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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,443
I have some questions regarding: S = \sum_{n=0}^\infty\ S^n = \sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{i^n}{n!} \idotsint \...
Aug11-05 11:02 PM
0 2,407
In thinking about QM, I was wondering if anyone could comment on this? Back in prehistoric times, I did research using...
May8-11 08:19 AM
10 2,407
Why is it that we assume that the solutions to the time-independent Schrodinger Equation are real? Why can't they be...
Sep14-11 12:11 AM
7 2,407
What are the limitations on the phase velocity of laser light? Is it true to say that the phase velocity of laser...
Jun3-08 02:37 PM
Andy Resnick
2 2,406
in Pages 307-308 of Peskin and Schröeder we find \delta S (< \Omega | T( \phi (x1) \phi(x2)..... \phi (xN) |...
Feb25-11 10:10 AM
2 2,406
Can anyone help me on this?? In a contest to drop a marble with mass 30 g from the roof of a building onto a small...
Mar18-04 06:57 AM
3 2,405
Assuming that I have an atom that produces two photons having opposite polarization, and I send one toward the event...
Oct2-04 10:30 AM
19 2,405
excuse all the questions, but i've just recently started reading about quantum mechanics and want to know about what...
Jun21-05 09:08 PM
9 2,405
Briefly, the 1-D box problem goes like this: A particle can move between x=0 and x=L. The potential is:...
Jan11-08 09:15 PM
6 2,405
Hi, I have a few question about orbitals 1. What does psi or wave function represents? 2. When talking about...
Jan1-09 07:33 PM
3 2,405
When a photon is emitted, where did it come from? Did something cause it to be created and then emitted, or was it...
Apr19-11 06:41 PM
10 2,404
Hi everyone How do I show that the expression \sum_{b'}|\langle c'|b'\rangle|^{2}|\langle b'|a'\rangle|^{2} =...
Aug2-08 07:55 AM
16 2,404
Hi folks, i've never taken a real quantum physics course, so this question miiight be really silly, but here it is: ...
Dec24-10 08:04 AM
7 2,404
How would be a good way of explaining Sationary Waves to somebody who does not know what they are? I'm talking...
Dec8-03 08:00 AM
2 2,403
can i ask ..... how could planck's idea of quantised energy explain the ultraviolet catastrophe? WHAT is being...
Jul14-05 11:26 AM
5 2,403
In perturbation theory, how can I show that: <\psi_n^{(0)} | H' - E_n^{(1)} | \psi_n^{(1)}> = -<\psi_n^{(1)} |...
Apr15-07 06:02 PM
0 2,403
For a particular energy level in hydrogen, with quantum numbers n and l, one will find when considering the spin-orbit...
Feb21-10 04:26 PM
6 2,403
Apologies if this has come up before, but a week or so ago I read a paper or article that said the photoelectric...
Jul6-06 06:31 AM
9 2,402
Alain Aspect's experiment: ...
Nov19-09 01:15 AM
20 2,402
Sort of kidding with the title here. But seriously I am having trouble making progress in my study of QFT because I...
Apr18-08 10:57 AM
11 2,401
How could sodium chloride produce chlorine (neutral atoms rather than ions) in a swimming pool? I have always...
Jul10-11 11:21 PM
2 2,401
Beginners question: When electrons of all a certain kinetic energy (say 100keV) are decelerated are all the photons...
May3-05 08:05 PM
Meir Achuz
2 2,400
Hi all, since scattering amplitude is given as: f(theta) = summation over l(from o to infinity)(2l+1)/k...
Sep30-08 09:20 AM
1 2,400
I am pretty confused about how to construct states to make symmetric / anti-symmetric combination so I would like to...
Mar2-10 07:34 AM
3 2,400
Hi all, to begin this is my understanding of hawking radiation. A particle/anti-particle pair is generated. one...
Oct18-13 02:28 AM
18 2,400
According to my book, uncertainty Q = 0 (where Q is an observable) is true when the state function is an...
Mar3-04 09:10 PM
12 2,399
Hi does anyone know where i can find an online version of the quantum mechanical theory behind lasers and masers....
May14-09 02:25 PM
9 2,399
Both photons and electrons give the same kind of interference pattern in the double-slit experiment, but while in the...
Dec5-13 10:13 AM
San K
39 2,398
Can someone explain how non-Hermitian Hamiltonians are used to account for particle decay?
Feb21-09 04:48 AM
5 2,397
Hello everyone, I tried to describe my question but it seems getting too complicated and confusing to write down my...
Jun23-10 01:59 AM
5 2,396
I have to write a short essay answering this question (1st year university level). I am finding it very hard to get...
Jul31-05 04:47 AM
17 2,395
Can someone link me to a thorough online derivation of the Euler-Lagrange equation from the principle of least action?
Jun18-07 09:41 PM
1 2,395
funny little topic a friend and i were on. i think it does.
Jun20-08 09:56 PM
6 2,394
Hi! I wonder if the Feynman rules in momentum space can also be applied to disconnected diagrams. So aussume I have...
Aug6-08 02:32 PM
0 2,394
Hey there! I'm still a beginner with many physics theories, so this may be an obvious question. I understand that a...
Dec14-12 05:42 PM
12 2,394
say an ensemble consisting of N IDENTICAL bipartite systems. The system can be in either of the two situations. A)...
Mar17-08 10:05 PM
2 2,393
We can calculate a de Broglie wavelength for a particle with momentum p. My question is does this apply to the lateral...
Jun14-12 04:50 PM
9 2,393
As I understand the many worlds interpretation of QM, theres no collapse in the wavefunction just a splitting of the...
Jan27-05 09:42 PM
20 2,392
Dear friends, I'm a 2nd year physics student and I've taken a subject called "Introduction to the structure of...
Feb22-05 12:11 AM
7 2,392
Is there a physical meaning to the electron "smear" or probability cloud? If an object (electron) was to somehow...
Feb6-09 08:40 AM
17 2,391

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