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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,452
Hi guys, is there a reason why the energy of the harmonic oscillator is always written as:$$ E_{n} = \hbar \omega...
Apr19-13 02:38 PM
1 435
Hey, I consider a diagonalized Hamiltonian: H=\sum\limits_{k} \underbrace{ (\epsilon_{k} u_{k}^2 -\epsilon_{k}...
Jan8-14 09:20 AM
1 384
Hello, I regard field-operators, whereby \Psi is a fermionic-annihilation-operator and \vec{A(\vec{r})} is an...
Jan17-14 05:47 PM
2 295
Hello, I am thinking for some hours about the commutation of the field-Operator/(annihilation-Operator): \Psi and...
Jan18-14 11:30 PM
3 350
Hey, in my notes I have calculated the Eigenenergie of the Hamiltonian: H= \hbar \omega (n+\frac{1}{2}) \cdot ...
Jan28-14 04:13 PM
4 356
In my note, we have written the field strength tensor as: F^{\mu\nu} =\partial ^\mu A^\nu -\partial ^\nu A^\mu...
Jan28-14 07:10 PM
5 308
Hi I regard, $$=0$$ but \Psi is a field-operator. I don't understand why the commutation of the derrivative of...
Feb1-14 06:00 PM
3 309
Hey Guys, I regard two operators \Psi , \Phi , that don't commute. Does the product-rule, looks like that? ...
Feb6-14 05:34 AM
2 250
Hey guys, I regard a relativistic vector: $$ k^\mu =(k^0,k^1,k^2,k^3,)=(\frac{\omega_k}{c}, \vec{k} ) $$ ...
Feb8-14 02:24 PM
Meir Achuz
2 263
Hi all. Here is an n-particle hamltonian. H=\int...
Jun25-11 10:30 PM
9 991
Hi everyone, I have a question concerning the double slit experiment that I would like clarified. According to a...
Sep28-09 08:05 PM
1 588
Hi Iam having a little problem understaning why some atoms are configured in a certain way. I know that each...
Apr3-10 10:03 PM
3 985
Hi, There is this one thing that bugs me about photoelectric effect, everywhere I read it says usually the K-shell...
Aug31-13 12:03 PM
10 898
Hi, Iam having trouble understanding (or actually picturing) things I have learned, now that I look back at it. ...
Aug29-13 03:22 PM
4 448
Suppose, i want to diagonalize operator A by matrix S (A'= S^\\dagger A S). Do i need to form S from "NORMALIZED"...
Sep20-10 10:50 PM
1 744
Hi, I'm doing research to chipproduction, and I can't seem to figure out how transistors really work (in detail)....
May4-05 11:08 AM
6 2,877
This question appeared in my exam . Q. A bullet of mass 41g travels at 960m/s. what wavelength can we associate...
Mar20-11 03:06 AM
2 1,184
Hey guys! First time posting on this site. Been reading for quite a while and really loving it! :thumbs:! I'm a...
Feb12-14 01:09 AM
3 365
Hi guys. I'm trying to get the idea of probability density for 1s hydrogen atom. I just don't understand that...
Feb22-14 10:51 AM
3 344
Hey guys. I'm struggling to picture ultraviolet catastrophe. The graph tells me that at certain temperature, intensity...
Apr11-14 05:46 PM
3 429
Hi, I am scratching the surface of information regarding particle physics. I have a basic understanding of standard...
Aug9-12 03:01 PM
19 4,143
I've been looking into the time independent schrodinger equation (E\Psi = Ĥ\Psi.) I know that \Psi is the wave...
Jul9-12 07:10 PM
1 737
Hi, ΔEΔt ≥\frac{h}{4\pi} How does this formula relate to particle creation? I understand that it is relevant to...
Feb1-13 11:58 AM
2 411
Is Gravity a Force of Attraction? We are familiar with electromagnetic attraction and we understand how and why it...
Dec18-04 05:18 PM
1 3,928
In The L=0 states in Hydrogen atom, the electron has a maximum probablity to exist at r=0 ( at the location of the...
May5-06 06:58 AM
7 1,573
Hello How can a monochromatic light induce a transition ( absorption ) between two energy levels whose energy...
Jun26-06 08:11 AM
3 1,659
Hello I was thinkng of this question and I found it best expressed in a clear manner in another site. I quote the...
Oct15-06 10:40 AM
37 5,203
I have several questions in quantum optics or the quantum theory of radiaition. I begin by the following three...
Nov3-06 03:58 PM
4 2,667
Hi, The energy of the quantum mechanical harmonic oscillator is proved to be quantized after solving the...
Mar19-07 04:37 PM
2 1,840
In the famed "quantum eraser" of physics, there is two distinct types, one type which uses an absorptive apparatus for...
Mar11-14 10:16 AM
5 448
Well I'm trying to understand the double-slit experiment (and quantum mechanics), so could you tell me if this is...
May1-12 05:27 PM
ace frehley
2 761
There are few questions on an assignment (taken from an old exam, YIKES!) that are confounding me and I was wondering...
Apr10-13 07:31 PM
0 492
I've found many articles online that explain how to solve the Schrodinger equation for a potential dependent on x, but...
Apr15-13 07:29 AM
4 788
(disregard my improvised science lingo) so like... a radio wave has a rather macroscopic wavelength. the photon is...
Mar16-14 03:17 AM
3 273
Hi- I'm trying to calculate the effect of a magnetic field on some spectral lines. I know that each energy...
Sep14-11 06:38 PM
1 1,284
Hi! If two particles are entangled, A and B, and someone messes with A, have scientists determined the speed at which...
Aug7-05 11:00 AM
2 938
Hi! This may be a stupid question, but here goes. Is it possible to do a measurement to determine if a photon's...
May18-08 02:14 PM
1 1,211
why is there an upper limit to the photon energy that can be observed in the emission spectrum of the hydrogen atom?
Aug8-10 06:59 PM
2 3,048
The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Debye considered atoms to oscillate from 0 up to a nu...
Apr10-11 09:44 PM
3 2,262
Hello everybody, I was revising for my quantum mechanics course and I was wondering why when we approximate the bond...
Feb25-12 09:13 AM
0 620

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