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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,536
Hi, there Today, a friend came to me and asked the following questions and they made me confused. If the source is...
Jun8-14 09:17 PM
5 339
Why is quantum physics needed to explain photosynthesis? In what aspect does the corresponding classical theories...
Jun8-14 11:23 AM
2 265
Hey! I did an quantum mechanical analysis of a Hydrogen Atom in a homogeneous magnetic vector potential (I know...
Jun8-14 11:00 AM
Vanadium 50
6 305
I'm a bit of a non-classical physics newbie here, so let me check my (rudimentary) understanding of some things first....
Jun8-14 10:10 AM
6 383
Hello and apologies if the title of the question is not very precise. Question: I am reading the document talking...
Jun8-14 09:07 AM
1 141
This is a question about The Computational Capacity of the Universe by Seth Lloyd. It seems to me that arbitrary...
Jun7-14 11:57 PM
3 239
I am referring to an experiment mentioned in Quantum Entanglement lecture:...
Jun7-14 10:51 AM
6 290
this might be a dumb question, but, if spacetime isn't a field and gravity is a property of spacetime. then gravity...
Jun7-14 03:35 AM
7 454
Sometimes it happens that hamiltonian has degenerate eigenvalue. This degeneracy can be removed by modifying the...
Jun7-14 03:32 AM
Jano L.
8 316
If I understand it, Hilbert spaces can be finite (e.g., for spin of a particle), countably infinite (e.g., for a...
Jun6-14 02:11 PM
35 1,132
Two entangled photons from a same-polarization source have their polarization measured at 120 deg difference from each...
Jun6-14 09:17 AM
1 240
This post is my reply to a blog comment by billschnieder, since I do not think it is wise to start a discussion in the...
Jun6-14 06:54 AM
0 270
I have a question: can the mechanism behind Pauli's exclusion principle be considered a fundamental force, like...
Jun6-14 06:35 AM
9 415
Hello everyone. I was yesterday asked in an interview to draw a gaussian curve. I drew. And then they asked in what...
Jun6-14 06:18 AM
8 285
Hi. I am very much interested in physics but my locality lacks good college for undergraduate physics but has good...
Jun5-14 11:41 PM
1 412
Hi, everybody: I encountered a problem when I am reading a book. It's about the atom-photon interaction. Let the...
Jun5-14 04:18 AM
1 241
If I define a state ket in the traditional way, Say: $$|\Psi \rangle =\sum _{ i }^{ }{ a_{ i }|\varphi _{ i...
Jun4-14 02:39 PM
5 337
is equal to the amplitude squared in quantum mechanics. Why?
Jun4-14 08:01 AM
17 759
What is the coherence time for a pair of entangled photons produced in a nonlinear crystal? Is it related to coherence...
Jun4-14 05:51 AM
4 329
Is the trace of an outer product of a normalized state eq. (psi) equal to 1? Thanks, Chris Maness
Jun3-14 09:50 PM
4 244
I was watching Richard Feynman's lectures on quantum electrodynamics where he concerned the probability of photon to...
Jun3-14 07:33 PM
1 234
This oft-referenced picture depicts a simulation of virtual particles popping into and out of existence in the empty...
Jun3-14 12:07 AM
2 311
It is available for free from this source. If someone can explain what has really been done here in simple English,...
Jun2-14 10:57 PM
2 262
If spherical harmonics are simultaneous eigenfunctions of \hat{L} and \hat{L}_{z}, then that means for a state at...
Jun2-14 03:53 PM
2 220
I learnt about the E<V(bound) and E>V cases. But what if V=E? Can we at all conclude V=E due to uncertainty...
Jun2-14 02:17 PM
0 228
Hey, i hear about quantum teleportation on the news today. They said that they successfully teleported information....
Jun2-14 12:43 PM
19 749
A friend is a quantum chemist. He is in agreement that climate change is bad (he feels the primary problems with CO2...
Jun2-14 06:27 AM
1 283
I have some questions regarding the Heisenberg picture of QM. 1. How does one calculate probabilities for measuring...
Jun2-14 12:13 AM
1 347
I am going through James Binney's course on Quantum Mechanics. I love all of the little misconceptions he points out...
Jun1-14 06:30 PM
13 371
Hello look at (3.24). Above it, it states "We make the same switch to polar coordinates (x, φ) in the (x, y) plane,...
Jun1-14 06:14 PM
2 227
Do individual photons have some attributes which relate to EM wave frequency? In other words, is there any difference...
Jun1-14 12:28 PM
7 368
Quantum Mechanics using Index notation. Is it possible to do it? I really don't get the Dirac Notation, and...
Jun1-14 09:00 AM
105 2,587
Is it true that there always exist a unitary matrix that can take a state vector of an arbitrary pure state to another...
Jun1-14 03:19 AM
7 522
The eigenstates of a hydrogen atom are stationary states with definite values of energy. Now, as I understand it, the...
May31-14 05:33 PM
4 280
A new type of energy storage described which uses quantum way to store energy. ''Battenice''. ...
May31-14 09:08 AM
1 462
I am able calculate the solution for the TISE relating to the interval to the right of a step potential; however, I am...
May31-14 02:52 AM
Simon Bridge
27 1,061
Is Timespace a literal real thing? or is it an abstract idea? and what makes physisists so sure that gravity is a...
May30-14 07:44 PM
3 425
I am looking around for some sort of equation regarding optical power dissipation of light (ultraviolet light in...
May30-14 12:53 PM
Jano L.
1 253
Hello, I need help understanding how to apply the formula for converting a Lagrangian to an equation of motion in...
May30-14 09:14 AM
8 275
Hi everybody, Is it possible to obtain an expression equivalent to fermi golden rule within the framework of Green...
May30-14 08:08 AM
0 215

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