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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,319
Is there a quantum basis for HUMAN AWARENESS? Our awareness a PART of the UNIVERSE right? Your thoughts are eagerly...
Mar2-04 09:17 PM
3 1,213
If = 0 (where H is the Hamiltonian and T is the (antiunitary) time-reversal operator) prove that T is NOT conserved ...
Nov27-06 05:35 AM
7 1,036
Greetings. I know absolutely nothing, beyond the basic generalities, regarding Quantum mechanics or theory, and...
Nov7-09 12:55 AM
31 2,348
Is it a photon that gives rise to an electron ?? Photon , in presence of any external force that disrupts its magnetic...
Nov1-09 08:08 AM
Vanadium 50
3 1,085
Hi: I would like to get a mathematically rigorous "introduction" to QM. Which books would you recommend?
Jan11-06 08:09 AM
3 1,638
A scattering of light particles from a heavy stationary particles, the momentum of the light particles change...
Dec11-06 07:01 AM
Meir Achuz
2 978
First of all, let me copy the standard solution from Griffiths, section 2.5, just for the sake of clarity. ...
Nov2-09 11:41 AM
2 2,344
Many papers say "we are treating a semiclassical regime". I don't know what is a semiclassical regime and when a...
May12-08 01:45 AM
2 1,824
I would like to invite people who want to study Bohm's theory in this thread. The aim is to *study* the theory,...
Feb16-05 11:29 PM
45 4,153
I've been reading about Feynman's many-paths idea. And I've read that according to his idea, an electron, for...
Jul17-09 12:42 PM
62 4,844 Hello, I'm following an introductory...
Jan4-11 12:38 AM
16 1,430
What is it in a simple definition, and how does it differ from relativistic quantum mechanics?
Nov3-12 04:37 AM
M. next
4 836
I've been following up a lot regarding the fascinating stuff I read here. I recently came across this page; ...
Jul30-10 03:53 PM
31 4,800
Can somebody help analyzing the outcome of the following thought experiment: 1) A simple setup with a photon source,...
Oct23-09 04:59 PM
33 2,299
A source S of entangled photon pairs is placed between two polarised detectors A and B whose filters are placed at...
Jul25-12 10:02 AM
10 1,252
I have asked this question in this forum twice before and received no meaningful answer. So I thought I would give it...
Sep4-04 11:29 PM
8 1,198
I've been following the work of Professor Stuart Hammeroff et al. and his group's work on microtubules as best I can,...
Dec19-11 04:40 AM
Vanadium 50
5 1,536
Can quantum be applied to the larger scales in the universe and what would be the affect of uncertainty and exclusion....
Nov2-12 02:09 AM
AJ Bentley
2 676
Why is uncertainty principle said to be a very strange thing? "Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that...
Dec22-08 02:10 PM
3 1,539
I guess inaccuracies in the actual experiment suggests the answer for this question. But would still ask to confirm. ...
May11-12 08:39 AM
8 1,272
Hard to know the proper forum here. Say a photon is spontaneously generated in space with no initial trajectory...
Jan1-09 01:02 PM
8 1,395
How is it possible that a wave function is a solution to the time dependent schroedinger equation, but not to the time...
Mar19-08 07:16 PM
5 2,724
I ran into a problem reading Sakurais book about advanced quantum mechanics. I understand what a spherical tensor...
Oct17-09 10:45 AM
1 2,654
Suppose we consider the spin 1/2 measurement matrices B=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\left(\begin{array}{cc} 1 &...
Dec27-13 04:35 AM
1 370
Actually, the original motivation is to check the closure of SUSY \delta X^\mu = \bar{\epsilon}\psi^\mu \delta...
Dec3-08 03:23 AM
0 847
I am not sure if I should be posting this under QM or under Linear Algebra, since it appears to be an algebraic step...
Mar25-14 06:26 AM
6 231
Hi...I've come across this question on a past exam, and I can't seem to resolve it! A particle is incident on a...
Jun6-04 08:47 PM
4 3,185
I have been playing around with the following rather elementary 1d field theory problem and got stuck. May you have...
Sep9-07 04:28 AM
1 1,045
im studing orthogonalized plane wave method(OPW) IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS. during derivation ,i have
Apr26-09 09:30 PM
2 734
this is from his website: "In what class of 4-dimensional spacetimes does there exist a real, non-constant scalar...
Oct17-04 08:51 AM
2 938
Adam,c - Funktionalanalytische und geometrische Aspekte von Anomalie I need the article eagerly can someone help
Mar23-08 09:03 PM
1 1,030
I know the photons have quantum interference with its self, what if it interfered with past photons? is this possible?...
Jul8-12 02:33 AM
0 411
So, let's think of a world where all the decisions are made by probability, e.g. flipping a coin, and quantum physics...
Jul9-12 12:02 PM
San K
9 882
A number of threads in this forum oscillate between pure mathematical descriptions of the HUP and QM generally, while...
Nov15-12 09:58 PM
0 567
I propose a simple thpught experiment; A scientist A measure the spin of an electron and finds it "up". After that he...
May23-13 06:16 AM
8 790
Let me first start off by saying that I am somewhat new to physics and it's understanding. But I was looking over the...
Oct21-11 09:59 AM
3 848
Consider the usual set up in regard to showing that quantum correlations exist. Recall how Einstein, Podolski and...
Oct31-04 05:37 AM
2 1,080
This is just a thought. I was thinking about how quantum theory started to arise, with planck and assuming energy that...
Nov1-11 05:35 PM
3 633
we know that the functional integrals are important in quantum field theory,but we have the problem that except for...
Dec5-05 03:19 PM
3 1,557
What Unitary operator can transfer the ground state eigenfunction f=1/sqrt(2*pi)*exp(-x^2/2) to the ground state...
Mar8-04 09:41 AM
1 2,256

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