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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
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I have been told that radioactive decay, photon emission and absorption, and other such subatomic events are not...
Jun18-04 05:05 AM
5 1,262
When two quarks get close together (let's say 10^-19 metres) does the colour force become repulsive and if so is the...
Aug26-04 02:40 PM
0 1,262
Hi there. I'm new to this board so please excuse if this is misplaced, there seems to be too many places to choose...
Aug10-06 05:08 AM
1 1,262
Hello everybody, I am going through Ryder's book about Quantum Field Theory right now. In the chapter about Pion...
Aug24-09 07:47 AM
2 1,262
This doubt is about a text in Peskin Schroeder Pg 86. I reproduce it here. -------------------------------- U(t,t')...
Mar30-11 01:26 AM
4 1,262
what happens if a photon with insufficient energy to overcome the work function collide with a electron.
Jul1-11 01:41 PM
5 1,262
I'm still in high school. I'm reading about physics as a hobby. In this document the limitations of the particle...
Dec11-11 04:25 AM
5 1,262
Greetings, How do we decide on which sign to take when using the momentum operator? The question may be very...
Jun3-12 11:06 AM
4 1,262
I know in classical physics we calculate the energy based on the Amplitude. I also know we calculate the energy in QM...
Jun12-12 09:20 AM
3 1,262
:rolleyes: In the exp using 1/2 silvered mirrors to decide which path a photon takes after it has been given enough...
Apr10-04 09:09 PM
0 1,261
In quantum systems/domain, the transporting of information from two locations, say A to B is the basis of all quantum...
Apr16-05 04:18 PM
3 1,261
Reading about the double slit experiment in Six Easy Pieces I came across something I had questions about, which is...
Aug4-05 11:06 PM
8 1,261
If 2 electrons were created at the same time and entangled. And you sent A to the other side of the universe and then...
Sep21-07 01:42 AM
2 1,261
I've been reading a lot upon the MWI and to my surprise there are more than just 1 interpretation of the "many...
Jan9-08 10:16 AM
7 1,261
Steven Hawking writes in A Brief History of Time that time itself must sometimes have an imaginary component in order...
Oct25-09 07:55 PM
2 1,261
I was reading about the double slit experiment (it seems I always glean a better understanding every time I read,...
Dec7-09 04:05 PM
2 1,261
I am confused about the order of operations with kets, as well as when one can permute the order of the kets. ...
Sep12-10 03:47 PM
5 1,261
I would like to have a general formula, and I am quite sure it must exist, for: \gamma^{\mu}_{ab}\gamma_{\mu...
Jan17-12 02:59 PM
3 1,261
If we have two groups of photons; each group consisting of two entangled photons. We allow one of the photons from...
Feb13-12 07:29 PM
11 1,261
I used to believe that everything in the universe is deterministic because it obeys physical laws. So we could...
Nov11-04 03:31 PM
1 1,260
what exactly are ghosts? i am guessing that they have something to do with overcounting feynman diagrams or something...
Jul24-08 09:16 AM
1 1,260
Hello everybody, I've been assigned a research project on Symmetric Informationally Complete Positive Operator...
Oct14-08 02:04 AM
1 1,260
Is this theory completed? i mena the quantum gravity with a metric gab=nab+ehab where e<<1 and nab is the Minkowski...
Jul30-04 06:01 AM
0 1,259
Hi all, I am not educated in physics but truly need someone who greatly understands Young's Double-Slit Experiment...
Sep11-05 11:41 PM
4 1,259
sometimes i think, would the pauli exclusion principle still apply if the fermions span a very large spatial distance?...
Jul7-06 02:44 AM
2 1,259
Hello all, I was wondering about the physical meaning of reflection for quite a while. Suppose say I have a...
Oct14-06 03:15 PM
0 1,259
I originally posted this in the Science Book and discussion forum but received no help. Am posting it here, hoping...
Jun18-11 10:07 AM
4 1,259
I was watching indepth on cspan booktv with Michio Kaku and he says that the Planck time has not be proven. I thought...
Sep10-11 01:47 PM
4 1,259
What are the reasons for scientists believing the planck scale is the smallest unit of length? I have been hearing a...
Dec1-11 04:12 PM
2 1,259
Do physicists know what causes an Einstein-Rosen bridge (a wormhole) to open up? Does astronomy know of any stable...
Feb27-13 06:56 PM
12 1,259
does anyone know? time = ?
Jan28-04 04:52 PM
14 1,258
Under what circumstances could the colour force ( or the strong residual force) become repulsive between quarks? I've...
Aug28-04 06:23 AM
8 1,258
ok, so i used to think i new my share of quantum phyisics, but apparently i dont, soooooo, id like to know if anyone...
Sep21-04 12:23 PM
9 1,258
I read about how a quantum computer would work, but how close are we to making one. If it isn't possible what would...
Jun28-08 07:27 AM
2 1,258
Hi all, I've been looking at the problem of two interacting electrons in a 1D infinite well and wanted to run my...
Aug8-08 04:53 PM
1 1,258
Hi dears, I'm following the book of Datta named "Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor". But just at the beginning,...
Apr1-09 01:46 PM
1 1,258
Dear PF members, I want to know some accurate informations regarding the time-energy uncertainty principle. From...
Sep7-09 08:34 AM
Count Iblis
7 1,258
I'm still having trouble understanding the connection between a static electric field and harmonic oscillators. I...
Nov12-10 12:12 AM
13 1,258
how to solve this hamilition? and Does this expression has an exact solution?
Nov15-10 06:07 AM
3 1,258
We've solved for several systems, the hydrogen atom for instance, and one of the properties of these is that it...
Nov26-11 03:02 PM
5 1,258

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