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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,471
Hi Everyone I am wondering about something. As everyone here knows, electromagnetic waves obviously possess an...
Jul11-14 03:15 AM
34 2,836
First, Schrodinger's Cat: Photon emitter, pointed at a half-silvered mirror, such that 50% of the wave hits a...
Jul11-14 02:40 AM
47 4,367
Hello guys, I am working on Ch22 "Continuous symmetries and conserved currents" of Srednicki QFT book. I am trying...
Jul10-14 08:28 PM
0 905
Hi there: I am reading a book (Atom-Photon interaction by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Page 448) and the following...
Jul10-14 07:58 PM
2 943
If a theory is spontaneously broken, you usually make calculations by expanding the field about the ground-state...
Jul10-14 04:22 PM
0 758
I found this article recently on and thought others might like to see it. Basically its revisiting...
Jul10-14 02:26 PM
4 977
Forgive the title if improper, the language of QM is not my native tongue. :) All scenarios where QM is invoked that...
Jul10-14 01:52 PM
8 1,367
Hi Everyone I am not sure of what exactly happens when a wavefunction collapses but I have some ideas about which I...
Jul10-14 12:45 PM
1 759
In highschool I took an advanced physics class, in which we learned the Bohr Derivation, after the lesson my teacher...
Jul10-14 12:45 PM
3 949
The same thing as title.
Jul10-14 09:29 AM
4 825
Bell & Aspect proved you can't have local realism. Bohm set up a model that is realistic but not local. Is there a...
Jul10-14 06:27 AM
10 1,143
Consider the classical double slit experiment where we are shooting electrons trough a double slit and then capture...
Jul9-14 07:34 PM
30 3,686
because of the probabilities located in the equations of QM, wave functions and uncertainty principles? Instead of...
Jul9-14 04:49 PM
11 1,658
:confused: HI, is wave behaviour on a two dimensional field or in a multidimensional field in space?? i am...
Jul9-14 04:17 PM
7 1,399
I thought it might be interesting to point out this article: Title: Violation of Bell's inequality in fluid...
Jul9-14 03:42 PM
7 1,239
I am reading about the ionization energy in semiconductors and came across this thing that for Silicon, the ionization...
Jul9-14 09:36 AM
4 1,070
I'm watching first and second semester undergraduate level quantum mechanics on-line (MIT Open Courseware). I am...
Jul9-14 09:31 AM
5 891
Is the spin of an electron still \hbar/2 in the direction transverse to its momentum? Classically angular momentum...
Jul8-14 11:03 PM
50 6,686
Hi, there. The following is copied from a book " atom-photon interaction " by Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Page 415....
Jul8-14 12:53 PM
3 965
This is my first post. Please pardon me if I am breaking any forum rules. While going through Wikipedia I came across...
Jul8-14 09:45 AM
1 687
I am not going to look up specific threads to support that assertion because I assume they have been seen by all those...
Jul8-14 08:48 AM
106 8,920
I deliberately wrote that heading not quite accurate, as a photon is more of a probability thing, and so might not...
Jul8-14 08:09 AM
22 3,407
Hi Everyone I am a bit confused about something. I have been taught that wavefunctions are basicaly the square root...
Jul8-14 07:48 AM
3 767
Hi. This is clearly wrong, but I don't know where is the error: ##\langle n\vert = (\vert n \rangle )^* =...
Jul8-14 05:22 AM
2 667
I saw this the other day on a physics joke and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it represents. ...
Jul7-14 09:51 PM
4 809
What exactly did Max Planck assert regarding the discrete quantum nature of energy that was so significant to the...
Jul7-14 04:59 PM
3 740
When it actually 'equal to' in uncertainty principle? For example under what conditions: ΔxΔt = h/4pi
Jul7-14 01:40 PM
2 693
An infinitesimal transformation of position coordinates in a d dimensional Minkowski space may be written as...
Jul7-14 09:46 AM
38 3,032
Forwarded an article onto a Professor of Physics, and he replied with a comment about an article he'd written for...
Jul7-14 08:10 AM
4 513
Is the function sinx/(x^2) a physically valid wave function? since Born's conditions state that the function should be...
Jul6-14 11:59 PM
4 414
Why do wavefunctions in quantum mechanics need to be complex? What are the drawbacks of using real valued...
Jul6-14 06:17 PM
14 1,611
If so, is 'its half' also not a real size of space? What I am asking is pretty much; what is the meaning of the...
Jul6-14 03:12 PM
1 280
Hey there. My goal is to understand the origin of the main forces that keep together an optical lattice created by...
Jul6-14 03:09 PM
1 319
Hi all, So I was recently set straight on the fact that bound state does *not* necessarily mean E<0 but rather is...
Jul6-14 11:34 AM
2 308
I am trying to find a definite answer whether the following version of the double-slit experiment has ever been...
Jul6-14 08:45 AM
Doc Al
126 6,351
Depending on who one asks and their interpretation of QM, entanglement seems to be either: a) No problem at all....
Jul6-14 06:41 AM
66 4,591
Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding Feynman's formulation of quantum mechanics. Given the propagator...
Jul5-14 07:16 PM
15 1,086
I've usually heard the many-worlds interpretation described in the Schroedinger picture, in which the wave function...
Jul5-14 01:55 PM
5 584 See the image below. Which of us is right: me or...
Jul5-14 11:24 AM
62 6,931
I want to show that the group SU_L(N)\times SU_R(N) is the same as SU_V(N)\times SU_A(N) - i.e. that it is possible to...
Jul5-14 11:05 AM
11 1,011

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