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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,359
Hello, I've been trying to define <p2> in terms of <x2>, much the same way that you can write <p> = m d<x>/dt, because...
Feb18-14 10:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 274
Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by expressing my appreciation for the existence of this forum to begin with. I...
Feb18-14 05:52 AM
6 308
given two system is entangled, |A>=(|0_{A}>+|1_{A}>)/√2, |B>=(|0_B{}>+|1_B{}>)/√2. entangle state |AB>what is the...
Feb18-14 03:03 AM
2 280
The uncertainty in this principle is talking about uncertainty of measurement or particle itself?
Feb18-14 01:49 AM
14 397
Quantum mechanics says that physical observables are self-adjoint operators. Is this correspondence a bijection, ie...
Feb17-14 08:18 PM
12 807
Question about quantum spin: So for the Schrodinger equation, the angular momentum of a wave-packet, whether it is...
Feb17-14 07:57 PM
3 378
hello How to you rigorously express the orthonormality of a complete set of eigenvectors (|q\rangle)_q of the...
Feb17-14 07:47 PM
21 1,180
I am reading Field Quantization by Greiner and Rienhardt and I am trying to prove that i\hbar \frac{d\hat{b_k}}{dt}...
Feb17-14 07:02 PM
0 213
Hi, I'd like to argue Heisenberg doesn't apply to a collapsed wave... I always interpretted the Heisenberg...
Feb17-14 05:21 PM
32 1,137
What ever happened with QFT? Heard so much about it years ago now only once in a while will a past Nobel laureate...
Feb17-14 02:27 PM
22 1,171
The electromagnetic spectrum contains wavelengths that are on the scale of macroscopic objects. What I'm not sure...
Feb17-14 01:01 PM
15 548
I just listened to a lecture on this, and I'm not sure I quite get the point. What the lecturer did was examine...
Feb17-14 10:08 AM
2 362
Consider our universe but with only two particles, say two protons. Inevitably they would orbit mutually about one...
Feb16-14 06:12 PM
9 453
Hi PF members. I have got a little worry I am familiar with the Zeeman term that always appears in the Hamiltonian of...
Feb15-14 09:17 AM
5 428
I came up with the following idea of a device: We have a short circuited type-2 (to allow more current)...
Feb15-14 03:07 AM
goran d
0 222
If an electron gets excited from K to L shell, it will actually finish in the 2p subshell and then deexcite to 2s and...
Feb14-14 11:38 AM
7 346
How is the wavefunction of an electron determined? I've seen images which show that it looks like this :...
Feb14-14 10:07 AM
5 395
Hello, I have been studying Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Griffith and in a section he solves the...
Feb14-14 06:50 AM
5 401
After time t, the probability of monochromatic absorption of the ground state |1> to the energy state |n> is given by:...
Feb13-14 11:06 PM
10 405
Hey guys, I study biophysics, so maybe this is a sophomoric question. I've done a cursory, albeit fruitless search...
Feb13-14 03:00 PM
20 851
hi guys, i just have a quick question concerning the Copenhagen interpretation of things. say there is a star, very...
Feb13-14 02:23 PM
108 4,512
Hi, I know this is old news at this stage, but I was watching his public lecture on quantum mechanics, and he says...
Feb13-14 02:23 PM
82 2,474
Hi, this probably has been answered somewhere here already, but I was unable to find it. Could someone explain how...
Feb13-14 05:35 AM
3 376
I know that transistors work using QM, but I dont know how, can someone explain this to me?
Feb12-14 10:23 PM
Simon Bridge
5 368
Hello. This is my first post here. I am an undergrad student and my first experience with quantum mechanics isn't...
Feb12-14 04:18 PM
1 251
I have the following question for anyone who can help: Suppose in Dirak notation i have the following state: /ψ> =...
Feb12-14 03:21 PM
1 247
Hey guys! First time posting on this site. Been reading for quite a while and really loving it! :thumbs:! I'm a...
Feb12-14 01:09 AM
3 360
The spin angular momentum of a spin 1/2 particle is given by S = √(s(s+1))ℏ. If s =1/2, S= ((√3)/2)ℏ So, if s=1...
Feb11-14 02:06 PM
4 345
1. A photon that emerges when an electron jumps one orbital down -- will have a fixed energy ...i.e. the different...
Feb11-14 12:34 PM
San K
7 485
Once a wavefunction has collapsed, can the system change to a new state if we disturb the system? For example, if...
Feb11-14 07:19 AM
1 311
Hello Everyone, I'm brand new to the forum as a poster, although I have been quietly reading the very interesting...
Feb10-14 12:24 PM
3 1,788
As a physics student, I was taught that refraction happens because when light approaches a material with a refraction...
Feb10-14 05:46 AM
2 288
I think that Wick theorem permits us to contract boson field operator with fermion field operator(?).Because the...
Feb10-14 01:43 AM
1 247
Do atoms "generally" exhibit superposition when not isolated from the enviorment?I know that electrons and photons do...
Feb9-14 09:24 PM
20 705 So I was reading this and I don't understand how he...
Feb9-14 07:31 PM
2 449
Hi everyone, today I had a thought coming across my mind when I woke up, and I think it might be an explanation for...
Feb9-14 05:07 PM
92 4,604
Suppose that operators A and B have complete sets of eigenfunctions, = 0, and Ψ is an eigenfunction of A with the...
Feb9-14 04:31 PM
3 309
we're learning about some of the properties of the steady state wave functions confined in an infinite well. one of...
Feb9-14 10:49 AM
3 326
Hi, as I understand it, in hydrogen with its electron in the p-orbital there is a charge polarization (negative in...
Feb9-14 06:51 AM
2 281
i was just reading the following article and had an interesting thought;...
Feb8-14 10:58 PM
3 342

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