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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 35,502
Hello all I've been reading about the quantum vacuum plasma thruster. On the surface it sounds great. My question...
Sep5-12 11:18 AM
1 2,363
How can quantum physics applied in our daily life?
Feb20-07 02:37 PM
7 2,363
Why is it that we assume that the solutions to the time-independent Schrodinger Equation are real? Why can't they be...
Sep14-11 12:11 AM
7 2,363
As I understand the many worlds interpretation of QM, theres no collapse in the wavefunction just a splitting of the...
Jan27-05 09:42 PM
20 2,361
can i ask ..... how could planck's idea of quantised energy explain the ultraviolet catastrophe? WHAT is being...
Jul14-05 11:26 AM
5 2,361
The wikipedia page on photoelectric effect talks of a 5th...
Jun19-09 06:50 AM
6 2,361
I am pretty confused about how to construct states to make symmetric / anti-symmetric combination so I would like to...
Mar2-10 07:34 AM
3 2,361
Hi everyone How do I show that the expression \sum_{b'}|\langle c'|b'\rangle|^{2}|\langle b'|a'\rangle|^{2} =...
Aug2-08 07:55 AM
16 2,360
I have not been able to find the quantum constant force problem in the various QM texts that I have checked. I am...
Jul27-05 10:13 AM
22 2,359
Is continuous?..whilst in GR it is discrete, and Time in GR is continuous..yet as one explores Quantum regions it...
Nov29-04 03:55 AM
2 2,358
gravity is expressed geometrically. is this expression unique to gravity or are there formallism that allow charge/EM,...
Aug29-06 12:23 PM
5 2,358
Could anyone tell me what complex scaling is? Do the eigenfunctions of the complex scaled Hamiltonian form a...
Dec14-06 10:36 AM
Georgie Cartier
1 2,357
Is energy lost from photons when travelling through the air (eg: friction) to an object from a source such as the sun?...
Jul28-09 04:52 PM
16 2,357
I have a simple technical problem. I'm following a paper 137, 262-305 (1981)], and I am unable to show a very simple...
Jan24-10 01:28 AM
6 2,357
I'm studying QM out of Sakurai's book and on page 95 (equation 2.3.47), he states the Baker-Hausdorff Lemma without...
Oct7-12 03:12 PM
1 2,357
I've been reading about Hawking Radiation, and some questions have come up. 1) What exactly is a virtual particle?...
Oct15-03 07:01 AM
7 2,356
I am reading Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Nelson and Chuang myself and came across the Bloch Sphere...
May22-07 02:45 AM
2 2,356
Why does in QM the electron does not fall toward the nucleus? After all, the only force between nucleus and electron...
Jun2-09 11:09 AM
12 2,355
This really bugs me as people like Dinesh D'souza, Deepak Chopra and many other "spiritual scientists" claim that...
Oct2-10 08:27 AM
5 2,355
(You may think this belongs in the General Relativity section, but the question really relates more to particle...
Dec16-11 12:49 PM
8 2,355
Hi all,can any one tell me the meaning of lines that i had read from a book: "The electron is situated within a...
Sep5-08 12:06 PM
0 2,354
I am a newbie to QM. Why can't the Klein Gordon equation be used to describe particles with spin? Thanks
Jan3-12 06:45 AM
21 2,354
Is it possible to describe spontaneous breaking of the local gauge symmetry in the standard Hamiltonian formalism,...
Aug20-08 06:44 PM
3 2,353
Ok so I'm a bit confused. We have a confirmed electroweak theory - electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force were...
Feb18-12 01:55 PM
9 2,353
Hey there! I'm still a beginner with many physics theories, so this may be an obvious question. I understand that a...
Dec14-12 05:42 PM
12 2,353
If the Higgs theory is correct shouldn't it be able to predict the rest masses of all particles?
Aug20-04 09:38 AM
14 2,352
In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic interaction and the basic unit of...
Apr13-11 10:34 AM
6 2,352
What is the derivation for E=hf and why did experimental observation of black bodies show that quantization of light...
Oct12-12 12:35 PM
8 2,352
Hi. Recently day, I tried to solve quantum mechanics problem in liboff fourth version to prepare graduate...
Oct22-08 08:01 PM
Ben Niehoff
4 2,351
can you explain this statement "if psi is a solution of a schrodinger equation, then so is kpsi, where k is any...
Feb6-05 11:03 PM
8 2,350
Oh, no. Another thread on Particle/Wave Duality? Forgive me for starting yet another thread on this topic, but I...
Dec4-05 11:18 PM
1 2,350
Say for example we consider Helium. It has 2 neutrons and 2 protons. Based on this, and using Schodingers equation...
Dec20-10 04:39 AM
7 2,350
One time, I saw this experiment where 2 polarizers were offset by 90 degrees so that no light got through. Then a...
May19-11 07:23 PM
8 2,350
Please bear with me on this one; this is a plea for understanding rather than a "the theory doesn't work" post! I'll...
Sep17-09 08:04 AM
22 2,349
Sorry for a (maybe) dumb question, but... I understand that according to QM, the description of the situation for a...
Nov18-09 09:43 PM
26 2,349
...the electron. I don't know what it is and i've read dozens of electronics/chemistry books trying to figure it out....
May21-04 06:31 AM
17 2,348
I moved this from a different thread as i thought it would be more appropriate here. If two photons were to arrive...
May3-05 08:04 AM
14 2,348
In a singlet state like |e>= |+> |-> - |-> |+> if we take the two particles far apart and measure the spin...
Dec14-09 05:48 AM
20 2,348
I'm fairly new to my readings in Quantum mechanics, so my apologies for any mistakes in interpritation of the theory....
Dec27-09 02:30 PM
12 2,348
I hope this didn't come up and I'm not just repeating it but I did a search and couldn't find anything on it. So, how...
Jan8-12 03:42 PM
7 2,348

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