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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 20,733
Why exactly does an increase in the oxidation state of an element (i.e., higher positive states) reduce the screening...
Jul25-13 09:54 AM
6 943
This is a question about the band gap. In a semiconductor, the chemical potential is in between the valence and...
Jul23-13 02:15 AM
Simon Bridge
3 727
i had a thought to stick two diodes together such that the electronic setup was similar to that of a BJT transistor....
Jul22-13 09:51 PM
9 1,044
Consider an electron in a periodic potential V(x) such that V(x+a) = V(x) for some real number a. The energy...
Jul22-13 02:14 PM
4 756
I realize this is something I should probably know intuitively, but why are core states (generally) treated...
Jul20-13 12:47 PM
10 1,014
Hello, In a MOS capacitor or MIS after applying a voltage on the metal, the valence band and the conduction band...
Jul19-13 05:59 PM
0 566
Hello everyone ! In below picture we can see band bending in semiconductor at SiO2 interface, as show in picture...
Jul19-13 01:16 PM
2 748
Hello, In the image below, we see the result of the Zeeman and Paschen-Back effect in a magnetic field which we...
Jul18-13 09:59 AM
4 640
Hi, I raised this question in another forum but get no satisfactory answer, so hope will get something new here... ...
Jul17-13 01:57 AM
5 682
When we dope pentavalent in semiconductor,it will introduce a allowable energy level below the conduction band when...
Jul16-13 10:37 PM
0 624
What is difference between diagram monoatomic and diatomic ?
Jul16-13 08:09 PM
1 1,019
I am trying to understand the pairing mechanism in the Cooper pair in real space. When I googled the image of the...
Jul16-13 02:30 PM
2 688
I realize that Palladium has a molecular property to hold immense amounts of hydrogen, but can Palladium also “hold”...
Jul16-13 07:11 AM
3 685
As far as I know, free electron-hole or excitons can be created by absorbing a photon of relevant energy. So...
Jul15-13 06:57 PM
1 770
i cannot understand why product of free negative and positive concentrations is a constant independent of the amount...
Jul15-13 09:30 AM
3 640
Hello everyone, I would like to buy some Si wafer with SiO2 layer on it. The manufacturer told me that they obtain...
Jul15-13 02:02 AM
Simon Bridge
3 628
Superconductivity says that below certain temperature, certain materials offer 0 resistance to the current flowing...
Jul11-13 12:51 PM
3 765
According to theory of superconductivity, resistivity almost zero. Below critical temperature the entropy decreases...
Jul11-13 08:47 AM
4 740
As my title states, I want to understand why electrons in the conduction band can move around so easily in the...
Jul11-13 03:09 AM
15 1,774
Hi, everybody. I wanted to ask you about the question that really tortured me for quite a long time: Does electrically...
Jul11-13 01:08 AM
10 1,185
I was wondering if the larmor frequency of a ferromagnetic material changes as the mass of the material increases
Jul10-13 05:45 PM
0 625
Hi all Here, I attached a figure presenting the Lorentz-Drude function. The resonance number is clear from the m in...
Jul10-13 03:50 PM
Jano L.
1 551
How does one interpret band structures (i.e. E,k solution pairs for a given Hamiltonian) for a non-primitive cell? I...
Jul9-13 08:25 PM
0 521
Hi all, I'm trying to find resources for how to calculate and find what I should expect as the result of the...
Jul9-13 11:09 AM
4 997
Does anyone have a reference for experimental and/or estimated Van der Waals radius for the molecule hydrogen...
Jul9-13 02:53 AM
3 896
what is the difference between a charge disipitive vs semiconductor?
Jul8-13 06:12 PM
0 447
Hi! How can I tell, based on my Raman and X-Ray Diffraction studies, if a thin film is nanocrystalline or amorphous?...
Jul8-13 04:21 PM
M Quack
7 1,623
Hello everyone:(Please forgive my poor English.) I've been learning many-body theory for a year or so, however, I'm...
Jul8-13 01:31 AM
Simon Bridge
1 622
While studying the M. Effect, a lot of sources state: "If a superconductor is applied in a weak field", I assume the...
Jul7-13 08:13 AM
Vanadium 50
46 2,572
Why are insulators supposed to possess a "conduction band", even if usually empty? If you do take the energy to...
Jul6-13 06:10 PM
4 750
Hello everyone, My question is about MOS-capacitor, We know that, If we place +ve gate voltage on p-MOS capacitor...
Jul6-13 11:49 AM
1 627
Hello everyone, Here i have metal-semiconductor-metal (M-S-M) junctions, p-type semiconductor separating two...
Jul6-13 11:48 AM
2 847
Hi everyone, Is the behavior of gasses, on a quantum level, covered in solid-state physics? If so, where can I...
Jul5-13 03:55 PM
5 636
to get a 2D mercury telluride topological insulator, one has to construct a quantum well structure to get a bulk gap ...
Jul4-13 03:41 PM
1 672
Hello! This subject has me confused. I hear a lot about Mott transitions and Anderson localization; then in some...
Jul3-13 02:06 PM
2 820
Theoretically, what should be the magnetic response (MH hysteresis loop) of a thin film superconductor-on-ferromagnet...
Jul2-13 12:48 AM
0 537
Hello everyone, Formation of either accumulation layer or inverse layer at semiconductor-Oxide interface results in...
Jul1-13 08:33 AM
0 611
Hello everyone, Here in below metal oxide semiconductor(MOS) capacitor,...
Jun29-13 09:50 PM
0 623
Hello everyone, here we have two types of electron tunneling paths of electrons....
Jun29-13 08:03 AM
1 772
Hello Everyone, We know how a schottky barrier forms with a depletion region of width 'W' and contact potential...
Jun28-13 07:10 PM
8 727

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