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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,322
Depending on who one asks and their interpretation of QM, entanglement seems to be either: a) No problem at all....
Jul6-14 06:41 AM
66 4,567
Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding Feynman's formulation of quantum mechanics. Given the propagator...
Jul5-14 07:16 PM
15 1,071
I've usually heard the many-worlds interpretation described in the Schroedinger picture, in which the wave function...
Jul5-14 01:55 PM
5 581 See the image below. Which of us is right: me or...
Jul5-14 11:24 AM
62 6,903
I want to show that the group SU_L(N)\times SU_R(N) is the same as SU_V(N)\times SU_A(N) - i.e. that it is possible to...
Jul5-14 11:05 AM
11 1,004
Hi all, I haven't been able to find an answer online but this seems like a pretty basic question to me. What are the...
Jul5-14 10:56 AM
13 676
I am not a student. I am a retired Chemical Engineer and a retired IT Auditor (ex-ISACA member). My questions are a...
Jul5-14 10:28 AM
7 818
I was reading this paper and it'll form the basis of my undergrad thesis. The algebraic Bethe ansatz for scalar...
Jul5-14 05:35 AM
3 727
Apologies if this has been discussed - new experiments with oil droplets are helping to revitalize discussion of the...
Jul4-14 10:42 PM
2 465
I'm totally confused. Everywhere I look, most explanations of how magnetism works doesn't include anything about the...
Jul4-14 09:33 PM
12 1,871
Could anyone give a really quick explanation for gauge theory to me? Or a link, or a book is perfectly fine. I just...
Jul4-14 09:20 PM
6 431
Let us consider a quantum wave of one very energetic particle, stored in 100 microscopic jars. There's some lock...
Jul4-14 07:12 PM
Simon Bridge
8 773
I'm trying to work out why electrons don't crash down into the nucleus using HUP. So if we take 10^-10 meters, the...
Jul4-14 05:57 PM
2 438
Hi I have been looking at the solutions to a past exam question. The question gives the annihilation operator for the...
Jul4-14 03:52 PM
6 588
Hi. I was reading time-dependent perturbation on Sakurai and it mentioned that a certain state was "populated"....
Jul4-14 02:29 PM
1 293
Are electrons closed systems?
Jul4-14 11:01 AM
Jano L.
13 1,441
Hi, I am a high-school student who recently finished the chapter on QM. I thought I completely understood it, but...
Jul4-14 10:15 AM
6 625
When using Fourier's trick for determining the allowable energies for stationary states, Griffiths introduces the a+-...
Jul4-14 03:01 AM
1 524
I am watching James Binney's QM lectures on iTunes University, and also going through his free textbook. He is a...
Jul3-14 10:04 PM
7 766
For the infinite square well in one-dimension the wavefunctions have the form Acos(kx) where k is the wavenumber which...
Jul3-14 06:51 PM
5 805
In his lectures on quantum mechanics, Feynman treats the hydrogen molecule as a two-state system to give a general...
Jul3-14 12:18 AM
17 2,451
I am working on problem a professor gave me to get an idea for the research he does, and have hit a point where I'm...
Jul2-14 07:19 PM
0 516
When I think of frequency, I think of something happening per second or per unit time. When light is a wave, I can...
Jul2-14 03:45 PM
1 511
Hi. In 2-fold degenerate perturbation theory we can find appropiate "unperturbate" wavefunctions by looking for...
Jul2-14 10:23 AM
2 617
Hello everyone, I am reading about the Finite Square Well in Griffiths Quantum Mechanics Text. Right now, I am...
Jul2-14 09:42 AM
1 551
I'm trying to understand why the WKB approximation doesn't seem to work in the following case. Suppose you have a...
Jul2-14 08:13 AM
6 730
Hi Everyone: I think some of you who familiar with quantum-optics know that the local photonic density of state can...
Jul2-14 04:48 AM
Jeffrey Yang
4 618
So, I've been looking into orbital angular momentum and magnetic moments, (which, at least in normal space with a...
Jul1-14 02:24 PM
1 723
Hey Guys. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the idea of a particle being in a classically prohibited...
Jul1-14 01:06 PM
24 2,250
I'm studying by Statistical Mechanics (Huang, page 180) but can't understand many things there, can anyone provide a...
Jul1-14 10:38 AM
9 965
I have some questions about double slit experiment. 1) Sometimes photons or electrons should bounce off the...
Jul1-14 01:55 AM
11 1,135
I have a few questions about the Pauli exclusion principle: 1. Why do physicists believe that the symmetry in the...
Jun30-14 02:26 PM
3 690
Hi. According to Griffiths the conmutation relations for the angular momentum and spin operators conmutation...
Jun30-14 11:02 AM
1 663
Can someone explain the process?
Jun29-14 11:18 PM
1 474
There are many things in this sentence that I don't get What does exactly mean intrinsic dependenc? I think I...
Jun29-14 03:58 PM
5 1,063
How are the track leftt say by an electron in a cloud chamber and its wave function undefined trajectory related...
Jun29-14 01:47 PM
124 7,767
If itís true that every atom has negatively charged electrons on its outer shells, and if itís true that all matter is...
Jun29-14 01:31 PM
3 604
I have been reading and would be interested in feedback to the comments that I make, below. One of the points made...
Jun29-14 07:50 AM
30 2,407
Hi. I was wondering why creation and destruction operators a+ and a- do not conmute. Of course, I can show that...
Jun29-14 02:48 AM
5 673
Every time i see it it's different. I want the full planck constant(every number) and is there any proof for the...
Jun29-14 12:13 AM
Nick O
7 752

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