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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,215
If the uncertainity in position is equal to de broglies wavelength ..den is the uncertainity in velocity equal to the...
Apr14-13 05:26 AM
3 338
The photon as I understand it is a massless particle that "must" travel at the speed of light. However I do not...
Apr14-13 05:01 AM
4 486
Greetings all. I'm a new poster here but have spent some time on philosophy forums previously. I subscribe to New...
Apr13-13 08:58 PM
220 14,928
I'm studying electron spin/magnetic field and I was taught electrons can have only 2 spin orientations, as seen in the...
Apr13-13 08:12 PM
19 1,366
Currently doing AS physics and have come across De Broglie's equation: λ = h/p Combining this with the idea that if...
Apr13-13 05:57 PM
0 398
There is a type of exchange of particles which is generalised by a type of potential: \frac{e^{-\alpha\r}}{R} This...
Apr13-13 03:19 PM
2 472
Me and my teacher have been arguing, whether photons have or don't have mass. I say that it's impossible for photons...
Apr13-13 08:23 AM
11 1,270
I'm curious, when an electron is bombarded by another electron or photon does the electron even jump at all if the...
Apr13-13 05:59 AM
2 564
Hi, Can anyone explain to me why the wave functions in QM must to be complex, other than to make it work when...
Apr13-13 04:44 AM
38 2,757
Sorry for the noob question, but is there a resource anyone can point me to for an easy to understand explanation of...
Apr13-13 03:34 AM
4 1,696
The position and momentum of a photon is uncertain. If that is the case, then shouldn't the speed of light be slight...
Apr12-13 08:10 PM
30 1,684
I've been trying to wrap my head around spinors, and I think I'm beginning to understand the mathematical formalism,...
Apr12-13 05:25 PM
10 931
Empirically, all known fundamental particles are either bosons or fermions. However, I understand that it is...
Apr12-13 02:01 PM
6 639
Hello. In Molecular Dynamics simulations, the Newton's equation of motion is used to calculate the time evolution of...
Apr12-13 11:23 AM
2 418
Hello everyone, I'm going through Edmond's Angular momentum in quantum mechanics and I found a particular...
Apr12-13 03:47 AM
4 642
In CM, p is the generator of translations. On functions, exp is what translates. So the relationship =i ...
Apr12-13 12:45 AM
1 495
Greetings, I was trying to prove a theorem regarding degeneracy, and I succeeded. However, I also proved the...
Apr12-13 12:13 AM
HJ Farnsworth
2 455
In classical QM, using a photon to measure the location or momentum of an electron collapses the electron's wave...
Apr11-13 05:19 PM
1 365
I'm learning about NMR and it's been stated that deuteron has a spin 1 nucleus and so should exhibit different...
Apr11-13 03:51 PM
8 827
Most ideal light radiates uniformly in all directions. It means that for each photon, the probability of each...
Apr11-13 12:42 PM
1 369
Hello, In all information I see about quantum entanglement, it's stated that nothing travels faster than light,...
Apr11-13 12:37 PM
4 724
Good evening fellas, I'm in a bit of a conundrum: lately I've been considering a 2D array of atoms and the...
Apr11-13 11:14 AM
2 431
Hi, I'm a little confused by the selection rules for atomic transitions. In pretty much any standard QM text, they...
Apr11-13 05:01 AM
3 695
I think I understand this only up to a point. 1. Photon spin is quantized to be +1 or -1 and these represent left-...
Apr11-13 02:30 AM
7 987
how does visible light carry with it? does this energy increases with increase in number of reflection?
Apr11-13 01:24 AM
Simon Bridge
1 374
Lets say we have a potential step as in the picture: In the region I there...
Apr11-13 01:22 AM
8 1,203
There are few questions on an assignment (taken from an old exam, YIKES!) that are confounding me and I was wondering...
Apr10-13 07:31 PM
0 520
I'm not sure I know all that I should to understand it. I'm posting to try and determine if I do. Knowing what I...
Apr10-13 05:46 PM
4 460
When I was studying general relativity, I learned that to change a vector into a covector (or vice versa), one used...
Apr10-13 04:04 PM
14 2,152
Suppose I have a Schrodinger equation for two interacting particles located at x and y; so, something like \left( i...
Apr10-13 08:36 AM
1 513
If you have purely a coordinate transformation whose Jacobian equals 1, and your Lagrangian density has no explicit...
Apr10-13 08:28 AM
2 493
Hello All, Here is the paper I'd like to ge opinions of. As for interpretations of QM I am open-minded agnostic.But:...
Apr10-13 08:13 AM
2 543
Hello, this is my first thread here and i have a question regarding coherent population trapping and the dark state. I...
Apr10-13 03:11 AM
5 837
I am trying to understand the measurement of spin, in order to understand Bell's paper on the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen...
Apr10-13 01:08 AM
2 634
Presumably a collider has some sort of pinhole out of which particles get ejected in a particular direction, and the...
Apr9-13 06:41 PM
2 536
For fun (and classroom demos) we we regularly calculate the diffraction and time evolution dispersion of macroscopic...
Apr9-13 06:40 PM
2 479
Why do electrons closer to nucleus have Less energy than electrons first away? Thanks
Apr9-13 09:06 AM
3 1,199
Greetings, I would like to find the commutator \left and prove that \left=\left=\left I infer from the cyclic...
Apr9-13 05:35 AM
11 1,198
Hi guys, I have a question which is probably stupid. I am studying angular momentum and I have found almost...
Apr9-13 05:32 AM
4 623
Lately, I've been wondering that the sum rule from probability theory applies in all fields of study, expect for in...
Apr9-13 02:00 AM
14 1,374

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