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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,860
I have this question on the calculation of the geometric phase (Berry phase) of a parallel transporting vector over...
Nov2-13 11:09 AM
1 787
Hi all, There are 2 points I do not get: 1. I read something saying that phonon is an energy packet of "heat...
Nov1-13 02:17 PM
3 856
Why is the Fermi level a constant in thermal equilibrium? just like PN diode (P=material 1 ; N=material 2) the...
Nov1-13 09:23 AM
0 921
This occur when two phonons interact and the sum of their momenta add to a new wavevector outside the new Brillioun...
Oct31-13 01:59 AM
2 859
I was wondering why the valence electrons aren't free to move in insulators? Thanks for any help in advance.
Oct30-13 06:35 PM
3 954
Hi all, I was wondering mathematically how stimulated emission works, could someone please explain it more concisely...
Oct30-13 01:33 AM
king vitamin
4 785
Dear PF, I'm trying to calculate the anisotropy constant of a ferromagnetic material. Then, of course, I need to...
Oct29-13 04:18 PM
1 787
Can we apply the concept of phonons and Debye Model in case of amorphous and poly-crystalline solids?? ...
Oct29-13 03:03 PM
4 1,784
When a transition from valence band to conduction band happens (in a direct-gap material), how the momentum is...
Oct29-13 10:35 AM
3 840
Say an electron tunnels from one state, through a tunneling barrier, to another state. Is the spin of that electron...
Oct26-13 09:37 AM
2 1,052
I am reading the book "Lecture notes on Electron Correlation and Magnetism" by Patrik Fazekas. It says, "The...
Oct26-13 08:28 AM
0 894
How is the cell constant "d" related to the cell parameters? I know that for the smallest possible diffraction angle d...
Oct25-13 04:45 PM
1 774
I have done several exercises concering periodic potentials in crystal. Especially I did one, where I had to show that...
Oct25-13 01:32 AM
3 1,060
For a free electron gas the procedure for determining the density of states is as follows. Apply periodic boundary...
Oct24-13 09:39 AM
4 964
I understand what nuclear binding energy is and its importance in nuclear weaponry an the fueling of stars, but why,...
Oct21-13 10:02 PM
6 1,244
Are there anybody doing some research on quasicrystals ,especially its mechanical property? I am just wondering why...
Oct20-13 10:11 PM
2 721
My book has a discussion of how the Bragg model can explain the origin of energy band gaps in solid. I have attached...
Oct19-13 05:19 PM
Simon Bridge
15 8,019
It is mentioned that in optical tweezers the dielectric particles are attracted to the gradient of the laser's...
Oct19-13 12:31 PM
3 1,036
hello again physics forums. how will i be able to construct the band diagram of HEMT (and other types such as pHEMT...
Oct19-13 11:36 AM
0 688
I know what is lattice constant but it has been given that nano particles have reduced lattice constant due to huge...
Oct19-13 10:47 AM
3 939
Can we apply the concept of phonons and Debye Model in case of amorphous and poly-crystalline solids?? ...
Oct19-13 08:26 AM
Claude Bile
3 1,893
Greetings everyone, I am confusing the definitions in the title of the post all the time. I have books about...
Oct19-13 08:10 AM
Claude Bile
3 1,817
Hi all, I use Transiesta package for DFT-NEGF nanoscale transport calculations. I wondered if there is a very very...
Oct18-13 12:00 AM
0 902
Hello Physics Forums. Our professor asked us to do a program on constructing the band diagram of BCC and FCC for...
Oct17-13 02:34 PM
1 1,024
When I do MRI, after I send the Pulse radio, I get signal. There longitudinal magnetic and Transverse magnetic ,...
Oct17-13 12:43 PM
1 1,005
Quick question: I keep seeing the following terms in my reading on nuclear magnetic resonance: - Spectral...
Oct17-13 08:33 AM
1 649
Why do polarization mechanisms decrease with frequency in the following order: Space charge/Interface Dipole ...
Oct17-13 01:54 AM
5 1,909
Greetings, I have asked this question before, but since I tried to work it out once more and think that I will be...
Oct16-13 11:45 AM
4 3,403
The concept of "space charge" around grain boundaries keeps coming up in my reading. I understand that charges tend...
Oct16-13 01:38 AM
2 1,115
Hello, I am curious as to how the eutectic composition works and how it is that you can combine two materials in a...
Oct15-13 04:45 PM
1 1,188
I have been through a lot of exercises about writing a fermi surface in a reduced zone-scheme. What were originally...
Oct15-13 01:05 PM
0 763
Maxwell-Wagner polarization is generally described in literature as the polarization of interfaces, such as grain...
Oct15-13 05:39 AM
2 1,569
What is maximal possible electron-hole gas density in metals and other materials and what defines it?
Oct14-13 12:09 PM
0 1,702
Hello all, I'm getting confusing about what to consider as a barrier for electron tunneling in DFT. What I'm doing...
Oct14-13 04:24 AM
0 920
I noticed that using the Laue equations reflections from some of the planes in the fcc and bcc crystal are not...
Oct13-13 03:32 PM
M Quack
10 4,002
I have some channeltrons placed in a close-to-UHV environment (~10^-8 torr) where I suspect contamination. The...
Oct12-13 10:24 AM
2 3,001
Hello, I was wondering, does the grain size increase with temperature because the surface energy of the grains...
Oct10-13 08:10 PM
0 900
After looking at Umklapp scattering, I believe I have finally gotten most of it down, but a few things are still not...
Oct10-13 10:26 AM
2 1,090
Hello, I am wondering, what is the difference between a vacancy and a defect in a solid solution? They both have...
Oct10-13 04:26 AM
1 671
Hello, I am curious as to how the Universal Gas Constant, R, is important with regards to the rates in solids? It...
Oct10-13 03:27 AM
1 1,352

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