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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,256
From what I've learned in physics, electrons falling from higher energy levels to a lower energy level emits an photon...
Mar26-13 11:24 AM
7 1,084
I've been reading a lot of solar cell articles, especially those having to do with nanophotonics. There is a term that...
Mar26-13 08:03 AM
2 590
I asked my professor if we could define time as an operator and he said no. I've read on the web that time isn't an...
Mar26-13 03:14 AM
30 2,568
Hello gang, I wanted to get these lectures to you earlier but I was "temporarily indisposed," or should I say,...
Mar26-13 02:07 AM
1 640
Someone asked me which math topics to study in order to learn quantum information theory. I thought it was a good...
Mar26-13 01:54 AM
4 1,114
I read an article I found on the internet the other day about some Chinese scientists who have set a new speed record...
Mar26-13 12:21 AM
3 551
"Mysticism in Quantum Mechanics": the forgotten controversy by Juan Miguel Marin, Harvard, Eur. J. Phys. 30 (2009) 807...
Mar25-13 11:03 AM
4 822
Hi guys, this is my first time posting, I'm studying physics at uni, in my third year and things are getting a bit...
Mar25-13 10:52 AM
2 484
If light is quantized, and is given out in packets, why are the EM wave spectrum and the black body spectrum...
Mar25-13 10:04 AM
16 4,706
Hello! I'm currently reading Ryder - Quantum Field Theory and am a bit confused about his discussion on the...
Mar25-13 09:14 AM
2 778
the wave functions of individual particles can be added together to create a wave function for for system, that means...
Mar25-13 08:20 AM
3 657
Is there a discussion on this board of the possibility that consciousness is the missing link in a true unified field...
Mar25-13 08:05 AM
1 574
Hi there! I understand the tendancy of physicists to stick to the math, and the logic itself, and to often avoid...
Mar25-13 07:30 AM
12 684
Hi, Any graphs that show how these two relate? (Thomson at low energy with K-Nishina?) Any illustration will do,...
Mar25-13 06:06 AM
M. next
0 377
Lets say I have a spin-1/2 particle that is about to enter a non-constant B field. the spin 1/2 particle has a state...
Mar25-13 04:49 AM
1 532
If I could get anything and everything you guys know about light being quantum or the behavior of light with time. I...
Mar24-13 09:04 PM
4 580
So for my AS specification I need to know how to use the debroile wavelength equation which is fair enough and easy. ...
Mar24-13 05:44 PM
6 1,022
I am reading my textbook of QFT (Maggiore, Modern Introduction in QFT), and there is this statement: "If T^a_R is...
Mar24-13 12:03 PM
10 1,037
If virtual particles are popping into and out of existence all the time, why aren'twe? Why aren't the particles that...
Mar24-13 11:26 AM
3 612
I'm new to QM, but I've had a linear algebra course before. However I've never dealt with vector spaces having...
Mar24-13 04:59 AM
Jano L.
10 1,739
This result will shortly revolutionize physics. This short paper breaks the barrier which has kept time as a C-number...
Mar24-13 02:55 AM
4 338
You can watch it on YouTube at: It uses high definition 3D graphics to explain the...
Mar23-13 04:05 PM
0 725
(1,a^2,a^2,a^2)) from the action; \mathcal{S}_{D} = \int d^4 x \det(e^{\alpha}_{\mu}) \left I can show that,...
Mar23-13 01:19 PM
6 807
In quantum mechanics what quantities are actually measured? Measurements of voltage and current are macroscopic...
Mar23-13 08:00 AM
4 729
Hi, I've been curious about his subject for quite a while now, and I figure I need to ask here in these forums to get...
Mar22-13 06:34 PM
0 562
Hi there, This should be very simple... If I have a state <1|AB|2> where A and B are Hermitian operators, can I...
Mar22-13 05:51 PM
6 699
So I definitely believe that the continuity of the Dirac equation holds, there is one thing that annoys me, which is...
Mar22-13 10:14 AM
1 581
Is there some mathematical prove that for ground state in QM problems wave function doesn't have any zeros?
Mar22-13 09:04 AM
15 959
Do you believe that "conscious" observation has anything to do with "collapsing" superimposed quantum states, or do...
Mar22-13 05:51 AM
7 984
I was talking with a friend earlier today about the idea that at absolute zero, particles essentially stop moving. I...
Mar22-13 03:26 AM
5 2,027
Hi, I've seen quite a few textbooks and lectures start by saying something like "to solve a quantum system of N...
Mar22-13 03:07 AM
8 1,179
Hello, all, I have a question about the wave functions of H atom: for p orbital, wave functions from the...
Mar22-13 03:03 AM
11 1,097
|ψ(x,t)|2 is the probability density. Probabilities are dimensionless. What would the SI units of |ψ(x,t)| be,...
Mar21-13 06:09 PM
5 991
Let's say if general relativity is wrong. What is then the problem of unifying gravity with quantum mechanics? Is...
Mar21-13 03:56 PM
16 1,389
Can anyone give me a brief introduction? Thanks!
Mar21-13 03:12 PM
1 358
How should I think about symmetry currents?... in particular, when there are no fields to "carry the charge", eg in a...
Mar21-13 01:17 PM
3 591
This may be a basic question, but it's something I'm having a hard time understanding. The Wikipedia article I am...
Mar21-13 12:44 PM
18 1,340
In problem of infinite potential well particle can't be in a region where ##V=\infty##. How we know that in case of...
Mar21-13 09:25 AM
9 884
In a Griffith's book (page 15-16) an author derives a momentum operator. In the derivation he states that he used a...
Mar21-13 05:07 AM
10 1,372
I'm currently working on a paper dealing with aspects of Franck-Hertz experiment, and encountered some puzzling...
Mar21-13 03:14 AM
8 612

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