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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,462
Hi guys, I'm doing a quantum course at the moment, and there's one thing in Binney's book which I don't really...
Feb23-14 12:18 PM
5 242
In this note ( the Klein-Gordon retarded...
Feb23-14 11:50 AM
1 240
Dear experts, Could anyone please confirm or disprove my guess that each Lowdin natural orbital of an isolated...
Feb23-14 09:25 AM
0 215
In page 30 of book "An introduction to quantum field theory" by Peskin and Schroeder in the derivation of Klein-Gordon...
Feb22-14 08:11 PM
2 288
I know that a resonator which is the size of cell isnt in superposition unless its cooled to its ground state. My...
Feb22-14 05:18 PM
7 469
Hi all! So rumor has it, that the spin of a particle is preferably aligned opposite to the direction of the...
Feb22-14 03:50 PM
10 283
Hi Guys, I have a question about observable's and superposition's that I haven't been able to find a definitive answer...
Feb22-14 02:05 PM
69 1,681
I need help :( How can I draw a Feynman Diagram, starting with a Lagrangian?
Feb22-14 12:42 PM
2 320
Hi guys. I'm trying to get the idea of probability density for 1s hydrogen atom. I just don't understand that...
Feb22-14 10:51 AM
3 344
Hello, I happened to open up an old book by Sah, and in it he says: "it is evident that the electron orbit...
Feb22-14 10:24 AM
2 240
The probabilistic nature of QM seems apparent(in theoretical formulation as well as experimentally), then why do most...
Feb22-14 06:29 AM
Vanadium 50
52 1,395
In BRST symmetry the action is Inew=I0\phi]+s\psi\phi,\omega,\varpi,h]. Where ω and \varpi is ghost and anti...
Feb22-14 02:59 AM
9 401
Spin-1 matrix Sx, Sy, Sz are traceless 3*3 matrix, and have the property ## = i\epsilon_{ijk}S_k##, and we know that...
Feb22-14 01:04 AM
4 285
This could be one of those questions where I'm hindered by my lack of knowledge on the subject, being only a freshman...
Feb21-14 07:04 PM
1 254
I am not sure again, whether this belongs here or in mathematics. When we have a partial differential equation, in...
Feb21-14 04:36 PM
6 431
Electrons emit and absorb photons all the time. I heard that each electron is surrounded by a cloud of 10^{20}...
Feb21-14 12:59 PM
4 261
I know that any unitary operator on the spin-1/2 Hilbert space can be identified as a fixed-axis rotation operator up...
Feb21-14 11:49 AM
0 280
hi, ive got a really simple question. niels bohr proposed a model of the atom in witch the electron cannot fall...
Feb21-14 09:11 AM
14 401
it seems that people never talk about the wave function of a few anyons why? i guess the reason is that if they...
Feb21-14 05:43 AM
2 199
Hi guys, i've been reading a paper recently about trapping pseudo molecules in a magnetic field gradient. It says at...
Feb20-14 10:22 AM
8 355
In looking up "quantum gates", e.g. "Hadamard gate", all I come across is the matrix representations of the...
Feb20-14 04:00 AM
8 307
i guess in the wigner crystal, the exchange interaction between the electrons can be neglected. What is your...
Feb20-14 02:35 AM
1 233
|A>=a|0>+b|1> <A|A>=probability amp |<A|A>|^2=probability If the state is same, so <A|A>= a^2+b^2=1....
Feb20-14 02:28 AM
5 360
I was reviewing the infinite square well, using D.J. Griffiths, and came across this small point of confusion. The...
Feb19-14 08:38 PM
Ravi Mohan
3 236
After reading Times article on D-Wave today I got to thinking... The geometry of the Minkowski plane can be...
Feb18-14 05:23 PM
0 263
Hello, I've been trying to define <p2> in terms of <x2>, much the same way that you can write <p> = m d<x>/dt, because...
Feb18-14 10:28 AM
Simon Bridge
1 280
Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by expressing my appreciation for the existence of this forum to begin with. I...
Feb18-14 05:52 AM
6 314
given two system is entangled, |A>=(|0_{A}>+|1_{A}>)/√2, |B>=(|0_B{}>+|1_B{}>)/√2. entangle state |AB>what is the...
Feb18-14 03:03 AM
2 291
The uncertainty in this principle is talking about uncertainty of measurement or particle itself?
Feb18-14 01:49 AM
14 399
Quantum mechanics says that physical observables are self-adjoint operators. Is this correspondence a bijection, ie...
Feb17-14 08:18 PM
12 818
Question about quantum spin: So for the Schrodinger equation, the angular momentum of a wave-packet, whether it is...
Feb17-14 07:57 PM
3 381
hello How to you rigorously express the orthonormality of a complete set of eigenvectors (|q\rangle)_q of the...
Feb17-14 07:47 PM
21 1,199
I am reading Field Quantization by Greiner and Rienhardt and I am trying to prove that i\hbar \frac{d\hat{b_k}}{dt}...
Feb17-14 07:02 PM
0 215
Hi, I'd like to argue Heisenberg doesn't apply to a collapsed wave... I always interpretted the Heisenberg...
Feb17-14 05:21 PM
32 1,144
What ever happened with QFT? Heard so much about it years ago now only once in a while will a past Nobel laureate...
Feb17-14 02:27 PM
22 1,179
The electromagnetic spectrum contains wavelengths that are on the scale of macroscopic objects. What I'm not sure...
Feb17-14 01:01 PM
15 561
I just listened to a lecture on this, and I'm not sure I quite get the point. What the lecturer did was examine...
Feb17-14 10:08 AM
2 365
Consider our universe but with only two particles, say two protons. Inevitably they would orbit mutually about one...
Feb16-14 06:12 PM
9 457
Hi PF members. I have got a little worry I am familiar with the Zeeman term that always appears in the Hamiltonian of...
Feb15-14 09:17 AM
5 429
I came up with the following idea of a device: We have a short circuited type-2 (to allow more current)...
Feb15-14 03:07 AM
goran d
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