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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,359
When I was in School, my science teachers over-simplified everything to the point of being totally wrong. I guess,...
Jul21-11 08:05 AM
23 3,118
My emphasis is on the solid-state/mesoscopic physics and I have the following question: Can the interaction of two...
Apr2-09 10:16 AM
2 2,481
Lets say we have two pieces of metal with different electron-hole pressure. In both metals electrons and holes are NOT...
Jul9-13 07:42 PM
0 233
Hi, I need some help to work out the electron-hole overlap integral Mnn' for a quantum well: Knowing that...
May7-11 08:39 AM
0 1,129
Hi. I'm doing research relating to solar cells and came about the topic related to effective masses. The wiki...
Sep11-12 03:59 PM
1 606
The interference pattern created by the distribution of particles (electrons or photons) is related to the wave...
Oct7-10 05:23 PM
36 3,688
So I read somewhere about some equation that might explain the Electron/Proton mass ratio, but it was off by several...
Aug20-10 10:32 PM
5 2,922
a wave: or a bee-bee? ...
Mar8-14 12:33 PM
18 842
Which material contains highest concentration of free electrons and holes simutaneously at room temperature and could...
Mar22-12 07:34 PM
0 821
Hello, why in the normal atomic configuration every layer except the second can contain only up to 8 electrons if for...
Feb20-12 06:24 AM
2 1,308
I'm a little confused about something very simple. From a chemistry perspective I am told about how many electrons...
Dec1-07 09:15 PM
Sean Torrebadel
5 1,937
What causes the differences between the atomic spectra of deuterium and the atomic spectra of protium? Are there any...
Apr12-12 08:53 AM
1 1,043
Sorry I posted 2 threads within the hour, but I'm just really interested. In my chem class they (teachers, txtbooks,...
Jan5-12 04:01 PM
24 1,862
Do the electrons spin around the nuclues? If so, do we know the value?
Apr17-05 04:02 PM
3 1,580
Are electrons actually just photons that are stuck in the orbit of an atom's nucleus? Both photons and electrons...
Apr1-08 10:30 AM
5 7,117
Hello, I was just taking a shower when this question came upon my mind, what would happen if all the electrons stopped...
May5-06 01:13 PM
4 1,337
I have seen from demonstration in the internet that when elecrons are fired one by one in double slit-interference...
Jan5-08 02:49 AM
2 846
I know the double slit experiment illustrates how an electron can be treated as a wave, but what experiment shows how...
Nov26-10 11:20 AM
3 927
I just found out that electrons can disappear and return at any giving moment, can someone clarify that for me?
Sep24-10 04:23 PM
5 1,380
hi, i have a question. are electrons distinguishable ? my personal view is they are not. because...
Nov28-09 06:12 AM
9 1,452
Consider the simplest of all possible atoms: A hydrogen atom with only a proton as its nucleus. According to...
Aug20-12 08:43 AM
4 741
Greetings, This is basically just an observation I expect it to be laughed at (already has been laughed at in the...
Oct20-12 01:14 PM
Raven Luni
6 1,070
Right, as we know from the uncertainty principle we dont know exactly where an electron is, just where it most...
Oct26-04 04:04 PM
Tom Mattson
8 1,126
Rutgers University physicists have performed computer simulations that show how electrons become one thousand times...
Feb22-08 04:15 PM
0 1,526
What exactly do the mean when an electron "jumps" from an energy level to another energy level in an atom. Do they...
Dec28-08 02:31 PM
4 3,290
Hi. I have a little question. In some of my books you can read that the author keeps saying that an electron is...
Dec29-12 12:56 PM
2 572
So I was pondering an electron jumping to a lower energy state and releasing some light. And then I became stuck...
Mar3-10 06:24 PM
5 1,692 ...
Apr19-12 02:18 PM
Runner 1
2 923
Is it literally possible for them to be in two places at once? Is this proven; How is this possible? I mean, sure...
Jul22-08 11:42 PM
90 7,981
Let's imagine an electron that lives in an one dimensional world where there is a potential well near x=0 and that for...
Jan27-11 11:33 AM
go quantum!
2 914
From the article: This is one of the first direct applications of attosecond pulses, but according to Berkeley...
May6-13 12:20 PM
1 392
Hi, I am currently a student, still grasping some basic concepts of quantum mechanics. I've been reading some...
Jul18-09 03:46 PM
6 2,488
If you tap on a desk, or are walking, does that energy that is being transferred cause electrons in the desk or ground...
Dec22-03 03:58 PM
6 1,661
Please correct me if I am wrong in any of this 1) Electrons are able to go around the nucleus of an atom due to the...
Mar31-11 06:35 PM
4 750
Do positively charged holes have any other quantum numbers assigned to them? What are the similarities and differences...
Feb3-10 02:59 PM
29 2,907
I read somewhere that one of the explanations for an electron not spiraling into the nucleus is due to the uncertainty...
Sep16-04 08:19 PM
3 1,750
When an electron and a positron annihilate, they typically produce two gamma rays, each of energy mc^2 plus whatever...
Feb17-11 03:04 PM
7 763
A quick question---given an electron and a proton "sitting" side by side at the bottom of a page--close to each...
Oct30-12 05:51 PM
0 425
Hello, although being graduated in physics (but not being an expert on QED) I find myself embarassed in trying to...
Sep21-05 10:31 AM
4 5,182
I understand that the scientific community now accepts the unification of electromagnetism and the weak force. ...
Apr25-08 06:39 AM
Usaf Moji
2 2,107

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