various forms has been asked in various places on the Internet but I have...
Jun11-14 03:24 PM
20 1,367
Hi, Assume I’m solving a 2-particle (fermions) problem in a potential well. If I set the wavefunction as...
Jun11-14 07:12 AM
3 199
Hi all, I know how if a statistical partition function is written as a path integral in imaginary time (Wick's...
Jun11-14 01:24 AM
king vitamin
19 502
After reading an article on Planck length, I began to wonder whether or not the theoretical limit implied that...
Jun10-14 09:09 PM
6 309

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