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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,215
Hi, I am having trouble with this concept... "A mean speed (c) is calculated by multiplying each speed by the...
Sep7-14 12:33 PM
5 409
Hi For a simulation regarding Lennard Jones fluids I'm getting divergences. I have particles in a fixed volume. I...
Dec25-13 06:53 PM
2 881
I have a pyrochlore antiferromagnetic system. In AC magnetic susceptibility measurements, there is a cusp at 4 K whose...
Mar14-12 08:06 AM
0 1,384
I superlattice are learning about. I need some specific examples or book of superlattice GaAs / AlGaAs and GaN / AlGaN...
Mar18-13 07:19 AM
0 549
hi all... I have written codes for 2d fdtd tfsf with berenger's pml absorbing boundary. But I have serious leakage...
Mar18-14 04:13 AM
8 983
I did an experiment to calculate the cross section for capture, loss, and ionization for a 05+ projectile on an 02...
Apr2-08 10:53 AM
0 966
Hi all! I am a chemist trying to make her way through solid state computational physics problems and I have been...
Jun4-08 08:05 AM
4 2,119
What is the meaning of zero resistivity in superconductors? I mean, what's the cause of zero resistivity in...
Aug6-10 01:59 AM
4 3,411
Hi everyone, - Could you explain for me the meaning of "net" in the phrase "small net attraction between electrons"...
Aug16-12 02:12 PM
1 868
Hi, As an interested non-physicist, may I ask a possibly naive question concerning superconductivity? It seems...
Mar3-08 08:01 AM
4 1,624
I made some frequency calculations in Gaussian (using various method/basis set combos) and I have to find which...
Jul17-12 08:50 AM
14 2,547
They say ZPE is the energy of the system at 0 K due to vibrations and even though the Schroedinger equation gives us...
Dec11-12 09:04 AM
4 1,264
What is the difference between a field cooled (FC) and a Zero field cooled (ZFC) at a applied constant magnetic field...
Mar1-09 02:27 AM
0 13,084
hi everyone; does fermi energy equal zero ? If it is, what is the physical meaning of this situation?...
Dec9-12 01:37 PM
0 691
Hello Is anybody can help me for the next question (the topic is defects in crystal) : It should be...
Nov13-10 11:11 AM
6 1,619
Hi Why photon has zero chemical potential. please answer this question clearly.
Jan14-11 01:38 AM
8 3,185
in zener tunneling phenomena, are the carriers locally generated or non-locally generated? i.e, should we assume the...
Oct24-07 02:12 AM
1 5,637
could any1 plz explain avalance effect i can understand that the electrons minority carriers are accelerated by high...
Nov25-09 08:26 PM
8 3,721
Hello all, I am learning some basic course in solid state phyiscs. I have a question about Zeeman splitting in...
Mar2-08 10:44 PM
2 2,113
Please refer to picture (1). This the equation of motion for an electron in a magnetic field along the z direction and...
Apr8-13 01:37 PM
3 744
How to separate the spectrum of cadmium in the experiment zeeman effect to two lines if we look at it in parallel to...
Jan24-09 03:26 PM
0 1,448
There are two types of zeeman effect, one normal and the other one anormal, but why are they called so? I mean what...
Dec12-12 09:09 AM
5 1,117
Diagram of the energy levels for the weak field Zeeman effect on 1F - 1D transitions In the emission spectrum how...
Dec1-13 01:50 PM
0 637
If you zap a n-type semicond. with a laser with energy at, say, the band gap, what happens to the donor electrons? For...
May17-08 11:06 PM
3 1,577
what is modulo associated with z2 invariant?
Oct23-10 06:39 AM
4 2,278
can YBCO be prepared in lab.?:biggrin: :approve:
Oct19-06 06:08 PM
5 2,039
dear physicists I am interested in Yttrium iron garnet ( ...
Apr11-13 02:26 AM
0 705
Hi everyone, :smile: Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I'm still relatively new to the forum. :blushing: ...
Nov19-09 05:55 AM
3 5,634
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the young's modulus of: Graphite, Wood, Steel, Glass,...
Feb3-04 11:50 PM
4 5,987
Hi, does higher young modulus means higher rigidity of a solide? Regards,
Oct26-10 07:09 PM
1 1,906
When a photon hits an atom it gets absorbed and an electron moves one or more shells up depending on the energy of the...
Jun15-05 01:41 PM
8 1,149
In doing some research using a basic superconducting kit with a susceptibility probe, we set out to find the critical...
May18-07 10:32 AM
3 3,700
I'm interested in the superconductors they use to levitate trains. One of the most talked about...
Apr1-11 01:28 PM
Vanadium 50
9 4,241
Hi! Can anyone help me with information about pure YAG luminescence spectra (ideal case will be excitation with...
Feb24-13 01:19 PM
4 880
I'm currently an undergrad research assistant in a lab that is experimenting with the interface between ferroelectrics...
Jul7-10 08:11 AM
4 2,401
In XRD the incoming beam must be monochromatic and coherent; otherwise the diffracted waves are not in phase at the...
Jul30-09 08:39 AM
0 860
Currently in our lab we have a WEDGE shaped sample that we would like to be able to know the thickness at various...
Jul7-10 08:07 AM
1 3,657
In XRD, to examine the diffraction pattern and the determine the elemental structure, a thin layer of sample is...
Oct17-09 12:58 PM
1 1,930
Given the 2-theta values from XRD carried out using Debye-Scherrer, and given the wavelength of the incident...
Sep30-10 08:26 PM
0 1,120
Hi all, structure factor is 2πi(hx+ky+lz), (hkl)is plane index, and (xyz) is index within a unit cell of real...
May2-12 06:44 AM
M Quack
5 3,255

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