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Quantum Physics

- Mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:38 AM
1 36,825
When do you think type one civilization will be reached? I think we'll reach type one civilization will be reached...
Dec3-03 08:22 PM
43 3,318
what are the 32 quantum states of an electron?
Dec8-03 11:52 AM
11 5,393
OK we know beyond doubt that electrons exist in reality, even if no-one really knows what they actually are. Can we...
Nov20-03 07:25 PM
41 3,841
Hi all, I've been reading through these forums for a while now. I don't post, but I just like to watch what...
Nov13-03 08:25 AM
3 2,029
Hello, I believe that a field is something more than just a region. I feel it has something that we all donít know....
Nov12-03 08:18 AM
10 1,223
Quantum theory is very successful in describing bits of matter as clouds (probability distributions). Ironically,...
Nov14-03 12:00 AM
9 1,205
I'm trying to show the relation between L^2 and Lz where L is total angular momentum and Lz is the z component. ...
Nov10-03 11:37 AM
Tom Mattson
3 5,389
Just a few questions I have been trying to find answers to. A) Will a gyroscope function in deep space with the...
Nov20-03 10:13 PM
5 3,188
I'm trying to demonstrate that angular momentum and the Hamiltonian commute provided that V is a function of radius r...
Nov11-03 05:49 PM
4 7,360
Hi. I'm to compare science and religion for some schoolwork that I'm doing in a religion class. I'm to find out how...
Nov11-03 03:02 PM
2 1,469
Consider a photon which is sent towards a detector. The instant before the photon hits the detector, let's say one...
Nov11-03 08:31 PM
15 4,018
Another question let be S1 and S2 two action so that Si'=-H being the ' derivative respect to time if S1=S2+V then...
Nov11-03 06:01 AM
0 1,675
I am a first year university student (and have taken chemistry and physics through high school, and still do) and was...
Nov16-03 07:40 PM
7 3,790
I know that when an atom reachs the plasma stage its electrons have gone through diffrent orbitals getting...
Nov14-03 05:44 AM
3 3,362
OK, I would really appreciate it if somebody could explain to me as simply as possible why entanglement happens...
Nov16-03 12:29 PM
6 2,876
I saw a series about neutrino research on TV and evrybody talked about 'Geisterteilchen' (ghost parts, literally...
Nov21-03 01:54 PM
12 2,131
hi all, What is quantum number???????? I know a bit about quantum number but i am not clear about it so can...
Dec1-03 10:22 AM
7 2,508
when a photon aquiers more energy is the transfer instant or is there a time lag before the photon exhibits its new...
Nov19-03 11:26 AM
17 1,867 It's interesting to say the least, though of course it's not yet been...
Nov19-03 11:13 AM
0 1,345
In QM hermitean operators are used as observables, which provide real eigenvalues. According to a version of the...
Dec1-03 09:11 AM
17 6,068
When light is incident on a surface of water, for example, some of the light is reflected and some is transmitted and...
Nov21-03 10:41 AM
Chi Meson
1 1,307
Given an electron configuration such as 1s2 2s2 2px2 2py1 (My apologies for not knowing how to insert subscripts...
Nov20-03 02:16 PM
0 2,641
When studying Thermodynamics, we make much use of adiabatic processes where a change is made so fast that no...
Nov20-03 10:22 PM
1 2,263
Hi dear virtual friends, I am now going to ask you something. I would be pleased if you would answer me. In an...
Nov23-03 01:31 PM
2 1,872
Depending on energy, how far will an Electron penetrate a block of acrylic? If you have any clue or where I could...
Nov21-03 08:17 PM
2 5,808
Hi everyone! I'm having some problem calculating the probability for a particle to penetrate a barrier (potential...
Nov29-03 07:22 AM
4 2,827
Nov25-03 09:14 AM
15 2,147
Greetings ! Here's an example by Steven Weinberg I read sometime ago (in SciAm I think): Imagine a light beam...
Nov24-03 07:41 AM
3 1,311
Franck Wilczek Inventory and Outlook for High Energy Physics it's the summary...
Nov22-03 07:30 PM
1 3,210
I believe that the Axioms for TQFT were set out by Atiyah in 1990 and that one of the equivalent definitions of a...
Nov21-03 11:58 PM
1 2,619
consider a two fold degeneracy such that H Psi_a = E Psi_a and H Psi_b = E Psi_b and <Psi_a | Psi_b> = 0 All of...
Nov25-03 08:06 AM
3 5,530
We are trying to solve for the energy shifts for the states with l=1, considering a symmetric rotator with Ho=L^2/2I...
Nov25-03 12:48 AM
0 1,543
Tun, te tum, please read these thoughts I've written and commment. Consider two hydrogen atoms. As they are...
Nov27-03 08:34 AM
1 1,818
Hi guys, i'm having a bit a trouble helping my daughter with this question on the fourier series approximation: The...
Nov27-03 03:03 PM
3 1,400
Hey guys! As of lately, i've indulged deeply into the entire affair of Quantum Mechanics, field theories and the...
Nov29-03 02:18 PM
14 2,233 Particles small enough for their behaviour to be governed...
Nov29-03 10:20 PM
12 1,889
guys i need help!!! i need to come up with a drawing and an explanation of a Neon atom model. the model has to be...
Nov29-03 12:35 AM
0 10,768
I am a little stuck understanding and answering the following questions. Can anyone help me with them? "A...
Dec4-03 03:16 AM
4 1,891
For context I'm looking at: Bell's theorem suggests that a hidden...
Dec4-03 05:46 PM
1 1,519
How would be a good way of explaining Sationary Waves to somebody who does not know what they are? I'm talking...
Dec8-03 08:00 AM
2 2,411

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