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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,776
Is action at a distance possible as envisaged by the EPR Paradox?
Aug30-11 10:18 AM
1,502 148,145
Dear reader, What is the excat charge on a electron and proton? What is the net energy in a electron? I...
Nov4-03 01:37 PM
22 95,286
Thank you for the suggestion. I should say this is the first thread I am starting since I joined physics forums four...
Jan21-13 08:56 AM
823 94,935
Hello, While the majority of physicists embrace the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum decoherence, I am holding...
Nov7-12 02:20 AM
823 83,225
Any comments on the Pusey, Barret, Rudolph paper of Nov 11th? I didn't find any references to it via search here in...
Dec15-12 08:41 AM
521 70,602
Hi all I know I raised a similar question in the thread "Wave particle duality", but it is already so full of many...
Oct11-07 05:55 AM
445 61,909
quite simply the above question. Why does quantum entanglement not allow for faster than light communication? Thanks
Aug31-14 10:28 AM
97 58,158
I have some extremely basic questions in QFT. First, P&S discuss causality in QFT in the first chapter of the...
Feb26-08 08:25 AM
Hans de Vries
317 57,333
is there anyway of doing bra-ket notation in latex?
Jul26-11 11:18 AM
4 53,828 I did enjoy Brian Cox's program on quantum mechanics last night, but one...
Aug30-12 02:07 PM
123 53,618
I'm interested in variouis views on this issue. How far away from a hypothetical center point does the energy of a...
Oct7-10 05:51 PM
170 45,363
Einstein said that you don't truly understand something unless you can explain it to your Grandma. I think that this...
Jun7-11 10:43 AM
404 38,907
Hi everybody. I dropped in to Physics Forums for the first time in a while just to see what was going on in one of my...
Jun18-13 07:57 PM
565 38,776
This showed up on the arxiv blog today: Joy Christian, "Disproof of Bell's Theorem," ...
Feb8-13 01:08 PM
253 38,715
If we entangle particles and seperate them by a large distance, can the action of measuring one cause decoherence at...
Oct13-13 03:19 PM
50 38,058
What's the difference between an excitation spectrum and an absorption spectrum for the same molecule? Are the words...
Feb7-10 03:45 PM
4 37,902
With a double slit measurement a single photon is a wave which goes throught both slits. To extinguish each other at...
Oct16-13 01:59 PM
67 37,319
Hello, I am trying to teach myself quantum mechanics so take it easy on me. In 1905, Einstein proposed that...
Jan17-06 06:01 PM
7 36,126
(Part of) The proof/logic of Bell's theorem goes thus: With the measurements oriented at intermediate angles...
Jul2-13 03:37 PM
428 35,573
From my understanding QM deals with small things in the universe I use the term "small" loosely when I refer to small...
Oct1-13 08:26 PM
66 35,405
You are no doubt familiar with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, putting a limit on the accuracy with which we can...
Jan22-12 07:30 PM
San K
299 34,016
The famous Bell experiment would somehow proof non-locality and/or traveling of information faster then light. A...
Feb25-07 04:35 PM
303 33,207
Can anyone please tell me what energy is made of? If this is a really bad question please feel free to eliminate this...
May23-06 08:36 AM
Doc Al
36 31,166
how big is a photon? what are its dimensions? if this is a meaningless question, please tell me why...
Sep2-12 09:38 AM
Vanadium 50
74 31,091
I think it's time for the annual quantum interpretation poll. Vote for which interpretation you currently think...
Jun27-12 10:44 AM
245 30,267
Hey everybody, since the previous thread got locked I thought I would open this thread as a place to discuss rigorous...
Apr23-10 09:51 AM
246 30,096
Bohmian Mechanics conflicts with so many observational facts: 1. Bohmian Mechanics severely violates Lorentz...
Jun25-13 03:25 AM
235 30,053
Hello, is it possible to reproduce the double slit experiment at home with some easily obtainable equipment? I was...
Jan3-13 04:11 PM
Pitullie Paul
32 29,307
I've been trying to mine the web and Wikipedia but all I can find is his personal life, former students and some...
Nov14-06 01:09 PM
4 28,963
No-one is suggesting that this is exactly the same as the wave-particle duality that exists at the quantum scale (e.g....
Sep2-14 02:04 PM
95 28,695
from my thinking nonlocality and entanglement are never a problem because in a totally determinstic universe, the...
Apr6-12 01:07 PM
395 28,384
Hey, just a quick one. Anyone know of some good links to actual photo etc of matter particals? Thanx.
Sep10-10 09:28 PM
26 28,173
These questions, being so basic, were harder to find answers to on the forums (or elsewhere). At least, it was harder...
Sep26-13 04:08 PM
63 27,591
for each massive body is assigned a wave length by the De Broglie formula: lambda=h/mv but, for example, a stone...
Mar18-08 10:25 AM
4 27,334
I've studied enough of physics and chemistry to find out this question has not yet been answered. All theories derive...
Feb27-09 04:29 AM
35 27,332
As we know, when we do calculations in QFT, we write down the ampitude, and find that it can be explaind as Feynman...
Jan9-11 06:05 PM
250 26,756
Preamble: I have yet to find a reason to abandon my support of a LOCAL interpretation of QM; especially in relation to...
May3-07 10:38 PM
246 26,752
Can Schrodinger's Equation be derived without a boundary condition? Particles according to quantum physics are only...
Jan7-08 04:03 PM
72 26,186
ive been reading on this forum that virtual particles flat out dont exist?then why is it said they exist for a certain...
Nov16-11 08:08 AM
301 25,999
I'm a grade 10 student and very much interested in physics. Just wondering the difference between quantum mechanics...
May1-09 03:02 AM
3 25,909

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