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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,471
I wonder, what the physical meaning to electron correlation in molecular systems? and. Is there many types of it? ...
May5-14 04:12 PM
5 4,004
Why doesn’t the Electron crash into the proton?? We know in an H atom the e- is attracted to the + charge of the...
Jan13-09 04:17 PM
51 3,896
I have a question: is there any way to accurately "visualize" the phenomenon of electron degeneracy pressure? I...
Oct14-13 09:02 AM
2 1,611
In an orbital with 2 electrons is electron density the probability of finding a particular electron in that region or...
Aug28-10 10:32 AM
5 4,397
Suppose we have a system with M nuclei and N electrons the electron density is defined as: ...
May25-14 05:57 PM
10 414
Dear all, I have a quantum system made up of two layers. An electric field is applied with two voltages applied at...
Mar26-12 10:31 PM
2 647
What happens when an electron meets a scatterer ??? In pure phase relaxation, the electron is in the same state as it...
Aug25-08 04:09 PM
0 1,201
An electron is diffracted like a wave when it passes through a double slit, which is narrower than the de Broglie wave...
Apr5-06 06:03 PM
15 2,244
So my teacher regularly makes mistakes on his powerpoints and this is leaving me feeling uncertain about something he...
Dec6-13 02:57 PM
6 658
When we fire one electron through a double slit , cant we still get a diffraction pattern even when firing just one...
Feb10-10 12:16 PM
12 3,544
Hello In an electron diffraction experiment usually the diffraction rings are blurred. My question. If measuring...
Jul11-11 04:11 AM
1 973
why is it that in electron diffraction from cystals, theta i and theta r are not necessarily equal?
Apr7-11 09:15 AM
3 1,441
HELP!!!! A cylindrical metal wire of cross sectional area A = 1 mm2 and length, L = 1 cm, is composed of a...
Mar19-04 12:13 AM
0 957
Hey guys, I was reading, as you do, a bit of physics on the classic double slit experiment - this was a simple...
Jun1-05 12:22 PM
1 2,105
We will not get an interference right? Why? Because the electron interacts with the system? Or the "measurement"...
Nov1-08 08:03 AM
2 2,811
If you fire electrons, one after the other, at a double-slit, and let them hit a wall, you get light and dark bands. ...
Jul2-09 11:25 AM
0 654
From my understanding, when solving the hydrogen atom (getting the wavefunction of the electron) in introductory...
Oct30-11 10:47 AM
2 1,194
Hi Everyone, I was reading this post here...
May28-06 10:40 AM
14 1,930
Why do electrons have more energy the further they are from the nucleus?
Aug27-10 05:13 PM
8 1,876
I'm stuck on a pretty basic concept. I'm thinking in terms of the Bohr model, which I know is rather archaic now, but...
Apr26-10 02:11 PM
9 1,511
When an atom absorbs a photon of light and gets into an excited state, can it ever make a single jump back down to the...
Oct16-13 02:50 PM
3 821
A quick question. Not an expert in physics, so my question will be rudimentary.-----An isolated electron and proton...
Nov7-11 09:45 PM
2 1,339
Are lower energy electron orbitals always closer to nucleus than higher energy orbitals? Is this energy proportional...
Aug20-14 09:51 PM
18 637
It it being debated whether Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT)/Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) can stop...
Jan8-13 07:50 PM
0 590
With Electromagnetically Induced Transparency/Coherent Population Trapping, is it possible to prevent an atom or...
Jan9-13 03:10 AM
19 1,342
The wave function of an electron in ground state hydrogen atom is non-zero at points far away from the nucleus. ...
Sep28-13 04:59 AM
8 1,154
Oct28-08 01:09 PM
7 2,675
Hi, I'm studying the wave nature of particles. My book says that the de broglie wavelength of an electron is h /...
Dec1-09 10:48 AM
4 1,642
According to Pauli principle, it is impossible for two electrons in the electron gas to have the same state. on the...
Mar15-12 02:02 PM
18 2,346
Lets say I have a spin-1/2 particle that is about to enter a non-constant B field. the spin 1/2 particle has a state...
Mar25-13 04:49 AM
1 541
Hello. I have recently been introduced to the concept of electrons as standing waves around the atomic nucleus. The...
Aug24-10 07:41 PM
3 2,052
Hi! Let's suppose an electron in a mono-dimensional potential well. According to Heisenberg uncertainty principle, if...
Jun25-09 06:11 AM
18 1,794
hi, I'm new on this forum, and I don't know english very well (sorry). maybe you can clarify me about this doubt. an...
Jan28-08 06:46 AM
7 1,870
I know that electrons do not exist in orbitals, but instead in probability density clouds around the atom. I know that...
Dec20-09 01:13 PM
7 3,467
What energy do electrons poses in atoms?
Aug27-04 08:25 AM
7 1,816
Hi, Movement of an electron in constant magnetic field, according to semiclassical QM, give rise to Landau levels -...
Sep1-10 03:36 PM
1 1,410
I had a physics exam today in which we were presented with a model of a hydrogen atom with a single electron orbiting...
Jan2-08 08:24 AM
9 10,620
So i was watching Susskind lectures on entanglements and there he...
Nov20-12 07:58 AM
1 981
Hφ(x) =((p2op)/2m + V(x))φ(x) = (-hbar2/2m.d2/dx2+ V(x)φ(x) = E φ(x) This equation is supposed to relate to an...
Oct30-08 01:41 AM
7 1,989
According to spin quantum number, the spin value of electron pair is taken as +1/2 and -1/2. Why should we take...
Mar30-10 03:42 AM
3 751

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