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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,398
okay, here goes. Electron A moves through a vacuum. There are quantum fluctuations ocurring all the time, some...
May9-13 10:25 AM
15 1,137
So far I have found two completely different values of the electron magnetic moment and i need help to know in which...
Mar18-08 06:12 AM
Hans de Vries
9 5,366
I was reading the Wikipedia article on Electron magnetic dipole moments and it mentioned that the "g-factor" is need...
May17-12 05:16 PM
1 727
if we need study particles of diameter about 0.1*(10^-6) m , what should be the de Broglie wavelength of the electron?
Apr14-04 08:01 AM
0 1,064
Why should the wavelength be roughly the size of (or smaller than) the object we want to study in an electron...
Nov12-11 06:58 AM
0 1,133
In a p-orbital how does an electron travel from lobe to another if it must cross the nodal plane which has no electron...
Aug27-10 06:39 AM
9 3,153
Electrons in an atom can only be in orbitals embedded in specific energy levels. So, what is the motion of an...
Sep25-04 07:34 AM
4 1,735
Hello! Anyone out there that can explain the helium model? Movement of electrons, forces, speed, etc? In an non...
Sep17-09 03:49 PM
14 1,705
im having some issues understanding the way electrons orbit a nuclies. i know they dont orbit hte nuclies in a circle...
Apr12-10 01:09 PM
5 1,730
hi, ive got a really simple question. niels bohr proposed a model of the atom in witch the electron cannot fall...
Feb21-14 09:11 AM
14 498
Hello, I'm a bit confused learning about how an electron can be found anywhere within the probability density. ...
Sep16-10 06:09 PM
4 1,621
Why can't an electron in a coulomb field have an orbital angular momentum quantum number higher than it's principal...
Jan13-08 06:01 AM
7 7,451
We know that orientations of electron orbit are discrete , what exactly do you mean by discreteness ,& also is there...
Jan28-08 06:15 AM
1 1,525
I remember that electrons exist in the probability cloud that corresponds to the orbital they reside in, and according...
Jan12-07 12:59 PM
4 1,511
Hi, it's been awhile since taking a quantum mechanics course, but I thought I read somewhere that during an electron...
Mar21-12 01:35 PM
5 803
Depending on energy, how far will an Electron penetrate a block of acrylic? If you have any clue or where I could...
Nov21-03 08:17 PM
2 5,740
EDIT: This may be better in the Chemistry forum, I'm really not sure. I'm just doing some basic qualitative MO...
Jul15-09 08:52 PM
2 1,016 An electron rides on a...
Apr21-11 07:22 PM
7 1,309
hi guys, is it possible for electron to have zero K.E in a confined region in space? My guessed is, due to the wave...
Jan26-13 11:38 AM
6 718
In a Leonard Susskind video lecture at at 8:30 minutes he...
May19-12 03:22 PM
17 1,405
Hi again, It is well known the precession frequency of a free electron under a magnetic field, know as the Larmor...
Mar11-08 08:19 PM
0 1,827
Hello, Why is it that electron precession is not used in addition to proton precession in a proton precession...
May14-08 07:06 PM
0 2,901
Okay, Basically I was wondering is if there is a equation that can be used to tell what the probability of a electron...
Dec18-13 08:59 PM
2 675
I read this stuff in my spare time (because I'm fascinated by it!) and have no actual physics background, so please...
Apr12-05 10:09 PM
5 7,775
Ok im a noob in quantum mechanics so plz keep the level down for me to understand. My text gives a graph of...
Feb17-12 05:04 PM
Jano L.
1 1,049
hi we have been dealing with magnetic resonance spectroscopy and if there are electrons, then they shield the...
Nov4-11 02:25 PM
0 625
What accounts for the repulsion of the Electron & Proton say for instance in the hydrogen atom. The coulomb force...
Nov10-12 12:14 PM
16 3,605
When a beam of electrons (near relativistic or non-rel.) intersects with a beam of protons or a "fixed" proton target,...
Aug17-04 08:58 PM
2 2,870
Simple question; For an electron, what is its velocity after it has been accelerated through 50V? I thought...
Aug17-04 11:32 AM
6 1,297
A basic question about electrons. As I understand it electrons do not have a size as such, but rather have a...
Oct28-06 01:58 PM
7 1,244
Does an electron have a radius? In it's described as a "point particle" does it still take up 'space'?
Jan3-11 06:02 PM
1 648
I guess I'll take pot luck and ask another question here. I think I read somewhere that the current thinking is that...
Jul17-10 01:46 PM
3 657
Could anyone give me a couple of sentences to what it is?
Jan26-10 12:13 PM
Bob S
4 2,907
Hi, I have been calculating the 3 infinities in QED as part of my project (vacuum polarisation, vertex corrections...
Mar15-11 09:19 PM
2 1,449
Please teach me this: In QTF theory book of Peskin&Schroder they say:Call 1PI the one particle irreducible diagram,so...
Jan17-11 06:06 AM
2 1,258
What would be the best way to define electron shell? I know that it is identified by the principal quantum number, but...
Aug27-10 02:32 AM
5 1,407
On another recent thread a claim was made about the size of an electron being particularly small (maybe a point). I...
Dec3-07 09:04 AM
12 3,572
Is there a physical meaning to the electron "smear" or probability cloud? If an object (electron) was to somehow...
Feb6-09 08:40 AM
17 2,329
Do electrons in higher energy orbitals move faster than ones in lower energy orbitals?
Jun28-09 08:07 AM
35 7,957
Can electron spin change? If so how does this happen?
May12-09 11:20 PM
20 4,656

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