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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,471
I understand the fact the light can be proved to be both a particle and a wave, but one thing I don't understand:...
Jul2-06 08:00 AM
5 1,392
Hello, Say I have a system with a spatial part and a spin degree of freedom, hence the wavefunction generally looks...
Jan25-12 01:28 AM
8 1,392
Suppose you have a particle which is not in a momentum eigenstate. You then measure the momentum (say, in the...
May15-06 02:18 PM
6 1,391
Under time reversal T, the momentum operator changes sign but the position operator remains the same. So if you have a...
Sep3-08 01:08 PM
1 1,391
I'm learning about Schrodinger's equation in my general chem class right now, so obviously I'm doing a little...
Oct29-09 04:33 AM
2 1,391
I originally posted this in the Science Book and discussion forum but received no help. Am posting it here, hoping...
Jun18-11 10:07 AM
4 1,391
Hello, I am a beginner on the sbject so please correct if I'm using some sloppy terminology. I'll try to be clear. ...
Jul20-11 08:45 AM
1 1,391
Published in “Science Online” 12 April 2012: “Signatures of Majorana Fermions in Hybrid...
Apr14-12 06:53 AM
1 1,391
ΔxΔp ≥ \frac{h}{4\pi} Since Δx=ct for a photon and Δp=(mv_{f}-mv_{i}) Then ct(mv_{f}-mv_{i}) ≥ \frac{h}{4\pi} ...
Jun12-12 12:59 PM
8 1,391
i was going through the quantum mechanics book by griffith and on the very first chaper i read that the wavefunction...
Sep7-12 06:41 AM
8 1,391
I'm trying to solve this question for an assignment, and wanted to know if i am on the right route. An electron with...
Oct23-04 06:18 PM
0 1,390
Let say our dimension is a 4Dimension graph, and every position is a coordinate. If a matter disappear in its original...
Apr15-05 01:36 AM
7 1,390
What is the difference between using J and l for quantum numbers? I have some lecture notes that aren't fully...
Jan18-08 01:42 PM
5 1,390
I'd be greatful for a bit of help on this question, can't seem to get the answer to pop out: A particle moving in a...
May9-08 12:38 PM
4 1,390
I wish to graph a couple of the waveforms of a harmonic oscillator. I have consulted several resources and have found...
Aug23-08 04:04 PM
2 1,390
Casimir force increases when you put 2 plates closer and closer... But where is a limit? Obviously, Casimir...
Jan5-09 08:56 AM
4 1,390
Hi there! What is meant by saying that a photon of smaller wavelength can resolve smaller distances? I know from...
Jan28-09 08:27 AM
1 1,390
I was looking at a paper about strong-coupling expansion (N. F. Svaiter, Physica (Amsterdam) 345A, 517 (2005) ) and it...
Aug25-10 10:51 AM
0 1,390
free energy is often defined in canonical ensemble but can we define it for micro-canonical ensemble? why...
Nov23-10 12:02 PM
0 1,390
Please teach me this: Why discontinue(quantum) characteristic ultimately relates with probability characteristic in...
Mar11-11 09:58 AM
7 1,390
i am not getting the interconnection between probability wave function of particle with particle's momentum,can anyone...
Jul17-11 06:49 PM
8 1,390
i do not believe that there is an answer, though i wish to be sure weather or not there are any semi-valid atleast...
Jul5-05 07:53 PM
10 1,389
I was wondering according to QM do charged particles creat fields, do fields create charged particles, or are they...
Jan3-06 06:02 PM
2 1,389
Hi All - My name is Dan Sandberg and I am studying physical chemistry at the Univ. of Connecticut in the USA. I...
May24-10 12:36 PM
8 1,389
I was curious as to the form of the hamiltonian, whose energy eigenstate in the position basis is a gaussian...
Jun6-07 10:45 AM
2 1,388
We know the average energy of particle could be described by temperature. E=k*T. The energy is quantized. Its unit...
Jul20-07 09:44 AM
Meir Achuz
2 1,388
As a beginner in QM I have a question that I could not find answered in my books. Two particles evolve happily...
Oct13-08 09:26 PM
15 1,388
Can anyone tell me if this is the basic concept behind effective field theories: 1) You begin with your original...
Feb18-09 06:15 PM
2 1,388
Hello, I would like to know how to calculate the broadening of the spectral lines caused by the Doppler effect for...
Jun6-09 01:48 PM
0 1,388
Which QM interpretation (Bohm, Copenhagen, MWI) best supports the resolution of Hardy's Paradox?
Jul27-09 05:35 AM
8 1,388
according to the paper by Chuang SL, 1997, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 12, 252 (1997). ... you can see in page 258, the...
Aug26-10 07:04 PM
0 1,388
I read It is a good principle to get feeling of quantum physics...
Oct20-10 02:49 PM
0 1,388
I am new to quantum physics. Is there is any operator in quantum physics that does not show eigenvalue property?...
Dec6-10 03:38 AM
8 1,388
what is angular momentum of a electron in 3d orbital. Answer 1: d=2 angular momentum = sqrt(2(2+1))* ...
Jul12-11 10:39 PM
4 1,388
Hi I am just doing an undergraduate degree in physics and currently studying a course in the foundations of QM. The...
May27-05 06:34 PM
James Jackson
6 1,387
A young student asks me "why mr. Max Planck could find out the planck constant. How come he could find such a small...
Oct17-09 04:12 AM
6 1,387
Hi, I need to read up on Bra/Ket notation for my project on Bells Inequalities. I've been through the relevant...
Nov14-09 05:16 PM
1 1,387
How do mirrors work in quantum mechanics? Does light get absorbed by the atoms and then emitted at the same frequency?...
Jun7-11 12:41 PM
1 1,387
Does anybody know how prove the claim in my question here:...
Dec7-11 01:55 PM
6 1,387
Hello everyone! I want to study QFT and I want to know all of the required mathematics for it. I know most of...
Dec9-11 11:47 AM
4 1,387

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