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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,148
Hello, Interested mostly-amateur here with some questions about the Quantum erasure with causally disconnected...
Jun14-14 04:54 PM
2 261
Goodafternoon everyone, I am looking to the Rayleigh-Jeans law derivation. In order to calculare the average energy...
Jun14-14 03:18 PM
4 257
I believe I understand the mathematical derivation of the Dirac equation. I understand how the four 4X4 matrices, and...
Jun13-14 12:12 PM
11 483
Let's say I have an anharmonic 1D oscillator that has the hamiltonian ##H=\frac{p^2}{2m}+\frac{1}{2}kx^2+\lambda...
Jun13-14 06:43 AM
3 298
Hello, I am reading the book, The Quantum Theory of Fields II by Weinberg. In page 426 of this book (about...
Jun12-14 11:15 PM
2 293
in an energy level of atom, electron can be found here or there by chance. I presume that the location electron can be...
Jun12-14 09:54 PM
2 211
What is the "A" in the wave equation: Ae^{i(kx-wt)}? What does it mean in quantum mechanics? Is it just the amplitude?
Jun12-14 09:26 PM
2 266
What would happen if the double slit experiment were to be undertaken using white light, and one of the slits was...
Jun12-14 08:06 PM
5 253
I am just getting into quantum after a long absence of working on modern physics. I am having a go at "Introduction...
Jun12-14 11:34 AM
10 346
This question was on Stackexchange, and no one was able to solve it. So now I'm posting it here, and I wish someone...
Jun12-14 08:04 AM
6 306
Hi Everyone I have four questions about the nature of quantum superposition and wave functions: 1. If a particle...
Jun12-14 02:13 AM
11 375
Maybe someone here can explain me something I never understood in QM: The wave function lives in the Hilbert space...
Jun11-14 03:50 PM
8 414
Hi Everyone This is a question which, in various forms has been asked in various places on the Internet but I have...
Jun11-14 03:24 PM
20 1,359
Hi, Assume I’m solving a 2-particle (fermions) problem in a potential well. If I set the wavefunction as...
Jun11-14 07:12 AM
3 194
Hi all, I know how if a statistical partition function is written as a path integral in imaginary time (Wick's...
Jun11-14 01:24 AM
king vitamin
19 498
After reading an article on Planck length, I began to wonder whether or not the theoretical limit implied that...
Jun10-14 09:09 PM
6 300
I never heard of the CSHS Inequality until I read it in another thread. The other interesting item was this: I...
Jun10-14 08:40 PM
1 177
In quantum mechanics, in a stationary eigenstate of Hamiltonian, simultaneous recognition of to change and being...
Jun10-14 06:42 PM
13 572
Although the subject line might seem to put this question inside general relativity, the reason I put it in quantum...
Jun10-14 01:17 AM
2 286
So many different experiments, so many variations, so many versions of interpretations and story-telling abstractions....
Jun9-14 05:01 PM
70 1,644
I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in Physics(1st year). My textbooks aren't too clear on quantum mechanical concepts....
Jun9-14 11:41 AM
7 487
Now I'm trying to imagine the wavefuction before and after collapse when measured at either slit. Before the particle...
Jun9-14 09:19 AM
2 217
I'm revising for my introductory particle physics exam and I've noticed SU(3) pop up a few times, it was never really...
Jun9-14 08:21 AM
4 290
On page 13 of Griffith's "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2nd ed" David goes into a long (relatively speaking) proof...
Jun9-14 06:52 AM
4 318
When in a stern-gerlach electrons are not detected the two beams can merge behind. We just have to add the amplitudes....
Jun9-14 05:54 AM
1 217
What is the fundamental reason why the allowed energies of electrons are quantized? I did some research on the web...
Jun9-14 05:31 AM
1 255
Hi, there Today, a friend came to me and asked the following questions and they made me confused. If the source is...
Jun8-14 09:17 PM
5 332
Why is quantum physics needed to explain photosynthesis? In what aspect does the corresponding classical theories...
Jun8-14 11:23 AM
2 261
Hey! I did an quantum mechanical analysis of a Hydrogen Atom in a homogeneous magnetic vector potential (I know...
Jun8-14 11:00 AM
Vanadium 50
6 297
I'm a bit of a non-classical physics newbie here, so let me check my (rudimentary) understanding of some things first....
Jun8-14 10:10 AM
6 370
Hello and apologies if the title of the question is not very precise. Question: I am reading the document talking...
Jun8-14 09:07 AM
1 135
This is a question about The Computational Capacity of the Universe by Seth Lloyd. It seems to me that arbitrary...
Jun7-14 11:57 PM
3 233
I am referring to an experiment mentioned in Quantum Entanglement lecture:...
Jun7-14 10:51 AM
6 281
this might be a dumb question, but, if spacetime isn't a field and gravity is a property of spacetime. then gravity...
Jun7-14 03:35 AM
7 443
Sometimes it happens that hamiltonian has degenerate eigenvalue. This degeneracy can be removed by modifying the...
Jun7-14 03:32 AM
Jano L.
8 310
If I understand it, Hilbert spaces can be finite (e.g., for spin of a particle), countably infinite (e.g., for a...
Jun6-14 02:11 PM
35 1,109
Two entangled photons from a same-polarization source have their polarization measured at 120 deg difference from each...
Jun6-14 09:17 AM
1 236
This post is my reply to a blog comment by billschnieder, since I do not think it is wise to start a discussion in the...
Jun6-14 06:54 AM
0 259
I have a question: can the mechanism behind Pauli's exclusion principle be considered a fundamental force, like...
Jun6-14 06:35 AM
9 407
Hello everyone. I was yesterday asked in an interview to draw a gaussian curve. I drew. And then they asked in what...
Jun6-14 06:18 AM
8 277

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