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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,111
Hi Everyone, I was curious as to what the most current model in solid state physics is. I've studied the Einstein...
Jul28-14 12:22 PM
0 91
This question is directed at resident theoretical electron physicists in PF Regarding Azimuthal Quantum Energy...
- - -
Hello! I was wondering what would happen if you placed a piece of undoped Si in an external electric field (say,...
Jul28-14 12:04 AM
1 189
In a perfect periodic crystal, do lattice vibrational modes corresponding to different wave vectors (k-vectors)...
T 01:50 AM
5 193
Hi, I just read a paper on graphene's basic properties and it says that since current density J is given as ...
Jul28-14 05:00 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 273
To simplify this question, let's say the ocean is 3800 meters deep and 1 meter wide in either direction. Now let's add...
Jul14-14 04:34 PM
M Quack
2 333
Hi, I'm studying the p-n junction and I'm a little confused about the depletion layer that forms. I understand how...
Jul16-14 01:35 PM
2 353
I knew this may not be possible, but I was wondering if you can compare kinetic energy with the energy that makes up...
Jul25-14 03:06 PM
3 391
Hello all, I'd truly appreciate if you could provide me with guidance on this. I'm trying to find the electric...
Apr9-14 11:51 AM
0 399
although the distance from the nucleus and shielding effect is more for 4s orbital than a 3d orbital ,but yet the...
Jul24-14 04:56 AM
2 401
As far as I understand, when forward biased voltage applied, electrons from N diffuse to P, then recombine. Since...
May1-14 01:44 PM
2 406
Hello, as we all know, in compound solids atoms are always vibrating with some degree, depending on the temperature...
Apr22-14 06:16 AM
M Quack
2 408
hello everyone.. 1) what is the magnetic properties for indium oxide? i hope that it has ferrimagnetic properties...
Apr24-14 10:39 AM
1 410
Hello PFers! I hope everyone is doing well. Here's my question: The way I understand it (imperfectly, of course),...
May7-14 08:18 AM
2 410
What is "thermal rounding"
Nov21-13 06:41 AM
0 412
I have been chewing up some time ago the Schottky-Mott theory of Schottky Barrier height (which ignores the surface...
Jul28-14 05:00 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 424
So if a Titanium Ion has a charge of +2, does that mean it has a whole charge of twice the electron 2Xe?
T 07:43 AM
Alok Ranjan
4 426
Hello. I have been in contact with some papers that use DFT softwares for calculating properties of solids,...
Jul25-14 03:25 PM
Useful nucleus
3 426
Can an atom be considered as an example of a dipole? It has positive charge in the nucleus and negative charge around...
Apr20-14 06:31 AM
Vanadium 50
2 429
I understand that electron-hole produced when certain energy in form of a photons applied to atom that electron can...
Apr29-14 09:24 AM
3 433
Title says it all. I'm reading a lot about the transition metal dichalcogenides and I often see something like ...
Apr27-14 10:48 PM
2 443
I cannot wrap my head around this stuff. Sorry if long post. I understand that emission lines come from a higher...
Apr8-14 03:23 AM
1 448
HELLO everyone.. i have read some journals and some researchers (not all but most of them) said that bismuth...
May2-14 06:27 AM
4 450
I saw in a reference "For a system consisting just of one electron, DFT predicts an non-physical self-interaction...
May6-14 02:10 PM
5 452
For diffraction to occur in crystal, Bragg equation must be satisfied and h,k,l must be of certain combination. I...
May1-14 01:15 PM
6 457
In the general-symmetry-space group table over to the right on the page below:
May26-14 01:50 PM
3 457
Hi If we fabricate a heterojunction from TiO and lead phthalocyanine (PbPc is an organic semiconductor) by thermal...
Nov28-13 03:27 AM
0 465
Does atoms in a crystal have energy states like electronic states? it is according to Einstein relation for harmonic...
Apr7-14 11:55 PM
1 466
what do you mean by density of states ? can you please explain to it ?
Nov21-13 09:59 AM
1 470
My book says that "in the mean field approximation, the isothermal magnetic susceptibility just below the Curie...
Apr29-14 08:20 AM
2 472
Hello! I apologise, if I put this problem into the wrong topic. I know that when the light is shined on the...
May28-14 09:55 PM
2 484
Orthogonal plane waves can be used to expand Bloch waves. It is better than plane waves because it converges more...
May18-14 09:49 AM
1 485
I'm trying to understand the form of the absorption spectrum of a T=0K intrinsic semiconductor. The valence...
May4-14 02:27 AM
3 487
Does Janak's Theorem predicts Ionization energies better than it predicts Electron Affinities, similar to Koopman's...
Mar30-14 12:07 PM
0 492
According to solid state texts in Brillouin zone borders where diffraction condition satisfies we have a band gap....
Jul14-14 06:28 PM
3 495
Why"for small or stiff systems the dynamics is not ergodic"? For small system, the fluctuation of total energy...
Feb14-13 08:55 AM
0 496
What exactly is a screening factor? I know what's a screening effect and all, but it is the concept of screening...
Apr12-13 06:53 AM
M. next
0 497
Hi, I am now studying crystall structure and stucked in a question. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated. In...
May5-14 06:08 AM
M Quack
2 497
How exactly does superfluidity occur in helium 3? I have heard that the nuclei of the helium atoms form pairs...
Mar30-14 12:48 PM
0 503
Hi. According to this page and other sources I found the z-component of the electronic magnetic moment is greater...
Apr13-14 03:45 AM
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