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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,093
I have some channeltrons placed in a close-to-UHV environment (~10^-8 torr) where I suspect contamination. The...
Oct12-13 10:24 AM
2 2,926
Hello, I was wondering, does the grain size increase with temperature because the surface energy of the grains...
Oct10-13 08:10 PM
0 880
After looking at Umklapp scattering, I believe I have finally gotten most of it down, but a few things are still not...
Oct10-13 10:26 AM
2 1,063
Hello, I am wondering, what is the difference between a vacancy and a defect in a solid solution? They both have...
Oct10-13 04:26 AM
1 658
Hello, I am curious as to how the Universal Gas Constant, R, is important with regards to the rates in solids? It...
Oct10-13 03:27 AM
1 1,314
I've read that electron doping in certain materials can lead to higher permittivity (for example, Nb in TiO2). This...
Oct9-13 08:11 AM
16 9,385
I have posted questions similar to this over the past week, but I have never had a satisfactory answer. It is about...
Oct9-13 07:39 AM
1 859
It is usually said that diffusion current cannot overcome potential barrier of 0.1 V. What exactly defines its ability...
Oct8-13 05:10 PM
0 1,291
Why can't electrons move inside the valence band? Is that the Pauli exclusion principle - and is it true that the...
Oct8-13 01:56 PM
6 1,751
Hello, I am having quite a bit of trouble really grasping Brillouin Zones and their relation to phonons, energy...
Oct8-13 12:32 PM
1 821
Hi, I have question regarding why semiconductor is prefered in the field of radiation detection. I have read that...
Oct8-13 09:29 AM
12 9,139
My book gives a treatment of this problem for crystal vibrations, but I don't really understand it. It says: There is...
Oct8-13 08:02 AM
3 1,189
Hi, Iam reading the book Glen F. Knoll Radiation Detection and Measurements, and Iam having a trouble understanding...
Oct8-13 07:54 AM
8 1,988
Hi, I have some Raman peaks and I know what their descriptions are. Some of them are symmetric dimer, some of them...
Oct7-13 08:14 AM
0 1,413
Hi, * There is no bandgap for zigzag GNRs if the spin is neglected. In some of the studies in the literature, spin...
Oct7-13 12:08 AM
0 1,102
Hi, The transmission of nano devices are generally done without cosidering the spin polarization. However, as I saw...
Oct6-13 03:39 PM
2 945
For an electron in a periodic potential the Schrödinger equation has solutions for which there are large gaps in the...
Oct5-13 08:36 AM
2 2,882
How the potential barrier from metal to semiconductor for electrons in the metal-semiconductor junction (Schottky...
Oct5-13 02:18 AM
0 814
A common example of this is that when bringing N hydrogen atoms together into a ring. Far apart, assume each electron...
Oct4-13 11:52 PM
Simon Bridge
4 3,180
Hi Everybody, I am learning solid state physics and read today through Kittel. I am still stuck at the proof of...
Oct4-13 05:08 AM
0 932
Hello, I am having difficulty understand the method to finding lattice directions in a HCP unit cell. I don't...
Oct4-13 03:30 AM
0 757
Hi Everybody, I am learning solid state physics using a German book called "Festkorperphysik" written by Gross and...
Oct3-13 03:00 AM
0 898
Hi, I got a graphene dispersion on ebay but the graphene flakes cumulated at the bottom of the bottle. I'm trying...
Oct2-13 06:47 PM
Hyo X
1 1,068
Hi, I've seen pictures like this one: Is...
Oct2-13 02:40 AM
7 2,550
How do the effects of semiconductor semiconductor doping affect the Hall effect? For instance, consider number 4...
Oct1-13 11:23 PM
2 1,360
How we can distinguish between different type of magnetic structures by simply looking at neutron diffraction data??
Oct1-13 07:50 PM
4 1,062
Hi, I just got a small bottle of graphene dispersion (not GO) on ebay and put a small drop on a ciruit board as...
Oct1-13 05:55 AM
2 787
Does anyone know of an article that has a good in-depth, side by side comparison of DFB edge emitting lasers and VCSEL...
Oct1-13 04:30 AM
1 1,385
Hello all, I am somewhat confused in understanding the depletion region of a p-n junction diode.Everywhere a...
Sep30-13 09:35 PM
5 10,185
Can someone explain why virtual phonons are necessary to explain BCS pairing in type I superconductors. I thought...
Sep30-13 11:43 AM
3 1,850
Hi, I've recently read an introductory review of Bethe ansatz for antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 Heisenberg chains :...
Sep30-13 10:13 AM
3 951
Equation in pink: I was absent so I was going through the slides and I saw that...
Sep29-13 04:57 PM
1 1,090
Consider we have a \Lambda type three level system, the one upper level is denoted by 3, and the two lower levels are...
Sep28-13 07:17 AM
2 812
Hi, I have a quick question. When constructing a semiconductor diode, the P-N junction is used to create a...
Sep27-13 03:59 PM
M Quack
1 711
What are the reasons (advantages) for using nitrogen when venting vacuum systems?
Sep27-13 03:50 PM
M Quack
5 3,886
Hello, I'm new in the realm of numerical analysis. I need to find the local probability density of energy P(E)...
Sep26-13 05:36 AM
0 985
Recently a few friends and I were discussing the Fermi sea. One friend made the statement that if you could access...
Sep25-13 07:25 AM
4 1,882
I've been playing around with some MD simulations, a field not really familiar to me. I put together a code in LAMMPS...
Sep24-13 04:02 PM
1 1,086
Basically phonons in crystals can either be acoustic or optical according to my book. But then it stresses that a...
Sep24-13 07:58 AM
9 2,193
In calculating the heat capacity of a solid due to the phonons in the low temperature limit, I am given the impression...
Sep24-13 04:47 AM
0 906

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