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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 30,319
My next thread is about the Quantum Vacuum -- this idea that the vacuum is actually a player/participant in the...
Jan2-07 01:18 PM
3 2,177
Hello. I know about the correspondence principle which states that classical mechanics emerges from quantum...
Aug9-07 03:37 PM
3 2,177
Hi, I don't know much about physics but the limited amount of reading I've done on this particular observation (is...
Sep30-09 12:06 PM
James Leighe
4 2,177
I'm not sure what forum to put this in. It's a math question, but it's only of interest to physics people. Given...
Dec21-09 10:56 PM
21 2,177
:confused: I have a research project to be done and I want to know what is Einstein-De Hass Effect. It is...
Jun20-05 08:20 AM
4 2,176
For each symmetry operation R acting on a physical system,there is a corresponding unitary transformation U(R). But...
Jun19-07 02:52 PM
4 2,176
IN an atom why the matter waves associated with electron is regarded as standing wave having varying amplitude within...
Jun28-08 05:50 AM
2 2,176
Please bear with me on this one; this is a plea for understanding rather than a "the theory doesn't work" post! I'll...
Sep17-09 08:04 AM
22 2,176
Someone attended me on the article `A double-slit quantum eraser' from Walborn e.a. 2008. This is a much better,...
Jan12-14 08:10 AM
79 2,176
Given an operator \hat{Q} (in the Schrodinger picture) in non-relativistic quantum mechanics and a state...
Nov15-07 02:53 PM
1 2,175
I've got this question and I'm absolutely clueless, any help will be greatly appreciated: The nth energy level for...
Jun1-08 05:11 PM
4 2,175
Hello all. I haven't worked hard enough yet (reading the original papers etc) to really get at the differences...
Aug12-12 09:09 PM
Einstein Mcfly
31 2,175
In a traditional Bell-type experiment, although one set of measurements is correlated with the other set, no...
Dec9-05 02:10 PM
16 2,174
OK, let's say we have solved Schrodinger's eqn. for a system composed of a large number of degrees of freedom. We...
Apr23-07 10:01 PM
12 2,174
I'm not quite familiar in QM. All I can see are formulas, I'm familiar with diff.calc., integral, & diff.equations. ...
Sep6-07 06:04 PM
10 2,174
I'm taking a course on Lie groups and am reading alongisde Cahn's semi-simple lie algebras and their representations....
Feb2-08 11:33 PM
6 2,174
whether light has mass?if yes what is the reason behind it?
Sep21-10 04:31 PM
17 2,174
I'm studying QM out of Sakurai's book and on page 95 (equation 2.3.47), he states the Baker-Hausdorff Lemma without...
Oct7-12 03:12 PM
1 2,174
Hello, folks - The descriptions I read for laymen say that once a particle is measured or observed, it's wave...
Dec1-06 12:19 PM
Lelan Thara
17 2,173
if a ball of mass m moving under the potential : V(z) = mgz for z > 0 and V(z) = \infty for z \leq0.What is the...
Jan23-08 05:16 AM
1 2,173
A block is at rest. The block is macroscopic so we can see that it is at rest and where it is, i.e. we know its...
Apr16-08 12:22 AM
11 2,173
Alain Aspect's experiment: ...
Nov19-09 01:15 AM
20 2,173
I've got three questions basically. Do photons actually have only an integer spin +/- 1, or do people really only...
May2-10 06:44 PM
5 2,173
Since another thread was killed without any good reason, here I give some references concerning the ideas I was...
Aug30-06 12:30 PM
4 2,172
In classical e&m, for gauge invariance you can choose div=0 or div=dV/dt, where A is vector potential and V is the...
Dec17-08 07:49 AM
4 2,172
Hey, I'm trying to understand the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester since it is an essentially quantum mechanic effect, but...
Jan5-10 03:55 PM
5 2,172
I recently saw two connected articles in AIP Advances. The attempt is to generate a classical model for the particle...
Jun9-11 05:50 AM
5 2,172
QFT states that all forces are due to the exchange of virtual particles, I'm interested in photons and thier role in...
Oct25-05 09:00 PM
5 2,171
In the position representation, its true that we can use operators to represent the coulombic interaction between the...
Dec15-10 04:48 PM
Bob S
2 2,171
I hope this is the right place to post my questions. I have very basic questions that I just don't know the answer to...
Jan19-12 08:28 PM
Ken G
11 2,171
Recent double-slit experiments with massive molecules, such as fluoro-fullerene consisting of 108 atoms and atomic...
Feb23-06 05:16 AM
11 2,170
Gents, Is it possible to have the not singular chiral current (singularity is due to the product of fermionic...
May18-06 09:04 AM
1 2,170
I have a question regarding the behavior of photons, or anything for that matter, when treated as a wave. When I...
Aug22-08 02:46 PM
15 2,170
Hi guys, Quantum mechanics gives well-defined probabilistic predictions for the value we get when we measure...
Sep19-10 02:16 AM
6 2,170
Dear friends, I'm a 2nd year physics student and I've taken a subject called "Introduction to the structure of...
Feb22-05 12:11 AM
7 2,169
I know quantum mechanics describies a hydrogen atom in great detail. I'm wondering if there exists another model...
Dec29-06 09:56 AM
3 2,169
These questions are about the motivations behind notations in quantum mechanics. First on my list is Dirac...
Feb9-11 04:07 AM
A. Neumaier
13 2,169
In my thermo text, they consider a diatomic molecule that is rotating about the axis joining the two atoms (also the...
Nov14-06 09:42 PM
5 2,168
I am studying QM by myself. I got a quite confusing problem which annoying me for a certain time. Well, this question...
Oct27-08 08:03 AM
7 2,168
is hv as we all know, but how do with derive it from Einstein's special theory of relativity? any pointer to help me...
Aug15-08 03:25 AM
15 2,167

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