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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,439
The combination of special relativity and quantum mechanics in a single framework makes our understanding of such...
Jan7-13 07:55 AM
3 648
I have never—and I really do mean never—seen an article in the mainstream press about quantum computing that didn't...
Jan7-13 07:05 AM
1 523
I have been reading: ...
Jan7-13 04:16 AM
1 501
hi pf, while reading photoelectric effect i found that one photon of light causes the emission of one electron? I...
Jan7-13 03:14 AM
11 988
Hello, I heard a scientist on the radio claiming that, if the universe is infinite, that all possible combinations...
Jan6-13 10:41 PM
15 1,626
Looking at the Standard model, I noticed that all the quarks and leptons have a spin of 1/2 and all of the gauge...
Jan6-13 05:59 PM
6 982
Beforehand, please excuse my ignorance in this field, as I am only beginning to delve into its astounding depths. ...
Jan6-13 10:29 AM
10 964
Hey, I have question on Helium with one electron in it's ground state orbital 1s and the other in the 2s orbital....
Jan6-13 12:53 AM
7 778
S-Matrix is calculated in that the interaction at infinite past and future time is zero.Then how can we solve the...
Jan6-13 12:21 AM
17 1,358
in the experiement does the electron/photon always split and physically go through both slits or is this just an...
Jan5-13 08:27 PM
8 975
Having trouble wrapping my head around holography after watching/reading a ton of stuff on the topic. What I think I...
Jan5-13 07:43 PM
Simon Bridge
17 1,588
Hello. I have a tiny question that has confused me. Currently I'm reading about potential wells, harmonic...
Jan5-13 06:15 PM
3 754 are these once again bold claims? they are saying the...
Jan5-13 05:55 PM
13 1,204
Hi, I'm quite new to quantum mechanics, learning about it in my free time in a life-long learning fashion :) I've...
Jan5-13 03:15 PM
1 535
If a particle has the probability of being in two places at once, then is it possible to use a particle accelerator to...
Jan5-13 06:27 AM
42 3,618
I'm trying to understand how optical circuits behave. In particular, if they can interfere "across time". Consider...
Jan5-13 03:21 AM
8 553
One may have noticed from my recent posts that my head has been spinning lately, or more specifically, Iíve had spin...
Jan5-13 12:21 AM
7 860
At first let's take a look at the eigenvalue problem for the momentum operator in x-representation. -i \hbar...
Jan4-13 10:34 PM
11 1,049
It had been asked before on physics forums but the given answers didn't convince me .
Jan4-13 05:22 PM
22 2,006
It is not hard to show that for QM what takes the wave function from t->t+Δt is the exponential of the hamiltonian....
Jan4-13 03:20 PM
3 677
does not occur because the probabilities are of the magnitude of exp, give or take a few decimal places, correct? i.e....
Jan4-13 01:27 PM
25 3,901
I'm sorry if this has already been completed or already discussed. If so, just link me to answer the question,...
Jan4-13 07:37 AM
1 661
The expansion theorem in quantum mechanics states that a general state of a system can be represented by a unique...
Jan4-13 04:50 AM
4 534
Hello, is it possible to reproduce the double slit experiment at home with some easily obtainable equipment? I was...
Jan3-13 04:11 PM
Pitullie Paul
32 27,571
Iíve heard in several places that we must view the spin of subatomic particles not as we would that of a classical...
Jan3-13 04:09 PM
24 3,851
Morrobay suggested we split off this discussion from another thread. I will post my summary of the EPR definition a...
Jan3-13 03:44 PM
22 1,682
Hi there, I've a few (probably very basic) questions about photon-electron (light-matter) interactions. Here we go:...
Jan3-13 10:46 AM
8 908
Hi, Let's say I have a creation operator that creates a photon in some spatial mode. It has a spectral distribution...
Jan3-13 09:15 AM
McLaren Rulez
2 445
I'm a bit confused by something Peskin & Schroeder say about differential cross sections. In my printing, this is on...
Jan3-13 09:04 AM
4 805
I tried looking it up but I can't understand it. Is the graviton some kind of theoretical particle that gives of...
Jan3-13 08:08 AM
22 1,803
Hi. First of all English is not my native language and i am a layperson, so I hope i can explain my self. It is...
Jan3-13 02:40 AM
5 862
Have you recently came across and remember titles of papers about real experiments concerning the famous double slit...
Jan2-13 08:49 PM
3 883
Hi, I am trying to write down the propagator for a scalar field theory, but I want to try and get it in the...
Jan2-13 11:37 AM
5 727
For Wigner transforming the function of operators x and p : (xp+px)/2 we need to evaluate something like: g(x,p) =...
Jan2-13 09:49 AM
6 782
Consider two hermitian operators A and B. Imagine a system is in state |\psi\rangle ,then we have: \langle...
Jan2-13 04:17 AM
49 4,158
Hey, I have the following question on Hermitian operators Initially I thought...
Jan2-13 04:05 AM
9 1,022
Hi all, One more question about the Unruh effect, i.e., that an accelerating observer will see a vacuum filled with...
Jan1-13 10:29 PM
10 1,195
I am just an interested high school physics student so I don't really know much about the subject, but I am given to...
Jan1-13 05:35 PM
18 2,501
Consider a nonrelativistic electron in one dimension, with the potential V(x)=\left\{ \begin{matrix} \infty,...
Jan1-13 04:54 PM
Vanadium 50
10 1,303
This has been a contradiction in my brain for some time. If I want to rotate one nuclei (spin 1/2), with say an...
Jan1-13 02:40 PM
5 897

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