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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
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Hi, Could anyone explain how the affect that P-N junction depth has on the performance of a semiconductor device?...
Apr17-14 03:00 PM
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For arbitrary Fermionic self energy, \Sigma(i wn) with wn=(2n+1)pi T, its real part is always an even function of wn...
Apr16-14 11:46 AM
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Question statement: We are given that Ca and CaF2 are both Ca face-centred cubic lattices, and that in the case of...
Apr16-14 11:54 PM
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I know--because of Noether's theorem--that continuous rotational symmetry implies conservation of angular momentum,...
Apr17-14 03:03 PM
1 151
If p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor of a diode are equally doped, and if the diode is forward biased,...
Apr9-14 01:22 PM
M.Kalai vanan
0 153
How would react ion of some gas (low energy anion or cation) in vicinity of a grounded metal surface or in vicinity of...
Apr10-14 03:00 AM
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Hi, I am looking for an introduction to heat capacity measurements at low temperature (10K). (For example for...
Apr9-14 12:10 PM
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Hello all, I'd truly appreciate if you could provide me with guidance on this. I'm trying to find the electric...
Apr9-14 11:51 AM
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Published values for the room temperature thermal conductivity of graphene vary from ~2000 W/m*k to 5600 W/m*k, for...
Apr11-14 10:59 AM
0 193
Hello All! I was wondering if anyone can tell me if or if not the wavefunctions used to construct the electron...
Apr15-14 10:17 PM
2 195
I read this: I don't see why the electron spin affected the number of lines to go up in some atoms and not in...
Apr14-14 09:02 AM
1 202
Hi. According to this page and other sources I found the z-component of the electronic magnetic moment is greater...
Apr13-14 03:45 AM
3 209
When we connect P and N materials, electrons from N drift to P, thus create negative ions in P and positive ions in N....
Apr13-14 05:18 AM
2 212
Problem statement: The Bragg angles of a certain reflection from copper is 47.75◦ at 20◦C but is 46.60◦ at 1000◦C....
Apr9-14 01:26 PM
1 232
I cannot wrap my head around this stuff. Sorry if long post. I understand that emission lines come from a higher...
Apr8-14 03:23 AM
1 237
I'm supposed to give a seminar tomorrow for my 300 level experimental physics paper. The experiments we do our reports...
Apr14-14 02:49 AM
9 242 In the above picture it is clear that the...
Apr12-14 09:11 AM
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Phonons are said to be the result of the quantization of crystal waves.Let the function u=u_0...
Apr10-14 06:46 AM
1 251
Hello, I see a Hamiltonian of spin-orbit coupling, it is like this H=\frac{1}{2m} \sum_{\alpha} \left( \left(...
Apr14-14 09:13 PM
4 257
Does atoms in a crystal have energy states like electronic states? it is according to Einstein relation for harmonic...
Apr7-14 11:55 PM
1 278
I am reading a paper about Random Graph Theory and Percolation theory and it keeps talking about infinite clusters and...
Apr4-14 11:06 AM
0 287
Hello, Are the electrons at the fermi level regarded as the "free electrons" of the metal? Also, how does one go...
Apr15-14 12:32 AM
Simon Bridge
4 293
Hello Guys! I have been studying electromagnetic waves (EMW) interaction with matter lately and I just derived the...
Apr9-14 01:38 PM
3 303
On the attached file the tight binding dispersion for a 2d square lattice is described. It is then assumed that the...
Mar30-14 08:58 AM
0 309
Does Janak's Theorem predicts Ionization energies better than it predicts Electron Affinities, similar to Koopman's...
Mar30-14 12:07 PM
0 326
Hi, I have problems with the following: Number of modes for a 2d crystal with one atom per primittive unit cell. ...
Apr5-14 01:56 PM
1 350
How exactly does superfluidity occur in helium 3? I have heard that the nuclei of the helium atoms form pairs...
Mar30-14 12:48 PM
0 359
I've tried searching for it but while there are a lot of hits on the fact that graphene's conductivity is high, there...
Mar30-14 07:28 PM
Simon Bridge
3 364
What is "thermal rounding"
Nov21-13 06:41 AM
0 380
Hi, could someone direct me or recommend me some materials which deal with those problems? I would like to get...
Mar23-14 08:50 AM
1 381
What is the significance/physical interpretation of Fractional Occupation Numbers in DFT?
Apr7-14 02:35 PM
Useful nucleus
5 415
Referring to the following journal by R. Hao et. al., J. Cryst. Growth, 337, 81, (2011): From this sentence, a...
Jan21-14 09:50 PM
0 423
Hi If we fabricate a heterojunction from TiO and lead phthalocyanine (PbPc is an organic semiconductor) by thermal...
Nov28-13 03:27 AM
0 427
The surface photovoltage effect suggests that the potential at the surface of a semiconductor will change when it is...
Jan21-14 02:51 PM
0 429
what do you mean by density of states ? can you please explain to it ?
Nov21-13 09:59 AM
1 434
Hi, I have some Raman peaks and I know what their descriptions are. Some of them are symmetric dimer, some of them...
Oct7-13 08:14 AM
0 439
What would be a good Internet link that would properly explain Fermi Energy or (Fermi Level)? How does the Fermi...
Feb1-14 02:31 PM
0 440
How is it exactly i convert between a k-space sum an integral? Assume that we have some macroscopic solid. Periodic...
Apr3-14 02:50 PM
2 442
Why"for small or stiff systems the dynamics is not ergodic"? For small system, the fluctuation of total energy...
Feb14-13 08:55 AM
0 445
Supposing that some solid can exist at 2 different phases (had 2 different crystalline structure) at some temperature...
Mar23-14 04:31 PM
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