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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,274
(1,a^2,a^2,a^2)) from the action; \mathcal{S}_{D} = \int d^4 x \det(e^{\alpha}_{\mu}) \left I can show that,...
Mar23-13 01:19 PM
6 803
In quantum mechanics what quantities are actually measured? Measurements of voltage and current are macroscopic...
Mar23-13 08:00 AM
4 726
Hi, I've been curious about his subject for quite a while now, and I figure I need to ask here in these forums to get...
Mar22-13 06:34 PM
0 559
Hi there, This should be very simple... If I have a state <1|AB|2> where A and B are Hermitian operators, can I...
Mar22-13 05:51 PM
6 695
So I definitely believe that the continuity of the Dirac equation holds, there is one thing that annoys me, which is...
Mar22-13 10:14 AM
1 578
Is there some mathematical prove that for ground state in QM problems wave function doesn't have any zeros?
Mar22-13 09:04 AM
15 953
Do you believe that "conscious" observation has anything to do with "collapsing" superimposed quantum states, or do...
Mar22-13 05:51 AM
7 983
I was talking with a friend earlier today about the idea that at absolute zero, particles essentially stop moving. I...
Mar22-13 03:26 AM
5 2,013
Hi, I've seen quite a few textbooks and lectures start by saying something like "to solve a quantum system of N...
Mar22-13 03:07 AM
8 1,159
Hello, all, I have a question about the wave functions of H atom: for p orbital, wave functions from the...
Mar22-13 03:03 AM
11 1,091
|ψ(x,t)|2 is the probability density. Probabilities are dimensionless. What would the SI units of |ψ(x,t)| be,...
Mar21-13 06:09 PM
5 988
Let's say if general relativity is wrong. What is then the problem of unifying gravity with quantum mechanics? Is...
Mar21-13 03:56 PM
16 1,385
Can anyone give me a brief introduction? Thanks!
Mar21-13 03:12 PM
1 356
How should I think about symmetry currents?... in particular, when there are no fields to "carry the charge", eg in a...
Mar21-13 01:17 PM
3 586
This may be a basic question, but it's something I'm having a hard time understanding. The Wikipedia article I am...
Mar21-13 12:44 PM
18 1,338
In problem of infinite potential well particle can't be in a region where ##V=\infty##. How we know that in case of...
Mar21-13 09:25 AM
9 880
In a Griffith's book (page 15-16) an author derives a momentum operator. In the derivation he states that he used a...
Mar21-13 05:07 AM
10 1,270
I'm currently working on a paper dealing with aspects of Franck-Hertz experiment, and encountered some puzzling...
Mar21-13 03:14 AM
8 604
I was told that the pauli exclusion principle states that no two electrons in an atom can have the same quantum...
Mar20-13 02:30 PM
4 628
So (|a><a|)† = |a><a|
Mar20-13 12:46 PM
2 699
Ok so I'm currently revising my quantum theory course from this year and I've reached the section on the postulates...
Mar20-13 09:06 AM
4 659
When solving the three dimensional Schrödinger equation, we obtain a probability distribution on θ. But it seems like...
Mar20-13 08:39 AM
5 803
Suppose I'm considering particles of mass \mu_i, 1 \leq i \leq 3, located at positions r_i. Suppose I ignore the...
Mar20-13 01:42 AM
1 481
good afternoon i want to learn the following topics in the lucid way: eigen value,eigen function and related problems...
Mar20-13 01:31 AM
7 1,040
Hi This is help from lectures on quantum computing that I missed due to illness and now my professor is away. ...
Mar20-13 12:58 AM
1 519
Hello I am a second year student and i am starting to learn about quantum world. I am in biochem programm so quantum...
Mar19-13 11:08 PM
1 494
Just to clarify in the dirac equation (i\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu} -m)\psi=0 Is it equal to ...
Mar19-13 01:14 PM
1 479
Hi I tried to post this before but it got messed up. hopefully it doesn't post twice. I'm new to this forum and signed...
Mar19-13 11:40 AM
3 650
Contrary to a classical vacuum, particles tend to pop into and out of existence in a quantum vacuum. When analyzing a...
Mar18-13 11:59 PM
2 523
I am working through the Griffiths QM text and I am getting caught up on some the process he uses to derive the wave...
Mar18-13 06:56 PM
2 458
I am new to this area, so pardon me if the below question might seem..... 1. What area/subject/sub-topic of physics...
Mar18-13 05:00 PM
9 1,063
If electron waves weren't standing waves in Bohr's circular orbit, why and how would the waves interfere ?
Mar18-13 11:11 AM
1 444
I have noticed that while we study the case where, E>Vo, and we write the wave functions in both regions, we don't...
Mar18-13 10:59 AM
1 869
Imagine that an excited hydrogen atom in the symmetric 2s state emits a photon. We use a birefringent crystal to...
Mar18-13 06:52 AM
5 686
(ignore original title, in fact id appreciate if a mod would change it. It was not my intention to have a conversation...
Mar18-13 05:39 AM
16 470
I have a basic understanding of what particle spin is, but I'm not clear on how how integer spins are different than...
Mar17-13 05:53 PM
Simon Bridge
5 725
In a resonant matter wave box using λ=h/p i want to teleport to a point. do i put said point at a node or antinode?
Mar17-13 02:03 PM
0 503
Mar17-13 01:08 PM
0 357
Firstly my knowledge of science is armchair tv level so any overly complicated explanations will be lost on me. ...
Mar17-13 11:14 AM
3 695
"The Heisenberg picture does not distinguish time from space, so it is better for relativistic theories than the...
Mar17-13 09:05 AM
A. Neumaier
20 2,167

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