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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,829
Does H(\underline{r})=H\psi(\underline{r}) ?
Dec23-09 07:28 AM
2 696
Hi there, I've recently read some material on QM and entanglement in particular, and even thou I managed to understand...
Jul24-11 02:56 PM
Doc Al
59 5,384
Hi I've been struggling to understand entanglement for some time now, and find that most explanations assume some...
Sep22-09 06:25 PM
17 1,962
There's a lot of talk about "virtual particles" and of energy conservation within a normal perturbative aproach to QM....
May16-06 12:29 PM
2 1,543
I read of an experiment in which people actually timed how long it took water to boil, if it was watched and not...
May12-05 05:06 PM
14 6,456
A detector is a device that once it absorbs a minimum amount of energy changes its state and returns data to an...
May26-10 12:42 PM
21 2,535
I was taught that a particle is assigned to a unique quantum state. As a specific example, two bound electrons can't...
Nov9-12 07:26 AM
9 1,369
In Brian Greene's book 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' he introduces an experiment called the "delayed-choice quantum...
Jan17-09 03:54 PM
11 830
there is a way to write the expansion (in terms of self energy and bare propagator) of the dressed propagator without...
Nov21-12 11:34 AM
0 467
I sometimes see these words used to describe puzzling aspects of quantum mechanics. Can someone explain exactly what...
Aug10-12 08:06 AM
7 1,032
I'd like to find out more about A. Neumaier's interpretation of quantum mechanics. How?
Aug15-12 08:46 AM
3 695
Griffiths's QM textbook says on page 236 regarding the fine structure constant calculation from first principles: ...
Mar7-09 12:51 PM
1 734
I read some paragraphs from Michio Kaku's Hyperspace about Abdus Salam's illustration of symmetry breaking using a...
Jul7-04 05:58 PM
2 1,391
Hello everyone, I am trying to solve time-dependent Liouville-von-Neumann equations for the dynamics of an electron...
Jun23-12 09:20 PM
Einstein Mcfly
4 993
according to uncertainity relation product of dE*dt >=h/2*pi this defines the time limit to which energy conservation...
Oct18-10 03:28 PM
0 787
in the schrodinger equation the integration constant in the angular wave equation is set to L(L+1). may i know why...
Mar24-11 01:07 PM
3 857
We have seen this famous relation between particle's momentum and its wave length as p=h/λ Can we interpret its...
Sep20-11 09:30 AM
1 680
Hi everyone, I am doing some calculations related to elastic Pion - nuclei scattering in the Eikonal model and have a...
Nov15-13 08:51 AM
0 530
Hi there, you know there are simple mathematical calculations, rather based on arithmetic properties (module,...
Aug25-09 10:27 AM
2 1,870
is the idea that collapse cannot be defined as something that occurs, generally known and accepted? thx
Mar13-06 11:05 AM
12 1,176
Since my discussion with Juan R in the thread "photon's mass is zero?" under Special and General relativity went off...
Sep16-05 04:19 PM
29 5,838
Hi there, In 3-dimensional real linear space, the simplest bases can be taken as the canonical bases \hat{x} =...
Feb17-09 10:25 AM
4 1,516
how does light slow down considerably when it passes through one? i have always been told that lights speed remains...
Sep2-04 02:05 AM
4 2,000
I saw one online material about the boson statistics, it said for boson, it needs the chemical potential to be...
Dec3-12 09:32 PM
0 578
can we use QM for predict how chemical reaction will end up or who much energy we must give for a reaction to...
Aug24-09 04:34 PM
0 784
Does the Compton scattering equation \lambda ' - \lambda = \frac{h}{m_{e} c} (1-cos \theta ) work even...
Dec27-08 02:26 PM
8 1,973
I want to know that ,I have read in many books regarding compton's effect that a photon collides with an electron and...
Jun20-14 05:02 AM
Esfand Yar Ali
7 324
Suppose that one electron from the end of the universe is emitted to the quantum rectangular barrier potential whose...
Jul5-11 01:41 AM
Younghun park
5 1,264
In Wikipedia this sentence is written about degeneracy; In physics, two or more different quantum states are said to...
Jul11-12 01:15 PM
3 510
Assume there is a two level system, two eigenstates are written as |\psi_1\rangle = \cos\theta |1, g\rangle +...
May9-09 01:05 PM
17 1,562
In two-level system, with external field applied, why there is no permant dipole moment? In classical point of view,...
Jun5-09 07:31 PM
3 996
can anyone plzzzzz tell me wether we can write dirac equation in the form of some uncertainty relations,?????????? if...
Apr27-09 11:46 AM
0 718
While studying the Dirac Equation, we come across the gamma matrices. Can we consider these matrices as the...
Feb15-13 05:09 AM
2 567
For a system consists of two particle, says two spins, the wavefunction for that system is a direct product of each...
Oct30-08 10:41 PM
9 1,830
I learnt fundamental statistical physics some times ago. But so far I still don't understand how distinguishabilty and...
Feb1-09 10:37 PM
1 2,533
As we know that each electron wave function in a periodic potential can be represented in k space by a sum of infinite...
Oct15-10 10:30 PM
0 1,721
Hi every body and how do you do first sorry of my weak language cuz I'm new physical Researcher at KACST & I'm...
Nov20-10 02:41 AM
2 1,029
I have some question about Ensemble Average. The macroscopic variable of some matter is average of microscopic...
May12-12 02:37 AM
Noh-hoon Lee
0 631
On page 237, Weinberg checked eq. (5.7.23) with an example when \mathbf p is along the three direction. Below that...
Jul31-12 10:31 PM
0 500
Suppose in one dimension we have a particle in box with the lenght a. If we were to expand it's ground state wave...
Jan10-12 03:30 PM
Simon Bridge
1 668

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