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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,048
Hey everyone. I have a couple of question regarding wave function collapse. I can accept that one cannot make...
May26-14 10:38 PM
6 313
I'm in the first of 3 courses in quantum mechanics, and we just started chapter 4 of Griffiths. He goes into great...
May26-14 10:15 PM
5 350
Hi. I am reading a book entitled "Atom-Photon interactions" by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, et al. There is a symbol...
May26-14 08:50 PM
1 181
"Locally, the spin density S is an intrinsic (i.e. origin-independent) quantity, which is associated with the local...
May26-14 06:38 PM
2 265
Am I right to think that particles cooled asymptotically to 0 K would have wave functions the size of galaxies or even...
May26-14 04:59 PM
11 446
Why is it the case that dual field tensors, e.g. \widetilde{F}^{\mu\nu}=\frac{1}{2}\epsilon^{\mu\nu\rho\sigma}F_{\rho...
May26-14 11:53 AM
6 283
To which type of Fundamental forces below the Pauli's exclusion belong? Strong nuclear forces Coulomb forces Weak...
May26-14 10:47 AM
4 443
I have read a number of books on quantum mechanics and I am now at peace with the idea that the wave-function of an...
May26-14 10:26 AM
3 272
Here is an ultra short repeat of the Zeno Paradox, but please google it for a longer version with pictures etc: ...
May26-14 08:37 AM
7 490
Hi! So let's say we measured the angular momentum squared of a particle, and got the result ##2 \hbar^2##, so ##l=1##....
May25-14 11:22 PM
6 288
Suppose we have a system with M nuclei and N electrons the electron density is defined as: ...
May25-14 05:57 PM
10 391
Does the measurement problem ("wave function collapse") or something similar somehow manifest itself in QED and other...
May25-14 09:47 AM
44 1,284
In the operation $$U(\Lambda)|{\bf p}\rangle=|{\Lambda\bf p}\rangle,$$ if we define the state covariantly, $$|{\bf...
May24-14 02:51 PM
2 187
I'm an electronics engineering student and I've only had a introductory one-semester course to quantum mechanics, so I...
May24-14 01:17 PM
5 449
hello i have to proof that Px (linear momentum operator ) is hermitian or not i have added my solution in...
May24-14 10:31 AM
Paul Black
5 316
In other words, must \mathcal{L}=\mathcal{L}^\dagger always be valid?
May23-14 09:04 PM
5 294
Greetings. I thought about how/ why light propagates slower trough matter than vacuum. Generally it is excepted that...
May23-14 08:14 PM
Vanadium 50
4 219
How is an ancillary bit used in a logic gate? I looked at
May23-14 09:59 AM
2 272
I have a couple of questions about entanglement and decoherence! 1. Sometimes you read that, strictly speaking,...
May23-14 04:28 AM
2 336
Forming the supersymmetric string using superfields and superspace, Polchinski claims that the function $$ G \sim...
May22-14 07:25 AM
0 211
Hi. I've been learning quantum mechanics from different sources and I'm starting to notice that they have really...
May22-14 07:04 AM
30 798
I read today about Ehrenfest's theorem on mechanical systems (with adiabatic hamiltonian evolution). Well in the...
May22-14 05:01 AM
7 284
If a system is made up by two subsystems, for example, the atom and the photon. and let's assume the state of the...
May22-14 12:09 AM
3 340
Higher dimensional groups are parametrised by several parameters (e.g the three dimensional rotation group SO(3) is...
May21-14 07:29 PM
21 730
I'd like to ask a question to the members of the Quantum Physics board. Reading several articles regarding Quantum...
May21-14 01:56 PM
1 293
The energy changes correspond to infrared, h_bar * w. Which particles are actually oscillating? The neutrons or the...
May21-14 11:28 AM
6 400
In euclidean quantum field theory, the imaginary part of the free energy, defined as the logaritm of the partition...
May21-14 09:14 AM
1 320
why are physisist having so much trouble quantising gravity and getting it to fit into QFT?
May20-14 11:32 PM
2 390
I've never really been...convinced...of the statement $$\bf{J}=\bf{L}+\bf{S}$$ I've always just gone along with...
May20-14 10:24 PM
Ravi Mohan
11 453
Let ψ be a wavefunction describes the quantum state of a particle at any (x,t), What does ψ* i.e, the complex...
May20-14 07:26 PM
6 240
Hi everyone, Lately I have been reading about the double slit experiment, I am wondering if it would be possible to...
May20-14 06:10 PM
3 324
I'm trying to get my head around this spin idea, the idea that particles behave like tiny dipole magnets when passing...
May19-14 01:14 PM
25 934
The definition of tensor operator that I have is the following: 'A tensor operator is an operator that transforms...
May19-14 10:51 AM
3 379
I am reading an intriguing article on rigged Hilbert space On page 8, the...
May19-14 06:04 AM
Ravi Mohan
2 169
Why, in a Gaussian wave function the position and momentum expectation value coincide to be zero? Does it have any...
May19-14 03:52 AM
2 225
I have seen this question somewhere.. I diidnt get the answer. So plz help me. In how many ways three identical...
May19-14 02:08 AM
6 582
There are many cases, for simplicity, we choose the wavefunctions to be real. For example, in...
May19-14 01:10 AM
2 278
Could someone provide me with simple answers to the following questions? I have tried to find the answers on the...
May17-14 09:58 PM
Simon Bridge
1 337
i mean, people are creating LHC to split the atoms, but why don't we just spin it? spin in in high speed and see if a...
May17-14 02:30 PM
1 291
I read a sentence that says if a spherical volume in placed in a quantized space then the maximum entropy of the...
May17-14 01:09 PM
4 261

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