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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 34,813
The uncertainty principle states that you can never know with any accuracy the precise position and velocity of a...
Feb27-05 09:56 AM
5 1,360
If I understand it, photons on the event horizon of a black hole can go over the speed of light by the plank constant....
Jan11-05 09:37 PM
4 1,359
Of course that,s setting s=it inside Schroedinguer equation you get the Heat equation..and the same for...
Apr2-06 05:04 AM
0 1,359
Let's suppose we have in perturbation theory the quantities (m_0 , q_0 , G_0 (x,s)) With m,q, and G(x,s) the...
Apr24-07 02:32 AM
2 1,359
surfing the web and arxiv i found the strange formula lnA= \frac{d^{n}}{ds^{n}} \frac{s^{n-1}}{n! A^{s}} my...
Jun17-08 12:11 PM
4 1,359
Recently the NIST group demonstrated a two qubit programmable quantum computer, And...
Feb6-10 07:35 PM
6 1,359
Hello everyone! I want to study QFT and I want to know all of the required mathematics for it. I know most of...
Dec9-11 11:47 AM
4 1,359
Consider the usual 1D quantum harmonic oscillator with the typical hamiltonian in P and X and with the usual ladder...
Sep19-11 05:07 AM
4 1,358
A single stationary electron's magnetic flux caused by it's spin gives it a north and south pole right? does that mean...
Nov10-06 08:28 PM
5 1,358
A friend of mine wrote a paper on entanglement, measurement, and simultaneity. the professor provided an...
Mar29-07 12:25 AM
George Jones
5 1,358
Hello, again a question, this time concerning the wave function of particles. I am currently working through the...
Jul23-08 03:00 PM
0 1,358
For harmonic oscillator, let |0> be the ground state, so which statement is correct? a|0> =|0> or a|0> = 0...
May2-09 02:57 PM
10 1,358
Hi, I need to read up on Bra/Ket notation for my project on Bells Inequalities. I've been through the relevant...
Nov14-09 05:16 PM
1 1,358
Hello, I'm planning to do my EE of IB Diploma on quantum physics and I have a doubt concerning quantum entanglement....
Mar17-11 12:48 AM
2 1,358
This doubt is about a text in Peskin Schroeder Pg 86. I reproduce it here. -------------------------------- U(t,t')...
Mar30-11 01:26 AM
4 1,358
Does anybody know how prove the claim in my question here:...
Dec7-11 01:55 PM
6 1,358
Hi there, I was given these proofs to do for my quantum class. proofs are the worst for me, I know it work and i have...
Sep7-05 04:24 PM
7 1,357
I hope I'm not offending anyone here by posting a request for some help here. We are in need of a knowledgable...
Apr4-08 12:49 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
6 1,357
if we consider the propagators and other Fourier integrals in the sense of 'distribution' then are all the divergences...
Nov13-08 04:11 PM
2 1,357
why |a><b| expresses the can it be possible on matrix..if we multiply a ket a with a bra b ...we get...
Jan27-09 10:48 AM
7 1,357
I am confused about the order of operations with kets, as well as when one can permute the order of the kets. ...
Sep12-10 03:47 PM
5 1,357
Hi all, just studying for my final exam and needed a little clarification on this. Our prof did an example:...
Apr16-12 02:15 PM
1 1,357
Amateur level. Popular Science books usually start describing the double-slit experiment in terms of waves, by...
Jul24-05 05:27 PM
4 1,356
I've started a new website, . As of yet, there is very little on this site. I put up a...
Jun7-06 01:20 AM
0 1,356
Let be a classical particle with Hamiltonian \pi _{t}-p^{2}-V(x)=0 can we describe the QM version of it...
Jul31-07 04:39 AM
4 1,356
hi, i have read that photons must have an angular momentum because they have no rest mass. does anyone there...
Oct30-10 10:29 AM
4 1,356
I've been reading about it various places online, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Is information lost...
Sep13-11 06:29 AM
11 1,356
Einstein said " a gravitational wave can't be put in a box like a light wave." Was he right? What if the...
Jun27-04 02:00 PM
0 1,355
I realize that this has been experimentally confirmed in any number of ways, based on the external application of...
May15-08 12:00 PM
3 1,355
I'm having trouble relating the classical (Maxwell) model for electromagnetic radiation to the quantum mechanical...
Nov30-08 01:39 PM
1 1,355
It seems the consensus is that space is just a metric, but what is the metric when, we consider (solid) objects, i...
Jan17-09 11:13 AM
11 1,355
perhaps is a dumb quetion but, given a IR divergent integral (diverges whenever x tends to 0) \int_{0}^{\infty}...
Apr11-09 01:01 PM
Vanadium 50
5 1,355
Question 1: The mean speed for escaping molecules from a hole is 1.88*(k*T)/m)^1/2 (Eq.1) The mean speed for...
Nov16-09 11:25 PM
0 1,355
In the double-slit experiment, when a single particle is "fired", it will pass through the slits as a wave but hit the...
Feb18-10 07:31 AM
4 1,355
what makes a metal sheet to reflect light? why doesn't individual metal atom reflects light?
May18-10 09:00 AM
1 1,355
I now show some derivations regarding quantum commutators,leading to some inconsistencies. Can someone tell what went...
Jun14-12 12:11 PM
6 1,355
Is it correct to consider instead Schrodinger's Cat next case? I to propose to consider the next task. Let's...
Apr11-04 11:44 AM
1 1,354
In case of mirror reflexion, a photon reflected is the same ? There´s some atomic process in this fenomena ? ...
May8-09 05:06 PM
4 1,354
I know this is a hotly debated subject here, but what is the general scientific consensus (or most popular definiton)...
Sep8-09 10:06 AM
7 1,354
Hi all. I have been looking around for a while and done quite some research, however i couldnt find an answer. The...
May25-10 07:57 AM
1 1,354

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